Recipes Week 30 (2014)

Recipes for week 29 (2014)

Recipes for week 28 (2014)

Scrambled eggs in vegetablesScrambled eggs in vegetables Berry shortbread baskets with butter custardBerry sand baskets with cream Blackberry shortcakesBlackberry shortcakes Ice cream cake MarbleIce cream cake "Marble" Strawberry ShortcakesStrawberry shortcakes Plain Wheat Sourdough Corn Flour BreadWheat bread with sourdough corn flour Sandy yeast bagelsSandy yeast bagels Corn and wheat bread in the Philips HD9235 AirfryerAirfryer corn and wheat bread Gorenje BM1400E. Mustard honey breadMustard honey bread Moldavian vertutaMoldavian vertuta Mustard fried sausagesMustard fried sausages Hawavshi - Egyptian meat piesHawavshi - Egyptian meat pies Mustard Wheat BreadMustard Wheat Bread Pepper stuffed with vegetables, chicken breast and buckwheat (in a double boiler)Pepper with vegetables, chicken breast and buckwheat Jellied Pie with Chives and EggJellied Pie with Chives and Egg Cocktail Moroccan MorningCocktail "Moroccan morning" Philips Airfryer Spicy Vegetable Soup HD9235Spicy Vegetable Soup in the Airfryer Crab cocktailCrab cocktail Country Tea (Fermented) - Six in OneCountry tea (fermented) Jellied fishJellied fish Choux roll with fillingChoux roll with filling Spicy dried fruit compote in the Philips HD9235 airfryerSpicy dried fruit compote in the airfryer Eggplant and zucchini caviar in a multicooker BORK U700Eggplant and zucchini caviar in a slow cooker Ice cream cakeIce cream cake Lean wheat-rye buns with raisinsLean wheat-rye buns with raisins Cupcake Capital in the Gorenje BM1400E bread makerStolichny cupcake in a bread maker Ratatouille (multicooker-pressure cooker Steba DD1)Ratatouille Cold beet soupCold beet soup Fish under the marinadeFish under the marinade Cucumbers with chili ketchupCucumbers with chili ketchup

Recipes for week 27 (2014)

Mini Madeleine Tiramisu Dessert & Madeleine Recipe (Basic)Dessert "Tiramisu" from mini-Madeleine (with Madeleine recipe) Cherry puff pastriesCherry puff pastries Warm salad with steamed chicken liverWarm salad with steamed chicken liver Pavlova cakeCake "Pavlova" Prague night cakeCake "Prague Night" Wheat bread with amaranth flour (master class)Wheat bread with amaranth flour Marinade for restoration of dried (sun-dried) tomatoes and Caprese salad with purple basil and sun-dried tomatoesMarinade for reconstitution of dried tomatoes and caprese salad King prawns in garlic sauce in the Philips HD9235 AirfryerKing prawns in garlic sauce Whipped cake or dessert without bakingA quick cake without baking Ocean sandwiches with chickpeasOcean sandwiches with chickpeas Wheat bread Summer leavened bread with oatmeal and bran in a bread makerWheat bread "Summer leavened bread" Airy lace bunsAiry lace buns Raspberry Pie on Oat BranRaspberry Pie on Oat Bran Berry pie in the Philips multicooker 3134/00Berry pie in a slow cooker Caramel chicken in the airfryer Philips HD9235Caramel chicken in the airfryer Dessert pastila in the Sedona Combo SD-P9150 dehydrator and other dryersDessert pastila in a dehydrator Cold soup vinaigretteCold soup vinaigrette Pancake quiche (multicooker Philips 3134/00)Pancake quiche Weissgauff BM-1400 multi-coocer. Quick breadQuick bread in a bread maker Liquid cheesecake Fair (Panasonic MHS 181)Liquid cheesecake "Fair" Michel Sua Bread Pain dAixMichel Sua Bread Pain d'Aix Rice dessert Raspberry joy (Profi Cook PC-MSM1024)Rice dessert "Raspberry Joy" Big Potato or Kroshka-Potoshka in RussianBig Potato or Kroshka-Potoshka in Russian Homemade noodles (spaghetti)Homemade noodles (spaghetti) Fermented tea made from leaves of garden and wild plants (master class)Fermented tea from garden and wild plants Lean pies with sourdough (master class)Lean sourdough pies Polaris multicooker vegetable stew with porkVegetable stew with pork in a slow cooker Cinnamon rollsCinnamon rolls Homemade sausage KrakowskaHomemade sausage "Krakowska" Pork rollPork roll

Rules for healthy sleep

Rules for healthy sleepEach person has faced such a problem as fatigue after a night's sleep, despite the fact that he slept at the recommended time for an adult, namely 8-10 hours. What is the reason for such a strange state and what to do to gain strength during these hours? ...

Cellulite - how to effectively defeat

Cellulite - how to effectively defeatAlmost all women have a problem - cellulite. It is also called "orange peel". What is not being done to get rid of this ailment. Many even resort to liposuction. How can you tell if you have cellulite? Where cellulite is localized, the skin changes: a change in relief is found, the skin becomes cool, sometimes it can become covered with spots.

Cellulite is a disorder in the subcutaneous fat layer of microcirculation and changes in the lymph. Cellulite can be recognized by grasping the skin with your fingers.

Recipes Week 26 (2014)

Ivan tea (fermentation of fireweed leaves) - master classIvan tea (fermentation of fireweed leaves) Strawberry Delight CakeCake "Strawberry Delight" Crispy baked potatoesCrispy baked potatoes Quail with steamed vegetablesQuail with steamed vegetables Lamb with riceLamb with rice Chicken breast with potatoes in creamChicken breast with potatoes in cream Baked potato salad with shrimpsBaked potato salad with shrimps Sweet flaky ravioli in the Philips HD9235 AirfryerSweet flaky ravioli in the airfryer Homemade smoked wild boarHomemade smoked wild boar Polish honey cakePolish honey cake Orange Chocolate Banana Brownies (Tristar Brownie Maker)Orange-chocolate brownies with banana Ice cream Strawberry with cream (Brand 3812 ice cream maker)Ice cream "Strawberry with cream" Puff pastries in the Philips HD9235 AirfryerPuff pastries in the airfryer Ice cream Avocado and white chocolateIce cream "Avocado and white chocolate" Airy Sponge bread in Weissgauff BM-1400 multi-cookerSponge Bread in a Bread Maker Cherry ice cream with Mascarpone (Brand 3812 ice cream maker)Ice cream "Cherry with Mascarpone" Yeast garlic buns in Philips Airfryer HD9235Yeast Garlic Buns in the Airfryer Processed cheese (multicooker-pressure cooker Steba DD1)Processed cheese in a pressure cooker Zucchini with Krasnodar sauceZucchini with Krasnodar sauce Fish baked in portions with cheese and vegetables (for Sunday lunch)Fish baked with cheese and vegetables Veal stew with prunes (in a cast iron)Veal stew with prunes Cold raspberry jamCold raspberry jam Country style mannik glass (no eggs and butter)Rustic mannik glass Mexican tortillas (tortillas) in a pan and in the Tortilla Maker by lu_estradaMexican tortillas (tortillas) Rhubarb patties in a Steba SG40 sandwich makerRhubarb patties in a sandwich maker Mojo marinated chickenMojo marinated chicken Meatballs with cheese (Steba DD1)Meatballs with cheese Cottage cheese cake without baking with nuts and yoshtaCottage cheese cake with nuts and yoshta Pork neck rolls in TescomPork neck rolls Oatmeal cookiesOatmeal cookies

Recipes Week 25 (2014)

Plyatsok cake Nut delightPlyatsok cake "Nut Delight" Austrian hornsAustrian horns Owl CookiesCookies "Sovushki" Custard Strawberry CakeCake "Choux strawberry" Smoothie Light snackSmoothie "Light snack" Rye-wheat bread without kneadingRye-wheat bread without kneading Fried picklesFried pickles Potato casserole in Cuckoo 1051Potato casserole in Cuckoo 1051 The simplest grilled meatThe simplest grilled meat Fruit filling for pies (and not only)Fruit filling for pies Macaroni Two cheeseMacaroni "Two cheese" Homemade processed cheese in a milk cookerHomemade processed cheese in a milk cooker Zucchini pieZucchini pie Dessert-ice cream with pistachios and chocolate-rum interlayer (Brand 3812 ice cream maker)Ice cream with pistachios and chocolate-rum interlayer French Pie Quiche LaurenFrench Pie Quiche Lauren Fish cutlets with potatoes à la DuchessFish cutlets with potatoes "A la Duchess" Apple bread with nuts in the Midea AHS15BC bread makerApple bread with nuts in a bread maker Cherry tart at Cuckoo 1051Cherry tart in a slow cooker Ham summer days ham maker BIOWINHam "Summer days" Flan with pumpkin, cheese and sageFlan with pumpkin, cheese and sage Donuts as in childhoodDonuts as in childhood Polish soupPolish soup James Oliver's Japanese Cucumber Salad with Ginger and CorianderJapanese cucumber salad with ginger and coriander Lentil and spelled soupLentil and spelled soup Argentinean Meat MelionesaArgentinean Meat Melionesa Marshmallow cakeMarshmallow cake Chocolate delight with raisinsChocolate treat with raisins Quick cherry pieQuick cherry pie Borsch (pressure cooker Polaris 0305 AD)Borscht in a pressure cooker Puree soup with sorrel and chicken stomachs (Steba DD 1 ECO)Puree soup with sorrel and chicken stomachs

Recipes Week 24 (2014)

Kulebyaka SpikeletKulebyaka "Spikelet" Lucky carpLucky carp Homemade tender white sausageHomemade tender white sausage Homemade pork sausagesHomemade pork sausages Rainbow troutRainbow trout Pork La CipollaPork "La Cipolla" Strawberry muffinsStrawberry muffins Buckwheat bread with sourdough caraway seedsBuckwheat bread with sourdough caraway seeds Italian charlotte with caramel prunesItalian charlotte with caramelized prunes Cake - plyatsok Chocolate with a strawberry notePlyatsok cake "Chocolate with a strawberry note" Strawberry (berry) pie with kefirStrawberry (berry) pie with kefir Focaccia on doughFocaccia on dough Creamy ice cream with baked strawberriesCreamy ice cream with baked strawberries Chopped cutlets with cheese and herbsChopped cutlets with cheese and herbs Whey chapatis with pea pureeWhey chapatis with pea puree Tobacco tiptoe in a grill panTobacco tiptoe in a grill pan Light rainbow trout soup (Moulinex stationary blender-soup cooker)Light rainbow trout soup Curd mannaCurd manna Chapatis on rye-wheat dough with tanChapatis on rye-wheat dough with tan Whey Dill BreadBread "Dill" with whey Pie with onions in a slow cookerPie with onions in a slow cooker Sand diamond cookiesCookies "Sand diamond" Doctor's sausage in a ham maker almost in accordance with GOSTSausage "Doctor" in a ham maker Strawberry dessert with coconut meringueStrawberry dessert with coconut meringue PanettonePanettone Diet chicken roll in Teskom ham makerDiet chicken roll in a ham maker No-Bake Cake Corn Sticks ButtCake without baking "Lapushka" Homemade muesli Lick your fingersHomemade muesli "Lick your fingers" Portion bread Mogilev quick option (brownie maker Tristar)Portion bread "Mogilevsky" Dry mushroom cream soup with Napoli sauce (Tristar soup blender)Dry mushroom cream soup with Napoli sauce

Recipes for week 23 (2014)

Refrigerator in BelarusianRefrigerator in Belarusian Arugula salad with wild rice (sprouted oats) and avocadoArugula, wild rice and avocado salad Smoked-boiled pork loin (smoker and Oursson multicooker)Smoked-boiled pork loin Children's pate universal"Children's" universal pate Pork a la Su View in a multicooker Philips HD3060Pork a la Su View in a slow cooker Spinach and potato creme with Brie cheese in Robot Da Cucina Baby Meal Chicco De'LonghiSpinach and potato creme with Brie cheese Peacock tail appetizerPeacock Tail Snack Delicate pink salmon meatballs with rice and cauliflower (Philips multicooker 3134/00)Pink salmon meatballs with rice and cauliflower Zucchini and Carrot Pie SpiralSpiral pie with zucchini and carrots Dumplings with meat and fried onions with kneading dough in a Panasonic SD-2501 bread makerDumplings with meat and fried onions Vegetable stew with chicken and pickled lemonsVegetable stew with chicken and pickled lemons Chocolate chip cookies (no eggs)Chocolate chip cookies (no eggs) Pozharsky cutlets in a multicooker Brand 502Pozharsky cutlets in a slow cooker Onion bread according to the recipe of William PokhlebkinOnion bread according to the recipe of William Pokhlebkin Fish parcelFish "parcel" Silla bread (Swedish custard bread)Silla bread (Swedish custard bread) Cottage cheese buns for breakfastCottage cheese buns for breakfast Chapati with green dipChapati with green dip Baskets with feta cheese and greens (Keksnitsa VES V-TO-3)Baskets with feta cheese and greens Brownie with pistachios in a multicooker Brand 701Brownie with pistachios in a slow cooker Pasta with dried tomatoesPasta with dried tomatoes Chocolate mocha cakeChocolate mocha cake Cornbread (Jeffrey Hamelman) with baconCornbread (Jeffrey Hamelman) with bacon Lazy dumplings baked in mushroom sauce with vegetablesLazy dumplings rolls in mushroom sauce with vegetables Focaccia in the Steba DD1 multi-cookerFocaccia in a pressure cooker Buckwheat cottage cheese biscuitsCurd buckwheat biscuits Bread maker Mirta BM2088. Borodino breadBorodino bread in a bread maker Mint ice cream with chocolateMint ice cream with chocolate Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16Shawarma in a slow cooker Cold mushroom soupCold mushroom soup

Recipes for week 22 (2014)

Pear tartPear tart Carrot cake in a pressure cooker (slow cooker)Carrot cake in a pressure cooker Smoked ham with baked peppers in a Tescoma hamSmoked ham with baked pepper Swedish cookies PeparkakiSwedish biscuits "Peparkaki" Quick Cupcakes with Fruit (Brownie Maker Tristar)Quick cupcakes with fruit Toaster bread CloudToaster bread "Cloud" Smoothie Strawberry, Oatmeal, ChiaSmoothie "Strawberry, Oatmeal, Chia" Chicken in sour cream marinadeChicken in sour cream marinade Two cabbages with potatoes and homemade sausage in Brand 6050Two cabbages with potatoes and homemade sausage Fruit ice Kiwi - OrangeFruit ice Kiwi-Orange Grilled potato pancakes GF150Grilled potato pancakes Potato pancakes with mushrooms (Ves 4 cupcake and Princess juicer)Potato pancakes with mushrooms (Ves 4 cupcake and Princess juicer) Grated pie with sorrel nut fillingGrated pie with sorrel nut filling Royal Pike in Belobok Steba DD1Pike "Royal style" Boston Cream CakeBoston Cream Cake Swiss farm bread (wheat bread with raisin sourdough)Swiss farm bread based on raisin sourdough Cheesecakes with cheese (Steba sandwich maker)Cheesecakes with cheese in a sandwich maker Rhubarb honey cakeRhubarb honey cake Mortadella ClassicMortadella Classic Green cocktail SpringGreen cocktail "Spring" Rice cakes with milk (Steba sandwich maker)Rice "pies" with milk Rhubarb pattiesRhubarb patties Baked pies (very soft)Baked pies (very soft) Papardelli pasta with "legs of the morning dawn nymph"Papardelli pasta with "legs of the morning dawn nymph" Matcha tea cookiesMatcha tea cookies Fried pies (no problems)Fried pies (no problems) Green beans with paprika (Steba DD1)Green beans with paprika Cookies from what was (based on Kurabye)Cookies based on Kurabye Roll with salmon and shrimps in Tescoma ham makerRoll with salmon and shrimps Buckwheat vegetable bunsBuckwheat vegetable buns

Recipes Week 21 (2014)

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Recipes for week 20 (2014)

Pea soup, pea puree and pie filling in a soy milk maker (Midea Mi-5)Pea soup, pea puree and pie filling Chicken tabaka (tapaka). Mom's notebook recipeChicken tabaka (tapaka) Potato latkes (based on Karaidel recipe)Potato latkes Sesame paste (tahini holmite) in soy milk maker (Midea Mi-5)Sesame paste (tahina holmite) Banoffi Pie by Lu_EstradaBanoffi Pie by Lu_Estrada Perigord saladPerigord salad Nut curls with strawberry jamNut curls with strawberry jam Tangerine-flavored baked vegetables (and another dressing option)Baked vegetables with tangerine flavor Tibetan duckTibetan duck Chicken and pork ham in Tescoma ham makerChicken and pork ham in a ham maker Linseed bread (in a sandwich maker)Linseed bread (in a sandwich maker) White bread for every day based on baguette on MK sourdough (oven)White bread for every day Homentash with poppy fillingHomentash with poppy filling Boiled sausage BolognaBoiled sausage Bologna Salami boiled with paprika and mustardSalami boiled with paprika and mustard Congrio (shrimp fish) in a fryerCongrio (shrimp fish) in a fryer Sundae with salted caramelSundae with salted caramel Cookies with jamCookies with jam Delicious stewed potatoes in the Oursson MP5005 multicookerDelicious stewed potatoes in a slow cooker Beer bagelsBeer bagels Besan roti - Indian chickpea flour cakesBesan roti - Indian chickpea flour cakes Green Cocktail Parsley PassionGreen cocktail "Parsley Passion" Wholegrain bread with walnuts and sourdough datesBread with walnuts and dates Chicken under a fur coatChicken under a fur coat Rye chapatisRye chapatis Cupcake BourgeoisCupcake "Bourgeois" Snack pies in a sandwich maker (Steba)Snack pies in a sandwich maker Pumpkin cinnabonsPumpkin cinnabons Curd roll with rhubarb-banana jamCurd roll with rhubarb-banana jam Family Recipe Pork and OnionsFamily Recipe Pork and Onions

Recipes for week 19 (2014)

Coconut cookies with chocolateCoconut cookies with chocolate Portion Fitness Bread Bread (Brownie Maker Tristar)Portioned Fitness Bread Bread Sprouted Lentil Salad BelugaSprouted Lentil Salad Beluga Sprouted Wheat SaladSprouted Wheat Salad Sprouted oat salad 2Sprouted Oat Salad Curd casserole with berry sauceCurd casserole with berry sauce Bagels with jam and walnutsBagels with jam and walnuts Chicken with tomatoes and olivesChicken with tomatoes and olives Pork brisket in steak gravyPork brisket in steak gravy Salad based on the cafe VinaigretteSalad based on the cafe "Vinaigrette" Roasted wreathsRoasted wreaths Mastic racing car (master class)Mastic racing car Chicken dairy cutletsChicken cutlets Cheesecake Three cheeses (master class)Cheesecake "Three cheese" Corn Honey Cake (Gluten Free)Corn honey cake (gluten free) Armenian homemade bread MatnakashArmenian homemade bread "Matnakash" Quick snack chapatnica tortilla + grillQuick snack chapatnica tortilla + grill Spring saladSpring salad Mackerel with mushrooms and carrots in the airfryer (lean dish)Mackerel with mushrooms and carrots in the airfryer Smile cake (lemon and berry)Smile cake (lemon and berry) Pancakes in a Steba SG40 sandwich makerPancakes in a sandwich maker Puff pastries with flakes, herbs and kurt in a sandwich maker for 500 rublesPuff pastry with dry, herbs and kurt Chicken breasts with cheese filling - slow cooker Mirta MC-2211Chicken breasts with cheese filling Cabbage and egg pieCabbage and egg pie Sous vide chicken fillet liberty-mp-900 pressure cookerChicken fillet in a pressure cooker Neapolitan saladNeapolitan salad Rye-wheat yeast bread based on Russian (Polaris PBM 1501D bread maker)Rye-wheat bread based on "Russian" Curd casserole in 30 minutesCurd casserole in 30 minutes Chorba fish from silver carp (Steba DD1 ECO)Chorba fish from silver carp Meat with mushrooms in cheese sauce (multicooker-pressure cooker Steba DD1)Meat with mushrooms in cheese sauce

Recipes for week 18 (2014)

Onion pieOnion pie Chicken feet in soy sauceChicken feet in soy sauce Sprouted Lentil Salad BelugaSprouted Lentil Salad Beluga Morning Omelettes Casseroles (Steba Sandwich Maker)Morning omelette casseroles Semla - Swedish bunSemla - Swedish bun Sprouted Lentil SaladSprouted Lentil Salad Berry ice cream (Brand 3812 ice cream maker)Berry ice cream Steamed potato-fish soufflé (pressure cooker Polaris 0305)Steamed potato-fish soufflé Pumpkin bulk pie from Y. VysotskayaPumpkin Loose Pie Puff pastries with meat and cabbage in a Steba SG40 sandwich makerPuff pastries with meat and cabbage in a sandwich maker Angry birds cake - cute bird (master class)Angry Birds Sweet Bird Cake Wheat-rye ciabattaWheat-rye ciabatta Finnish oat bread (oven)Finnish oat bread Mushroom marinade bread (oven)Mushroom marinade bread Jellied meat in Brand 6060 pressure cookerJellied meat in a pressure cooker Light beer bread (sourdough)Light beer bread Cod in yoghurt marinade with green sauceCod in yoghurt marinade with green sauce Easter cottage cheese with strawberries (boiled)Easter cottage cheese with strawberries Venetian Liver (Steba DD1 Eco)Venetian liver Chopped chicken cutlet with potatoes using sous vide technology in a Steba pressure cookerChopped chicken cutlet with potatoes Mirta blender muffins BHM350BMBlueberry blender muffins Cold soup with lemon juiceCold soup with lemon juice Italian cake with candied fruits and almonds for bread maker Mirta BM2088Italian Easter cake with candied fruits and almonds The dough is very soft (and bread for a bread machine) on Tang ZhongThe dough is very soft Cookies Zolotaya NivaCookies "Zolotaya Niva" Mirta BM2088. Baguettes with honeyBaguettes with honey Honey biscuit in the microwaveHoney biscuit in the microwave Easter cottage cheese with custard and mascarponeEaster cottage cheese with custard and mascarpone French Meat Light (Steba DD1)French Meat "Light" Protein-yoghurt souffléProtein-yoghurt soufflé

Recipes for week 17 (2014)

Kulich Masterpiece in the oven and multicooker Brand 502 (master class)Kulich "Masterpiece" in the oven and slow cooker Boiled Easter Favorite (master class)Boiled Easter "Favorite" Chicken ventricle goulash (pressure cooker Polaris 0305)Chicken ventricle goulash Milk-kefir wheat bread (bread maker Polaris PBM 1501D)Milk-kefir wheat bread Sausages in dough in a waffle-sausage maker Pyshka-3Sausages in dough in a sausage maker Sprouted Oat SaladSprouted Oat Salad Chocolate Banana Brownies (Tristar Brownie Maker)Chocolate Banana Brownies Pumpkin soup in soy milk maker Midea Mi-5 (based on Nika Belotserkovskaya's recipe)Pumpkin soup at soy milk maker Lentil soup with spinach and goat cheeseLentil soup with spinach and goat cheese Chouxed rice buns with dried apricots (lean)Custard Rice Buns with Dried Apricots Sugar eggsSugar eggs Oatmeal porridge with sweet banana crust under the grillOatmeal porridge with banana crust under the grill Caramel Pie (Brownie Maker Tristar)Caramel cake Stewed potatoesStewed potatoes Family recipe cakeFamily recipe cake Cranberry PastilaCranberry Pastila Deep-fried zucchini with garlic sauceDeep-fried zucchini with garlic sauce Easter potato bunsEaster potato buns Rice with steamed vegetables (multicooker-pressure cooker Steba DD1)Steamed rice with vegetables Easter cake without yeastEaster cake without yeast Eggplant roll on vegetable cushion (PP)Eggplant roll on vegetable cushion Fruit Easter CupcakeFruit Easter Cupcake Curd Easter in Steba DD 1Curd Easter in Steba DD 1 Chocolate cake with crushed hazelnuts (Philips 3134/00)Chocolate cake with crushed hazelnuts Salad DeliciousSalad "Delicious" Baked dumplings and dumplings (Steba sandwich maker)Baked dumplings and dumplings Mushrooms baked with white sauceMushrooms baked with white sauce Breakfast in 5 minutes. Spaghetti . Boiled eggs with vegetables, herbs and cheese in puri (Brand 6060 smokehouse)Breakfast in 5 minutes Hummus in the Zauber 580 multi-blenderHummus in a multi-blender Potatoes on the buckwheat program in Cuckoo 1051Potatoes on the "buckwheat" program

Recipes for week 16 (2014)

Cottage cheese buns with nuts in the Steba slow cookerCurd buns with nuts in a slow cooker Spanish lentil puree soup (multi-blender Profi Cook PC-MSM1024)Spanish lentil cream soup in a multi-blender Berry fruit drink (multi-blender Profi Cook PC-MSM1024)Berry fruit drink in a multi-blender Pickle at home in Steba DD1 EcoHomemade pickle in a multivark Couscous with oyster mushrooms and appleCouscous with oyster mushrooms and apple Potato zrazy with mushrooms, bacon and cheese in a Steba SG40 sandwich makerPotato zrazy with mushrooms, bacon and cheese Juicy shish kebab in an air fryerJuicy shish kebab in an air fryer Chicken soup with oyster mushrooms and egg noodlesChicken soup with oyster mushrooms and egg noodles Chicken tobacco from Ilya LazersonChicken tobacco from Ilya Lazerson Chicken KievChicken Kiev Kutuzov-2 cake (high-speed)Cake "Kutuzov" (high-speed) Grilled shrimp with spicy sauceGrilled shrimps with spicy sauce Easter cakes in Steba DD1 EcoEaster cakes in a slow cooker Drawn pancakesDrawn pancakes Cupcake or mini-muffins made from lean dough with apple and dried fruit (MB Brand 502 or VES V-TO-4 cupcake bowl)Lean dough muffin with apple and dried fruit Triangle Crumpets (Steba Sandwich Maker)Triangular crumpets Pumpkin spaghetti with vegetables and creamy curry saucePumpkin spaghetti with vegetables and curry sauce Dumplings and dumplings with lentilsDumplings and dumplings with lentils Creamy peach cakeCreamy peach cake Potato and meat casseroles in a Steba SG40 sandwich makerPotato and meat casseroles in a sandwich maker Mushrooms baked with mintMushrooms baked with mint PuriPuri Bread Two milkBread "Two milk" Okroshka vyatskayaOkroshka vyatskaya Liver soufflé cake (Philips 3134/00)Souffle liver cake Charlotte on mineral waterCharlotte on mineral water Mango sundaeMango sundae Pumpkin puree soup in a multicooker Steba DD1Pumpkin puree soup in a slow cooker Fish and carrot soup (multicooker SUPRA MCS-5151)Fish and carrot soup in a slow cooker Pea soup with smoked chicken for multi-chef Bork U800Pea soup with smoked chicken

Recipes Week 15 (2014)

Pumpkin challahPumpkin challah Pumpkin with dried apricots with milk-honey saucePumpkin with dried apricots with milk-honey sauce Cucumber flavor saladCucumber flavor salad Lush corn gritsLush corn grits Curd coconut pancakesCurd coconut pancakes Corn pancakesCorn pancakes Royal meatballs in a multicooker Bork U700Royal meatballs in a slow cooker Tatar fried permyachki in a multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MS-42 IHTatar fried permyachki in a slow cooker 3D Emelya cake on the oven (master class)Cake "Emelya on the oven" Chinese vegetables in a wokChinese vegetables in a wok Beetroot in a multicooker Philips HD 3060Beetroot in a slow cooker Rice Orange MoodRice "Orange mood" Saltimbocca from the sea tongue (multicooker Brand 701)Saltimbocca from the sole Open tarts with glazed onions and goat cheeseOpen tarts with onions and goat cheese Radish salad with cracklings and fried onionsRadish salad with cracklings and fried onions Fish cakes with appleFish cakes with apple Meat on a vegetable cushion in a multicooker Philips HD3060Meat on a vegetable pillow in a slow cooker Easter cakeEaster cake Chocolate Vegetarian SandwichesChocolate Vegetarian Sandwiches Bulgur vegetablesBulgur vegetables Chocolate tangerine cake (lean) in the Philips HD3060 multicookerChocolate tangerine muffin Fisherman's salad with seaweedFisherman's salad with seaweed Chickpea ringsChickpea rings Diet manna without oil and flour (pressure cooker Polaris 0305)Diet manna without oil and flour Chinese style pork noodlesChinese style pork noodles Salted salmon (ginger + red pepper)Salted salmon (ginger + red pepper) Chebureks on beer dough (Steba sandwich maker)Chebureks on beer dough Delicate Napoleon cake (master class)Cake "Gentle Napoleon" Bird cherry cake in Steba DD1 EcoBird cherry cake in a slow cooker Cheese rollCheese roll

Recipes for week 14 (2014)

Stewed borscht with beans and pork ribs in a multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-D31Stewed borscht with beans and pork ribs Pineapples in cheese sauce in a multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-D31Pineapples in cheese sauce in a slow cooker Tomato soup with corn in a multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS 42 IHTomato soup with corn in a slow cooker Cheesecake with chocolate icingCheesecake with chocolate icing Orange buns with chocolate dates (lean)Orange buns with chocolate dates Canapé croutonsCanapé croutons Homemade noodles Spicy (no eggs)Homemade noodles "Spicy" (no eggs) Poached salmon with avocado and strawberry saladStewed salmon with avocado and strawberries Napoleon cake (family recipe)Napoleon cake (family recipe) Raspberry pieRaspberry pie Pasta for cottage cheese sandwiches with herbsPasta for cottage cheese sandwiches with herbs Glazed ribs with pickled spaghetti potatoesGlazed ribs with pickled potatoes Jewish roastJewish roast Spaghetti with olive and olive dressingSpaghetti with olive and olive dressing Pasta machine (pasta)Pasta machine (pasta) Chebureks with potatoes (lean) and"Chebureks" with potatoes (lean) Banana Peanut BiscuitsBanana Soft Peanut Biscuits Sweet potato spaghetti with red pepper sauceSweet potato spaghetti with red pepper sauce Potato casserole in a multicooker Polaris 0508D floris and PMC 0507d kitchenPotato casserole in a slow cooker Kuksi (Kuksu)Kuksi (Kuksu) Wheat bran flax breadWheat bran flax bread Fried potatoes in Philips HD3134 / 00Fried potatoes in a slow cooker Cabbage schnitzels with mushrooms (lean)Cabbage schnitzels with mushrooms Kichiri (multicooker-pressure cooker Steba DD1)Kichiri in a multicooker Bean cutletsBean cutlets Minced fish meatballs in the Steba pressure cookerMinced fish meatballs in a pressure cooker Cabbage cutlets with yogurt sauceCabbage cutlets with yogurt sauce Oat and potato cutlets with mushroomsOat and potato cutlets with mushrooms Cottage cheese soufflé with apple and blueberries in the microwaveCottage cheese soufflé with apple and blueberries in the microwave Piano made of masticPiano made of mastic

Recipes for week 13 (2014)

Recipes Week 12 (2014)

Choosing an electric cooker

Kitchen stoveWhen choosing electric stoves, it is imperative to take into account the type of burners used. After all, they are the ones that affect the speed, convenience and quality of food preparation. On the hob, 2-6 heating zones are provided, which are arranged in different ways. On one surface there are burners of different sizes and shapes. This allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. The maximum power of each zone varies from 1.2 to 1.8 kW, which allows the most efficient use of energy.

Stoves with a hob made of enamelled or stainless steel are equipped with disc-shaped cast-iron burners or burners in the form of an open heat-resistant spiral. They are very inert - they slowly reach the desired temperature regime and also slowly cool down, remaining hot for some time after turning off.

Spinach juice and its benefits

spinachSpinach has a large number of useful qualities, as it has a considerable amount of trace elements and vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. The elements that are in this plant help to improve metabolism. They are also important for the functioning of the brain, blood circulation and reproductive system, help to strengthen the immune system and ensure the good functioning of the thyroid gland. Therefore, regular intake of spinach is very beneficial.

The good thing about spinach juice is that it helps your digestive tract work. It is anti-inflammatory and health-promoting.

Seaweed: beneficial properties

SeaweedThere are people who are admirers of seaweed, who often use it to prepare delicious and healthy culinary dishes. But there are those who, to put it mildly, dislike her. They refer to an unpleasant taste or smell, a slippery surface and assure that it is not at all useful. Is it so?

Seaweed is a simplified common name for edible algae known scientifically as kelp. Since ancient times, it has been used for food and medicinal purposes. Eastern peoples firmly believe that seaweed must be present in their diet. The Japanese eat it every day, the Chinese call it sea ginseng, and the Indians even treat tuberculosis with it!

Recipes Week 11 (2014)

Useful sweets (from lentils and dates)Useful sweets (from lentils and dates) Pork Carbonate in Pink Pepper (Su-Vid Steba DD1)Pork carb in pink pepper Potato RosesPotato "Roses" Carrot Flake Cookies (Lean)Carrot cookies with flakes Mini cheesecake TropicankaMini cheesecake "Tropicanka" Italian ice cream with ricotta (Gelato alla ricotta) in Brand 3812 ice cream makerItalian ice cream with ricotta Pink pancakes with marshmallowsPink pancakes with marshmallows Egg and cheese balls in basketsEgg and cheese balls in baskets Tart with tomatoes, mozzarella and herbsTart with tomatoes, mozzarella and herbs Cake KoloboksCake "Koloboks" Egg roll with cream cheese and broccoli pasteEgg roll with cream cheese and broccoli paste Greek toastGreek toast Wheat bread with cottage cheese, honey and some coffeeWheat bread with cottage cheese, honey and some coffee Creamy prawns in potato basketsCreamy prawns in potato baskets Carbonade Steak (Su-vide Steba SV-1)Carbonade steak Pike perch in cream Exotic fishPike perch in cream "Exotic fish" Gerbaud cakeGerbaud cake Beef liver in Steba DD1 ECOBeef liver in a slow cooker Pork on the Su Vid technology in the Brand 701 multicookerPork on technology in a multicooker Cake Bouquet in a multicooker Polaris 0508D floris and PMC 0507d kitchenCake "Bouquet" in a slow cooker Potatoes with quail eggs in the ovenPotatoes with quail eggs in the oven Rye-linseed bread with wineRye-linseed bread with wine Lean cabbage rollsLean cabbage rolls Brownie brownie (no flour)Brownie cake (no flour) Homemade cheese in the Kenwood Cooking Chef KM-086Homemade cheese in the kitchen car Hot smoked salmonHot smoked salmon Muffins with black currant (kefir)Muffins with black currant Lean beans in Steba DD1 EcoLean beans Chicken fillet with cashews in a multicooker Brand 701Chicken fillet with cashews in a slow cooker Orange biscuits with dried cranberries and chocolateOrange biscuits with cranberries and chocolate

Recipes Week 10 (2014)

Recipes Week 9 (2014)

Japanese pancakesJapanese pancakes Pancake cake with custard, mascarpone and berry saucePancake cake with cream, mascarpone and berry sauce Meat hodgepodge After the bath from Ilya LazersonMeat hodgepodge "After the bath" Orange cupcakesOrange cupcakes Snack Pomegranate ballPomegranate ball appetizer Cheese risotto cutlets with warm spicy pearsCheese risotto cutlets with pears Texas style pork ribs stew (Brand 701 multicooker)Texas style pork ribs Mexican Onion Soup (multicooker Brand 701)Mexican onion soup Chicken legs baked on skewersChicken legs baked on skewers Stuffed squid for the oven and for the multi-chef Bork U800Stuffed squid Cabbage rolls in Steba DD1 EcoCabbage rolls in a slow cooker Shortcrust tart with curd filling and berries (Steba DD1 ECO)Pie with curd filling Ice Cream Glazes in ChocolateIce cream "Fried eggs in chocolate" Scali breadBread "Scali" Grilled coho salmon cutlets GF 150Grilled coho salmon cutlets Chicken fillet pastroma in a slow cookerChicken fillet pastroma in a slow cooker Sandwiches with sprats and sun-dried tomatoesSandwiches with sprats and sun-dried tomatoes Pancakes from South Carolina in RussianPancakes from South Carolina in Russian Fried Onion Gnocchi at Jamie Oliver HomeCooker - PhilipsGnocchi with fried onions in a slow cooker Snack "Mackerel" in the multicooker Redmond RMC-M70Mackerel appetizer in a slow cooker Date cake For me in the multicooker Polaris 0508D floris and PMC 0507d kitchenDate cake "For me" Milk with rice in a multicooker-pressure cooker Steba DD1Milk with rice in a multicooker-pressure cooker Birox, pies with meat and cabbageBirox, pies with meat and cabbage Pancakes TrioPancakes "Trio" Pork shank in Cuckoo 1051Pork shank in a slow cooker Cupcakes red velvetCupcakes "Red Velvet" Vegetable casserole with mushrooms and minced meat on Porridge mode (pressure cooker Polaris 0305)Vegetable casserole with mushrooms Cookie PillowsCookies "Pillows" Bread made from three types of flour and flax seedsBread made from three types of flour and flax seeds Pancakes with ricotta and lemonPancakes with ricotta and lemon

Recipes for week 8 (2014)

Dessert chocolate-strawberryDessert chocolate-strawberry Pumpkin pancakes with milkPumpkin pancakes with milk Custard yeast pancakesCustard yeast pancakes Super Thin PancakesSuper Thin Pancakes Pancakes Dolce vitaPancakes "Dolce vita" Lace pancakesLace pancakes Pancakes without eggs (flaxseed jelly + oat milk)Pancakes without eggs Sweet garlic buns "d'Al"Sweet garlic buns "d'Al" Smoked ribs, turkey and shank in a smokehouse with a water sealSmoked ribs, turkey and shank Pork loin baked in milkPork loin baked in milk Biscuit roll with avocado and meringue crumbsSponge roll with avocado and meringue crumbs Mackerel ear in a multicooker Brand 701Mackerel ear in a slow cooker Lemon Poppy Cinnamon TreatLemon Poppy Cinnamon Treat Egg with mayonnaise UpgradeEgg under mayonnaise "Upgrade" Communal sourdough bread (Pane Comune con Lievito Madre)Communal sourdough bread Brioche roll with raisinsBrioche roll with raisins Challah with leavenChallah with leaven Roll with lamb and feta cheese in filo doughRoll with lamb and feta cheese Cupcake Guest on the doorstepCupcake "Guest on the doorstep" Green beans, pumpkin and zucchini baked with cheeseGreen beans and zucchini with cheese The muffin is delicious without wheat flour and eggs.The muffin is delicious without wheat flour and eggs. Crystal CakeCrystal cake Tandem squid and cucumber salad"Tandem" squid and cucumber salad Panna-kota creamy orangePanna-kota creamy orange Gingerbread cake in a multicooker Polaris 0508D floris and PMC 0507d kitchenGingerbread cake in a slow cooker Pina colada cakeCake "Pina colada" Beef heart kazyBeef heart kazy Broccoli puree soup in REDMOND RMC-02Broccoli puree soup Liver stewed in pickled tomato sauce with herbs and vegetables (Oursson MP5005 multicooker)Liver with tomatoes, herbs and vegetables Fat Free Whole Grain BiscottiFat Free Whole Grain Biscotti

Recipes Week 7 (2014)

Daily pancakesDaily pancakes Meringue cake with strawberries and avocadoStrawberry avocado meringue cake Chocolate pancakes with souffléChocolate pancakes with soufflé Brownie cheesecake with Oreo cookies in Brand 701 multicookerBrownie Cheesecake with Oreo Cookies French Rustic Bread Pain de CampagneFrench country bread "Pain de Campagne" Cottage cheese casserole GOSTCottage cheese casserole GOST Banana-caramel cookiesBanana-caramel cookies Sandwich bread by R. CalvelSandwich bread by R. Calvel Bercy eggBercy egg Miracle curd in the Profi Cook multi-blenderMiracle curd in a multi-blender "Frog" stewed in wine"Frog" stewed in wine Puff pastry rolls with nutsPuff pastry rolls with nuts Ore with pastaOre with pasta Tongues with coconut (crumbly kurabye)Tongues with coconut (crumbly kurabye) Crispy Peanut Butter CookiesCrispy Peanut Butter Cookies Christmas flower from masticChristmas flower from mastic Steamed chicken and buckwheat casserole in pressure cookers Steba and Brand 6051Minced chicken and buckwheat casserole MuffinsMuffins "Poppy" Cabbage lasagnaCabbage lasagna Couscous with Greek salad (D. Oliver)Couscous with Greek salad Bouillabaisse BaconBouillabaisse Bacon Mango coconut breadMango coconut bread Curd dessert (multi-blender Profi Cook PC-MSM1024)Curd dessert Bean soup with beef and smoked meats in MV Bork U600Bean soup with beef and smoked meats Tank cake (master class)Tank cake (master class) Coconut biscuits (Tescoma dough press syringe)Coconut cookies Pizza on a thin yeast base with mushrooms and onions, cooked on the "Porridge" setting (Polaris 0305)Thin yeast based pizza with mushrooms and onions Chicken ventricles in cognac sauce (Moulinex Cook4Me multicooker)Chicken ventricles in cognac sauce Potato breadPotato bread Pilaf in crispy pita bread in a multicooker Bork U800Pilaf in crispy pita bread in a slow cooker

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