Requirements for the type and quality of bread and bread products

breadBread is one of the most important food items. The nutritional value of bread depends on its chemical composition and digestibility. The bread contains carbohydrates (42-50%, mainly starch), proteins (6-8%), a small amount of fat (in ordinary bread), minerals, vitamins B and PP, fiber and water (40-48% ). The average calorie content in 100 g of bread, depending on the type and type of flour, the amount of additions and the baking method, is 220-280 kcal.

Pasta: types, quality and storage requirements

Pasta types, quality and storage requirementsThe main advantages of pasta are their high nutritional value and absorption by the body. The content of proteins in pasta is 9.3%, fat - 0.8%, carbohydrates - 70.9%.

Pasta tastes good and boils quickly. Due to their low water content (13%), pasta is a product that is very stable during long-term storage.

Various cereals, their varieties and properties

Various cereals, their varieties and propertiesIn cereals, carbohydrates predominate from nutrients. Their content reaches 71%. The protein content in cereals ranges from 6.3 to 10.8%. All types of cereals contain vitamins B |, Bg, PP.

Millet... Millet is used to produce polished millet, which is a millet kernel freed from flower films and partly from fruit, pome shells and embryos. In terms of quality, it is divided into three grades: the highest, first and second. The moisture content of all types of millet should not exceed 14%.

Grain and products of its processing, flour

Grain and products of its processingCereals belong to different botanical families. The family of cereals includes: wheat, oats, rye, barley, millet, corn, sorghum and fig. Buckwheat belongs to the buckwheat family. Legumes (peas, lentils, beans, beans, vetch, soybeans) belong to the moth family. Oil-bearing plants are distinguished into a separate group.

Home preparation methods for the winter

Home preparation methods for the winterThe presence of vegetables and fruits in dry, canned and fresh form is of no small importance in the work of a cook.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant in summer and autumn, but the need for them is the same both in summer and winter, because vegetables and fruits contain nutrients such as carbohydrates and acids, aromas and flavors that facilitate the absorption of food. and the presence of vitamins A, C and others in them protects the human body from a number of diseases.

Quick freezing of vegetables, fruits, berries

Fast freezingEvery housewife knows: if a potato accidentally freezes, then after thawing it is no longer suitable for food. The tubers become flabby, juice flows out of them, the pulp turns from white to dark. The same unpleasant consequences are obtained when cabbage, onions, beets freeze. Fresh apples, after freezing and thawing, quickly turn brown, flabby, and even with your hand you can squeeze a lot of juice.
And grocery stores sell frozen ready-made vegetable sets for soups and borscht, all kinds of frozen fruits and berries.

First aid for bleeding

First aid for bleedingAny trauma that damages the blood vessels causes bleeding. It can also occur due to the rupture of painfully altered vessels, as well as as a result of ulcerative, purulent and tumor processes.

If veins and capillaries are damaged, bleeding is usually minor. If an artery is injured, it can reach great strength. That is why it is necessary to be able to timely and correctly provide first aid, on which a person's life often depends.

Development of the child's abilities

Development of the child's abilitiesYou can live your life unaware of the abilities you have.How can a person know that he has great abilities for foreign languages, if he has not studied foreign languages ​​at all, or that he has exceptional abilities for sports, if he never did even morning exercises ?!

The development of abilities does not occur spontaneously, by gravity, one cannot expect favors from nature here, it is necessary to actively intervene ourselves.


LaundryFirst, the laundry must be sorted, separating the slightly soiled from the heavily soiled. Heavily soiled laundry should be soaked in water, to which add one tablespoon of baking soda to a bucket of water. First dissolve the baking soda in a little hot water and pour it into the water for a lock. It is better to soak the linen twice for 2-3 hours. With the second lock, take, in addition to soda, soap, about 20 grams per bucket of water. After locking, the laundry must be wrung out and then boiled in the tank. First, warm water is poured into the tank up to half, add 2 tablespoons of soda, stir, and after 15-20 minutes add a soap solution (about 60-80 grams per bucket).

Education of will in children

Education of will in childrenIn Nikolai Nosov's work "Vitya Maleev at School and at Home", the hero of the story - a fourth-grade student - promised every day that he would only play football a little with the boys, and then teach his lessons, and, however, every time he came home when necessary had supper and go to bed. There was no time left for lessons.

Can Vitya be called a deceiver, a liar? Of course not. Vitya made a promise with a sincere intention to fulfill it, but he simply is not able to keep his word, because his will is insufficiently developed. He, like many boys and girls of his age, often still cannot break away from a fun game, an interesting activity.

Protecting yourself from colds and flu

Protecting yourself from colds and fluIf you ask the question: what time of the year so-called "flu", "colds" diseases occur most often, the majority will answer without hesitation: in winter.

This answer is basically correct and requires some clarification.


Liver"The main chemical laboratory of the body" - this is how scientists called the liver in the last century. Is there no exaggeration in this characterization? No. Truly miraculous transformations take place in the liver, and these transformations play such an important role in the life of the organism that it cannot exist without them.


The human liver weighs one and a half to two kilograms. It is the largest gland in our body. In the abdominal cavity, it occupies the right and part of the left hypochondrium. The liver is dense to the touch, but very elastic: adjacent organs leave well-visible marks on it. Even external causes, such as mechanical pressure, can change the shape of the liver.


GoutMany people who experience joint pain think they have gout. However, practice shows that gout is extremely rare in our country. In the overwhelming majority of cases, such pains are caused by other reasons: rheumatism, brucellosis, damage to the peripheral nervous system and some other diseases.

Gout, which in Greek means "a severe illness in the legs", was already known in ancient times to the Egyptians and Arabs, it was described by the doctors of ancient Greece and Rome. Scientific inheritance of this disease began about two hundred years ago, but to date, not everything has been fully clarified.


CrybabyChildren's whims and stubbornness represent the wrong reaction to external or internal stimuli. What should be understood by the physiological term "irritation"? This is any effect on the body, in particular on its nervous system. Such influences most often come from the external environment, but can also come from the organism itself, from its various internal organs. Finally, parts of the brain can be influenced by other parts. In turn, the central nervous system sends impulses that control all processes in the body.

School student clothes

School student clothesNot all parents know how to properly dress their children.Some people are not even aware of the importance of clothing for a child's well-being.

The main feature that distinguishes the child's body is continuous all-round development. A child is not a miniature adult. Many processes in his body are carried out differently, he reacts differently to many external influences.

Russian sauna

Russian saunaBaths have existed since ancient times. The peoples of India, Egypt, Greece used baths not only for hygienic, but also for medicinal purposes. The "father of medicine" Hippocrates and other prominent physicians considered the bath as a powerful remedy.

Baths were widespread until the 4th century, when, during the reign of Emperor Constantine, the Christian church forbade its members to use baths. The ban was motivated by the fact that the bath procedure is a sinful cult of the body, and the bath is an institution that violates morality ...

Health tips: frozen fruits, berries and vegetables

Frozen Vegetables Health TipsVegetables and fruits deteriorate during storage. Sugar is gradually consumed in them, the content of vitamins decreases; in connection with the evaporation of water, the fruits wither and shrivel, the pulp coarsens, it is easier to rot.

One of the best modern ways to preserve (can) fresh fruits and vegetables is to freeze them. It almost completely stops life processes in them and at the same time largely preserves their high nutritional qualities, natural color, taste and aroma.

Health Tips: Vitamin D

Vitamin D health tipsUsually, a person receives vitamins from food. Vitamin D is an exception to this rule. A person can not only receive it from food, but also create, synthesize in the body, this requires exposure to sunlight, more precisely, ultraviolet rays, on the skin.

If a child, who especially needs vitamin D during the growth process, does not have much in the fresh air, the best nutrition will not prevent rickets, which occurs due to a lack of vitamin D.

Health Tips: Milk

Milk health tips"Food prepared by nature itself" - this is how the great physiologist IP Pavlov called milk. In the first months of a child's life, milk is his only food, which cannot be replaced by anything. When a child is 5-6 months old, milk alone can no longer cover all the needs of a growing organism, and the children are given complementary foods. But milk still remains the main product in the child's diet. Children who are deprived of milk or receive insufficient milk grow more slowly, develop worse, and get sick more often.

What requirements of hygienic science should a home satisfy?

What are the requirements of hygienic science should a home meetA popular science brochure by A.I. Valov is devoted to this very important issue, in which the author gives a number of useful and, which is especially important, easily implementable advice.

A person spends most of his life in the house. Naturally, his health depends to a large extent on compliance with the hygiene requirements in the room. Decreased performance, headache, restless sleep are often a direct consequence of poor ventilation of the room, insufficient lighting.

Recipes Week 16 (2015)

Bread Solnyshko (with onions, carrots, tomato, cheese)Bread "Solnyshko" Savarin is a kind of babaSavarin - a kind of "rum woman" Spotted breadSpotted bread German Thick Grain Bread - Vollkorn Brot with Liquid Banana YeastGerman dense grain bread Rye-wheat bread with wheat germRye-wheat bread with wheat germ Valga bun with apricot jam and almondsValga bun with apricot jam and almonds Tomalak Shorba (Meatball Soup)Tomalak Shorba (Meatball Soup) Heidi bread is the whitest breadHeidi bread is the whitest bread Black baguette on pulish with cuttlefish inkBlack baguette on pulish with cuttlefish ink Chocolate chip cookiesChocolate cookies "Cracks" Sesame breadBread "Sesame" Bread Witch Doctor with pine needles and cedar milk on tomato sourdoughBread "Witch Doctor" with pine needles and cedar milk Easter cake on grape liquid yeastEaster cake on grape liquid yeast Almond cake on yolksAlmond cake on yolks Whipped cake in a bread maker (option 2)Whipped cake in a bread maker Turnip teriha on honeyTurnip "teriha" on honey Blueberry Surprise Cake (Maida Heatter)Blueberry Surprise Pie (Maida Hitter) KrashenkiKrashenki Wheat bread with green buckwheat flourWheat bread with green buckwheat flour Checkered eggs, colored in onion skins (dedicated to the Chief Doctor of the Forum ShuMasha)Checkered eggs, colored in onion skins Red bean lobioRed bean lobio Honey bread in Oursson BM800JHoney bread Pork pork EasterPork pork "Easter" Happy birthday cake! in the multicooker MP5010PSD and the kitchen machine KM1010HSDCake "Happy Birthday!" Chicken sausage LuganskChicken sausage "Lugansk" Custard onion bread with whole grain flour and Cipollino liquid yeastCustard onion bread with liquid yeast "Cipollino" Ezekiel's bread (leavened cakes)Ezekiel's bread (leavened cakes) Vegetable stew with meat (multicooker Philips HD3197)Vegetable stew with meat Pokhlebkin sugar fondant recipe (on invert syrup by hand kneading)Pokhlebkin sugar fondant recipe Three-color healthy curl Six Lives (parsley, dill, spinach, tomato, paprika, turmeric) in a bread makerTricolor Useful Six Lives Curl Rustic bread (brewed)Rustic bread (brewed) Five Seven Day BreadBread "Five / seven days" Homemade Coconut Bars (T-Bar Tupperware)Homemade coconut bars Wheat-rye custard bread with liquid yeast with seedsWheat-rye custard bread with seeds SquidSquid Bread Grill with flakes, nuts and seeds (5 options)Bread "Grill" with flakes, nuts and seeds Brewed aromatic bread with whole grain flour ZacharyBrewed aromatic bread "Zakhary" Two types of wheat and carrot breadTwo types of wheat and carrot bread Artificial blended crumpets on bean doughArtificial blended crumpets on bean dough Potato and meat mini-cakes in Princess cake makerPotato and meat minitortiki Autumn chestnuts cookiesCookies "Autumn chestnuts" Ear from your fish ...yes with crayfishFish soup with crayfish

Antiplatelet therapy

Antiplatelet therapyAntiplatelet agents are an obligatory component of the treatment of all patients with ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic vascular destruction of other localization, which have no contraindications. Considering the introduction of modern principles, rational antiplatelet therapy is an important factor in improving the course of atherothrombotic diseases, reducing disability and mortality.

Recipes Week 15 (2015)

Citrus Easter with jam (raw)Citrus Easter with jam (raw) Liquid yeast baguettesLiquid yeast baguettes Winter cherry cakeWinter cherry cake Italian Grape Bread (Focaccia with Grapes, Olive Oil and Pepper)Italian grape bread Cottage cheese trufflesCottage cheese truffles Whole Wheat Bagels with Liquid YeastWhole Wheat Bagels with Liquid Yeast Mastic sneakers (master class)Mastic sneakers Salad with beetroot and seaweedSalad with beetroot and seaweed Polenta with tomato, celery and cheesePolenta with tomato, celery and cheese Buns pink springBuns "Pink spring" Bulgur and veal pilaf in the Steba multicookerBulgur and veal pilaf in a slow cooker Oat Pear Pie (Lean)Oat Pear Pie (Lean) Chess bread with carob, dates, almond milk"Chessboard" bread with carob, on almond milk Apple Cinnamon Pie (Bolo de maca com canela)Apple Cinnamon Pie Baked beets with feta cheese, garlic and thyme (Princess pizza maker)Baked beetroot with feta cheese and thyme Apple-carrot breadApple-carrot bread CrooksCrooks Pancake rolls with curdled milk, with apple bakingPancake rolls with apple baked Italian French bread (PANE francese or Pane di Como)Italian french bread Belesh ketuche (Shepherd's pie)Belesh ketuche (Shepherd's pie) Curd cake in oursson multicookerCurd cake in a slow cooker Finnish Dream Cake (no flour)Finnish cake "Dream" (no flour) Apple-oatmeal gingerbread (multicooker Philips HD3197)Apple oatmeal gingerbread Anise sourdough breadAnise sourdough bread Filled potato rolls with mushroom saucePotato rolls with mushroom sauce Mustard with grainsMustard with grains Streisel and jam pieStreisel and jam pie Dessert-souffle CloudDessert-souffle "Cloud" Pizza in the Brand 6051 pressure cookerPizza in a pressure cooker Brussels waffles in a waffle iron GFGRILL GF-020 WAFFLE PROBrussels waffles in a waffle iron Lithuanian rye bread with beerLithuanian rye bread with beer Wheat-rye bread Airy in a bread makerWheat-rye bread "Air" Bees and a frame with honeycombs made of mastic (master class)Bees and mastic honeycomb frame Whole wheat bread with kefir in a bread maker (Panasonic 2502)Wheat bread with whole flour on kefir The same red cabbage from Larisa Rubalskaya"That same red cabbage" from Larisa Rubalskaya Butter with sun-dried tomatoesButter with sun-dried tomatoes Puff pastry snack cake (shaped like Nordic Ware DeLis)Puff pastry snack cake Green salad with wild garlicGreen salad with wild garlic Cabbage soup ... lean with buckwheatLean cabbage soup with buckwheat Curd with green onions and cherry tomatoesCurd with green onions and cherry tomatoes Bird cherry raspberry muffinBird cherry raspberry muffin Birch sap (Belarusian motives)Birch sap (Belarusian motives)

Recipes for week 14 (2015)

Liquid yeast based on fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea ...Liquid yeast based on fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea Bread Ivan-tea with whole grain flour on liquid tea yeastBread "Ivan-tea" with whole grain flour on liquid yeast Whole Wheat Bread with Liquid Banana YeastWhole Wheat Bread with Liquid Banana Yeast Ash Tana Itenen (beef brisket soup with pea flour dumplings)Ash Tana Itenen French fish soupFish soup "in French" Milk bread with appleMilk bread with apple Wheat-rye crispbread Barberry (with rye sourdough)Wheat-rye crispbreads "Barbarisks" Sudachi chowder with dried mushrooms (multicooker Philips HD3197)Sudach soup with dried mushrooms Pizza Three CornersPizza "On three corners" Bread GingerBread "Ginger" First grade bread (Philips HD 9020 bread maker, Prumel PE1-500 electric miracle oven)First grade bread Warm salad with potatoes and beansWarm salad with potatoes and beans Buckwheat with chicken in a potBuckwheat with chicken in a pot Zucchini baskets with seafoodZucchini baskets with seafood Roast beef in 3 minutes (grill Steba 4.4)Roast beef in 3 minutes Cottage cheese waffles in a waffle iron GF-020 Waffle ProCurd waffles in a waffle iron Cupcakes for coffee loversCupcakes "Coffee lovers" Mexican buns Conchas (shells) with musical accompanimentMexican buns "Conchas" EarEar Korean green onion appetizerKorean green onion appetizer Buckwheat bunsBuckwheat buns Rye-wheat sourdough breadRye-wheat sourdough bread Soup with corn grits and meatballsSoup with corn grits and meatballs Birch sap (two options)Birch juice Grated potato casserole with cheese and garlicGrated potato casserole with cheese and garlic Polenta meatballs stuffed with ham and suluguniPolenta meatballs with ham and suluguni Italian dough bread with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers in the ovenItalian dough bread with onions, tomatoes and bell pepper Soft cheese made from goat milkSoft cheese made from goat milk Polpette in tomato and vegetable sauce in Steba DD1Polpette in tomato and vegetable sauce Casserole Scratched on the bottomCasserole "Scratched the bottom of the barrel ..." Tibetan tsampa breadTibetan tsampa bread Wheat bread with rye-flax sourdough, with bran and flax seedBread with rye-linseed sourdough, with bran and flax seed Trouble-free wheat bread with flax and sesame seedsWheat bread "Trouble-free" with flax and sesame seeds Kokosanka cookiesCookies "Kokosanka" Lily Cottage Cheese Casserole from Nordic WareLily-shaped cottage cheese casserole Roasted chocolate mousseRoasted chocolate mousse Beet spinach bread WatermelonBeet-spinach bread "Watermelon" Chicken sticks (sausage jug Smile 3633)Chicken sticks Dumplings made from a mix of rice and wheat flourDumplings made from a mix of rice and wheat flour Filled cutletFilled cutlet Creamy cheese soup with celeryCreamy cheese soup with celery Cookie NoodlesCookies "Noodles"

Recipes for week 13 (2015)

Sweet fried yeast pies from Anna Grigorievna DyshkantSweet fried yeast pies Multigrain onion sourdough bread with kelp - seaweedMultigrain sourdough bread with kelp Banana yeast dough bunsBanana yeast dough buns Cuttlefish ink bun for black burgerCuttlefish ink bun for black burger Condensed milk cake in a panCondensed milk cake in a pan Homemade granola - the perfect breakfast (Princess 115000 pizza makers)Homemade granola - the perfect breakfast Cabbage rolls (lean)Cabbage rolls (lean) Summer chimchi (preparing delicious radish tops)Summer chimchi (preparing delicious radish tops) Gingerbread CakeGingerbread cake Grilled sweet peppers, marinated (second degree of fasting)Sweet peppers, grilled in marinade ROLL with linden syrupROLL with linden syrup Healthy Whole Wheat Sourdough BreadHealthy Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread Bread Pumpkin FantasyBread "Pumpkin Fantasy" Salad Sardinka in a fur coatSalad "Sardinka in a fur coat" Cracker cake"Cracker" cake Bread for joy with oat flour, bran and fireweed lime honey"Bread for joy" with oat flour and fireweed "honey" Cake FunCake "Fun" Large roll with rye sourdoughLarge roll with rye sourdough Bread GoldenBread "Golden" Quick cutlets Chicken curdsQuick cutlets "Chicken curds" Marbleized Spice Cake (Maida Heatter)Spiced Marble Cake (Maida Hitter) Mojito Apple non-alcoholic cocktailCocktail "Mojito" non-alcoholic Oat and potato pancakes in Travola pizza makerOat and potato pancakes in a pizza maker Pea porridge with dried apricotsPea porridge with dried apricots Wheat-rye bread Lentil grainWheat-rye bread "Lentil grain" Orange syrup Instead of honeyOrange syrup "Instead of honey" Easter cake with the Maxwell bread makerEaster cake with a bread maker Home-style risottoHome-style risotto Strawberry Margarita CookiesStrawberry Margarita Cookies Lahana shorbasy, qapysta shorbasy, or borscht in Crimean TatarLahana shorbasy, qapysta shorbasy Honey mushrooms with potatoes from the Russian stoveHoney mushrooms with potatoes from the Russian stove Home Fruto-Nanny (creamy fruit puree in a Steba MX2Plus blender)Home Fruto Nanny Pumpkin-carrot cream soup Sunny duetPumpkin-carrot cream soup "Sunny Duet" Panini del Fornaio. Baker's Square CakesSquare bread "From the baker" Vienna envelopesVienna envelopes Super lemon cupcakeSuper lemon cupcake Dessert honey cakeCake "Dessert honey cake" Chicken Pie by Jamie OliverChicken Pie by Jamie Oliver Mandela for chicken brothMandela for chicken broth Pea soup (Polaris 0305)Pea soup Aromatic oil with herbs and garlicOil "Fragrant" with herbs and garlic Lean dough in Panasinic bread maker (universal)Lean dough in a bread maker (universal)

Recipes Week 12 (2015)

Salmon Pie GoldfishSalmon pie "Goldfish" Striped jelly snack (grill Steba PG 4)Jelly snack "Striped" Vigorous (peck, potepuha), light peasant snack, in a modern versionCheer up (ruffle, warmth) PogachaPogacha Sour cream muffins with black currantSour cream muffins with black currant Rye-wheat bread with sourdough flaxseed flour, infusion of kombucha in a bread makerSourdough rye-wheat bread, tea mushroom infusion Tomato Tart TatenTomato Tart Taten Cake MusicalCake "Musical" Yemeni tailsYemeni tails Norwegian brown cheese Brunost (Brunust)Norwegian brown cheese "Brunost" Champignon and celery puree soup with aromatic rye croutonsChampignon and celery cream soup with croutons Vegetable salad with baked garlic (4 options)Vegetable salad with baked garlic Sushi pomegranate Zakuro-zushiSushi pomegranate "Zakuro-zushi" Perch ... smokedPerch ... smoked BoysBoys Universal glaze (colored mirror glaze)Universal glaze Chocolate muffin in 3 minutes in the microwaveChocolate muffin in 3 minutes in the microwave Homemade saline After the holidayHomemade salt "After the holiday" Gingerbread with cocoa for paintingGingerbread with cocoa for painting Snack cheesecakesSnack cheesecakes Unusual flower made of cream Master ClassFlower "Unusual" from cream Black Woman Kiss CakeCake "Kiss of a black woman" The secret to making delicious pastaThe secret to making delicious pasta Oatmeal bunsOatmeal buns Chocolate shortbread cake with curd fillingChocolate cake with curd filling Altair breadBread "Altair" Lemon oilLemon oil Airy curd cakesAiry curd cakes Custard boats filled with herring, pickled cucumber and potatoes (sausage machine Smile 3633)Custard boats stuffed with herring and potatoes Wheat-rye baguettes with sourdoughWheat-rye baguettes with sourdough Lean mayonnaise, simple and quickLean mayonnaise, simple and quick Bread Corn RhapsodyBread "Corn Rhapsody" Vitek VT-4209 BW. White bread from first grade wheat flourWhite bread made from first grade wheat flour Iced wood structureIced wood structure Nuhat pea sourdough, for Asian flatbreadsNuhat pea sourdough for Asian flatbreads Pizza with chicken liver (Princess 115000 pizza maker)Chicken liver pizza Yogurt with homemade milk in a multicooker Brand 6051Yogurt with homemade milk in a slow cooker Apple pie without dough (multicooker Brand 701)Apple pie without dough Moulinex. Everyday breadEveryday bread Dried trout in Oursson dehydratorDried trout in a dehydrator Caramel cake (in a waffle iron)Cake "Caramel" (in a waffle iron) Lean white bread with rolled oats and wheat germ meal, apple and coconut oilBread with rolled oats and wheat germ meal

Recipes Week 11 (2015)

Black bread with rye sourdough and maltBlack bread with rye sourdough and malt Pumpkin-shaped pumpkin bread with spelled flour, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and turmericPumpkin bread with spelled flour, pumpkin seed oil and turmeric Monster BaguettesBaguettes "Monsters" Cupcake ParrotCupcake "Parrot" Jewish penicillin, or chicken broth to fight lingering coldsJewish penicillin Chicken BudgetChicken "Budget" Multigrain bread with shamballa in the Brand 3801 programmable bread makerMultigrain bread with shambhala in a bread maker Bread TrioBread "Trio" Calamarata Neapolitan PastaNeapolitan pasta "Calamarata" Lean gingerbread with plum (miracle frying pan grill gas D-512)Lean gingerbread with plum Granddaughter CakePastry "Granddaughter" Scalloped breadScalloped bread Frozen YoghurtFrozen yogurt Multigrain custard focacciaMultigrain custard focaccia Squid in bread crumbsSquid in bread crumbs Bread Beetroot heartBread "Beetroot heart" Rye bread from the USSR peeled bread of the 1930sPeeled bread of the 1930s Sourdough crispy waffles CharmCrispy waffles with sourdough "Charm" Texas Chocolate Cupcakes (Maida Heatter)Texas chocolate muffins Banana peanut cakeBanana Peanut Cake Cakes with creamy yoghurt cream and caramelized bananasCaramelized cakes with cream and bananas Polish bread with raisins and nutsPolish bread with raisins and nuts Rye bread NutRye bread "Nut" Cossack cheeseCossack cheese Sweets TrufflesSweets "Truffles" Porridge Mix with pasta, fried chickpeas, and potatoes in a pressure cooker (2nd degree of fasting)Porridge "Mix" with pasta, chickpeas, and potatoes Rice soup with herbs (lean)Rice soup with herbs Soft gingerbread for paintingSoft gingerbread for painting Korean meat (from youth)Korean Meat Fake hareFake hare Chicken Soup with Passatelli (Tescoma Potato Maker)Chicken Soup with Passatelli Chocolate cake with a strength of 40 degreesChocolate cake with a strength of 40 degrees Bread Fruit BombBread "Fruit bomb" Pie with jam, nuts and souffléPie with jam, nuts and soufflé Casserole with red fish SpicyCasserole with red fish "Spicy" Karelian bread according to GOSTKarelian bread according to GOST Sourdough bread and cakes with chickpea, buckwheat and whole grain flourTortillas with chickpea, buckwheat and whole wheat flour Pumpkin milk porridge (Brand 6051 pressure cooker)Pumpkin milk porridge in a pressure cooker Beans and sauerkraut pate (or minced meat for cutlets) leanBeans and sauerkraut pate Snow-white Sour creamSnow-white "Smetannik" Fried cottage cheese pancakes with fillingFried cottage cheese pancakes with filling Meat sticks with rice filling (sausage machine Smile 3633)Meat sticks with rice filling

Keep your back straight

Keep your back straightStudying, working, just sitting at the computer and walking in heels inevitably brings spinal curvature and back pain closer. What can we say that with age, even the smallest crease on the mattress makes our back tear from pain.

Morning exercises would be useful, but sometimes there is simply no time for it. You have to endure. But may it be enough to endure these torments? There are several good ways to relieve yourself of pain.

Recipes Week 10 (2015)

Fairy tale cake according to GOSTCake "Fairy Tale" according to GOST Dried undercap in an electric dryerDried undercap in an electric dryer Carrot and rice soup puree (lean)Carrot and Rice Soup Pizza with fish and caramelized red onions, at the Princess pizza makerPizza with fish and caramelized red onions Curd NapoleonCurd "Napoleon" Grain bread with lentilsGrain bread with lentils Pickle with porcini mushrooms, brown rice, celery and capers (lean option is possible)Pickle with porcini mushrooms, celery and capers Terrine with salmon and avocadoTerrine with salmon and avocado Bread AgritourismBread "Agrotourism" Beet-apple fantasy saladSalad "Beetroot-apple fantasy" Sahne-Charlotte Creamy CharlotteCreamy charlotte "Sahne-charlotte" Milk girl cake with a hint of gingerbread"Milk Girl" cake with a hint of gingerbread Pumpkin muffins on fruit yogurt with kumquat and nutsPumpkin muffins with kumquat and nuts " Homemade Waffle Churros in Princess 132401 ChurrosmakerHomemade Waffle Churros Peat cake (multicooker Brand 701)Peat cake Chocolate orange biscuitChocolate orange biscuit Beetroot and mushroom saladBeetroot and mushroom salad Brine cupcake with raspberry jam (lean)Brine cupcake with raspberry jam Tres Leches cake (three milk)Cake "Tres Leches" (three milk) Economical cookiesEconomical cookies Chocolate cake with curd fillingChocolate cake with curd filling Dried turkey fillet in Oursson dehydratorDried turkey fillet in dehydrator Sweet sticks-pancakes from kefir dough with marmalade (sausage maker Smile 3633)Sweet sticks-pancakes from kefir dough with marmalade Russian borschtRussian borsch Bread Spicy tomatoBread "Spicy tomato" SpindleSpindle Hedgehog salad"Hedgehog" salad Pasta with green peas and brisket (Pasta piselli con pancetta e panna) in the Steba DD2 multicookerPasta with green peas and brisket Carrot cake with nut butter and seedsCarrot cake with nut butter and seeds Whole Wheat Oat Bran Broom Bread by Peter ReinhartWhole Wheat Oat Bran Bread Baked milk, fermented baked milk and varenets (Steba SV 2)Baked milk, fermented baked milk and varenets Lentil curl breadBread "Lentil curl" Biscuit Pastry Melting Moments with BlackcurrantMelting moments cookie-cake Wheat bread with seeds and herbsWheat bread with seeds and herbs KsyushastikiKsyushastiki Sourdough bread in a slow cooker and ovenSourdough bread in a slow cooker and oven Yogurt in a thermosYogurt in a thermos Wheat sourdough bread (2 options)Sourdough wheat bread Vitek VT-4209 BW. Bread with bran and caraway seedsBread with bran and caraway seeds Baked cauliflowerBaked cauliflower Bukovyna nut cakeBukovyna nut cake Sunny waffles-cookies with cinnamonSunny waffles-cookies with cinnamon

Recipes Week 9 (2015)

Pancakes Shokoladnitsa (master class)Pancakes "Shokoladnitsa" Arabian pancakes Kataef in RussianArabian pancakes Kataef in Russian Raw potato pancakesRaw potato pancakes Pancakes from LudaPancakes from Luda Oat bran pancakes (no flour)Oat bran pancakes (no flour) Sourdough in meat broth for Asian tortillas (master class)Broth sourdough for Asian tortillas Snack baskets with avocado pasta and soft cheeseBaskets with avocado pasta and soft cheese Sterntaler Cake with Chocolate Cream (Sterntaler-Kuchen mit Schokosahne)Sterntaler cake with chocolate cream High-calorie pancakes (yeast-free)High-calorie pancakes (yeast-free) Flatbread with apples and cheese (Princess 115000 pizza maker)Tortilla with apples and cheese Fixies from mastic on the frameFixies from mastic on the frame Soup with pretzels (pretzels) LaugenbrezelsuppeSoup with pretzels (pretzels) Pie Ladies' whim with apricot jam (Damenkaprizen)Pie "Ladies' whim" with apricot confiture " Diet buns with fillingDiet buns with filling Mussels with spinach and nut streuselMussels with spinach and nut streusel Apple cheese soupApple cheese soup Wheat-rye bread with yoghurt and sekowa bacon fermentWheat-rye bread with yogurt and bacon ferment Mannik with brown sugar (electric miracle oven Prumel PPG-92)Mannik with brown sugar Carnival night cookies FasnachtskuechleinCarnival Night Cookies Russian pancakes with baked yeast doughRussian pancakes with baked yeast dough Cocoa chocolate (Schokolade)Chocolate 77% cocoa Pomeranian cod and cottage cheese piePomeranian cod and cottage cheese pie Jerusalem kugel in a multicooker Steba DD2Jerusalem kugel in a multicooker Telapia Terrine with Salmon (Moulinex Stationary Soup Blender)Telapia terrine with salmon Baskets with peachesBaskets with peaches Ice cream cake, creamy chocolate with cherriesCreamy chocolate ice-cream cake with cherries Pancakes MarusiniPancakes "Marusiny" Red Velvet cakeRed Velvet Cake Chapche (Korean funcheza)Chapche (Korean funcheza) Banosh (corn porridge) with feta cheese or cracklings in a Bork multicookerBanosh with feta cheese or cracklings Pizza lazy cookPizza "Lazy cook" Vitamin anti-crisis salad (multi-cut Gigant)Vitamin anti-crisis salad Pancakes ForgivenPancakes forgiven Pancakes on choux pastry with semolinaPancakes on choux pastry with semolina Custard pancakes with whey (no eggs)Custard pancakes with whey Flatbread in an air fryerFlatbread in an air fryer Yeast pancakes ryeYeast pancakes rye Custard pancakes with kefirCustard pancakes with kefir Bulk cake in the Philips HD9235 Air Fryer (Airfryer)Bulk cake in an air fryer Spreewaelder SchmorrippchenSpreewald ribs Napkuchen - Napfkuchen Polaris Floris 0508D and Kitchen 0507DNapkuchen Chocolate Chiffon CakeChocolate Chiffon Cake

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