Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine

The small country of Bulgaria, as the heir to the Byzantine culture in cooking, has become one of the main countries in the world in this area. In France and England, dishes from Bulgaria take pride of place. Bulgaria exports condiments, vegetable salads, ketchups, marinades. This is a land of abundance of gifts from fields and gardens. Bulgaria is considered the country of vegetables. There are tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, spices, cauliflower and white cabbage.

How to treat a little sweet tooth?

How to treat a little sweet toothShould I give sweets to my child? If given, then at what age and what? Sooner or later, every mother asks these questions. One thing can be said here: the later your baby learns the taste of caramels and chocolates, the better. And do not listen to compassionate grandmothers who complain that you are cheating the child. He does not yet know what sweets are, which means that he does not feel deprived. Why do you then have problems with teeth and excess weight? Fruit is the best candy for children at least three years old.

All the secrets of problem skin care

All the secrets of problem skin careOwners of problem skin know how much hassle it is. In addition, caring for it requires a lot of financial investments, since such skin requires not only basic cleansing, but also other procedures. Many cosmetic products do not contain the amount of natural products indicated on the jar. Therefore, the result is not at all the expected one.

Basil use

Basil useBasil is one of those spices that can turn an ordinary dish into an incredibly delicious and sophisticated culinary product. Basil greens have a special taste: slightly bitter, but complemented by notes of sweetness. Some types of this spice are reminiscent of nutmeg or cloves in aroma. In cooking, they use not only the leaves, but also the flowers of basil, fresh and dried. Transcaucasian, French, Greek, Italian cuisines welcome it, using it in their national dishes.

How to teach children to oral hygiene?

How to teach children to oral hygieneTo have a beautiful smile all their life, it is necessary to teach babies to oral hygiene from an early age. Therefore, you are parents, should be an example for your baby! It depends only on the parents whether the child will be accustomed to brushing his teeth, washing his face, rinsing his mouth. Make the process of caring for your baby's teeth fun and exciting. Include all your imagination, come up with game elements, demonstrate your own attitude to brushing your teeth.

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How I bought a bread machine

How I bought a bread machine“Oh, how I love delicious, soft, fresh bread. Yes, so that the crust is so crispy. And when I walk past the bakery, which is located not far from my mother-in-law's house, it’s generally, already, breathtaking from the aromas scattering throughout the block.I wish I had such a wonderful machine that could make me such beauty at home, ”my friend tells me, tucking buns with poppy seeds on both cheeks. Indeed, she always has something flour, tasty and terribly high in calories on her table.

Teaching your child not to give up food

Teaching your child not to give up foodEven a newborn baby is beginning to show its food preferences to its parents. Suddenly give him the Swiss "Nestogen" or the domestic "Baby". And not without reason, even mother's milk becomes (thank God, sometimes!) Tasteless to him. But this is only the initial one in life. As soon as the child grows up a little, claims regarding the quality and taste of food begin to increase almost in arithmetic progression ...

The health benefits of cashews

The health benefits of cashewsSince ancient times, in countries where the climate is warm enough, the cultivation of cashews has become widespread. Its fruits not only have excellent taste, but are also used to treat all kinds of ailments. Brazil is considered the birthplace of cashews. It is exported to Europe from Central and South America, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Thailand.

The key to beautiful and healthy nails

The key to beautiful and healthy nailsIt's no secret that women's nails, along with hair and skin, need constant care. Almost any lady does a manicure, uses various nourishing creams, varnishes her nails, etc. But not many people know that this is not enough. Hearing that nails need care, women immediately imagine a beauty salon and expensive procedures. No it is not! You can take care of your nails effectively and at no cost at home.

All the tenderness and beauty of bed linen - without leaving your home!

All the tenderness and beauty of bed linen - without leaving your homeWhat could be more desirable than a sweet dream on clean, beautiful and, most importantly, high-quality bedding. Moreover, the current century offers more and more modern materials, types, sizes and designs. Now you can even choose bed linen with 3D drawings. Manufacturers try to meet modern requirements and use materials that relieve fatigue, stress, have a healing effect, completely free of allergens or dyes.

Tips for improving your own condition

Tips for improving your own conditionIf you often get tired, then you should not reassure yourself that your body is in hibernation. So what's the reason? It is proven that short-term stress is beneficial - adrenaline energizes you. But the manifestation of depression is drowsiness, lethargy, incomprehensible melancholy, frequent mood swings, a feeling of disorder and discontent with everyone around.

What to do if eyelashes fall out?

What to do if eyelashes fall outThere can be several dozen reasons for streaking in general, and eyelashes and honesty. Here are just a few of them: allergies to makeup or eye cream; damage to the structure of hairs when dyeing eyelashes in a hairdresser, hypovitaminosis and a lack of a number of microelements in the body. On the other hand, the “hormonal boom” of pregnancy, the development of any processes in any of the glands of the endocrine system, and simply when a teenager turns into a girl, could provoke the loss of cilia.

The benefits of Chinese cabbage

The benefits of Chinese cabbageChinese cabbage is a very popular and valuable product not only in China, but also in our country. This healthy and juicy vegetable is available to almost anyone. Chinese cabbage ripens quickly enough, so its mouth-watering fresh heads of cabbage can be purchased at the market or grocery store throughout the year. Its shape does not form a head of cabbage. Cabbage leaves are rosette-shaped with some thickening at the bottom and thin tips at the top.

Interesting facts about bread

Interesting facts about bread"Bread is the head of everything" - rightly believe many inhabitants of the earth. It is one of the oldest crops in the world. It's hard to imagine a day without a fragrant toast with a cup of hot coffee or a ham or cheese sandwich.It would seem that humanity knows everything about this product. We simply take from the store shelf a soft baguette, rye with caraway seeds, bruschetta with garlic and serve neat slices of bread for lunch or dinner, considering it a common addition to the meal.

What can the color of products tell us?

What color of products can tellWe are aware that you should only eat fresh food. The basis of the diet should be vegetables, fruits and herbs. How do you know how useful they are? The simplest and most correct method is to look at the color. After all, it is an indicator of utility. This information will help you adjust your diet.

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A food processor can do everything! Choosing this wonderful machine

A food processor can do everything! Choosing this wonderful machineChops, whips, squeezes, grinds - this is how you can characterize the work of a housewife in the kitchen. This is a small fraction of what she has to do while cooking. To facilitate the difficult household work, a food processor was invented. Now he does most of the work, and does it very quickly. We can say that a food processor is an irreplaceable assistant, an apprentice in culinary business.

Six healthy grains

Six healthy grainsIf you see grains or seeds unknown to you on the counter in the supermarket, do not be alarmed! The nutritional benefits of these new products can be very significant, so you can take risks. Here is a list of six types of cereals that have a considerable number of useful properties.

How to choose kitchen furniture?

How to choose kitchen furnitureKitchen furniture is one of the most important parts of the interior of any modern home, so its choice must be treated with full responsibility. It should be beautiful, but its main advantages are functionality and convenience, it should be made of moisture-resistant and reliable materials.

Beauty according to oriental recipes

Beauty according to oriental recipesThe surprisingly young silky skin of oriental women has always been the subject of admiration and surprise. Why does not time mercilessly destroy their original charm? What is the source of unfading freshness and wrinkle-free? In this article we will try to answer these and other questions.

About choosing a table lamp

About choosing a table lampThe table lamp can serve as a decorative and working function in the house. In the first case, it is acquired so that it becomes a beautiful part of the interior, and then the technical characteristics are not given special importance. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to produce whole series of lamps - ceiling, wall, floor, table - with a similar design. By purchasing such a unique set, decorated in the same style, you get the desired decorative effect.

Where and how to store food?

Where and how to store foodBuying food home is half the battle. The main task for the hostess is to distribute these products correctly. It's not enough to just put them in the refrigerator or arrange them on the shelves in the kitchen cabinet. Everything must be done to ensure that the products are preserved as long as possible and at the same time do not lose their beneficial nutritional properties.

How to choose a hotel for your vacation

How to choose a hotel for your vacationGreat, positive vacation experiences can only be achieved when the vacation is well planned. The place of residence plays an important role in the quality of rest, because you will agree that the vacation will be overshadowed if you find yourself in a hotel with unfriendly rude staff, cockroaches in the room, and sometimes mice? But there are such hotels in every city, and in order not to get into them, it is important to be able to choose the right hotel for rest, and this article will tell you how to do this.

How to cook champignons correctly

How to cook champignons correctlyMany novice housewives often want to surprise their loved ones and guests with interesting and delicious dishes. In search of the perfect product for culinary delights, it is worth stopping at such a healthy and mouth-watering ingredient as champignons. These mushrooms can be found on the counter of any supermarket, as they are the leading taste among inexpensive mushrooms. Champignons contain about 20 amino acids useful and necessary for the human body.

Recommendations for proper nutrition for children who are often sick

Recommendations for proper nutrition for children who are often sickWhat do we mean by the concept of "rational nutrition"? This is a physiologically complete nutrition for a child - varied and balanced, containing all the necessary components for the full development of a child's body. Rational nutrition is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and one of the factors in increasing the body's resistance to most infectious and non-infectious diseases in children.

skype - call for free

Imagine that one fine day all telephone calls were charged and canceled, thanks to which you can call your friends and partners wherever and whenever you want, while your only expense will be paying your Internet bills. We are more than sure that you know both the technology that will be discussed in this article and how to use it, but we think you will not refuse to learn something new about it. So Skype: The whole world can talk for free!

How to distinguish high-quality fresh meat

How to distinguish high-quality fresh meatMany people perceive fresh meat as a very tasty and satisfying product. On the basis of it, you can prepare a lot of various and very appetizing dishes. However, you need to choose the right way when buying meat. After all, only high-quality meat can meet all your expectations. At the same time, many people try to buy meat as little as possible. And this is not due to the goals of economy or taste preferences.

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Choosing the right pasta

Choosing the right pastaMany people who seek to get in shape believe that pasta and noodles should be eliminated from their diet. But this is not entirely true: not all pasta spoils the figure. It is enough to ask people who have been to Italy: the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of this country is pasta with all kinds of sauces, and, despite this, among them one can rarely find obese people. The whole secret lies in the quality of the pasta: they must be made from durum wheat.

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