Review of the LG HB-1002CJ bread maker

Review of the LG HB-1001CJ bread maker

LG HB-1003CJ Bread Maker Manual

LG HB-1002CJ Bread Maker Manual

LG HB-1001CJ Bread Maker Manual

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-1051CJ

LG HB-157CE Bread Maker Manual

LG HB-159E Bread Maker Manual

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-2051BCJ

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-203CJ

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-205CJ

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-206CJ

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-207JE

LG HB-3003BYT Bread Maker Manual

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-3002BYT

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-3001BYT

Recipes April 1 - 7, 2013

Recipes March 18 - 31, 2013

Almond roll with chocolate creamAlmond roll with chocolate cream Shrimp julienne with white wineShrimp julienne with white wine Mini pizzas with smoked sausagesMini pizzas with smoked sausages Wheat bread with honey and grainsWheat bread with honey and grains Sourdough wheat bread every daySourdough wheat bread Cookies "Cherry kiss"Cookies "Cherry kiss" Chicken cutlets with lentils and feta cheeseChicken cutlets with lentils and cheese Raw food rollsRaw food rolls Russian style pork belly roll (Brand 6060 smokehouse)Pork belly roll in Russian Rye Bread OilseedRye bread "Olive" Pancakes TsarPancakes "Tsarskie" Simple vegetable salad of zucchini and cucumberVegetable salad from zucchini and cucumbers Bread with whole grain custard flour (in the oven)Bread with whole grain custard flour Warm green bean salad with potatoesWarm green bean salad Grain bread in a bread makerGrain bread in a bread maker Roll Bounty (no baking)Roll "Bounty" Chocolate biscotti Three nutsChocolate biscotti "Three nuts" Chocolate cake (lean)Chocolate pie Dessert couscous with dried fruitsDessert couscous with dried fruits Tomato soup with corn and smoked meatsTomato soup with corn and smoked meats Bread in a multicooker Scarlett SC 411Bread in a slow cooker Shortbread cake with walnutsShortbread cake with walnuts Melon-baked chicken thighsMelon-baked chicken thighs Two vinaigrette - one baseTwo vinaigrette - one base Lohikeito - Finnish fish soupLohikeito - Finnish fish soup Zucchini and potato salad with mintZucchini and potato salad with mint Meatloaf HandsomeMeat loaf "Handsome" Altai hornsAltai horns Mermaid piesMermaid pies Cheesecakes on two doughsCheesecakes on two doughs

Food preservation methods

Food preservation methodsThe shelf life of food can be extended by preservation. The essence of conservation is to create unfavorable conditions for the activity of enzymes and the development of microorganisms. Food preservation methods: physical, biochemical, chemical and physicochemical.

Physical way

The physical method includes canning with low and high temperatures.

Recipes for Week 11 - March 17, 2013

Recipes for Week 4 - March 10, 2013

Recipes of the Week Feb 25 - Mar 3, 2013

Panasonic SD-2501 bread maker review

Recipes Week 18 - 24 Feb 2013

"Refreshing" stale bread

Refreshing stale breadDeparture to nature, a suburban area, another place for rest or work is associated with the purchase of necessary food products, the main of which is bread. There are often cases when it begins to harden. There is only one answer: do not rush to search for fresh bread, since the situation can be corrected, and the store is often not nearby.

Moulinex La Fournee RZ710. About my bread maker

Brand 3801 bread machine review

How to choose a slow cooker

How to choose a slow cookerIn order to cook tasty and healthy food, you need to spend more than one hour at the stove. To simplify the cooking process, a slow cooker comes to the rescue of the hostess. It is presented in the form of a modern saucepan, working on the principle of the "Russian oven". Thus, there is no frying or cooking of food, but its slow languishing. It is worth noting that it is the slow cooking of food that makes it more tasty and rich, while almost all vitamins remain.

Recipes Week 11-17 Feb 2013

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