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Music comforts and inspires

Music comforts and inspiresA country girl, disappointed in her first love, expresses her grief in a song. This is how a wonderful folk song arises. Not every woman knows how to create songs, but everyone can sing, and singing fills the soul with joy.

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To be painted or not?

To be painted or notMake up, but under one condition: if you have a good friend.I may be asked what is in common? And what a good friend will tell you directly, if you start to abuse paints and become funny.

Just do not cause ridicule in old age! This is your main task. A smeared, old wrinkled face can evoke sympathy at best, but in general everyone laughs at such a woman.

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Old age has nothing to do with it

Old age has nothing to do with itUntil the end of the eighteenth century, doctors unanimously adhered to this point of view: atherosclerosis is not a general disease of the body, but only a local one - of the blood vessels. And one more thing: atherosclerosis is an inevitable disease of the elderly, in which the aging of the organism finds its expression.

Nature of Canada

Nature of CanadaA country of high mountains and endless plains. In terms of the size of the territory and the nature of nature, Canada is very similar to our Siberia. Like Siberia, Canada lies in temperate and cold climates. Most of the country is covered with dense taiga forests, concealing enormous wealth of valuable species of wood and fur-bearing animals, endless tundra lies in the north, and steppes stretch in the south between the Rocky Mountains and Lake Winnipeg. In the extreme west and east, there are mountains, in which, during the ascent, a change of various landscapes is observed.

Animals in proverbs and sayings

Animals in proverbs and sayingsA lot can be found in the dictionary of "people from the forest". Sometimes their origins are in plain sight; others require some effort to decipher; only a specialist can understand the pedigree of the third. But animals not only densely “populated” our vocabulary, they are also the protagonists of many, if not most, folk riddles, proverbs and sayings, without which a bright, figurative speech is inconceivable.

Where does food breakdown begin?

How it all starts with a food breakdownThe possibilities for maintaining neuropsychic health in humans are quite large. And yet, under the influence of a number of unfavorable factors, they can decrease to one degree or another. Most of all, according to scientists, the following three circumstances contribute to this: hypodynamia, hyperphagia and hyperpsychia.

Climate and man

Climate and manIs the Earth's climate changing? This question has long been of concern not only to scientists. As shown by meteorological observations, since the end of the nineteenth century, the average air temperature at all latitudes of the northern hemisphere has been increasing. Warming peaked in the late thirties of the twentieth century, when the average air temperature was 0.6 degrees higher than in the late nineteenth. Then a cold snap began. By the mid-sixties of the XX century, the air temperature dropped by about 0.3-0.4 degrees.

Greenland nature

Greenland natureMore than 80% of Greenland is covered with eternal ice. On this largest island in the world, stretching from north to south for more than 2,600 km (from Cape Morris Jasep at 83 ° 39 'N to Cape Farvel at 59 ° 46' N) and from the west to east - by 1 200 km and covering an area of ​​2 176 thousand square meters. km, only narrow coastal areas are free of ice. The Greenland glacier covers an area of ​​1,800 thousand sq. kilometers.

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Bosch TAT 8613. Toaster overview

$ vetLana

Bosch TAT 8613The Bosch TAT 8613 toaster was chosen from among the many toasters sold in our stores because of the quartz heaters, and the firm mattered.

I approach every purchase of home appliances very thoroughly, read reviews, compare characteristics. We had several toasters, both with open heating elements and with quartz ones. We like the toaster with quartz heaters better, so the search was directed specifically to this type of model. Unfortunately, the search is quite difficult, because in the characteristics of toasters, nowhere do they write what type of heating element is used.

Recipes Week 40 (2019)

What stimulates plant growth?

What stimulates plant growthIt has long been noticed that some plants turn towards light. This can be especially clearly observed in the sunflower, the baskets of which in the morning turn to the rising sun. The sprouts on the window are also reaching for the light. These and many other facts prompted researchers to find out the reasons for such orientational plant movements. Among these researchers was the famous Charles Darwin. He germinated the seeds of cereals in a dark chamber, and then coleopted these seedlings, that is, the first transparent leaves covering young leaves of cereals were exposed to light falling from one side.

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The structure and chemical composition of vegetables and fruits

The structure and chemical composition of vegetables and fruitsThe bulk of the fruit consists of pulp (64.5-98.5% of the weight of the fruit). The cells that form the fruit pulp are covered with a thin membrane - cellulose, inside which there is protoplasm (in the form of separate threads), consisting of nitrogenous protein substances. The space between the protoplasm filaments is filled with cell sap, which is an aqueous solution of mineral and organic substances.

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