Zagreb (photo report)

ZagrebIn ancient times, one of the Croatian bans (ban - leader, ruler, sometimes the king's deputy) led his army along the edge where the city now stands. There was a hot, debilitating drought. The warriors suffered from agonizing thirst. At a halt, the ban thrust his sword into the ground, and a fountain of cold water suddenly gushed out of it. Ban called his army to the source of salvation, exclaiming: "Rake it!" And the warriors - some with a helmet, some with their palms - began to "rake in" and drink life-giving moisture. From there allegedly the name of the city is Zagreb. So the legend says. However, according to another Croatian version, "zagreb" in the old Croatian language meant a mound (that which was "raked up"), a fortification, a hill fort. It is possible that the name of the city came from the fortified settlement for the first time ...

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Delta Aksinya KS-5500. Description and characteristics of the bread maker


Performance and rest of the student

Workability and rest of the studentThe word "hygiene" comes from the name of the mythological goddess Hygiene - the daughter of the god of healing Aesculapius; with her name the purity of the body was personified. No wonder the popular proverb says: "Cleanliness is the guarantee of health."

Hygiene is the science of the influence of various environmental factors on human health, his working capacity, and life expectancy.

Foamy body cleaners - use with care

Foamy body washAre you using body and face cleansers that are too foamy? This is why you should stop using them now!

Foamy skin cleansers: If washing your face and body produces too much lather, you should probably get rid of them. Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia explains why.

Saturn ST-EC013. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Bread maker SATURN ST-EC0131

Red versus white meat: which is better for a healthy diet?

Red versus white meat which is better for a healthy dietMeat can be an important ingredient in your balanced diet. Unless you're a vegetarian, you have a variety of meat options. You can prefer white meats, such as those from chicken or turkey, which are classified as poultry, or try red meats such as lamb. beef or pork... In this situation, the choice is large, which is often confusing. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to understand the requirements of a healthy diet for meat products. So, to avoid further confusion, here is some important information and a complete set of differences for red and white meat.

Tips for preventing knee pain

Tips for preventing knee painCarrying only three to four extra pounds of your own weight can affect the use of your knees. Proper diet and exercise can help you lose pounds and limit pressure on your knee joints, thereby minimizing any chances of knee pain.

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5 tips to help you cut belly fat

5 tips to help you cut belly fatIt is a generally accepted fact that weight loss is impossible without a healthy diet.A sustainable weight loss regimen is a combination of many factors. Although diet is one of the most important aspects, you need to make many changes to your existing lifestyle, as well as increase your level of physical activity. You can't eat your favorite potato chips all day, skip your dinner, and think you've balanced your calories throughout the day. Along with an updated diet, you also need to change some of your unhealthy eating habits. Here are some tips to help you increase your weight loss rate:

Food neophobia can affect health

Food neophobia can affect healthA new study has shown that foodborne neophobia can lead to poor nutrition and even increase the risk of chronic disease.

Neophobia or fear of new foods is a condition in which people can develop an irrational aversion to unfamiliar or new foods.

Tillage for agricultural use

Tillage for agricultural useThe yield of any agricultural crop largely depends on the correct tillage. On the personal plot, the main task in the struggle for the harvest and the good development of ornamental plants is to create a loosened soil layer 25-30 cm deep for berry and vegetable crops and 40-50 cm and more for fruit trees. The deeper the soil layer is loosened and cultivated, the better the roots of garden plants spread in it. Simultaneously with the processing, organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as lime, are embedded in the soil.

Biological accelerators

Biological acceleratorsAs the legends and folk tales of antiquity testify, people from time immemorial have prepared wine from grape juice, made cheese from sour milk, struck enemies and wild animals with arrows, the tips of which were saturated with deadly poison. Man has observed and used many amazing transformations taking place in living organisms and materials taken from them, such as blood coagulation, ripening (and decomposition) of meat, fish and plant products. But why all this is happening, he could not explain for a long time. It was only at the beginning of the 19th century that active substances causing such transformations were discovered in biological objects.

Extraordinary barometers

Extraordinary barometersIt is well known that the weather changes in a certain sequence. For example, bad weather is usually preceded by changes in pressure, sky conditions, illumination. A number of living organisms, possessing organs sensitive to meteorological changes, by their behavior can signal a change in weather.

What is the reaction of plants to weather changes? It turns out that it is synchronous with these changes, but not ahead of them. Although in some cases, plants, responding to subtle fluctuations that begin to change the weather, give us a signal, draw our attention to what is happening in nature. The rest of nature responds in its own way to weather changes.

Secrets of health and longevity

Secrets of health and longevityGerontology is developing rapidly all over the world. This is due to the fact that everywhere, especially in developed countries, demographic shifts are taking place, the number of people over the age of 60 is increasing. At the same time, there is an increase in the average life expectancy of people.

Color of the sea

Color of the seaThe sea is often referred to as "blue". What is it really like?

Back in 1883, the scientist Spring, examining distilled water in long (five-meter) tubes, enclosed in opaque cases, discovered that the water in these tubes has a pure and delicate blue color.

Wintering of birds off the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea

Wintering of birds off the Turkmen coast of the Caspian SeaWhen the autumn dirt on the roads dries up with the first frosts and the October winds blow off the last leaves from the trees, the "banks" - narrow strips of the first thin ice will shine near the shores of lakes and oxbows. Hole burdocks of water lilies, yellowed bunches of sedges, and broken reeds freeze into the ringing, fragile strip of the banks.On frosty clear nights, the banks quickly grow in width, their ice becomes thicker, and soon only in the middle of the lake, above the whirlpool, a small hole remains for several days. Another week - the ice will get stronger, and the children from the neighboring village will spin around the lake, ringing their skates.

Black currant

Black currantWhen polar explorers go for the winter or sailors on a long voyage, they take with them preparations made from black currant. Black currant is an excellent remedy for scurvy. It is necessary and useful for both adults and children. Blackcurrant berries contain more vitamins than oranges and lemons. Jelly, jam, marmalades are cooked from black currant; they go into liqueurs and wines, they can be dried, you can prepare juice from them. Fresh currant leaves are placed in barrels when pickling cucumbers. The leaves and buds are used to make ice cream and tinctures. Black currant is also used in medicine, in particular, its leaves are a medicine for rheumatism.


BarberryA variegated fly flew up to the bush - the smell of barberry flowers attracted her from afar. She sat down on a bright cluster of yellow flowers, like tiny ornate lampshades, and stuck her proboscis into the very bottom of the flower. As soon as she tasted the sweetness of nectar, something in the flower trembled, something hit her on the back. The fly stopped for a second, but then began to suck on the sweet juice again. Six times she felt shocks inside the flower and six times she was hit. Taking everything she could from the flower, stained with pollen, she flew away.

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Whirlpool OAS KP8V1 IX. Electric oven overview


Whirlpool OAS KP8V1 IX

I recently became the owner of this oven. First steps and impressions.

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Tobacco smoking: history, causes, consequences and overcoming

Tobacco smoking: history, causes, consequences and overcomingIn recent years, serious scientific research has been carried out on the effect of tobacco smoking on human health, and in particular on the still fragile child's body. But before talking about the dangers of smoking, it is necessary to briefly highlight the history of the emergence of this type of drug addiction - nicotinism, tell about its prevalence.

Why do gladiolus bulbs get sick?

Why are gladiolus bulbs sick

For several years now, more than 50% of varietal gladioli have been dying in our garden. In the fall, we carefully select only healthy bulbs, burn all diseased bulbs, and store a small part of diseased bulbs separately and plant them in an isolated area. After two or three years, we change the site, constantly in the fall and spring we pickle the bulbs with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Yet more gladioli die each year. They bloom, give a good ear, and then the lower leaves of the plants begin to turn yellow, and when we dig up the bulbs, many are sick: with brown scales and yellow roots. Such bulbs do not produce babies. What's the matter? It would seem that we follow all the rules of agricultural technology.

What color is Antarctica?

What color is AntarcticaThose who have not been to Antarctica usually think that "everything is white, one ice and snow". But this is not true. The sixth continent is colorful in its own way.

I remember the first meeting with the southern land. Early in the morning I went out on deck. It was cloudy, heavy clouds hung over the ship, but a light yellowish stripe was burning directly on the course, in the south.

Comparison of bumblebees and bees

Comparison of bumblebees and beesBumblebees are perhaps one of the cutest and, frankly speaking, insects dear to the human heart. Always pleasant to the eye, elegant, from head to the end of the abdomen in silky two- or even three-colored velvet. And what a hard worker! They are constantly busy, busy from morning till night. At the same time, how musical! Their songs may not have much variety, but they are definitely melodic.

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