14 tips for first-time travelers

14 tips for first-time travelersWhen going on a trip for the first time, it is important not to get confused and not to panic, but to heed the advice of already experienced people.

So, regardless of where and how you are going to travel, first of all, do not forget to take a first-aid kit with a set of everything you need: for headaches and abdominal pain, remedies for indigestion, antiseptics, sterile bandage, plaster, validol. At the same time, do not forget to clarify about the list of medicines prohibited for import in the country where you plan to rest.

Recipes June 17 - 23, 2013

Ciabatta (Ciril Hitz)Ciabatta (Ciril Hitz) Wheat-rye bread or what do improvers do?Wheat-rye bread Oat bread with apple in Scarlett-400 bread makerOat bread with apple in a bread maker Artisanal bread without kneading with sourdoughArtisanal bread without kneading with leaven Long-fermented wheat loafLong-fermented wheat loaf Fruit roll according to GOSTFruit roll according to GOST Pasta with avocado and cheese for breakfastPasta with avocado and cheese for breakfast Tigranine pie with berriesTigranine pie with berries Wasp nests with nutsWasp nests with nuts Meat with beans in Cuckoo 1051Meat with beans in Cuckoo 1051 Truffle cake on chocolateTruffle cake on chocolate Potato soup with pasta in a multicooker Redmond RMC-01Potato soup with pasta in a slow cooker Curd dough strudel (master class)Curd dough strudel Cookies Caramel tongues or Angelina Jolie's lipsCookies "Caramel tongues" Strawberry pieStrawberry pie Chocolate berry cakeCake "Chocolate berry" Cheesecake without baking FabulousCheesecake without baking "Fabulous" Berry flonyardBerry flonyard Curd gnocchi with broccoli and creamy sauceCurd gnocchi with broccoli Cupcake "Curd with raisins" (GOST USSR)Cupcake "Curd with raisins" Cake StrangerCake "Stranger" Cannelloni under a cheese cap in cocotte makers (in Polaris 0517)Cannelloni under a cheese cap in cocotte makers Adjarian schnitzelsAdjarian schnitzels Boiled condensed milk muffinsBoiled condensed milk muffins Cupcake "Curd" and Cupcake "Children's" - curd cupcakes (GOST USSR)Cupcakes "Curd" and "Children's" Grilled meat steaksGrilled meat steaks Flourless nut-marzipan cookiesFlourless nut-marzipan cookies Strawberry cakeStrawberry cake Brussels wafflesBrussels waffles Caribbean pork ribsCaribbean pork ribs

Cooking for children: healthy food every day

We prepare healthy meals for children every dayVitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, ballast substances and so on - what is good for an adult should be present in the children's menu. But at the same time, they must also grow, get stronger, they indulge, make noise, and they need every drop of energy in order to fully perceive new impressions and make new discoveries. Therefore, the needs of a child are slightly different from those of adults when it comes to food. Those who, when cooking, often wonder what is important for children, will find below some useful information.

Correct breathing can help you forget about stress.

Correct breathing can help you forget about stress.When we are in a stressful situation, we breathe quickly and shallowly. This is how we send an alarm to the body. This powerful method of relieving stress through proper breathing will help us quickly find peace.

Some symptoms and their explanation

Some symptoms and their explanationDuring an important conversation, the eyelid begins to twitch involuntarily. Ringing in the ears and trembling in the legs when falling asleep - where are they from?

This applies not only to hypochondriacs: even people who do not attach much importance to the signals of the body are met with constant or unexpectedly appearing oddities that frighten them.

Basic principles of cooking poultry

Basic principles of cooking poultryWhat is the difference between chicken and chicken? Is it possible to determine the quality of chicken by meat? What is the best way to store a bird? What is the best way to cook from this or that part of it? Here you will find all the answers to your questions about chicken, chicken and turkey.

Grilled vegetarian food

Grilled vegetarian dishesGrilled vegetarian dishes will win over even die-hard meat eaters. It is not necessary to always grill only meat, because grilled vegetarian dishes can also be a lot of fun if you are creative with the process. Even a steak fanatic won't resist the temptation to eat a vegetarian meal. The choice of ingredients is unlimited, because you can grill anything: vegetables, seitan, tofu, cheese, bread, fruits, desserts and cakes! You can talk as much as you like about grilling, and this process will never get bored.

Brynza: spicy Mediterranean cheese

Bryndza spicy Mediterranean cheeseWhen people talk about feta cheese, they usually mean feta, a spicy, creamy, salty sheep's milk cheese that has a wide variety of uses and plays a large role in Mediterranean cuisine. Along with feta, there are various types of cheese that are made from sheep's milk or from mixtures with the addition of cow's or goat's milk. Among them are such famous cheeses as Spanish machengo or Italian pecorino. Due to the content of sheep's milk, cheeses get a brighter and spicy taste than cheeses with only the addition of cow's milk.

Avocado: maturity is everything

Avocado maturity is everythingAvocado (Persea americana or Persea gratissima), originally brought from Mexico, has not been anything exotic for us for a long time. Avocado is probably the most popular ingredient in guacamole (a snack made from puréed avocado pulp), but this healthy fruit can do more. But only when it's really ripe.

Recipes 3 - June 16, 2013

French bread on a thick dough in a bread makerFrench bread with thick dough Wheat bread with raisinsWheat bread with raisins Wheat loaf on a bigWheat loaf on a big Wheat bread with semolina and honeyWheat bread with semolina and honey " Bread with kennabushki (Quick wheat-rye bread on fermented baked milk with crispy bran)Bread with "konnopushki" Warm salad with chicken liver, avocado, young radishWarm salad with chicken liver How to cook the right rice in a slow cooker (master class)How to cook the right rice in a slow cooker Strawberry and avocado saladStrawberry and avocado salad Cabbage envelopes with cheeseCabbage envelopes with cheese Chicken sausage rolls with dried apricots and sage sous-videChicken sausage rolls with dried apricots Chocolate cupcake with blueberriesChocolate muffin with blueberries Cake Sheep Shaun (master class)"Shaun the Sheep" cake Mastic figurine Glamor nurse (master class)Figurine made of mastic "Glamorous nurse" Candy "Porous caramel in chocolate" or "Honeycomb Candy"Sweets "Honeycomb Candy" ZabaionZabaion Working with different attachmentsWorking with different attachments Chocolate Cream RingChocolate Cream Ring Oatmeal tartlets with chocolate creamOatmeal tartlets with chocolate cream Vegetable soup with meatballs at Cuckoo 1051Vegetable soup with meatballs at Cuckoo 1051 Cheesecakes with jam and walnutsCheesecakes with jam and walnuts Strawberry pieStrawberry pie Strawberry cake summer moodStrawberry cake "Summer mood" Streisel cakeStreisel cake Scallops with shiitakeShiitake scallops Stuffed pink salmon in doughStuffed pink salmon in dough Fried Adyghe cheese with grilled tomatoes VVKFried Adyghe cheese with tomatoes Plum and apricot cupcake - very simplePlum and apricot cupcake Lentil soup with smoked meatLentil soup with smoked meat Teddy bear master classTeddy bear Rhubarb CupcakesRhubarb Cupcakes

Historical fisheries

Historical fishingFor long millennia they live side by side. Man and fish. Each in his own element. Calm, noisy and mysterious, like waves, like the depth of the sea, fish lure and attract people. An irresistible desire gave rise to many symbols: mermaids playing with ships, goldfish fulfilling wishes, sirens that carry fishermen to death, a little mermaid, a little sea maiden who betrays her element for love.

Soup in culinary history

Soup in culinary historySoup stood at the origins of cooking, and the invention of pottery is considered the moment of its birth.

In fact, before that there were all sorts of sophisticated predecessor dishes, fish and meat. Herbs or wild vegetables were cooked in their own juice or in water in pits lined with hot stones, in shells or in turtle shells, in the organs of killed wild animals. However, all of these natural vessels were so short-lived or difficult to make that they could not become the basis for everyday cooking.

Recipes May 20 - June 2, 2013

Wheat loaf made from premium flourWheat loaf made from premium flour Bread MelnitskyBread "Melnitsky" Pyrenean tunolPyrenean tunol Bread AmbassadorBread "Ambassadorial" Wheat-rye bread with seeds in Scarlett-400 bread makerWheat-rye bread with seeds Flip breadFlip bread Quick rye-wheat bread on fermented baked milkRye-wheat bread on fermented baked milk Orenburg breadOrenburg bread Cottage cheese casserole in a multicooker Redmond RMC-01Curd casserole in a slow cooker Cottage cheese dough bagelsCottage cheese dough bagels Bernu GardumsBernu Gardums Curd tortillas with raisinsCurd tortillas with raisins Napoleon meatNapoleon meat Apple and raspberry pieApple and raspberry pie Ribs with special gravyRibs with special gravy Marinated zucchiniMarinated zucchini Korean Accent SaladKorean Accent Salad Baba chocolateBaba chocolate Turkey carbonade in a multicooker Redmond RMC-01Multicooker turkey carbonade Pilaf Five cereals in oursson 5005 pressure cookerPilaf "Five cereals" in a pressure cooker Chocolate butter creamChocolate butter cream Salmon glazed with ginger and limeSalmon glazed with ginger and lime Pumpkin soup with sorrelPumpkin puree soup with sorrel Pork chop, fried-bakedPork carbonade, fried-baked Chicken with teriyaki sauceChicken with teriyaki sauce Veal whole piece in mustard honey marinade (Brand 37502)Veal in mustard-honey marinade Toast with strawberries and suluguni cheeseToasts with strawberries and suluguni cheese Sand cake with cranberries and walnutsSand cake with cranberries and nuts Soufflé on semolina from the cake Bird's milkSoufflé on semolina from the bird's milk cake Pickle with mushrooms in Oursson MP5002 pressure cookerPickle with mushrooms in a pressure cooker

Recipes April 29 - May 19, 2013

Easter cakes and cottage cheese

Kulich with Myasoedovskaya in the oven (master class)Kulich with Myasoedovskaya in the oven Butter cakeButter cake The cake is deliciousThe cake is delicious Pokhlebkin cake and its adaptation to a bread maker (master class)Pokhlebkin cake in a bread maker Viennese dough cake in a bread makerKulich from "Viennese" dough in a bread machine Kulich Royal bummer in a bread makerKulich "Royal Bummer" in a bread maker Saffron cake with sour creamSaffron cake with sour cream Kulich Lamb in metal formEaster cake "Lamb" in metal form Kulich from E. Molokhovets (1861)Kulich from E. Molokhovets (1861) Kulich in a bread maker without hassleKulich in a bread maker without hassle Easter flower with chocolate nestsEaster flower with chocolate nests Sweet cake (in a bread maker)Sweet cake (in a bread maker) Kulich Delicious on yolks (in a bread maker)Kulich "Delicious" on yolks in a bread maker Kulich of AlexandriaEaster cake of Alexandria KulichKulich Paraskina pascaParaskina pasca Monastic cake, adapted for a bread machineMonastic cake, adapted for a bread machine Easter cake on yolksEaster cake on yolks Kulich a la panettoneKulich a la panettone My grandmother's recipeMy grandmother's recipe Easter cakeEaster cake Easter cake with chocolateEaster cake with chocolate Easter crown and cakeEaster crown and cake Easter cake from momEaster cake from mom Poppy cake with saffronPoppy seed cake with saffron Easter cake according to the recipe 1914 (cooking in the oven)Easter cake 1914 Kulich in DonbassKulich in Donbass Popovskaya cottage cheese Easter on boiled yolksEaster cottage cheese "Popovskaya" Boiled Royal EasterRoyal Easter cooked Curd pasteCurd paste

Comparison of Redmond bread makers

Technical characteristics of the Redmond RBM-1904 bread machine

Technical characteristics of the Redmond RBM-1904 bread machine

Technical characteristics of the Redmond RBM-1901 bread machine

Redmond RBM-1901

Instructions for the bread maker Redmond RBM-M1902

Technical characteristics and description of the Redmond RBM-M1902 bread machine

Technical characteristics and description of the Redmond RBM-M1902 bread machine

Instructions for the bread maker Redmond RBM-1905

Technical characteristics and description of the Redmond RBM-1905 bread machine

Technical characteristics and description of the Redmond RBM-1905 bread machine

Comparison of Zelmer bread makers

Technical characteristics and description of the ZELMER BM 1000 bread machine

Book of recipes for bread maker ZELMER 43Z011

Technical characteristics of the ZELMER 43Z010 bread machine

Supra Bread Makers Comparison

Technical characteristics of the Tefal OW4001 bread machine

Supra BMS-230 Bread Maker Instruction

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