Bread "Borodinsky"
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Borodino bread "The same" in a bread maker
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Borodinsky Moscow bread (the simplest and fastest recipe)

Whole grain bread
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Whole wheat bread with sparkling water (sponge method)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Sandwich roll
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Monkey bread (oven)

Sweet Arabic bread (bread maker) # 1 also monkey bread
Croissant bread
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Lazy croissant (bread maker)
(Uncle Sam)

First meal
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Chicken Soup with Passatelli (Tescoma Potato Maker / Dough Press)
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Mastava
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Mashhurda with homemade stew in a multicooker Steba DD2
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Kaurma-shurpa
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Buckwheat soup with bell pepper and celery in a multicooker Steba DD2
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cauliflower with beans in a creamy coconut milk sauce (for vegetarians)

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Kharcho with lamb in a slow cooker (master class)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Kharcho according to the "Sulakvelidze principle" from lamb

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Salmon solyanka in Bork U800
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Selyanka meat team from E. I. Molokhovets
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Pickle with beans

Meat dishes
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Lazy BBQ Ribs in Kenwood Slow Cooker

Minced meat dishes
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Again about them, about homemade cutlets (theory and practice)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cutlets / meatballs (recipe for catering establishments, 1955)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Homemade cutlets "Three meats"
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Meatballs, option number 2 (recipe for catering establishments, 1982)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cabbage pie "Sloth"
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Naval pasta
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cevapchichi from a bottle

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Shake in Omelkin sauce with potatoes
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Roast with eggplant
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Kaurma lagman (kovurma lagmon)
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Potato zrazy with mushrooms, bacon and cheese in a Steba SG40 sandwich maker
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Pork head
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Smoked pork ears
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Knuckle in a pressure cooker
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Shank in brine (Cuckoo 1054)

Boiled pork
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Pork loin with red pepper
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Boiled pork

Cabbage rolls
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cabbage rolls are lazy in the oven
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Lazy stuffed cabbage rolls in a multicooker Cuckoo 1054

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Lard twisted with dill and garlic
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Just fat

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Liver with onions in sour cream
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Chicken liver hot appetizer
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)"Drunkard's snack", or Trebukh in wine (O mezes tu bekri)

Homemade sausage
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Wet salted pork
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Dried meat and sausage without casings and nitrite salt in an electric dryer
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Chicken sausage (wet salting method)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Homemade raw smoked brisket
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Chicken sausage "Marble" (Beloboka)
(Ksyushk @ -Plushk @)

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Chicken fried in ... water
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)"Surgically-nostalgic" stuffed chicken (master class)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cooking juicy boiled chicken fillet
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Crispy chicken sticks
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Chakhokhbili in the multicooker Brand 37502
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)"Drunkard's snack", or Trebukh in wine (O mezes tu bekri)

Fish dishes
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Carp baked with apples and potatoes

Dishes in an electric dryer
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Dried undercap in an electric dryer

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Spicy coho salmon, dried a la sous vide
(Elena Tim)

Dairy and egg dishes
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Scrambled eggs with tomatoes from childhood

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Belevskaya marshmallow in Lequip D5 Eco dehydrator

Cooking time, tips
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Pork neck using Sous-Vide technology (Steba SV2)
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My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Sour cream sauce with dill

Various pastries
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Sour cream flatbread (GOST recipe)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Khachapuri Imeretian

Pies, donuts, cheesecakes
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cherry pie quick
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Frozen cherry pie
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Shortcrust cake
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Open pie with apples and rowan jam
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Lamb puff pie in Travola and Princess pizza makers
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Butter pies with giblets in sour cream; with blanched cabbage with eggs, etc., in Princess and Travola pizza makers
(Elena Tim)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Khachapuri fast in a different manner in a contact grill VVK
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Garlic donuts
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Puff pastries
(Gayane Atabekova)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Fast cheesecakes
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)[url
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Wheat bread with whole grain, rye on dough and custard malt

Difference: Added 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. The consistency is wonderful, airy, but I don't have enough sugar and tasteless to me. Where did the sugar go? I am in white bread, I take 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp of sugar as a permanent recipe, everything suits me. Need to see ?! Reduce coriander and cumin clogs bread flavor. The oven will be handling sugar and salt.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Borodino bread made from rye custard bread

Rye flour 500 gr
Peeled rye malt 40 g is 3.5 tbsp HP under the knife
Sourdough 2.5 tbsp (regular) apple cider vinegar
Regular honey 50 ml is 74 gr + added 25 ml of kvass wort (in vain) this is 2 tablespoons of ordinary
Salt 10 ml 1.5 tsp
Dry yeast 10 ml is 2.5 tsp
Corriander hammer 30 ml, 1 tbsp (lots)
Caraway seeds 0.5 tbsp (a lot)
Boiled water 430 ml
Tasty, aromatic, reduce sugar, possibly because of the must, remove unambiguously. Knead the dough only in Kenwood and taste the sponge. Stone consistency, sticks to teeth
I will repeat by changing the cooking method to cold sponge.
I guess
200 gr rye flour
200 ml warm water
2.5 tsp yeast
Mix everything, stand on the table for 1 hour and in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours
50 gr rye flour
25 g rye malt
0.5 tsp ground corriandra
Boil everything with boiling water or put on a fire (microwave), bring to a temperature of 65 *, cover and leave in a warm place for 2 hours for saccharification. Saccharified The tea leaves should become thinner and more transparent.
300 g flour (possibly a mixture with whole grain)
2 tsp salt
3-4 tablespoons of sugar or 50 grams of honey (?) I don’t know what kind of sweetness the tea leaves will give, I’ll try and clarify
Sourdough 2.5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
Water 130 gr minus 2.5 tbsp (this is vinegar minus)
We save the total amount of water 430 ml. Or more ?
We knead only in KM Kenwood. At minimum, then 102 thread speed.
We put in the oven 30 * until doubled, start baking from a cold oven to a temperature in the oven 200 *, then reduce to 180 *, bake until the temperature inside the bread reaches 93-96 *
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Dried meat and sausage without casings and nitrite salt in an electric dryer

I followed the recipe almost completely. Pork fillet, only meat and meat + bacon + skin.
Salting for 1 kg
5.2 tsp CP salt (not fine, not iodine)
2.6 tsp CP sugar
0.5 tsp HP dried garlic
I measured 25 grams of alcohol, but forgot to put it, everything turned out well.
1 tsp of spices: hops-suneli, nutmeg, ground coriander, a mixture of peppers, black pepper, all together 1 tsp of HP determined by the "eye"
She wiped the meat dry with paper napkins. She rolled the meat in spices, hammered in a little with her fingers. I put it in a container, slightly covered it with a lid to breathe, put it in the refrigerator. In the process, she turned from side to side 1-2 times a day. At first, a little liquid was released, then it went somewhere (absorbed?). Withstood 3 days, more for a large piece. I also had a small piece, it was clear from it that the meat was fully ripe. I had to get everything.
She wiped dry all the liquid with paper towels and brushed off all the spices. I wrapped the meat tightly in coarse calico (thin) napkins, about 2-3 turns, and put it in them to dry. IMHO, this was exactly the right touch for the final polish of the recipe. I used to dry meat without wrapping it in a coarse calico napkin, it was worse, the meat lost more in juiciness, that is, it was overdried on top, but inside it only reached a condition. Dried for 2 hours at 65 *, then 6 hours at 35 *. A small piece, only a fillet of meat, pulled out earlier.
This meat turned out to be the best, namely CHEESE-cured, transparent on cut.
Here is my meat, lard.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
Prepared chicken breasts. I patted it dry with paper towels.Salt, sugar mixed 2: 1, salted in about the same way as I would salted for the usual preparation, added 10 turns of chili peppers, a mixture of peppers, black pepper, garlic. I did not use alcohol. Marinated for 1.5 days. Dried for 1.5 hours at 65 *, then 8 hours at 35 *. Great taste. Ready breasts
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Whole wheat bread with sparkling water (sponge method)

This is an excellent recipe that is the favorite today. I add 1-2 tablespoons (HP) of chicory for color. At least 375-380 ml of water leaves me.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Rye bread "It's very simple" in a bread maker
(Elena Bo)

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)

Options 1. Change: 1.5 tsp salt, 1.5 tbsp sugar. All right. The bread was high and heating started. I put the Pizza program for 10 minutes, then the rye program. Try to turn off after Pizza and wait for a full rise, then turn on the baking. The feeling that there was not enough time for proving the dough.
This has been tried before and the bread was better.
Option 2. Changes: I used rye malt instead of kvass wort and changed the cooking program.
wheat flour 150 gr
Potato broth 100 ml
Yeast 2 tsp
Spun dumplings on the program for 10 minutes, stopped and stood for 50-60 minutes.
malt 35 gr
boiling water 100ml
rye flour 50 gr.
I brewed it, wrapped it up, waited until it cooled completely until the dough came up.
Combined Dough + tea leaves + Dough
Rye flour 300 gr
Wheat flour 100 gr
salt 1.5 tsp
sugar 2 tbsp
butter grows 2 tbsp (30ml)
Apple cider vinegar 10 ml 2 tbsp
I added water 410-100-100 (? Brewing) +50 ml, as the bun was bad, but there was a lot of liquid, as the bread sagged.
Baked for 10 minutes on Pizza, break 50-60 minutes, then rye program.
The bread is more aromatic, more black. The taste turned out to be almost the same, even slightly worse than the first one due to the excess of liquid

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)

You can try again, but the fuss is much more, and if the taste does not differ much for the better, then you shouldn't bother.
Final version: Pizza program 15 min (full first batch), then turn it off, wait until it rises completely 2-2.5 times, then turn on baking for 1 hour 10 minutes.
The last optionwhich turned out to be the BEST.
Add liquid only potato broth, you can even add mashed potatoes (mash 3 medium potatoes for 1 liter of water), then dilute 2/3 of the mashed potato soup with water. Made 1.5 servings:
525gr peeled rye flour
375 gr wheat flour
615 ml water (mixture with kvass wort
3 tsp salt
3 tbsp sugar
45 ml oil grows mustard
3 tsp yeast
15 ml apple cider vinegar
53 gr liquid kvass wort
I mixed everything in KM Kenwood (K-shaped nozzle for 8 minutes, then replaced it with a hook and kneaded for another 7 minutes. I took it out of the KM, rolled it into a bun, smoothed it with wet hands and put it in the CP, after removing the mixer. I switched on the Rye bread program. in hot HP for about 10 minutes. Everything really turns out very simple!
It is much easier not to look anywhere and watch when it is time to turn on baking ..
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Spicy chicken carpaccio
(Elena Tim)

The marinade was prepared using all the ingredients specified in the recipe, except for parsley, dill, 10 turns of chili pepper, black pepper, a mixture of peppers, garlic. Kept in the refrigerator for 1.5 days. Dried for 1.5 hours at 65 *, then 8 hours at 35 *.
Great taste, very spicy. I will definitely repeat both recipes, this one and Tumanchik
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Young roasted cabbage for the lazy

Marinade, salt: sugar-2: 1, even more sugar is possible, Provencal herbs are a good pinch, a mixture of peppers and black pepper 2-3 turns of a mill, 2 tablespoons grows oils, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, sour cream 2 tablespoons, brushed cabbage slices, I added the rest to the marinade, which I poured over the cabbage. If sour cream is sour, then do not add vinegar.
In the oven at 200 * until tender.
Liked. Result:
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Swedish meatballs (second option)

For 400 grams of minced pork + turkey fat, I added 4 tablespoons (no top) crackers soaked in milk about 80 ml + egg. Fried in Kuzin on the oven level 3 for 15 minutes without a spatula, you can add a spatula. Filled with sauce +5 minutes in the same oven.
I cooked the sauce separately, fried flour 0.5 tbsp + drain butter + milk. Added tomato paste (in vain), better sour cream 1-2 tbsp.
I will cook. Thank you, Tumanchik.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)

I do it all the time, I adjusted the recipe to my taste
Boiling water 10 l
Sugar 450 gr (500ml)
Chicory (powder, instant) classic (no taste of additives) 3 tbsp. l or
kvass wort (liquid) 3 tbsp regular (50 ml)
Citric acid 3 tsp ordinary
Dry yeast 3 tsp ordinary with top (add when it cools down to warm)
There is practically no difference in taste when replacing chicory with kvass wort. Sometimes I mix 1 spoonful of kvass wort and 1 tbsp of chicory, in my opinion, there is no big difference in taste, so I add what is available at hand.
If you need more effervescent kvass, add 3-5 grains of raisins to the bottles.
Spiral chopper (slicer, spiralizer) for cutting vegetables and fruits # 4358
Made in an omelette Travola.
Proportions for 2 tabs
Zucchini 2 pcs (380 gr)
Eggs 250 ml, had to be measured separately, since the eggs are small from young chickens.
Water 7 tablespoons, since there was no milk, but I really wanted to try the recipe.
Sour cream 2 tsp
salt to taste
I beat eggs, water, sour cream and poured the zucchini with this mixture. This is for 2 bookmarks in Travolka, stuffed the zucchini just above the bottom panel and filled it with the mixture flush with the bottom panel. A little vegetable oil dripped to the bottom. Did not overturn
Here's what happened
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
Very tasty.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Dried pork fillet in an electric dryer
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Dried pork basturma
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Dried balyk
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Dry-cured pork tenderloin

Based on these recipes, I prepared 3 options
Option 1
neck 700 gr
salt 3.7 tsp
Sugar 1.85 tsp
Dry garlic 7 gr
Spices 2.8 tsp total (nutmeg, ground coriander and grains, Provencal herbs, mustard grains, set equally)
Option 2
neck 500 gr
Salt 2.7 tsp
Sugar 1.4 tsp
Dry garlic 5 gr
Spices only 2 tsp "ruby mix-market) +4 about grinders of chili, black and 5 peppers + hops-suneli + coriander grain.
It was kept in the container for 4 days.
Conclusion. It is necessary to withstand more, the smell was awesome while salting, but the taste of all 3 options did not differ in anything.
3rd option. Marinade Elena Tim.
neck 500 gr
soy sauce 45 ml
Hot Chili Sauce (Bamboo Stalk) 0.5 tbsp
Vegetable oil 0.5 tbsp
A mixture of peppers, 2 each on a mill: chili, black pepper, 5 peppers.
Solmelkaya 0.7 tsp
Paprika 0.5 tsp
Vinegar 6% 0.75 tbsp (perhaps was too much?)
Kept in the refrigerator for 2 days. Few?
1st option for 65 * 6 hours. It turned out a boiled dried neck. Did not like.
2nd option 3 hours at 65 * then 12 hours at 35 *
3rd option 1.5 hours at 65 * then 12 hours at 35 * None of the options were satisfied with drying, closer to the desired 2nd and 3rd options. We need some work to get the taste close to the store, RAW-dried.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Option 1
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Option 2
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Option 3
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Italian style baked vegetables

kava, wonderful recipe !!! I cut the vegetables, sprinkled them with herbs, poured vinegar on everything, it took 3-5 minutes. In the refrigerator. It turned out that the vegetables stood for a day. I got it, the aroma was such that I wanted to eat it still raw. Into the oven. The marinade in which the vegetables were marinated turned out to be very tasty, I poured the baked vegetables with it directly into the plate. Sooo delicious !!! Even without cheese! I forgot about him. Result
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)White cabbage, baked in the oven

I even managed to diversify the recipe somewhat: once instead of broth, there was no ready-made, added milk and stewed in it, and the second time after stewing, I poured spicy gravy left over after Baked vegetables in "Italian style" # 16, there is vinegar, Provencal herbs And so on.
Before installing the baking sheet in the oven, I adapted to grease the cabbage with sour cream directly with a brush.
Confirm: delicious, I recommend.
She fried on a drop, grows oils until golden brown, put it on a baking sheet, sprinkled with a mixture of sugar: salt 2: 1, spread sour cream with a brush, poured a cup of 200 ml of marinade on a baking sheet: 150 ml water 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, Provencal herbs 1 tsp (pinch), 1 tbsp grows oils, sugar-salt 2: 1. Into the 165 * oven with convection for 30-35 minutes. Can be cut and dipped in the marinade when eaten.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
Travola SW232 (omelet maker)

List of good recipes.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Bijusiny soda pies based on pancake dough

Excellent pies, baked in the Travola omelet maker, but the dough, IMHO, is even better suited for Veska muffins. After mixing, I did not dip the dough into flour, but spread it with a spoon on the mat and cut it with my hands in vegetable oil. Result
Excellent pies, baked in the Travola omelet maker, but the dough, IMHO, is even better suited for Veska muffins. After mixing, I did not dip the dough into flour, but spread it with a spoon on the mat and cut it with my hands in vegetable oil. Result
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Grilled cabbage with miso sauce

I prepared it. Boil, then bake, it turns out overcooked. Better to fry in a pan, then bake. It is both faster and tastier. I couldn't find miso sauce on sale. I prepared a la miso-boiled beans, grinded, added Korean sauce, a spicy bamboo stalk, soy sauce, a little vinegar. It turned out well and unusual.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Sousvide pork shank (Steba SV50)

I expanded the cooking a bit and made a stuffed shank. The pork mince remained unattended, 300 grams, not enough for an independent portion, but I did not want to grind it additionally and I added it to the middle of the spread shank.
I put in 16% salt, this is enough for my taste, but mine categorically refuse to use nitrite salt, so I reduced the ripening time to 2 weeks and made it too clever with the cooking time. I put it at 68 * and already for 12 hours. The roll thickness was 10 cm.
Tasty, but there is work to do. It turned out a little dry and bland. There was a lot of jelly. The feeling that all the spices I added were washed in jelly.
Maybe add some mustard? I added black pepper like 1 tsp is enough. Can pour gelatin inside so that the jelly remains inside? I'll think.
Here is the result
It's raw My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
While I went to get the camera, the part where the mince was "disappeared". That's all that's left
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
Here about the saline solution
Su-Vid and all the subtleties of technology # 1878
Here about the cooking time of Sou-Vid products
Su-Vid and all the subtleties of technology # 1782
Here too
Cooking time table
Su-Vid and all the subtleties of technology
Highlighted quote
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Lightly salted fish for lazy people in vacuum packing (long-term storage)

Salted, evacuated and forgotten in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. For 400 grams of mackerel 0.5 tbsp. l. salt and 0.5 tbsp. l of sugar, exactly as in the recipe. The most is to taste. She did not put spices and liquid smoke. Delicious. There is no specific smell of mackerel that I do not like. I will do more. I'll try to add liquid smoke and put bay leaves or other spices inside the cut mackerel.
Thank you, Tumanchik!
Note. In summer, on especially hot days, it is better to put the vacuum bag on the 2nd shelf or in another refrigerator.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Lazy khachapuri in Princess 115000-01
(Mandraik Ludmila)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Khachapuri without kneading, in a pan
(Mandraik Ludmila)

Blinded from what was. 130 grams of Adyghe cheese, 2 small eggs, 100 grams of sour cream, 40 grams of semolina, 0.25 tsp of soda. I waited for 5 minutes and in a frying pan. As it was said in the recipe for 7 minutes on low heat with the lid closed, turned it over, for another 3 minutes with the lid open (try with the lid closed, since the khachapurinki “sat down.” You can add a little salt, since the Adyghe cheese is not salty.
Delicious, fast, I will cook some more.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
Another variation of these recipes here Lazy khachapuri in Princess 115000-01 # 54

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Khachapuri fast in a different manner in a contact grill VVK

The taste is different. Also very tasty. I will cook some more. Baking in VVK. Result:
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Soup kharcho"

Broth 2.5 l
Rice 2 mst put in a boiled broth, cook until half cooked. Then add
Zucchini, chili pepper 1/3 of the ram was chopped in a blender, the tomatoes were ground in a meat grinder (blender) 3 bowls of 0.55 l each, tomato paste 1 washer.
Spices: royal seasoning (onion, turmeric, black pepper) 1 tsp, suneli hops 1 tsp, 0.5 tsp coriander, 0.5 large garlic. Brought to readiness 10 turns of chili pepper, a mixture of 5 peppers and black pepper. (a bit too much). Vegetta 1 tsp, Ground dried mushrooms 1 tbsp with a slide.
Sugar to taste, about 0.5-1 tbsp
Conclusion. reduce rice to 1-1.5 mst. Delicious, I will cook some more

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Rye-wheat bread without kneading

I kneaded a double portion at once. She took the recipe unchanged.
ingredients (double size):
Whole wheat flour 1.5 cups
Rye flour 1.5 cups
Sour milk 1 glass
3/4 cup water
Apple cider vinegar 1 spoon
Honey 1 spoon
Malt 1 heaped scoop (regular) (maybe a bit too much since you felt bitter?)
Salt 1h l
Dry quick yeast 0.5 teaspoon
Vegetable oil 1 tablespoon
I put the dough in a bowl and closed it with a lid and kept it on the table for 10 hours.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
A slight acetone-like odor appeared. I put the bowl in the refrigerator for another 12 hours.
I put the bread in a silicone mold, then in siliconized paper,
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
then into the iron pot.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
The temperature was set to 240 * (on the oven thermometer 230 *) 30 minutes under the lid, until cooked without the lid.
correction: bake at a lower temperature and make one portion, it may not be possible to use a silicone mold and paper at the same time. The top burned out and baked for 2 hours to a bread temperature of 94 *
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
But it was still delicious. I will still bake with adjustments.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)New york bread

Wheat bread without kneading
400 g bread flour (or regular white flour)
1 g dry active or fast-acting yeast (that's 1/4 teaspoon)
300 ml of cool water (12-18C) I have 12 *
8 g of salt (this is 1 tsp. With a slide)
Rye bread without kneading
200 g bread flour
200 g rye flour
300 ml + 60 ml of cool water (12-18C) was guided by the consistency of the bread mass
0.5 tsp dry active or fast acting yeast
8 g salt (1 tsp. With a slight slide)
I mixed dry ingredients and gradually added water. The bowl was tightened with film and for 18 hours, you can leave it in the room for 12-18 hours.
She baked in the oven in a cast iron with a lid preheated (30 minutes) in an oven set in a cold oven at 245-250 *. Baked for 30 minutes under a closed lid and 20 minutes with an open lid.
I will still be sure to bake.
Also used

My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Wheat-rye bread without kneading

I baked it, I liked it very much. Although I made a couple of mistakes. 1 unintentionally, as I mixed up the nearby bags with flour, weighed 250 g of rye flour, 250 g of whole grain flour, 125 g of premium flour. I made the second mistake when I poured salt, put 2 tsp of salt 7 grams (I was afraid) and, of course, very much regretted it, since there was not enough salt in the finished bread.
This time for the first time I almost got a normal, about 4+ baking in the oven. The crust turned out to be thin, moderately ruddy, although the flesh is a little bit lumpy. It is not clear why, the thermometer showed the necessary 98 * inside the bread. I baked on a baking sheet and, taking into account Angela's advice, put a large baking sheet with water down for steam, and not a frying pan as before, the evaporation was stronger and, I believe, that is why the crust turned out to be tender and thin. And I also "washed" the bread when I pulled it out. I think, due to the fact that I baked without a stone on a baking sheet, the bread was baked very quickly: 10 minutes with steam + 12 minutes without steam.
I will bake some more. In the bread recipe, you can leave 250 g of rye flour, 250 g of whole grain flour, 125 g of premium flour. Put as much salt as in the recipe. Heat the oven to 250 *, put a large baking sheet with hot water for steam down, then put a baking sheet with bread for 10 minutes. We remove the baking sheet with water, set the temperature to 180 *, bake for 12, etc. minutes without steam until cooked, the temperature inside the bread is 98 *. We take out the bread, "wash" with cold water and wrap it with a towel.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
Catch fish, big and small (fish soups and fish dishes)
All recipes are good! Thanks Admin!
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Liver pate from Larisa

Chicken liver 450 g was thrown into a boiling pan with salted water, the liver was boiled for about 15-20 minutes, set aside. Separately, in a slow cooker, I poured a piece of belly meat 450 gr. Separately, I fried in vegetable oil + butter carrots 2 medium pieces, added 2 large onions and fried over low heat. All together (liver, belly, overcooking carrots and onions + 2 boiled eggs) cranked in a meat grinder, then beat the whole mass in Kenwood with a K-shaped nozzle at level 3 for 5 minutes. Added a little broth and 150 g of butter (minus what she took for frying onions). She didn't put in the nuts.
Beat in a blender! Delicious, delicate pate without the slightest bit of mustard from chicken liver. I will definitely cook.
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Sauerkraut without straining

Great recipe! Thank you, Tumanchik
Electric cupcakes Ves electric V-TO-3 / V-TO-4 # 3267
Muffins with berry dough for scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Fruit filling for pies

Thanks, good recipe, Angela! Currants need a lot more sugar. First, defrost so that the juice will start, then brew. IMHO, you can even add some water to make more jelly. Mix continuously!
Fruit filling for pies # 7I will try in the microwave.
I brewed it in the microwave: 3 minutes at 450 W, stirred it, then stirred it at 800 W for 7-9 minutes in the process 2-3 times, and at the same time controlled the density. I will definitely add juice from the berries so that there is more jelly. For cherries + cherries (fresh) I added 6 tablespoons of sugar.
Groats Bulgur-garnish
Groats 2 cups
3 cups water
Salt to taste
MT Panasonic program "Buckwheat". Delicious. You can add some more water. I will pick up.
Beetroot salad
Boiled beets 200 gr (grated), you can also from raw (fine grater)
Marinade: (Mix everything and pour over the beets)
50 ml water
Apple cider vinegar 1 dessert spoon
Honey 1 tsp
Grows oil 1 tbsp
Delicious. I will try with the addition (raisins, nuts, cheese, etc.)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)Cabbage filling for pies or just cabbage in Oursson MP5005

I bought cabbage oh-oh-very tough. She stewed in MT Panasonic for 30 minutes on "stewing" +1.5 hours on "Toasting". It turned out delicious, completely without liquid. Slightly bitter because of the unsuccessful variety of cabbage. Next time I'll try to pour it over with boiling water to remove the bitterness. I will simmer for 1 hour on "stewing", if there is the same raw appearance + 1 hour on "frying"
1 kg of cabbage
1 pc small carrot
100 ml grows oils
2 tsp tomato paste, can be reduced to 1 tsp
2 tbsp sugar
0.8 tsp Adyghe salt
My Favorite Recipes (Lyi)
Yogurt, fruate (frugurt) Baked milk in a multicooker # 41
Dried grapes, real raisins, cm Dried grapes # 29
My favorite pizza dough

This makes 2 pizzas @ 38 and @ 30 (metal tray and glass baking dish).
Roll out with a rolling pin, roll with a roller (holes) lubricate:
150 gr thick sour cream
2 tablespoons mayonnaise or grow butter
1 tbsp flour
ketchup (optional)
herbs seasoning optional
Any filling. Bake at a temperature of 250 * 15-20 minutes in the middle position and 2- 3-5 minutes at the bottom
I love this pizza pie too. Thanks, Stеrn.

Flameless open pie (Flammkuchen)

For 2 pies.

200 g flour
10 g fresh (!) Yeast
0.25 tsp Sahara
125 ml milk
0.25 tsp salt

For greasing the dough: (measuring spoons)
150 g cream or thick sour cream
2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil
1 tbsp. l. flour
salt, herbs, seasonings to taste

filling I
125g bacon, chopped into noodles
1 medium onion, cut into half rings

filling II
125 g feta cheese (crumble with your hands directly onto the pie)
1 bell pepper, chopped into "noodles"

Knead the dough from the specified products. It turns out to be soft, elastic, but absolutely does not stick to the hands (I kneaded it with a hook for about 5 minutes). Cover the bowl with the dough and place in a warm place to rest for 30 minutes. Whether the dough fits or not, we absolutely don't care.
While the dough is resting, prepare a spread. Whisk sour cream, butter and flour without fanaticism.
Prepare the filling.
Preheat the oven with a baking sheet to 250 ° C (convection 230 ° C).
Divide the dough into two parts. Roll each part (I did it right on baking paper) into a thin oval.
Lubricate with half of the sour cream "cream" (grease the edges very carefully, do not deviate from the edge not a millimeter) and put the filling on top.
Gently drag the paper with the pie onto the hot baking sheet, put the baking sheet in the oven and bake for 10-12 minutes. We follow! Once the edges are browned, you're done!

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