The benefits of cherries

The benefits of cherriesThe cherry tree belongs to the Rosaceae family. It has a gray-brown bark, small elliptical bones, white fragrant flowers and dark red rounded fruits with a stone. There are many varieties of cherries, but not all of them are suitable for food.

Depending on the variety, cherry blossoms from April to May and bears fruit in the summer months. The birthplace of cherries is Northern Persia. In our country, cherry grows in any area, with the exception of the northern, desert and highlands. The cherry tree is mainly grown in the garden and requires special care.

8 interesting facts about bears

8 interesting facts about bearsIf in cartoons bears appear in the form of friendly plush friends, then in life the situation is completely different. The bear is one of the largest and most feared predators on this planet. This article will tell you about the most interesting facts about bears.

1. Bears use objects

Bears are very intelligent creatures, so they can use various objects with ease. For example, in 2012, a case was recorded when a bear invented a comb from an ordinary stone.

Recipes September 30 - October 6, 2013

Iron: a mineral whose importance cannot be overstated

Iron is a mineral whose importance cannot be overstatedIron is an essential component of hemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen from the blood to various parts of the body.

This mineral is essential for the functioning of the body as it improves the ability to learn and work, stimulates the growth and development of children, increases immunity to infections, is essential for physical activity and reduces anemia.

Iron deficiency causes anemia, fatigue, difficulty at work, in children under two years of age, changes in the development of the nervous system, which leads to learning difficulties.

Teach kids to water!

Teach toddlers to waterSurely, many parents are interested in the question: "Is it possible to teach very little kids to swim?" It turns out that it is not only possible, but also necessary. Water exercises allow the child to develop physically, harden and strengthen the immune system. Water procedures are very useful not only for young children, but also for teenagers and adults.

During swimming, the child is faced with the resistance of the water, thus, the muscles are gradually strengthened and trained.

Good sleep rules

Good sleep rulesIs this avoided by children and is it all adults want? As you might have guessed, the answer is sleep! It is about him that will be discussed in our article.

Sleep is an important part of our life. In many ways, it depends on him how our day will go. Many problems in humans arise from a disturbance or lack of normal sleep. What to do in this situation, you ask. The answer is simple - follow some rules and your sleep will be "like a baby's."

Spa-salon at your home

Spa-salon at your homeA spa treatment at home is better than a romantic date. There are few girls and women who disagree with this statement. To restore the harmony of the soul and body using this method is available not only in beauty salons or in European resorts. This relaxing procedure can be done by yourself. All you need to do is choose a day off in order to fully devote it to yourself.

How to choose a razor for a man?

How to choose a razor for a man?For the first time, they began to talk about shaving during the time of Peter the Great - the king of advanced ideas and broad views. It is thanks to him that many men now do not wear no beards. All men under Peter the Great had to shave smoothly - this procedure was considered one of the essential elements of neatness. True, getting rid of facial hair was extremely inconvenient, since they had to shave with knives and axes.

Modern men have a huge selection of modern devices for a smooth, comfortable and painless shave - razors.

Singapore landmarks

Singapore landmarksSingapore…. A dream city, a fairytale city and an eclectic city. There is everything that a soul longing for travel, the richness of landscapes, the unique melody of the streets, shimmering with the light and music of night lights and for each sounding so differently, as unique as a person is able to hear and heed, is here They say: "if you want to see everything in this life - go to Singapore." And it's hard to disagree.

Chronic bronchitis: what to do?

Chronical bronchitisChronic bronchitis is a diffuse respiratory disease that causes deep and most often irreversible changes in the tissues of the respiratory system. Chronic bronchitis should not be confused with acute or obstructive bronchitis. It does not belong to independent diseases and in most cases develops from acute bronchitis, however, it can also arise as a complication of other diseases that affect the upper respiratory tract - for example, pneumonia, whooping cough or measles. Chronic bronchitis differs from its acute form in both symptomatology and treatment methods.

Healthy eating: the benefits of certain mushrooms

about the benefits of some mushroomsNo matter how the doctors scared us, and no matter what the opponents of mushrooms say, every autumn we are going on a “quiet hunt”. Still, mushrooms are one of the most delicious gifts of nature. And now let's burn about their benefits.


Mushrooms are among the unique creations of Mother Nature. Dried mushrooms contain 25-30% proteins, that is, slightly more than meat.

What can a child's drawing tell about?

What a child's drawing can tellRegardless of who the author is, the drawing always reflects the inner world and human psychology. Different people paint the same picture in their own way. Everything that is drawn on paper initially appeared in the head. Each person selects forms, colors, plot according to their ideas, mood, worldview. This is especially clearly seen in children. Conclusions about the state of mind of the child can be drawn from different drawings created over the course of two to three months.

Rest in Finland. Attractions Helsinki

Rest in Finland. Attractions HelsinkiHelsinki is not only the capital of Finland with its 460-year history, but also one of the most modern and fastest growing cities in the world.

The city is famous, first of all, for its historical monuments. In addition, Helsinki surprises with its noisy squares, various festivals, concert halls of stunning beauty, parks by the sea, high hotel service, and interesting museums.

Clean dishes

Clean dishesThe shine of glassware, crystal, porcelain and metal products, pots increases the appetite and authority of the hostess. There is a separate place for each type of dish, protected from dust and stray insects. It's not a secret for anyone that any dishes are washed after each use. Rinse ceramic plates, glass and crystal items with warm water and laundry soap or any special product.

How old is Moscow?

How old is MoscowMoscow is a proud city. The city is ancient, which has survived wars and devastation. The city is new, which has seen all new achievements and changes. Moscow sounds beautiful, how many people dream of seeing Moscow with their own eyes. Muscovites will probably be surprised, but to a person who has not yet been to Moscow, the very name of this city means a lot.

How old is the city of Moscow?

How to cook baked goods?

How to cook baked goodsThe market today offers various types of kitchen appliances designed for high-quality baking. Microwave ovens with special convection, electric pans and cabinets, bread makers, multicooker are replacing traditional ovens.

Such an abundance, of course, pleases, but not all kitchen appliances can fully cope with their obligations. In this article, we will try to identify the shortcomings and advantages of this or that technique.

Recipes 23 - 29 September 2013

Wheat-rye bread with tomatoes (oven)Wheat-rye bread with tomatoes Quinoa Loaf with Mushrooms and PeasQuinoa bread with mushrooms and peas Challah honeyChallah honey French bread with pine nutsFrench bread with pine nuts Yoghurt rollYoghurt roll Student loafStudent's baton Apple bread with flakes and flaxseedApple bread with flakes and flaxseed Clover BunsBuns "Clover" Mercedes-220 from mastic (master class)Mercedes-220 from mastic Hot tango (beans in tomatoes)Hot tango (beans in tomatoes) Pork chop with spices (Su-Vid Steba SV-1)Pork chop with spices Cutlets with mushrooms in a multicooker Brand 6060Cutlets with mushrooms in a slow cooker Flammkuchen pie in a multicooker Polaris 0508D florisFlammkuchen pie in a slow cooker Kefir pancakesKefir pancakes Stewed chicken with pumpkin (ARC DSB60-1000F)Stewed chicken with pumpkin Pork in glazePork in glaze Pepper nestsPepper nests Raspberry Honey, Black Tea Ice CreamRaspberry ice cream with honey and black tea Vertuta with applesVertuta with apples Brownie with chocolate in a multicooker REDMOND RMC-01Brownie with chocolate in a slow cooker Lentil soup with turkey (Steba DD1 pressure cooker)Lentil soup with turkey Natural chicken cutlets stuffed with liver (Brand 6051 multicooker pressure cooker)Chicken cutlets stuffed with liver Salmon soup soup in 15 minutes (Brand 6051 multicooker-pressure cooker)Fish soup with salmon "in 15 minutes" Almond Fig PieAlmond Fig Pie Turkey fillet with Bechamel sauce (Sous-Vid Steba SV-1)Turkey fillet with Bechamel sauce Hazelnut Pie Apple MosaicApple Mosaic Pie Ice cream Milk crème brulee (no eggs)Ice cream "Milk creme brulee" Borscht with duck, porcini mushrooms and prunes in Oursson MP5005 pressure cookerBorsch with duck, porcini mushrooms and prunes Jam Antonovka with pectinJam "Antonovka" with pectin Chicken fillet with mint sauce (Philips Airfryer)Chicken fillet in mint sauce

Bedroom interior design: do-it-yourself comfort and beauty

Bedroom interior designWe spend most of our life in the bedroom where we sleep. Sleep requires peace and quiet. You probably want to make the bedroom in your house cozy, where you can relax and unwind.

If the size of the room allows, and the owners have a desire to combine the bedroom with an office or dressing room, then you need to plan the design of the room. It is very important to choose the right color scheme for the bedroom. It is advisable to use light, warm shades here. Colors such as milky, green, and white will give a calm atmosphere.

Why are dried fruits useful?

Why are dried fruits useful?The beneficial properties of dried fruits have been known since ancient times. Before the modern methods of canning vegetables, fruits and berries, people mastered the most ancient method - drying. With this method, the liquid gradually evaporates from the fruit, but all the useful, nutrients and trace elements remain. Fruit drying has one clear advantage over other preservation methods, since in this case emulsifiers, stabilizers, salt, sugar and dyes, preservatives and other harmful substances are not used. After drying, a person receives a completely natural product filled with vitamins and microelements.


RowanRowan fruits also contain amygdalin glycoside, which is clearly felt in May, rowan flowers smell like bitter almonds. Amygdalin protects the body from the destructive effects of radiation and X-rays, and fats from peroxidation, contributing to the fight against atherosclerosis. The combination of amygdalin, organic acids and sorbitol has a choleretic effect, rowan bitterness and organic acids increase the secretion of gastric juice, therefore rowan fruits improve digestion.

Kurile Islands

Kurile IslandsThere are days when you want to go far, far, to the very end of the world, where there are no people or cars, to plunge into the world of pristine nature and feel like one in the whole world.Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find such a corner on our planet at present. But there are still such places on the territory of Russia, for example, the Island Arc and the Kuril Islands The Kuril Islands stretches from Kamchatka to Hokkaido Island for 1200 km.

Features of the device and operation of the robot vacuum cleaner

Features of the device and operation of the robot vacuum cleanerIn the age of development of all kinds of technologies, a person has to be surprised less and less. So, just a century after the first mechanical vacuum cleaners appeared, the range of household appliances has expanded thanks to such a novelty as a robot vacuum cleaner. Every year the number of people wishing to acquire such an assistant is increasing. But these new items are still inferior in terms of sales to their standard counterparts. The reason for this lies in the huge number of low-quality goods of this kind, as well as in the lack of information.

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Favorite snack - salad

Favorite snack - saladSalad has always been the most beloved and demanded snack in our country both on holidays and on weekdays. No wonder the French say that a real woman can make three things out of nothing: a salad, a hat and a scandal. Preparing a salad is easy, and beautifully decorated and effectively served at the table, it becomes the main treat and secret weapon of any housewife.

First transport: choosing a comfortable and safe stroller

choosing a comfortable and safe strollerIt is known that the safety, health and comfort of the baby, as well as the preservation of their own nervous system and strength, depend on the competent choice of the first stroller for the baby. However, in order to make the right choice, you need to know what assortment of strollers is presented today.

Carrycot stroller

These types of strollers are suitable for both newborn babies and older children. An important advantage of this model is a special basket located at a sufficient height from the ground. This advantage allows you to maximally protect the child in the stroller from rain and dust.

Business idea: opening a bakery

Business idea opening a bakeryThe main food on the table of every family in our country is and will remain bread.This product will always be in demand, regardless of the political system and financial factors. Therefore, a bakery is a very attractive and profitable business project.

What will be needed to implement this idea? Initially, it should be remembered that homemade cakes are very popular, delicious aromatic freshly baked buns and pies with their pleasant smell will attract passers-by from the street and make them your regular customers.

How to prepare your car for a long and comfortable journey

How to prepare your car for a long and comfortable journeySo you have decided to make your long-awaited journey! You decided to go to it not by plane, not by rail, but together with your “iron friend”. Of course, you have already driven it many kilometers in the city, your car has served you faithfully for a long time. But are you sure that somewhere on the highway, where there is no cellular communication and car service, a breakdown will not happen to it? To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to competently prepare the car for a long move. Let's discuss the main points to which you should pay attention.

Cyprus is multifaceted: the ancient monasteries of the island

Cyprus the many-sided ancient monasteries of the islandThe mild Mediterranean climate, the air infused with the sea breeze and age-old cedars, an abundance of entertainment and interesting historical sites - all this gives Cyprus to travelers. One of the amazing discoveries can be a visit to the monasteries of the island.

Beautiful holy monasteries to this day, give peace of mind and strength to all people in need. Today there are 12 monasteries on the island.

Let's consider some of them:

Cheese and cheese product

Cheese and cheese productCurrently, there are many natural products and their counterfeits on the shelves of stores. Even making a purchase in an expensive store is not a guarantee of quality products. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Product substitutes are not difficult to create in practice, so they are quite common on the market. For example, under the guise of butter, you can buy a spread. The cost of producing the spread will be lower, and the price, when properly designed, is often set to the same price as the original milk cream product.

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