Recipes of the Week October 29 - November 4, 2012

Ginger breadGinger bread Butter bun in a bread maker Moulinex OW 502430Butter bun in a bread maker Wheat bread on egg whites in a bread makerWheat bread on egg whites in a bread maker Mustard bread according to GOSTMustard bread according to GOST Cuban breadCuban bread Fish in an envelopeFish in an envelope Frozen whole meat broth in Oursson pressure cookerFrozen whole meat broth Jellied Mushroom HeartJellied "Mushroom Heart" Austrian Christmas carpAustrian Christmas carp Austrian cheese pancakes in sweet creamAustrian cheese pancakes in sweet cream Buns Figushki in a slow cookerBuns "Figushki" in a slow cooker Boston quiche and ganache pieBoston quiche and ganache pie Duck legs stewed with cherry plum in Oursson pressure cookerDuck legs stewed with cherry plum Carp baked with apples and potatoesCarp baked with apples and potatoes Universal muffins without eggsCupcakes "Universal" without eggs Red borsch with pork ribs in Oursson pressure cookerRed borsch with pork ribs Almond-orange biscotti on egg whitesAlmond-orange biscotti on egg whites Cupcakes Santa Claus HatsCupcakes "Santa Claus hats" Chicken roll TricolorChicken roll "Tricolor" Herring cevicheHerring ceviche Buns with pesto saucePesto rolls Country gossipCountry gossip Chicken wings in sweet and sour sauce in Chinese styleChicken wings in sweet and sour sauce in Chinese style Lemon cake for coffeeLemon cake for coffee Chakhokhbili in a multicooker Philips HD 3077 Avance CollectionChakhokhbili in a multicooker Lagman in a multicooker Stadler FormLagman in a multicooker Pea porridge in a multicooker RedmondPea porridge in a multicooker Redmond Pork stewed in pots with pumpkin, parsnips and applesPork in pots with pumpkin, parsnips and apples Salad with cheese, carrots, beetsSalad with cheese, carrots, beets Pie with salmon and mushroomsPie with salmon and mushrooms

Strawberries: royal berry on our table

Strawberries: royal berry on our tableBy the beginning of July, the strawberry season begins. Raspberries, cherries, currants and gooseberries are still ripening, but the strawberry family already pleases us with their unique taste. But it is worth noting separately the medicinal properties, thanks to which this wonderful berry is considered almost the most medicinal plant in our country, and maybe in the world. But first of all, let's make some clarifications regarding the names that we will have to hear - strawberries and strawberries.

Do I need to give vitamins to a child

Do I need to give vitamins to a childEach child, in order to fully develop, learning about the world, needs a balanced diet, rich in vitamins. The fact is that cognitive functions, that is, the ability to learn, depend on whether the growing body receives the required amount of vitamins. Attention, learning, memory - all this directly depends on the amount of vitamins consumed by the child.

Stale bread is a precious ingredient!

Stale bread is a precious ingredientHow often do you throw bread in the trash? There are mainly two reasons: either mold or turning into brick. Of course, if the bread has become moldy, it should definitely be thrown away. But, if it has begun to harden, or has already become a biscuit, do not rush. It is an essential ingredient for preparing delicious meals. Here we will look at some of the points for using stale bread.

Condiments: good or bad?

Seasonings benefit or harmI have repeatedly heard about the harmful effects of spices and various seasonings, both on the stomach and intestines, and on the body as a whole. Not to mention the fact that none of my family members support me in my passion for spicy food. Before, I always ignored all these, as it seemed to me, absurd statements, but after that I decided to find out in detail about the benefits and dangers of seasonings.

Choosing an electric heater for your home

Choosing an electric heater for your homeHousehold electric heaters are irreplaceable helpers when it is necessary to raise the air temperature to a comfortable temperature. We use them most often in autumn and spring, because central heating does not work as flexibly as we would like. The HVAC market offers us the following types of heaters: fan heaters, oil radiators, electric convectors and infrared heaters.

10 healthiest diet foods

10 healthiest diet foodsNumerous studies in the field of nutrition have identified the most useful dietary products, of which the following are in the top ten.
Brown rice. Contains about 80% starch and 3% other digestible carbohydrates.There is no fat in brown rice at all, and proteins - only 8-10%, but in terms of amino acid composition they are more complete than proteins of other products. Rice is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and PP. Brown rice is the most human-friendly food.

All about lipstick

All about lipstickFor many years, lipstick has been considered a strategic weapon for women. Every woman has in her cosmetic bags not one tube of lipstick, but many, and you only use one lipstick or two. This suggests that the lipstick color that you like and that suits your face are two different options. To find your color, you need to know some secrets.

How to make your own French fries?

How to make your own friesFrench fries are one of the most famous fast food dishes, common among people around the world. Whether it's "chips" in the UK, "French fries" in France, or "standard fries" in the US, no one can resist the smell and taste of freshly cooked fries. Now these crispy fried bites are incredibly easy to make at home. If you don't like frozen convenience foods from supermarkets, here are some interesting recipes that you can try yourself without much effort.

New Year with family

New Year with familyThe preparations for the New Year are over: gifts are under a beautiful Christmas tree, colorful lanterns are shining, there are many goodies on the table, voices dear to your soul. Before the glasses are filled with champagne and the clock will show midnight, think for a second what kind of wish you want to make this night. New Year is traditionally, the most that neither is, a family holiday. Of course, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, mom and dad will gather at the festive table.

Headache causes

Headache causesHeadaches are a common and usually not serious symptom that most people will experience from time to time. Headaches complement the picture of symptoms of many diseases (colds, flu, allergies), but they can also be a symptom of specific diseases (such as sinusitis or migraine). A common view is that headaches are associated with high blood pressure.

Nettle helps maintain health

Nettle helps maintain healthThe healing properties of nettle have been known for a long time. It is widely used both in the manufacture of drugs developed by official medicine and in folk recipes. For many centuries, nettle has been widely used as a well-known and very effective diuretic, expectorant, anticonvulsant, wound healing and vitamin enrichment agent.

Bathroom in a small apartment

Bathroom in a small apartmentThe bathroom is usually the smallest in the apartment, but also the most important. The day begins with her, sometimes your mood depends on her. If everything in the bathroom is well-groomed and well-chosen, if you do not stumble over some things, if the faucet does not leak and the shower works well, then this will cheer you up. In the evening before going to bed, your final toilet also takes place in the bathroom and nothing should annoy you or add to problems when looking at night.


Adolescence“We all come from childhood,” it's just that some part with it easily, others - hard and painful. Someone in the first years of their life was absolutely happy, others happily forget the early days, which were far from cloudless, and these memories do not bring anything pleasant. First of all, it depends on the parents, but there are different situations: poverty, illness, orphanhood ...

Recipes Week 22 - 28 October 2012

Cheese and onion loafCheese and onion loaf Potato buns with baked garlicPotato buns with baked garlic Garlic bagels with sesame seedsGarlic bagels with sesame seeds Norman apple tartNorman apple tart Chocolate Beet PieChocolate Beet Pie Charokh cookiesCookies "Charokh" Elegy cakeElegy cake Lamb pieLamb pie Cream Chocolate RoseCream "Chocolate Rose" Sea wolf (Seabass) in soy sauce with pumpkinSea wolf in soy sauce with pumpkin French cutletsFrench cutlets Tyrolean will drinkTyrolean will drink Soulful salad"Soulful" salad Forest cutletCutlet "Lesnaya" Ice cream White peach with lavenderIce cream White peach with lavender Baked potatoes like on a fireBaked potatoes like on a fire Salted fish in two hoursSalted fish in two hours Walnut salad with chicken and prunesSalad "Nut" with chicken and prunes Potatoes stewed with mushrooms and chicken ventriclesPotatoes stewed with mushrooms and chicken ventricles Snack SaladSnack salad Baked champignons with Dor blue cheeseBaked champignons with "Dor blue" cheese Beef kidneys with mushrooms in sour creamBeef kidneys with mushrooms in sour cream Chicken hearts with Jerusalem artichokeChicken hearts with Jerusalem artichoke Mushroom cream soup with sweet potatoMushroom cream soup with sweet potato KhinkaliKhinkali Liver pate with mushroomsLiver pate with mushrooms Lamb chops with lentil curryLamb chops with lentil curry Cabbage stewed with dry mushroomsCabbage stewed with dry mushrooms Baked halibut on a vegetable feather bedBaked halibut on a vegetable feather bed Canned salmon fish cakesCanned salmon fish cakes

Healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast ideasIn the modern world, we are used to constantly complaining about the lack of time. So we are trying to save it on many things, which does not always have a good effect on our lifestyle and body. Morning laziness is especially dangerous, which does not allow us to get out of bed. After all, often because of her, we not only rush aimlessly around the apartment in search of something, but also skip the most important of all meals. Or stuff our stomach with yesterday's food.

The ideal workplace at home. Computer furniture

The ideal workplace at home. Computer furnitureFor a modern person, a computer has become an integral attribute for many areas of life: work, entertainment, etc. Some people already perceive the computer as a full member of the family. Computer tables did not appear immediately, and in the beginning, PCs were installed right on a regular table. In addition to the computer, a mouse, keyboard, monitor, documents, speakers, disks and other items were also placed on the table. It took a long time to find the right document on the table.

Traditional traditional medicine recipes. Metabolism, obesity

Traditional traditional medicine recipes. Metabolism, obesity.Young dandelion leaves fight well with the fat deposits formed during the winter. They strengthen the activity of the endocrine glands, stabilize digestion and significantly improve metabolism. A salad is made from dandelion leaves, and they also drink juice for three to four times a day, a teaspoon, it is recommended to brew a decoction: one tablespoon of leaves for two hundred and fifty milliliters of boiling water, leave for one hour, then strain.

Children and money

Children and moneyEach parent faces many difficult tasks, and one of them is to teach your child how to handle and manage money correctly. After all, children do not yet know their value, where they come from and why they are needed, for them money is just colorful pieces of paper. We offer you some practical advice, following which, you can easily cope with the task at hand.

Clove essential oil

essential oil of cloveClove oil is used in cosmetology, dentistry, tobacco and perfumery industries. It is also successfully used in medicine - clove oil normalizes blood pressure, protects against infections, relieves pain, accelerates wound healing, etc. Clove essential oil is added to preparations for skin and hair care, anti-cellulite products.

Influenza and its treatment

Influenza and its treatmentInfluenza is one of the most common viral infections that occurs every year like an epidemic, which leads to serious illness and even death of people from risk groups (older people and people with chronic respiratory diseases). The flu is transmitted through contact with sick people through the smallest droplets that enter the air when the patient coughs and sneezes. Symptoms appear one to four days after exposure.

Factors contributing to your child's poor academic performance

Factors contributing to your child's poor academic performanceThere are several factors that can contribute to your child's poor performance. Knowing about each of them, you can predict the child's behavior and help him overcome the obstacles that have arisen in front of him. Psychological and moral assistance will have a beneficial effect. At the same time, one must not be mistaken in the choice of behavior tactics. All of this will contribute to the restoration of positive academic performance, increased diligence and desire for knowledge.

Outstanding women in business

Outstanding women in businessIn our time, such remnants of the past as gender discrimination are practically defeated. This can be clearly seen in the world of business, where men and women receive opportunities and new responsibilities based on their qualifications, and not depending on gender. In fact, women have contributed a lot to business development lately.

Rules for arranging the floor in the kitchen

Rules for arranging the floor in the kitchenThe kitchen is a place of spiritual unity for the whole family. It is thanks to this that there is a desire to equip the kitchen not only as a convenient room for cooking, but also as a cozy rest room. Everything is important in the kitchen: ceiling, walls, furniture and floor. Kitchen flooring needs to be made practical and not devoid of home comfort. Classic options are ceramic tiles, parquet base and linoleum.

What you need to know before going on vacation to Egypt?

What you need to know before going on vacation to EgyptBefore going to Egypt on vacation, you need to know that Islam is practiced in this country, which in turn affects some legislative acts and moral norms. For example, a woman who is not accompanied on a trip by a man or is not part of a tourist group may have problems at the border with a visa. Also, the customs rules are somewhat different from the rules adopted in European countries.

Slimming hairstyles

Slimming hairstylesAlmost every girl and woman was unhappy with her own weight at least once. Undoubtedly, proper nutrition and exercise is the best way to fight those extra pounds. But what if you want to be slim here and now, without making any extra efforts? A perfectly matched hairstyle will suit you.

Japanese secrets of health and longevity

Japanese secrets of health and longevityThe Japanese are one of the healthiest nations. And all because in this country of centenarians a special place is given to healthy eating. The Japanese Diet Program developed here is an organic and smart way to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Traditionally, the Japanese diet is low in cholesterol, fat and calories, and is high in fiber.

Children and the computer: psychoemotional addiction

Children and computer psycho-emotional addictionA large flow of assimilated information, the use of information technology, as well as the spread of computer games have influenced the development of a child's personality in the 21st century. To date, the number of children and adolescents who can work with various kinds of computer programs, including games, has significantly increased.

Why do your eyes hurt?

Why eyes hurtThrough the eyes, we receive most of the information from the outside. That is why eye pain, as a rule, causes not only discomfort, but also fear: what happens to the eyes and what is the cause of such pain? Ophthalmologists say with one voice: it is almost impossible to determine the exact cause of eye pain without a visit to the doctor!

"Oatmeal, sir!" The most valuable and cheapest product

oatmeal - The most valuable and cheapest productAt Conan Doyle's, the butler Barrymore prepares oatmeal for Sir Henry every morning ("The Hound of the Baskervilles"). Indeed, in England this unpretentious dish - porridge - porridge - is consumed by both lords and members of the royal family. Oatmeal normalizes fat metabolism. Have you seen a lot of obese Englishmen? Oatmeal has a low glycemic index, which is an indicator of the effect on sugar levels in the body. The product is slowly absorbed, thanks to this we do not feel hunger for a long time.

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