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DogwoodWhoever has been to the Caucasus or Crimea in the fall knows firsthand about the dogwood. Its peculiar ruby ​​berries at this time can often be seen in southern bazaars. Lovers of mountain hikes are familiar with dogwood.

This is a tree or shrub 2-9 m tall, usually with several trunks covered with gray, cracking and crumbling bark. It grows in mountain forests up to a height of 1500 m or on the edges and in thickets of other bushes.

Apiary organization

Apiary organizationWhen under the windows of houses there are white snowdrifts, under the roof of the hives there are already the first signs of spring - the uterus lays eggs, larvae appeared. It's time to think about where to arrange an apiary. When organizing it, the first step is already important - choosing a place for placing the hives. In this case, they are guided by two considerations: the convenience of their placement for the owner of the apiary and his neighbors; the correspondence of the chosen place to the biological characteristics of bees, where there is an optimal combination of temperature, humidity, air movement for them.

Recipes for week 34 (2019)

Defeat the evil in yourself

Defeat the evil in yourselfDo we often think about why it is sometimes so easy and simple for us to offend, offend a person standing next to us? To offend the closest person? Why don't we do the most elementary in such cases - don't we try to imagine ourselves in its place? Then harsh words would surely slow down in us, our own evil deeds would retreat. What prevents each of us from “turning on” our good feelings at the right time, the best that is in each of us?

About the multicooker and its modes of operation

About the multicooker and its modes of operationEvery woman knows how annoying it is to have to cook every day when there is no time for it at all. For example, due to a busy work schedule. Or due to the fact that the baby does not allow to keep track of what is happening on the stove. I just want to get a magic pot from a fairy tale, which I would cook myself day and night. But the best part is that such a pot actually exists, and it is called a multicooker.

Artist Pavel Dmitrievich Korin

P. D. KorinThe works of the famous artist P. D. Korin reflected the phenomena and contradictions of the difficult era of the 20th century, all the drama, heroism and greatness of this time. And it was not for nothing that Korin himself called himself an artist of the 20th century.

Pavel Dmitrievich was born in 1892 in the village of Palekh in the family of a peasant icon painter. The Korin family was engaged in icon painting for three centuries. And Paul was also destined to paint icons.

Recipes Week 33 (2019)

Day and night - day away

Day and night day awayOne, two, three - it took some time until we said these three short words. How much exactly?

Something like one second. Compared to an hour, this is not much. Time is very relative. Sometimes it seems that we feel it physiologically - how painfully the waiting time drags on! But it is worth doing some exciting business - and time will run imperceptibly, rapidly, as if it will be reduced by a thousand times.

Moth yellow

Moth yellowThe yellow macula, or yellow glaucium, is a rare, endangered species of the poppy family. This is a one-biennial (or perennial) herb with rather large densely pubescent glaucous leaves, collected at the base in a rosette, which gives a flowering shoot up to 60 cm high with numerous leaves and flowers. They are very beautiful - solitary, large, shiny, lemon yellow, dark yellow, less often orange.

Recipes Week 32 (2019)

Golden eagle

Golden eagleIn the tales of many peoples, the place of the king of birds is invariably assigned to an eagle. Only in our country there are several types of them: steppe, hawk, dwarf, burial ground, great and lesser spotted eagles, and finally the golden eagle. It is he who rightfully belongs to the role of the head of the bird kingdom.

Dmitry Iosifovich Ivanovsky

Dmitry Iosifovich IvanovskyIt was in 1887. Two students of St. Petersburg University, at the suggestion of the famous botanist-geographer A.N. Beketov, went to Ukraine and Bessarabia to study the tobacco disease widespread at that time, which caused enormous damage to agriculture. Young naturalists got down to business with enthusiasm. They managed to establish the existence of two diseases of tobacco at once. One of them - hazel-grouse, an infectious disease, was treated simply: by raising the culture of agriculture, by correct crop rotation. The reason for another - jaundice - was not identified then.

Wild strawberry

Wild strawberryOf all the forest berries of central Russia, the most remarkable is the forest strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.). The Latin name of the genus Fragaria comes from the word fragare - "to smell" and is given for the aroma of the fruit. The word vesca - purely prosaic - means "edible".


HarrierThe birds in question are rare in our area. Long, relatively narrow tail, whitish body color and black pointed ends of wide long wings. Already by these signs, we can confidently say that this is a loonie. "As gray as a harrier" - who doesn't know these words? However, it should be noted that only males who have lived up to 3-5 years are endowed with gray-white plumage, females and young animals have a darker outfit.


LindenSeveral types of linden grow in our country, but the small-leaved linden is widely known as a companion of the Russian forest. In natural plantations, it is found in oak forests, pine forests, spruce forests, or forms continuous lime forests.

What is ethology?

What is ethology?They call it science in the cradle. Indeed, it is the youngest among other biological sciences. She is a little over fifty years old. But it occupies a special place in biology, and the need for its research is increasing every year. It is about ethology - the science of animal behavior.

Agricultural chemistry lessons: phosphorus and potash fertilizers

Agricultural chemistry lessonsPhosphate fertilizers affect the size of the crop, but even more - on its quality. Significant enrichment of all plant organs with them occurs when nitrogen in the ammonium form is present in the nutrient medium.

First aid in emergencies

First aid in emergenciesIt is usually believed that "frostbite" is possible only when the mercury of a street thermometer has fallen far below zero.But this is not true. High humidity and prolonged cooling can lead to frostbite of the skin at temperatures close to zero, especially if there is a strong wind, and the clothes are damp, and the body is weakened. This must be taken into account when organizing long walks with children.

Arrangement of hedges on the site

Arrangement of hedges on the siteFruit and berry and vegetable plants grow better in places protected from the wind, where the snow cover is more uniform, and in the summer there is less evaporation of moisture from the soil. It is noted that in such places the relative humidity is also better. In a garden protected from the wind, the most favorable conditions for the work of bees are also created, which is of great importance for pollination of flowers and increasing the productivity of fruit and berry and vegetable plants.

To the secrets of the living (perspectives of genetics)

perspectives of geneticsThe successes of modern biology are mainly associated with that branch of it, which is called molecular biology. Particularly striking results have been achieved in the study of heredity - the properties of organisms, which for a long time remained mysterious. Scientists have managed to uncover the nature of the gene. For centuries it seemed to be something mystical, almost non-existent. And it turned out to be a very real chemical structure - a certain piece of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is the carrier of genetic information.

Recipes Week 31 (2019)

From the forest - to dictionaries (etymology of familiar words)

etymology of familiar wordsThe Russian language is rich and expressive. Have you ever wondered what role animals have played (and continue to play today) in the formation of our vocabulary?

Hardening by the sun

Hardening by the sunIn the complex spectrum of solar radiation, an optical zone with a length of electromagnetic waves in the range of 280-3000 nm is distinguished. Shorter rays (X-rays and gamma rays) are absorbed by the atmosphere and do not reach the earth's surface. In the optical part of the spectrum, in turn, emit infrared rays (760-3000 nm), visible rays (400-760 nm), ultraviolet rays (280-400 nm). 59% of the energy of light reaching the surface of the earth falls on its infrared part, 40% of the energy - on the visible part of the spectrum and only 1% on ultraviolet rays. When passing through a polluted atmosphere, UV rays are absorbed especially intensively, and their proportion is further reduced.


AlderWho among us does not like to relax on a river, lake or reservoir, especially when their banks are covered with forest. Alder often settles in such forests, sometimes forming small groves and even a peculiar type of forest - riverbed black alder forests. Pine, linden, birch get along well next to alder, but alder is especially "friendly" with an equally water-loving willow. These rocks, as they say, are alive with water and prefer running water. But they also have water under their care. People have long noticed that if the alder groves are cut down - expect trouble: springs dry up, groundwater leaves, rivers become shallow ...

Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay

Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay"Man - everywhere man." These words belong to Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. They define extremely precisely the essence of all the activities of Miklouho-Maclay - the great traveler and scientist. The craving for travel was in his blood, he said that the sight of the sea, mountains, distant islands irresistibly carried him away. The muse of distant wanderings imperiously called Miklouho-Maclay after the famous naturalist Ernst Haeckel invited him, a twenty-year-old student, to take part in a scientific expedition to the Canary Islands.

Dandelion Secrets

Dandelion SecretsDandelions bloom together. At the beginning of May, flower beds, lawns, hillocks are exactly colored by the spray of the sun. Of course, you can find single flowers in early spring and summer, but they are like birds lagging behind the flock.

The flowering time of dandelions is wonderful: the air is filled with the scent of flowers and the freshness of young leaves, swallows fly in, the first trill is heard nightingale, and the first summer-style drops of rain wash over the ground.


SpanielsThe spaniel family is one of the most numerous among the groups of hunting dogs and, apparently, one of the oldest. The first image of spaniel-like dogs could be seen on the coins of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. It is believed that Spain became the birthplace of the ancestors of spaniels, which is where the name of the entire group of these long-eared nimble dogs came from.

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