Another cigarette is a step towards death

Smoking killsThe boy spat to the side like an adult, and proudly took a drag on his cigarette again. He looks eight to nine years old. In the company, he was probably the youngest, and therefore proved in all the ways familiar to him that age is not an obstacle to friendship. At my remark, the boy just smiled mockingly and contemptuously, as criminals do in bad films, and swearing roughly, with an eloquent gesture showed me where I should go to stay safe.

Proper nutrition for children

Proper nutrition for children is brought up by parents through an adequate attitude to the child's food. To begin with, it is advisable to decide on the diet and show the child that you yourself are a supporter of healthy eating.

Cooking nut butter yourself

WalnutsYou might be wondering why you can make peanut butter yourself if you can buy it. Friends, only YOU can make a truly healthy oil for yourself, your loved ones and those you love. An oil free from saturated fats, emulsifiers, preservatives, colors, excess salt and sugar. Oil that will strengthen health, improve immunity, heal the heart, enrich it with vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances.

Stroke can sneak up unexpectedly

Stroke can sneak up unexpectedlyCurrently, this formidable disease ranks second in the cause of death, both in our country and around the world. The word "stroke" comes from the Latin "I jump." And it also means "blow", which leads to an acute violation of cerebral circulation, which, in turn, causes damage to brain tissue and disorders of its functions.

Millet for health and strength

Millet porridgeOur powers seem to be dying out with each passing day, as the sky is mostly covered with gray clouds. It does not let through the life-giving sunlight, the air is damp, and the food is not the same: vegetables and fruits slowly lose their nutrients, and we get little of them. Therefore, every caring housewife thinks and wonders what to cook in order to feed her household with healthy food. Wise nature has reserves in its pantry, which can be useful to us in the off-season.

Recipes March 12-18, 2012

A spoon for mom ... and for dad ...

Mothers have a lot to tell about the sacrifices they make to feed their baby. But many parents discourage their children from eating. More often than not, children refuse to eat when they are not hungry. It happens that between feedings, parents allow the baby to snack on cookies, candy or even fruit.

Making the weather in the house

Your heart is beating fast - it's too hot in your room, physiologists say. It turns out that our well-being largely depends on how humid and warm the room is. If it is too dry - allergies may begin, too hot - the heart will suffer. If the room is cold, a person's immunity decreases, and he can catch an infection without even going outside.

Nutritional value of mushrooms

MushroomsMany people love mushrooms for their taste and aroma. But they are valuable not only for this, mushrooms are extremely nutritious. They contain, of course, very important for our body carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Description and technical characteristics of the Kenwood BM-260 bread maker

Become irresistible: 5 ways

What determines our success? Researchers interviewed about 200 women and men to understand this. Scientists have come to the conclusion that 70 percent of the respondents consider self-confidence to be the main condition for success. How not to confuse self-confidence with self-confidence?


AllergyThe immune system is one of the most important human functional systems, thanks to which our body is able to fight many dangerous environmental factors, including the impact of pathogens. Unfortunately, sometimes the immune system comes into conflict with substances that do not pose any threat to our health.

Recipes March 5-11, 2012

Pulia BreadPulia Bread Wheat flatbread with curdled milkWheat flatbread with curdled milk Mafalda Sicilian Sesame BreadSicilian sesame bread "Mafalda" Fluffy bread on yeast-free sourdoughFluffy bread on yeast-free sourdough Bread with grainsBread with grains Rye-wheat bread with paprika and flaxseedsRye-wheat bread with paprika and flaxseeds Pumpkin buns with apple and raisins in a creamy fillingPumpkin buns with apple and raisins in a creamy filling Oat stripsOat strips Lean tea gingerbreadLean tea gingerbread Baked apples, stuffedBaked apples, stuffed Maina and Roll with salmonMaina and Roll with salmon Mini cheesecakes with raspberry jellyMini cheesecakes with raspberry jelly Kefir muffins with apples and cinnamonKefir muffins with apples and cinnamon Turkey cutlets with cottage cheeseTurkey cutlets with cottage cheese Bulgur with dried fruits and pumpkinBulgur with dried fruits and pumpkin Milk sponge cake with caramelized applesMilk sponge cake with caramelized apples German goulash soup with potatoesGerman goulash soup with potatoes Papaya saladPapaya salad Steamed potatoesSteamed potatoes Spring Delight saladSpring Delight salad Spicy chicken in sesame seeds in a slow cookerSpicy chicken in sesame seeds in a slow cooker Pasta with mushroomsPasta with mushrooms Popular German chicken soupPopular German chicken soup Sunny Blast vitamin cocktail based on fresh juicesSolar blast Elk ribs with garlic and pumpkinElk ribs with garlic and pumpkin Eight March salmon for your belovedEight March salmon for your beloved Lunch for your belovedLunch for your beloved Squid sweet and sourSquid sweet and sour Achma in hasteAchma in haste

Arsenal of the modern woman

Woman and smartphoneModern women are successful and active. All due to the fact that she cannot do otherwise. She herself must find a balance between her personal life, career, friends, everyday life and travel. She uses every opportunity to do everything, to live fully and brightly. But how do you find the right balance?

What are we eating?

What do we eatToday, when we have such a frantic pace of life and time is sorely lacking for everyone, we try to do everything as quickly as possible. A few years ago, everyday things, such as cleaning, washing, cooking - took a lot of our time. And everyone dreamed of something that could do all these works, keeping the time spent on them to a minimum.

French wines

French winesItaly is a country that in the minds of many of us is associated with a resort, where the mild climate, excellent cuisine and the unique taste of wine. In France, the word terroir has recently appeared, which means a grape variety, a collection of soil, a method of production and climatic conditions.

A family

A familyThe family is created by both spouses, but the main role is still with the woman. In order to create a lasting alliance, you do not need to sublimate love with heroines from novels. Vows of loyalty and love until death do you part - perhaps this is something from fantasy, and not everyday life?

Prevention of tobacco dependence

Prevention of tobacco dependenceTobacco smoking is the most common risk factor for chronic noncommunicable diseases. Over the past decades, there has been no significant downward trend in the number of tobacco smokers.

Great Lent: history, traditions, features of lean nutrition

Lenten dishThe tradition of Great Lent dates back to Ancient Russia. Until now, it has been preserved in the Orthodox Church. In terms of time and meaning, Great Lent is the most important and longest for Orthodox Christians, the purpose of which is to prepare spirit and body for Easter.

How to make delicious fish cakes

Fish cutletsWhen we hear about fish cakes, Soviet canteens, "fish Thursdays" come to mind, and the obligatory attribute of all this is the unpleasant smell and taste of those cutlets in which there was more bread than fish. Some have learned to make fish cakes, while others do not make them at all from the prevailing stereotype of the recent past. Our task is to debunk this stereotype.

Sunbathe wisely

How to sunbatheAs soon as warm days come, we are immediately drawn to the reservoir: to chat with friends and be sure to sunbathe. But it is necessary to understand the risks arising in connection with this, and try to minimize them.

Recipes February 27 - March 4, 2012

Bread with cottage cheese and pumpkin seedsBread with cottage cheese and pumpkin seeds Black bread GalichBlack bread "Galich" Rye-wheat bread with olivesRye-wheat bread with olives Hop sourdough rye with nuts and raisinsHop sourdough rye with nuts and raisins Buckwheat bun on a bigBuckwheat bun on a big Bread black and white duo in a bread makerBread "black and white duet" in a bread maker Pies, buns, sourdough cheesecakesPies, buns, sourdough cheesecakes Charlotte with walnuts for a bread machineCharlotte with walnuts for a bread machine Puffs with nutellaPuffs with nutella Custard thin pancakes with wheyCustard thin pancakes with whey Creamy pancakesCreamy pancakes Cinnabon bunsCinnabon buns Dessert pancakes French Crepe SuzetteDessert pancakes French "Crepe-Suzette" Roll buns with sesame seeds, sugar and dried fruitRoll buns with sesame seeds, sugar and dried fruit Pancakes on old sour dough with salmon and mascarpone cheesePancakes with old dough dough with salmon and mascarpone cheese Cherry honeycombCherry honeycomb Hotto KeekiHotto Keeki Cupcake 100% rice KudesnitsaRice cake "Kudesnitsa" Pancakes SissyPancakes "Sissy" Buckwheat pancakes by R. BertineBuckwheat pancakes by R. Bertine Cheese porridge (dzykka)Cheese porridge (dzykka) Pork baked with currant saucePork baked with currant sauce Homemade sausage, hot smokedHomemade hot smoked sausage Potato casserolePotato casserole Korean salad with carrots, asparagus and shiitaki mushroomsKorean salad with carrots, asparagus and shiitaki mushrooms Chirbuli - Adjarian fried eggsChirbuli - Adjarian fried eggs Beef shurpaBeef shurpa Pork chop with mushroomsPork chop with mushrooms Fish in a cheese souffleFish in a cheese souffle A dish for your beloved from a real machoA dish for your beloved from a real macho

Raising humane feelings and attitudes in preschoolers

Preschooler educationIn the preschool age, a lot of things are laid that are to be shown and affirmed by a person in later life. Proper upbringing and development of a preschooler is a guarantee of a person's harmony and efficiency in study, work, personal and social life.

What vitamins are better and more needed in early spring?

Which vitamins are betterIn early spring, the question always arises: how to liven up yourself with vitamins? The body is exhausted during the winter period and needs doping. Most of us immediately think of the traditional ones: onions and garlic, rich in phytoncides. But we forget about mushrooms, which, it turns out, are able to "push" our natural defense.

Moulinex OW3101 Uno. Bread Maker Specifications

Cabbage cuisine

Sauerkraut cabbageWhen supermarket shelves are filled with greenhouse fruits and vegetables with minimal amounts of nutrients, sauerkraut is one of the most reliable sources of vitamins and minerals. It is difficult to think of something more delicious than boiled potatoes and sauerkraut seasoned with sunflower oil. But when the soul wants something more interesting ...

I made the carpet and forgot about the floor for ten years!

CarpetCarpet is an easy-to-use carpet that creates warmth and comfort in the house.
There are three main types of carpet:
2. Needle-punched - pile threads are driven into the primary base.
3.Taffetine - stitched with pile threads of a woven base.

Gaining weight is harder than losing weight

Gaining weight is harder than losing weightFor anyone who cannot gain weight in any way, doctors, first of all, advise to be examined. We must first find out if the cause is the disease. If all is well with health, then a few simple tips will help to add kilograms.

Violations of relationships in the "child-child" system: causes, diagnosis and correction

Violations of relationships in the child-child systemThis review will establish the systematization of problems and disorders of interpersonal communication in childhood. How to find out and diagnose the real causes of conflicts? How to try to fix it, get it back on track?

The benefits and harms of a raw food diet

Raw foodFollowers of the raw food diet profess the principle that food becomes medicine.They believe that a person should only eat good food rich in trace elements and nutrients. In their opinion, such a person is capable of living for about 150-200 years. The rest of the food, they consider unfit.

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