Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)

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Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)


Fresh carrots 200 grams
Bulb onions 200 grams
Sweet pepper 200 grams
Fresh cabbage 600 gram
Fresh tomatoes "cream" 400-500 grams
Meat broth (chicken) about 250 ml. can be replaced with water
Vegetable oil 30-50 ml.
Fresh parsley 1 bundle
Salt, spices taste
FOR CHEW for 2 full servings
Clean water, broth 750 ml.
Fresh potatoes 1-2 pcs.
Fried chanterelle mushrooms 1-2 tbsp. l. with a slide
Preparation for cabbage soup 0.5-0.75 cups (200 ml.)

Cooking method

  • I make this blank almost every year, pack it in bags and put it in the freezer. In winter, it is enough to cut off a piece of the desired size from the workpiece, into one or several portions and cook fresh cabbage soup right there.
  • Today I have prepared fresh cabbage soup for demonstration. At the base of the water, a little leftover chicken broth, potatoes, a little fried chanterelles from a can, a few tablespoons of cabbage soup - and you got a saucepan of fresh cabbage soup, for two servings!))
  • Weight is indicated net, after processing, cleaning vegetables.
  • Peel and wash vegetables, cut into small cubes, strips. I chopped the carrots on a burner grater.
  • Heat vegetable oil in a saucepan with a thick bottom, add onions, salt and sauté for a few minutes until the raw onion juice evaporates, until the onions begin to fry in oil without juice.
  • Add carrots (coarsely grated), sweet peppers of different colors (diced), fresh cabbage (diced) to the onion. Stir the mass, salt to taste (I added aromatic Svan salt), add chicken broth (1 glass is enough). Simmer the preparation for about 10 minutes, until the cabbage is half cooked, it is enough to boil it until it is al-dente. It is not worth overcooking cabbage and all vegetables, since they will be boiled later when cooking cabbage soup. Stir the mixture periodically, taste for salt, spices.
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • Remove the pan from the heat. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and add to the cut. I do not stew tomatoes together in cabbage, so that they do not boil completely. And so they will remain intact, retain their shape and color. Leave the workpiece to cool.
  • After the mass has cooled, add fresh parsley, finely chopped. Stir the workpiece.
  • In this form, ready-made cabbage soup-semi-finished product can be transferred to molds, a bag, and put in the freezer for storage.
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • Today I have prepared a small portion of cabbage soup, only 2 portions - 1 liter.
  • Pour broth (water, or mix) into a saucepan. I only had 1 cup leftover chicken stock and added more pure water to get a total volume of about 750 ml.
  • Since the preparation for the cabbage soup was cooked in chicken broth and vegetable oil, the fat content of such a preparation is quite enough to cook cabbage soup just in ordinary clean water.
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • Peel and cut fresh potatoes into small pieces, put them in a cooking pot.
  • Stewed chanterelles with onions were found in the refrigerator, I hooked up a couple of tablespoons of them, added to the broth with potatoes - let them cook until the potatoes are ready.
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • When the potatoes are ready, add the preparation for the cabbage soup, about ½ cup, or a little more - depending on how thick the cabbage soup you want to get.Even if a bit "went over" with the density, you can always add a drop of boiling water and dilute the cabbage soup to the desired density.
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • Boil the cabbage soup until the cabbage is ready. Taste, add salt, spices, if required.
  • Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage is ready!
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • Pour into plates and serve hot. Whisper!))
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • Fresh cabbage soup (reconstituted from frozen stock)
  • You can see how bright and fresh all the ingredients on the plate look! Fresh and vibrant greens, whole and uncooked tomatoes!
  • And the cabbage soup turned out to be exactly two portions, as much as I needed for lunch.


I put the soup blank into bags, put it in a plastic container to create a square shape for the blank, and put it in the freezer. After freezing, the container is removed, and the packages are stored. If necessary, I will cut off the desired size of a piece of the workpiece with a knife and cook fresh cabbage soup in the middle of winter.)) The colors and brightness of the color of the products will be completely preserved, and will look beautiful on the plate.
As a rule, I always cook 1-2 servings of cabbage soup, eat 1-2 times.

Bon appetit, everyone!

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: two-ok: from thank you ... just for me ... took it with gratitude!
And the truth
Quote: Admin
Thanks for the idea !

Girls to your health!
Such "laziness" in winter will be just right. And if you consider that all vegetables are natural summer-autumn - excellent
Recommend to cook

Tatyana, why didn't you put the potatoes in the freezer right away? And you can also mushrooms there. I make frozen chicken pickle for my parents. Now I will also make fresh cabbage soup. Thank you!
Natasha, to your health!

I prepared a "basic" preparation of cabbage soup, and then you can play with tastes and add something that is available, for example, fried mushrooms, boiled beans, and so on ... This will be a matter of taste. And there will always be a new version, a new taste, cabbage soup will not become boring.
This will not affect the cooking time either, the products are all half-cooked, a maximum of 15 minutes will be needed.
I had mushrooms, I climbed into the refrigerator, and there the remains of mushrooms fried with onions are bored in the jar - well, and what not to use Next time it may be porcini mushrooms or mushroom caviar, which I often use as a semi-finished product to add to dishes when cooking.
Not everyone loves potatoes either after the freezer, but so ... it turns out fresh.

Girls, try to cook, a very successful preparation turned out

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Today I tried frozen cabbage soup. Delicious! And most importantly, the preparation took no more than 30 minutes, along with peeling the potatoes. Super! Tanya thanks!
I'll go make a couple more portions of the freezer blanks while the greens and vegetables are fresh.

Katyusha, good health!
From the series, simplifying our life and "when you need dinner quickly"
Tatiana, thanks for the clarification. I never thought that the taste of potatoes would change after freezing. This will have to be taken into account. I'll try to make cabbage soup without potatoes. I think it won't be that difficult for Mom to peel one small potato. The frozen borscht from Lazerson's mother-in-law had finely chopped potatoes. I froze her borscht and pickle. Tanyusha, THANKS again!

Natasha, good health to you and mom! I hope she will also like these blanks, make her life easier.

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