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Unikia Stirio automatic pan stirrer
Aggregates and attachments for cooking sausage
Non-stick material (teflon, fiberglass, mesh, etc.)
Apparatus for grinding nuts and seeds (melanger, urbech-maker)
"Grandma's Blanket" (and Its Modifications) as a Cooking Device
Jars for spices and bulk products, dispensers
Non-contact trash can
Baking paper
Vacuum containers
Vacuum caps VAKS
Vacuum marinators
Vacuum sealers Caso
Vacuum packing machine
Vacco ™ - vacuum covers.
Rolls, cutters, dough stencils
Whisks, spatulas, slotted spoon, chef's forks / spoons and more
Ham maker, shredder, ham press mold (materiel)
Funnels with a wide mouth and others - application in the kitchen
Rotating coasters and serving trays
Everyone for a picnic! Dishes and accessories for outdoor cooking
Where can you buy a low rectangular baking dish with wavy edges
Dish sponges with impregnation
Dough dispenser
Dolmer (device for rolling stuffed cabbage and dolma)
Professional vacuuming at home
Colanders and sieves for washing cereals, berries, etc.
Preparation of meatballs and not only in silicone ice molds
Clips for bags
Needle for stuffing meat
Tools and accessories for making homemade pasta
Potato grinders, crushing machines, potato and dough presses
Carousel (drying) for greens and lettuce
Cocottes for julienne
Tin knives, screw cap openers, corkscrews, knife cutters
Storage and carrying containers, roof rails
Fruit bone remover
Mug for separating liquids
Maze mug: for those who like more than just coffee
Non-boiling lid
Separator jug ​​for removing fat from broths
Culinary rings
Cooking felt (gas burner)
Kitchen scales (reviews and discussion)
Kitchen stuff (1)
Kitchen little things (2)
Kitchen knives, meat hatchets
Magnetic diaries for the refrigerator
Pasta cooker
Household marinators
Can you trust household kitchen thermometers?
"The Spinning Spaghetti Forks" motorized forks
Set for making cocktails VacuVin "Cocktail Set"
Set for making rolls "Midori" (for sushi)
Sets for making fresh cheese
Sets (tubes) for the preparation of trdlo (trdelnik).
Accidentally reprogrammed scales
SOEKS nitrate tester
Shears for chopping greens
Different scissors (for pizza, poultry, universal and others)
Chop Chef Vegetable Slicer and Cheese Grater
Vegetable cutter / grater for making pickled ginger
Different vegetable cutters (Nayser Diser, Alligator, etc.)
Nutcracker (nutcracker)
Review of Rawmid Dream Sprouter
Eggshell cleaner + quail egg cutter
Bags for storing fruits, vegetables and other products
Microwave steamer
Blowtorch in cooking
Dumplings and dumplings mold
Flame diffuser (flame diffuser) for gas stove
Help with choosing a knife sharpener
Bottle pump
Plastic dishes Tupperware
Ham press
Cookie press syringe
Presses and choppers for garlic, garlic press and garlic cutters
Herb brewing device
The device for making rolls "Sush Eyzi"
Devices for making curd
Microgreen sprinkler
Protein and yolk separator
Cutting boards
Sink chopping boards, colanders
Sprayers for oil
Rollers for dough and pizza
Sleeves, bags for baking and smoking
Roll holders for paper towels, containers and cutters for foil and film
Fish scalers
Dishwashing cloths: bamboo or microfiber?
Self-stirring mug
Silicone items (molds, rugs, gloves, etc.)
Sieve-steamer, bags, baskets, nets for cooking, deep frying and blanching
Sieve (dispenser, dispenser) for powdered sugar, starch, cocoa, etc.
Sieve (electrical and mechanical) for cleaning
Rolling pins and scrapers for dough
Completely stupid and useless kitchen gadgets
Citrus juicers
Salt shakers, pepper shakers, pepper and spice grinders
Spiral cutter Rawmid Spirolit
Spiral cutter (slicer) Spiromat for cutting vegetables and fruits "spaghetti"
Chicken hair remover
Stationary detergent dispenser
"Watchman" for milk (so as not to run away)
Biscuit cutting string
Cheese slicers, cheese strings, cheese knives
Kitchen timers
TellSpec - spectrometer (scanner) that determines the composition of food
Tenderizer, hammer, meat softener
Grater Burner (1)
Grater Burner (2)
Vegetable graters and shredders, kevlar gloves
Graters for cheese, chocolate and nuts
Thermo cabinet for the kitchen
Three-tier oven dish
Universal measuring spoon for liquid and dry ingredients
Corn cob cleaners
Herb Freshness Device
Tongs (potholders) and gloves for hot dishes
Foil and baking paper
Pizza baking dish
Hamburger shaper
Molds for making balls from meat (meatballs, meatballs, etc.)
Cutters for cookies, puff tubes
Baking and roasting dishes
Forms for making chebureks
Forms for lollipops and cookies "Nut"
Forms for eggs
Bread boxes
How to chop onions?
How to grind cereals into flour?
Shakers, whipping containers
Culinary syringe for meat
Mushroom brush
Tongs and tweezers
Electric corkscrew
Egg cooker as a portable mini steamer
Egg cooker "The Pop-up Egg Maker"
Egg cutter
Japanese little things in life

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Seven-year plan
Quote: Krosh

Girls , who uses such bowls, is it worth taking?

Bodum Bistro Bowl Set
I also have these, all sizes! In the summer, I bought myself and my daughter at a big discount.
Very comfortable, non-slip. They are also made of very high quality, not cheap consumer goods.
I work constantly. You can safely recommend, you will not be ashamed. But the price .... if no discount.
Quote: mara_2
Today, these bowls have a 30% discount on ozone, that is, they cost 1.675 rubles. against 2.394 rubles.

And the green ones are even cheaper, 1.424 rubles. ...

Quote: Nonsense
I have such bowls

Natulechka, Thank you so much ...

Quote: Seven-year
But the price .... if no discount

Yes, she's at a discount wow ...

Thank you all very much girls !!!

We must take !!!

Girls, but no one has such a cake dish?

I liked it very much ... sunk into my soul ...

Cake plate "Jamie Oliver" with a lid, diameter 29 cm

Kitchen little things (2)

Kitchen little things (2)

More details here: https: // www.


I bought these as a gift, but did not use it myself. To the touch - bowls are like bowls))). Nothing supernatural. I love mine much more with a rubberized bottom. They are not a year old (4 or 5), my flight at PMM is excellent. I posted a photo on the forum here.
Quote: Scarecrow
I here and a photo on the forum laid out

Have I seen him?

Tus, at least voice the manufacturer, look for that photo, as I understand it, it's a bad thing ...
Scarecrow, Nata, these bowls (Bodum) have a rubberized bottom. They are really very high quality, pleasant. The price, of course, is rather big. But if (suddenly) on the action, then very, very much can be recommended. Although I almost never get to the action - such a prodigy! I'll buy it hard, and in a couple of months they are full and three times cheaper ... But in the forefront!

Innochka, if possible, buy - you will not regret it! It's nice to take it in your hands and cook with joy!
Seven-year plan
Crochet, Inna. I don't have such a cake, but which is a cookie jar from the same series, with a smaller diameter and a lid that closes on top / also bought at a domos at a discount /.
I like it a lot. Also very high quality and beautiful. I store all the cookies and crackers for tea there. She is constantly on my table.
Seven-year plan
Kitchen little things (2)

Since I'm all here raped tortured with a crisp plate, I give a report.
I'm not thrilled. She made chicken legs. It turned out to be very fried, delicious. But ... First, the time is almost the same as in the pan. Secondly, somehow they immediately began to burn from below, which surprised me very much. A not very pleasant smell went - the oil (although there was very little of it) began to burn. Thirdly, wash one frying pan or crisp plate plus a microwave (I hate doing this terribly! And they, the legs, splashed a lot!) And even the grate and glass tray. For me, the difference. Plus, sometimes some sparks ran through, it seems to me that this is from splashes of fat. I admit that, as usual, I did something wrong. For example, I put a low grate. But with a high grill, I could not pick up the crisp plate with the handle. And further. She took out a ready-made grub, pressed the stop, and the pallet was still spinning. I was even scared that the microwave ordered me to live long.
Well, in general, something like that! Maybe for cupcakes, charlottes, that's good. I'll have to try.
I am waiting for criticism and hints on what is wrong.
Quote: Seven-year
I like it a lot.

Svetlana, thank you very much !!!

Quote: Seven-year
I store all the cookies and crackers for tea there

Yes, I'm not actually planning a cake maker either ...

I bake them so rarely that for its intended purpose, I didn't need it for another hundred years ...

Seven-year plan
Crochet, Inna, always happy to help if I can !!!
But keep in mind, they are metal, enameled and you cannot cut them!
Quote: Nonsense
I am waiting for criticism and hints on what is wrong.
I just won't criticize, because I myself treat it more than calmly, and use it quite rarely. But you asked and I answered.
Nonsense, why put the crisp plate on the wire rack? They put it on the glass. Used with microwaves, a spark from the grate and flew ...
No, MamsNatasha did everything right. You cannot use a metal plate in the "pure microwave" mode (at least in our LG with it)! And in the combi mode with the grill, it is possible and recommended to use the grill. The sparks, apparently, were from splashes of fat on the hot grill.
Quote: Nonsense
and the pallet was still spinning.
This is how it should be, Natasha! The stove cools itself in this way. After all, the fan was working, right?
dopleta, Laris, I have a microwave whirlpool. And this plate is included. So the instructions say to use the crisp on a glass tray, WITHOUT a metal grill. The grates are generally used in convection and grill modes, in any microwave mode (combi or not) - the metal of the grate is not allowed. A crisp plate is possible. It has a silicone bottom, apparently specifically to prevent sparks. In any case, it is written in the instructions for my oven.
Quote: Mams
to my oven
Keywords. LG's instructions are different. The plate can be used on both high and low grates, or without them.
Lara, the fan really worked. But something too long. I was upset a little. Then she also decided that she was cooling down in this way.

Mams, in our instructions it is written that in the "grill" mode it is obligatory to use the grates. And further. The bottom of my crisp plate is not silicone. She has tiny rubberized "legs".
So there is a difference in which oven and which plate to use.
I have another LG model, not the same as Natasha's, because the plate is metal, but the bottom and edge of the rim are covered with silicone.
I also have LG, with two grills, there are no parts or silicone on the crisp plate at all.
The plate itself is corrugated, like a grill pan, is placed on a rack-rack. There are specials for the plate. handle to get it out of the microwave.
I bought my plate separately, a long time ago, about five years ago. I ordered a plate and a pen. I bought it and happily forgot about it.
Quote: Nonsense
I bought my plate separately, for a long time
In this case, it is strange that it was not included with the stove. You write that the stove is new, heaped up! Really without a plate?
dopleta, I also have a new LG, heaped up and without a plate
But with a double boiler! I thought - garbage, I have a separate steamer, but it turned out to be convenient. After that, even my mother wanted the same for her dacha. And the steamer is also not idle.
Stop! Is there a drip tray in the steamer? Silicone coated? Dome steamer? And there is a perforated round pallet stand?

What's this? Is she the most? And I also wondered if the pallet could be used separately. I did not find anything in the instructions.
Well, of course! I have already written so many times that these plates-pallets go to many stoves, they just are not necessarily called "crisp"! And look in the instructions - in many frying recipes with a crust it is written: use the frying pan, and this is it!
Well, the question is - what would I do without this wonderful site !!!

Then another question - is it possible to put on a perforated pallet? To drain the fat? Or will it no longer be effective?
Here is a perforated one - this is just a double boiler! It is needed for steam! And it fries more slowly, I checked. The reflection is probably weaker from the perforated surface.
Virgo, there are excellent egg cutters in fix prais. And today I bought such a potato machine there
Kitchen little things (2)Kitchen little things (2)
It's really plastic, I don't know how long it will last, but it's cool.
And there again headphones appeared, although not a kitchen trifle, but I must tell you. I bought one more in the spring and then they disappeared. Now I grabbed 3 pieces. Great headphones!
Kitchen little things (2)
Virgos, though it's not about a trifle, but I’ll ask you tutochki The Fontignac dishes appeared in our Silpo. On the internet, the reviews are very vague. Maybe someone will tell you - is the skin worth the wiggle? And then I already bought a frying pan (Delimano type) - I went into the bucket a couple of weeks later, along with the scrambled eggs stuck tightly
Quote: Song *
Poor eggs ...
And you count how she flew. Well, I almost dumped 400 hryvnia for a frying pan - I was almost torn to pieces from anger !!!! Right now I laugh, of course, but I stopped buying expensive frying pans, so I advise, I really love the dishes, but here they certainly won't advise anything bad
Girls, do not throw your slippers, please. I'm back with a crisp plate. I have a metal plate from the airfryer, flat with a small rim. prm. 1 cm. Will it work too? Or is it not at all?
In general, I put whole eggplants on it to fry.
Marina22, no, not that! I know what kind of stainless steel is in the grill (I also have it), but in the micron the plate should be coated. You can simply grill in it in a micr, but in other modes you cannot.
About Crisp plates!
I really like to cook on it in the country, I don't have an oven there. The princesses appeared in the fall. Therefore, I made all the baked goods in my microwave oven with charcoal tar on the Crisp plate. I put all kinds of dough on paper in it. The best results were obtained when baking jellied pies, carrot scones without eggs, mistletoe Shrimati, apricot pie from Vysotskaya, and country-style potatoes. Yeast dough is slightly worse. I put on a grate and a mode with convection in a preheated oven to 180-200.
As always, I tried the frying pan with a big delay.
She made potato pancakes with minced meat. I like it.
Such identical pancakes turned out
Kitchen little things (2) Kitchen little things (2)
Girls, does anyone have a Pasta Express Spaghetti Jug?
Lenochka, and look, you will distract yourself from the samovar
🔗 I have this! The daughter ordered a form from China, and the dumpling maker from Ukraine
Girls, and I managed to get a present for the New Year
Finally I got a big fish.
I ordered it for a long time, but the seller sent the average one. I searched for a long time and finally got it.
Now I have 2 of them
Kitchen little things (2)
Mist, cool fish! Did I miss something? What is this for? Forms for aspic?
Who adapts for what
Small ones seem to work well for jelly.
I made herring under a fur coat in medium, not bad, but the size is too small.
Once again I am grateful to Larisa (Doblet) - a salad in this mold, from her light hand
Kitchen little things (2)
Irish! Where do they get this?
Quote: mikhaska

Irish! Where do they get this?
Ira, I took Ali

Quote: Mikhaska

Mist, Irinka! Thanks for the tip!
Irish, yes, not at all
Only if you choose the sizes, look carefully.
I hardly found the one I needed.
I also looked after such a device - the Clatronic ST / WA 3490 waffle-sandwich maker-grill
Kitchen little things (2)
A worthwhile thing? (for a gift to a very good person)
Babovka I looked at this, but in the end I chose this

Kitchen little things (2)
Girls, does anyone have a Pasta Express Spaghetti Jug?
I bought my son, who loves pasta and spaghetti. Not impressed, he said that it turned out to be very undercooked and had to be taken out and cooked in a saucepan. Now uses spaghetti for storing.
But maybe it will be different for you?
Cirre, I have the same sandwich maker (I can't even call my tongue a grill). Very good, only low-powered and makes waffles a little long. But there are plates for omelet, well, plates for donuts are not impressive.
Quote: Cirre
Babovka I looked at this, but in the end I chose this

Quote: Cirre
I started looking and saw an advertisement for Multi Grill (7 forms) 7 in 1
Kitchen little things (2)
Olga VB
Babovka, HERE look, I'm happy.
Quote: Mirabel

Cirre, I have the same sandwich maker (I can't even call my tongue a grill). Very good, only low-powered and makes waffles a little long. But there are plates for omelet, well, plates for donuts are not impressive.
Vika, you upset me a little, it took a long time to choose, looking for what to take. I really wanted the DEX grill sandwich maker, but the delivery is too expensive, and there are many complaints. If you don't like it, I'll send it to the dacha

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