Cuisine of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

ShurpaThe review examines the features of the national dishes of the peoples of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenia.

Top ten food processors at the beginning of 2018

Andrew James food processor with blender, 2LIf you need an assistant in the kitchen, you want to replenish your recipe box or easily cook for a large company, it's time to think about purchasing a food processor.

General information on cooking

General information on cookingCooking, that is, cooking, is an art that has evolved over the centuries, bearing the imprint of the respective era and culture. From the time when primitive man, accidentally dropping a piece of meat on hot coals, appreciated its best taste, to modern concepts of nutritious and tasty food has come a long way. Modern cooking, taking into account the experience of the past, uses the achievements of science and technology. It also takes into account the current requirements of the science of rational nutrition.

Cooking food

Cooking foodThanks to the use of various methods of culinary processing, it is possible to preserve the components of food products to a significant extent.

Grapes and products of its processing

Grapes and products of its processingOne of the main and valuable biological properties of grapes is the ability to use solar energy in the most efficient way. As a result, the sugar content in ripe berries is very high - it reaches 30-35%, and even more during withering. Dried grapes, raisins and raisins contain 60-70% sugar.

About vegetables and fruits

About vegetables and fruitsIn scientifically grounded rational nutrition, an important place belongs to potatoes, vegetables and fruits, which supply the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Baltic cuisine

Cold Estonian sweet soup with beerBaltic cuisine is primarily focused on the fish resources of the Baltic Sea, gifts from forests, as well as potato and other vegetable dishes.

Recipes Week 6 (2018)


 CholineOften described as "vitamin-like" for its easy water solubility, choline is a unique micronutrient that is essential for many biological functions.

Despite its importance, the attitude of people towards choline is rather frivolous. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, only 8% of American adults consume the required amount of choline daily; in 2010, the Nutritional Guide for Americans stated that most of the population is choline deficient; and in Guides slated for release before 2020, this is unlikely to change.

From antioxidants to iron absorption: how to get the most out of a simple cup of tea

From antioxidants to iron absorptionScientists have shown that a cup of tea can even affect cognitive abilities. But how do you get the most out of plain boiled water with herbs?

Five millennia have passed, and tea still pleases scientists who want to prove obvious things without them. In the most recent study (conducted by Yang Huang of the Department of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University), for example, it was found that tea makes us more creative.

Unold 68616 Skala. Technical characteristics of the bread machine with built-in scales

Unold 68511 Extra. Bread Maker Specifications

Unold 68425 Compact Plus. Bread Maker Specifications

Unold 68415 Top Edition. Bread Maker Specifications

Unold 68125 Comp. Bread Maker Specifications

Today, "ultra-processed" foods account for half of all UK family purchases

Exclusive Interview: Health Professionals Warn of Rising Popularity of Factory-Made Food, Which Will Lead to Negative Effects: Obesity and Poor health.

Is the sushi boom promoting the spread of tapeworm infection?

Recently, more and more people have started eating raw fish, and so there have been disgusting stories of tapeworms. But do sashimi fans really need to worry - and what other ways are there to get infected?

Sunny Lisbon and its attractions

Sunny Lisbon and its attractions

The colorful Portuguese capital and one of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon nestles comfortably on seven hills on the southwestern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Despite the fact that the city was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, and the tsunami and fires that followed, the authorities managed to restore the city from ruins. Now, it attracts tourists from all over the world even more. The location of the city, which is favorable from a tourist and political point of view, but not particularly safe from a geographical point of view, still did not prevent Lisbon from surviving.

Recipes Week 5 (2018)

Unold 8695. Technical characteristics of the bread machine

Atlanta ATH-1423. Bread Maker Specifications

Atlanta ATH-1421. Bread Maker Specifications

5 types of nuts that can help you lose weight

5 types of nuts that can help you lose weightIf you are on your way to shedding those extra pounds, then you know how important it is to eat the right food in the right amounts. In the world of a variety of healthy foods, nuts such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews and raisins are considered super healthy. They are very nutritious indeed, with a ton of different vitamins, minerals, fats, protein and fiber as an example. They are known to help you shed those extra pounds - thanks to fiber and protein. Other nuts are good for other reasons, but eating them for shedding pounds wouldn't be a great idea.

Oursson BM1020JY. Bread Maker Specifications

Oursson BM1021JY. Bread Maker Specifications

Oursson BM0801J. Bread Maker Specifications

Moulinex 251 (OW251E32 Pain & Tresors Maison). Bread Maker Specifications

Moulinex 250 (OW250132 Pain & Tresors). Bread Maker Specifications

Slimming Amino Acids

Slimming Amino AcidsOverweight, which affects half of the world's population, is a global problem. In the fight against extra pounds, exhausting diets and hours of training are used. But sometimes, these attempts are unsuccessful or harm the body.

Recipes Week 4 (2018)

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