Recipes 20 - 26 February 2012

Semolina breadSemolina bread Black aromatic bread on rye sourdoughFlavored bread with rye sourdough Bread with seeds and carrots or pumpkinBread with seeds and carrots or pumpkin Whole grain bread with dried fruitsWhole grain bread with dried fruits Bread roll with sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and rosemaryBread roll with tomatoes, cheese and rosemary Cheese bread with onions, garlic and dried paprikaCheese bread with onions, garlic and paprika Rye bread in sourdough from wallpaper flourRye bread in sourdough from wallpaper flour Uzinska breadBread "Uzinskaya" Wheat-rye-buckwheat bread BOUQUETWheat-rye-buckwheat bread "BOUQUET" Focaccia with basil and cheeseFocaccia with basil and cheese Snails with bacon on rye sourdoughSnails with bacon on rye sourdough Quick cupcake with mushrooms and cheeseQuick cupcake with mushrooms and cheese Puff roses with pearsPuff roses with pears Cream cheese muffinsCream cheese muffins Cake Taste from childhoodTaste from childhood cake Cake a la tiramisuCake a la tiramisu Wet Chocolate Chili CupcakesWet Chocolate Chili Cupcakes Coconut cake with sour cream fillingCoconut cake with sour cream filling Pea soup with smoked breastPea soup with smoked breast Whitefish in lavashWhitefish in lavash Fresh champignon and avocado saladFresh champignon and avocado salad Crostino with liver paste, anchovies, capersCrostino with liver paste, anchovies, capers PaprikashPaprikash Liège wafflesLiège waffles Braised rabbitBraised rabbit Honey mushrooms on a hempHoney mushrooms on a hemp Fish express saladFish express salad Rice in a vegetable coatRice in a vegetable coat Roll with minced meatRoll with minced meat Bagels with meat fillingBagels with meat filling

Coffee, like alcohol, should be consumed in moderation.

CoffeeCoffee is exactly where many of us start every morning. Some people have coffee all day long. And some do not use this drink at all. And everyone is right in their own way. The benefits and harms, about real sorts of coffee and fakes, about exquisite methods of preparation, etc. will be discussed further in the material.

Recipes 13 - 19 February 2012

The need for yoghurt in the children's diet

The need for yoghurt in the children's dietNow with the abundance of dairy products, as well as with its wide range for children, it can be difficult for parents to navigate when choosing yogurt. The best for the child's body are recognized as the most useful - live yoghurts. They are so named by nutritionists, as they contain not only vitamins and trace elements, but also a living bacterial culture - lactobacillus bulgaricus. The terms of consumption of such yoghurts are rather short - up to 25 - 28 days from the date of manufacture.

Hygiene in the kitchen: cutting boards

cutting boardYou cannot do without such a necessary thing as a cutting board in the kitchen. As a rule, there are several of them: for meat, fish, boiled foods, bread, vegetables. Some housewives use one such board for raw food, another for boiled food, and cut bread on the back.

Good thoughts are a weapon against depression, or "Forgiveness Sunday" for yourself

Good thoughts are a weapon against depressionStrange things happen to a person who decides to change his life, to fix it for the better. Immediately after the decision to start all over from a new page, as if a mass of obstacles appeared from under the ground - as if on purpose someone was adding oil to the fire of a sinful past.

Features of the development and education of young children

Features of the development and education of young childrenEarly age is considered the period of the most intensive development of all systems of the body and organs of the baby, various skills and behavior are formed. In the first years of life, a huge world of human relations opens before the little man. They begin to master the simplest rules of behavior.Attachments, tastes and habits are already forming.

How to choose a shampoo?

How to choose shampooThe choice of shampoo is a crucial moment. Many people are interested in the question: how often should you wash your hair? It is believed that the more often we do this, the faster it gets dirty. If this happens, the matter is in the wrong choice of shampoo and inaccurate determination of the type of hair.

Shrovetide - a fun holiday of spring

Shrovetide - a fun holiday of springThere are many traditional holidays in Russia, the history of which is imbued with a special Slavic culture. One of them is the well-known Maslenitsa. Cheerful folk festivals last a whole week, and there is a tradition for each day

Pancake recipes

What happens when salting

What happens when saltingSalting, like drying, is one of the most reliable methods of preserving food. But why does salt keep food from spoiling? What are the principles of its preservative effect?

It is generally known that the cell of a living organism includes a membrane, protoplasm, cell juice and several other elements. Substances feeding the cell penetrate into it through the membrane. This is how osmosis manifests itself.

Review of pea dishes

PeasUnusually rich in proteins, vitamins and other useful microelements, peas rightfully occupy a worthy position in the cuisine of many nationalities, and their indisputable popularity is well deserved, as it allows you to create a wide variety of culinary masterpieces. It is known that the main aspects of the use of peas mainly depend on the way they are processed.

Recipes February 6-12, 2012

Child and four-legged friend

Child and four-legged friendIf, before the birth of your child, there was a dog in your house that you were especially sensitive to, you will have to re-establish contact with it. The animal will get jealous and try to get your attention, just like a child. Such attempts should be immediately stopped so that it would not be worse later.


GingerThis plant from South Asia is also called the white root. It is also grown on an industrial scale in Australia, India, China, Indonesia, West Africa, Jamaica, Ceylon and Barbados. Ginger was one of the first spices, which was brought back in the 16th century from Asia to America, where it took root and found its fans.

Gourmet meals for the future husband

Gourmet meals for the future husbandWell, Svetlana had difficulties. All my life I have been preparing dishes of Russian cuisine. And then knowledge of the preparation of German cuisine was needed. After all, Svetlana got married to a German. The first time he came to visit her, he greatly praised her borscht and dumplings. But he had a bored expression on his face at the table. And Svetlana decided to surpass herself

Choosing a vacuum cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleanerBuying a vacuum cleaner today is not a problem. And the prices for modern models of vacuum cleaners are different. One model is sold for the price of an iron, while the other will have to pay a "tidy" sum. True, expensive vacuum cleaners are not always the best. In this case, how to choose a vacuum cleaner?

Poem about rice

RiceWhat do we know about rice? In Russia, rice is so recent (only a little over 200 years) that it did not even have time to "overgrow" ritual traditions.And in the East, rice is still, like 7 thousand years ago (!), Is considered a sacred grain - a symbol of life itself. Rice not only saved from hunger, but was a ritual food, currency for paying taxes and salaries.

Beauty: choosing makeup for a brunette

Beauty: choosing makeup for a brunetteSince ancient times, female representatives have been trying to look great and for this they use as many varieties of decorative cosmetics as possible. We all know that thanks to decorative cosmetics, any woman or girl can transform, change her image and just look 100%.

Saratov kalach

Saratov kalachSaratov kalach. If you come across a bread product with this name in some other city, you should know: it is only named "Saratov". And not because of the fact that craftsmen are less skilled in Kostroma or Astrakhan. No, today's bakers all over the Volga know the secrets of their forerunners, craftsmen, who baked sieve, sieve, oat and mill bread in Russia, knew how to surprise overseas residents with pretzel, and crustacean, and even the so-called "French" bun, very Russian in origin.

Collection of recipes for the Tefal OW 4002 bread machine

Characteristics and description of the DeLonghi BDM 1500 bread machine

How to choose a yoghurt maker?

 How to choose a yogurt makerA couple of years ago, the consumer would have had no problem choosing a yogurt maker. However, today manufacturers from different countries are ready to offer a wider assortment of both simple and sophisticated models. How not to get confused and choose a good yogurt maker at a good price?

Oily skin care

Oily skin careOily facial skin is not only the source of a huge number of problems, but can also cause some rather serious diseases. Especially if you do not provide proper facial care. Oily skin, as a rule, gives itself away with an unpleasant shine, large pores, acne, and uneven skin.


carnationClove belongs to the class of classic spices. It is a flower of a tree from the myrtle family, dried in the bud stage. From the Moluccas, the spice was brought to India, Tanzania, Indonesia, Madagascar, Ceylon, where it is successfully cultivated. Cloves produce bountiful harvests twice a year, making them inexpensive and widely used.

Plug and Conquer. Programs for managing your phone from a PC

Plug and Conquer. Programs for managing your phone from a PCFans of the TV series about Katya Pushkareva saw how a person can be changed by a small amount of cosmetics and a skilled stylist. Similar changes are possible with mobile phones. They can be easily stuffed with trendy ringtones, super pictures and the most popular toys. And for this you need the smallest thing: a small KKR (coefficient of curved handles) and a program for controlling the terminal using a personal computer.

Free radicals as a cause of obesity

Free radicals as a cause of obesityA healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular every year. In principle, this popularity is very easy to explain. After all, the ecology at the present time is simply catastrophic, and the constant stresses to which a person is exposed leave an indelible mark on his health. That's why sports, a healthy lifestyle and a cup of coffee every morning will help keep you healthy.

Can you find love on the Internet?

Can love be found on the internetA lot of people in search of their destiny are included in the World Wide Web. On dating sites, single and even married people try to get to know each other, have an affair or get married. But many are stopped by the fear of facing perverts, gigolos. How realistic is it to meet your love on the Internet? I began to look for the answer to this question, turning to the regulars of these sites and ordinary passers-by.

Choosing a microwave oven

Choosing a microwave oven

Microwaves (in everyday life - microwave ovens) are now in almost every family. The price range for them covers the capabilities of any wallet. But how do you choose a microwave to provide the functionality you need at an affordable price? The right choice will be discussed in this article.


YeastThis nutritious product contains many useful substances and biologically active elements, yeast saturates foods with carbon dioxide, increases their volume and gives dishes a unique taste. Have known about the possibilities of yeast since time immemorial. But the standards for their application have evolved from century to century.

How to resist aging

How to resist agingNobody wants to look older than their "passport" age. However, the number of wrinkles is influenced by our lifestyle and habits. Dry skin, clear and deep wrinkles, enlarged pores and age spots are all signs of age-related changes. In some women, wrinkles appear early, in others later. Each of us has our own "biological clock" or chronological age. This aging is "programmed" genetically - changes occur within our body. Subsequently, this affects the face.

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