Jam from green cherry plum

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Jam from green cherry plum


Cherry plum green fresh 1 kg of ready-made puree
White sugar 500-600 grams

Cooking method

  • It is difficult to understand the logic of a seller in the market if you do not do it yourself.
  • Two or three weeks ago, a green cherry plum called "pluck out your eyes" was on sale in the market, but not all in a row. There was no price tag for green cherry plum, since the price for it went off scale for all conceivable limits from 1000 to 1500 rubles per kilogram, whoever needed it, just asked the seller.
  • Jam from green cherry plum
  • Why so - the explanation is simple: who needs to take and at such a price.
  • Who buys - the answer is simple: who needs it, mainly for pregnant women who are impatient to taste pure acids))) Well, okay, let them eat for health, if the child requires! Or those who have gone over too much in the evening, in the morning the head is "bo-bo", and an urgent brine is needed to improve health - here the green plum can very well replace the brine)))
  • In Spara, and even then, a green cherry plum cost 650 rubles per kilogram!
  • And so, ten days ago, I drove around the market, I went to the exit, and saw a green cherry plum in a box. And the box was in the place where they put vegetables and fruits "I will give it for a cheap price, it's a pity to throw it away." And the plum is beautiful to look at, not spoiled, and the cost is only 150 rubles per kilogram !!!! It is called - pregnant women ate acids, set their teeth on edge)))
  • I stand by the box and try hard to solve the problem: so that it can be, why is cherry plum standing in this place, and why is it so cheap, and is it true that it costs so much?
  • The seller understood me differently, flies up to me and right off the bat in a commanding-market voice gives out "take 120 rubles each, take everything!" Now I am again strenuously thinking silently "do I need it, so much and for such a price?"
  • While I was silently and silently, I was solving these problems, the plum appeared in a large package (even two, to make it stronger), was weighed (it turned out to be 7 kg.) And the purchase amount was calculated (even 20 rubles as a bonus went for an even account), and even nearby turned out (by chance) the driver of the car, took this package and went to the car.
  • I followed, like a hypnotized lamb to be slaughtered (he also had my bag of vegetables in his hands). In general, they took me safe and sound to the entrance of the house, and the bags were brought to the elevator, and they did not even ask where to go, and so they know, because they often take me home from the market)))
  • That's how I became the owner of a box of green cherry plum "pluck out your eyes", and quite at an adequate price. I put the cherry plum in the refrigerator drawer, I will cook it several times.
  • It seems like they don't make jam with such cherry plum, it is very sour and takes a long time to boil. Therefore, I quickly ran on the Internet in search of any recipes with green cherry plum and stopped at jam. Internet by the Internet, but the whole process had to be tracked in fact, a sample for sugar was taken during the cooking process, the cooking time before and after pouring sugar - on which the density of the jam, and the color, and taste depend.
  • Go…)))
  • Sort out cherry plums, rinse in running hot water, tear off the tails.
  • Prick the cherry plum with a fork to crack the peel faster and give away its juice faster.
  • Jam from green cherry plum
  • Put a saucepan with cherry plum on the stove, pour in some water, about 200 ml in total. just for the cooking process to start, boiling began. You don't need a lot of water, otherwise it will evaporate for a long time.
  • Cook the cherry plum for about 10-15 minutes, until the juice appears, until the cherry plum is boiled. Some berries are harder, so I help mash them with a fork. There is a lot of juice in cherry plum!
  • Jam from green cherry plum Jam from green cherry plum
  • Pass the boiled berries in parts through a sieve. I used a sieve attachment from a Kenwood combine, the berries were rubbed through a fine sieve in one moment.
  • It turned out such a mass, juice together with berry pulp.
  • Jam from green cherry plum Jam from green cherry plum
  • Now I weigh this mass on the scales, I got 2400 grams. So sugar will need to weigh about 500-600 grams per kilogram of mass.
  • I choose a pan with a wide bottom, so that there is a larger area for evaporation of liquid.
  • Jam from green cherry plum
  • I pour the berry mass into a saucepan, put it on the fire, let the mass boil, reduce the heat, and cook the mass for 1 hour. Stir the mixture periodically with a spoon and remove the foam. It is imperative to remove the foam, as this foam can set in the flakes and remain in the jam. First, I carefully remove the foam from the surface, and then I mix the mass.
  • Jam from green cherry plum
  • After an hour, the mass will noticeably boil down.
  • I add sugar to the mass, stir until the sugar dissolves. I let the mass boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for another 1 hour.
  • And again I remove the foam, and mix it periodically, about every 10-15 minutes.
  • At the end of the second hour, the sugar mass will set well and thicken. This can be seen from the state of the mass on the spoon, the jam no longer flows from the spoon, but sticks to the surface of the spoon, it turns out thick.
  • Jam from green cherry plum
  • And the color of the jam becomes quite dark, especially after the addition of sugar, the caramelization of the jam makes it clear.
  • Jam from green cherry plum Jam from green cherry plum
  • Jam can be poured over jars. I pour the jam into liquid jars, close the lids, put them hot on the lids until the mass cools completely. Now you can turn the cans over and put them in storage. Jam can be safely stored in a pantry or closet.
  • Jam from green cherry plum
  • Jam from green cherry plum
  • Jam from green cherry plum

The dish is designed for

Output 4 cans of 400 ml.

Cooking program:



The taste of the jam turned out to be sweet and sour, I really liked it! This is my taste!
When chilled, the jam thickened very well! And the color is nice!
I am happy with the result! Especially if you remember the history of buying cherry plum, and its cost.
Bon appetit, everyone! And delicious blanks!

Later ...

I cooked the second batch of jam 15 minutes longer, and it turned out to be darker in color, and much thicker, denser. It is called "the spoon is standing" in the center. And it is not even going to fall out of the can, it sits there like a cork. In the morning I checked the jar of jam, even after standing for the night, the jam did not fall to the bottom, and the density of the jam hangs in the jar.

My taste! Sweet and sour, pleasant More sugar is not needed, 500-600 grams per kilogram of puree, it will be

Next year, I am ready to buy all the boxes of "cherry plum waste" on the market, at an adequate price
But, until I tell anyone in the market about this

Tanya, I did not even suspect that green (unripe) cherry plum can be used at least somewhere, but from yellow, mature, jams and compotes I just love Alycha a lot this year, if it crumbles ahead of time - the recipe is ready to eat, thanks

Tina, usually I bought a yellow-pink cherry plum and cooked jam-jam from it, right with the seeds. Gels well, cooks quickly like regular jam
But, in recent years, I just don't see such cherry plum on the market.And you can't cook green like that, it's not that kind for cooking in the usual way And with a long cooking it turned out to be a wonderful jam

Tina, Thank you!
Tanya, I have a yellow cherry plum growing - it is smaller and more sour and pink, almost red, here it is very tasty (but it is stolen every year, not allowing it to ripen), and so from yellow, but well ripe, I cook everything - and compotes, and jams
What a treat!
Just fainted from your cherry plum prices !!!

Pregnant women are so sour ?! So then get sick from heartburn?

We have red for 79 rubles. I took per kg.
It's a pity, we only have pink-red, I would have made jam from yellow jam too.
Thanks for the detailed algorithm!

Nastya, yes, in this position, pregnant women and lard eat in kilograms without bread, and they do not get any bad at all And sometimes such disgusting ... which in a normal position you won’t look at So, it’s necessary

I always make jam from yellow and pink-red cherry plums when it appears on sale. I like the way the cherry plum jelly and the taste is sweet and sour
Admin, where to look in the process of work a miracle attachment from Kenwood ?? I rubbed it for an hour with a spoon through a wire sieve, because it doesn't work with bones through a passavedura ..
Lena, there is nothing to watch there

Here, pouring a mixture of steamed plums

Jam from green cherry plum

I lower two blades (you cannot see them in the photo), turn on the minim. combine speed and go - the puree goes down through the grate, the bones remain in the bowl

Jam from green cherry plum

In less than a minute, the mass was all below. I made two runs.

Very comfortable nozzle, with two nets - fine mesh in the photo

The whole set: a bowl made of plastic without a bottom (one deep rim), two grates (small and larger), a blade (worn instead of a hook) - and that's it
Elena Tim
Tan, you always describe everything in such an interesting way that I not only read with pleasure and look at the pictures, but I am also tempted to jerk, buy and cook.
Chic - both jam and story.
Well, as it was, she told me. Until the elevator, the bags were dragged, then I said "stop", or even to the door they would be reported, and to the kitchen, such happiness fell - the cherry plum was sold from the box "sorry to throw it away" whole box

Len, they don't know yet (traders from the market) WHAT they sold to me, no - they even forced it on, but I won't show them, and I won't even tell
And don't you tell, OK !?
Otherwise, next year I will not see cherry plum in the boxes "sorry to throw it away", or the price will be immediately raised

Well, is it possible to say about such a cherry plum "to be discarded"? Here, fools

Jam from green cherry plum

Yesterday I persuaded a rosette of jam with aromatic tea "Assam with first leaves", oh, how sincere it was
Tatyana,Admin, your jam inspired me to revise the Passavedura - now she can wipe the cherry plum. The photo report in the topic about the need for invention is tricky.


Elena Tim
Quote: Admin
And don't you tell, OK !?
Not in life!
You have a couple of jars of jam ...
Jam from green cherry plum
IN! Already shot, HA!

And how does jam taste like? Lenahow many jars!
Kislenko and not as thick as yours, smear on the patches - that's it! I saved the sugar, and it wasn’t a super green cherry plum, only the foams were left for the sample, the jam itself was poured into these jars.
I understand in my mind that if only I could eat it, my hands are itching to cook it again. Cupping disease of the last stage.

Oh, Lena, canning disease is now among many on the forum The main thing is to fill the banks with tasty things while the fruit is there, and we will deal with it in winter and it will be good when there is variety in the jars, it will not be so boring to open them
And the disease, pour everything to a drop into jars, even for a sample there is little left.But the taste appears after the jam ripens in jars - it means there is something to wait for the winter

You can sweeten the jam as it cooks, if it's really sour. I don't like excessive sweetness in jams, everything should be done to taste. It seems to me that behind the excessive sweetness, the very taste of the berries, their natural taste, go away.

Lena, I'm glad for you, if there is a desire to cook more, then the jam was a success, and the rest is already in the details when re-cooking
Tanya, wow, your prices !!!! And we have a yellow plum growing in the country, but judging by your photos, this is cherry plum. She knits a little in the mouth, right? (I'll throw off the photos from the TF). So I didn't know this year what to do with her so much! Collected 5 eggs from voschey (15 liters each box). I made "Tkemali" sauce, a compote with tarragon (the recipe is taken here on HP), now I will make jam according to your recipe.

Alyona, you need to look carefully at the plum again: there is a yellow plum, and there is a green cherry plum (which gradually turns into a yellow plum). Cherry plum appears only at the end of June and only for a short period of time. Cherry plum does not grow in our suburbs, it is a southern fruit, they bring it to us.

In any case, if your cherry plum is sour (or sour yellow plum), the jam will be gorgeous in taste
Cooking is unambiguous!
No plum is sour. She is sweetish, slightly knits. Well, I'll try to make a jam, then unsubscribe.

Alyona, making jam is easy, everything will work out And the jam is delicious!
To your health!
Admin, TatyanaThank you very much for the recipe! I brewed it from yellow plum, added very little sugar, and it turned out to be an amazingly tasty jam.

Olya, to your health! Jam will delight you in winter, with tea it will be!
Tatyana, absolutely right! Moreover, I do not like jam at all, except from field strawberries, because it usually seems sweet to me. And here is such a pleasant sourness. We still need to make it out of tornoslum.

Olya, I came to the conclusion that jams prepared using this technology turn out to be much tastier than both jam and jam cooking in the usual way, with peel without rubbing.
Even from raisin grape jam, I am absolutely delighted
Made some jam. True to a jar of 0.5 liters. And it turned out like this; I walk through the market and ask: "How much are the plums?" - and to me "this is cherry plum at 60r / kg." Tried it - delicious, sweet. We took "to eat". All did not eat - tired - I remembered this recipe. It turned out very tasty!
Quote: lily_a
this is cherry plum
It's strange, I asked her at the bazaar back in August, they said that at that time she was no longer there. Lily, and where did they take me, I’ll also go.
We have a market on Daurskaya. Here on it, where local summer residents trade. Apparently local. There were 2 large white 15 liter buckets. But that was Friday afternoon. If the metro, then the station "Ometyevo". If I see another 2-3 kg I will buy it. I took it on trial.

Lily, so I introduced you to cherry-plum jam To your health!
In any case, cherry plum usually has a sour taste, and in July it already disappears.

Well, okay, let it be cherry-plum - the main thing is delicious jam
So I thought plum. I'm not an expert on cherry plum. Maybe a hybrid? The jam is delicious. And there is a desire to repeat. But there is almost no sourness.

Lilya, still a little control in the differences "plum or cherry plum".
Cherry plum in jam always turns out to be gelatinous in consistency - I can see it in the photo. Moreover, with a short cooking.

Plum never has a gelatinous consistency, it will not keep its shape during short cooking, it is like "thick semolina" (comparison) and will thicken to marmalade with prolonged cooking.

If you like the result - feel free to cook the jam again
Admin, I’m standing Tanechka, I’m boiling a bucket of cherry plum until the sugar is sugar, there was a ripe and green truth green 1/4 part.
It turned out that there is still a liquid puree (I have already rubbed it and I want to buy a rub right now) a saucepan of 6 liters, I will boil a little more. What is the consistency of the puree? For as much sugar as in the recipe? I'm thinking of rolling up-autoclaving (about 7 minutes! Probably half a liter will be okay?) Jars in a stock, so that if sugar is not enough, it probably stood at room temperature

Marina, made a jam?
Cook until the liquid-water-plum juice evaporates. In any case, cherry plum gel well, especially when you have more yellow plums. I usually cook cherry plum with seeds, since they do not remove themselves, they sit tightly on the pulp.

An autoclave is completely unnecessary! Any jam closed hot under the lids will stand perfectly for a long time. Otherwise, the fruit-berries will be overcooked after a long cooking, and the taste depends on this.
Admin, it turned out to make a saucepan of mashed potatoes, I was not at home, it turned out that there weren't really any cans, there was no sugar and I had to go home ”I’ll pick up another bucket, there is a lot of this cherry plum, no one needs it at all, no one thinks about the berry-fruit, despite the fact that it is not at all south sour-no one does, and so yesterday they looked at me as abnormal with this first bucket, although I rubbed it through a sieve pretty quickly, but how quickly I fiddled for an hour ... (although ..... I WILL BUY a sitwash URGENTLY !! ) I can't insert a photo - it turned out a little amber jam - delicious!
I made today a little for a test in a small jar, it has cooled down and does not fall out of the jar .... but I think, if it is completely sugar-free, just mashed potatoes in jars and autoclave in the head, will it stand?
Marina, will stand without sugar and without autoclaving.
For a couple of years, gooseberries have already been, I rub the currants through a screw squeezer, I boil the juice and in cans, with one pour.It is worth it, waiting in the wings - either kanpot, or you can cook jam. And you can marinate cucumbers-tomatoes with sour juice.
And it is also possible in freezing bags - there will be excellent ice instead of lemon - in a marinade for meat or salad.

I read the first message about prices. Hmm. Tanya probably went to the Martian bazaar
Twig, I already wiped the small cherries at the same time, also sour, but a small jar of ready-made jam sold out with homemade toasts sooo quickly
Then I’ll go and collect cherry plum, while the local people and the bewilderment of my body movements, winter picks up everything, and instead of lemon, I also thought taking into account its brutal sourness, put another porcelain in the micron with sugar for jam, I liked something, and the jar was almost empty ......Admin, Tanya, thanks for the recipe !!! now this cherry plum will not lie under your feet with a mute reproach
Quote: kartinka
Then I'll go collect cherry plum, while the people are local and bewildered by my movements

Yeah, how they will know how to do it and why, and besides, what is delicious ... as if in front of you they will jump for a berry
Marina, to your health!

And do not do unnecessary work, hot jam in jars and under the lids, and put on the lid until it cools down - any jam and jam will stand for years No autoclave is needed
Quote: Twig
I read the first message about prices. Hmm. Tanya probably went to the Martian bazaar

... I walked around the Dmitrovsky bazaar Like this, at first exorbitant prices, and then "just take it away"
Admin, Tanechka, tomorrow it’s business, I want to buy some milk for cheese at the same time, and the day after tomorrow I’ll try how you write a test batch to make it, good, except for me there is no demand

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