Hitachi HB-E303. White bread

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Hitachi HB-E303. White bread


Wheat flour 3 measuring cups or 450 g
Water 1 1 \ 4 cups or 300 ml
Coarse salt 1.5 tsp. or 10 g
White sugar 2 tbsp. l or 30 g
Vegetable oil 1.5 tbsp. l or 23 ml
DAF-moment dry yeast 1.5 tsp or 6 g

Cooking method

  • The bread is baked in a Hitachi HB-E303 bread maker.
  • Measuring cup contains 250 ml.
  • Program Basic (Basic), 3 hours 50 minutes in time.
  • The bread recipe is taken from the recommendations from the instructions for the Hitachi x \ n, which are posted on the forum "The amount of flour and other ingredients for making bread of various sizes" "Wheat bread - BIG BULKA"
  • The process duration and cycles in the Hitachi HB-E303 bread maker are as follows:
  • 1.preliminary kneading - 11 minutes
  • 2.pause - 40 minutes
  • 3. kneading - 14 minutes
  • 4.first ascent - 26 minutes
  • 5.gas outlet - 20 seconds
  • 6.second ascent - 70 minutes
  • 7.baking - 55 minutes
  • 8.the end of baking - 13 minutes
  • The total baking time is 3 hours 50 minutes.
  • 1. Bookmarking of raw materials.
  • 1.1 I pour vegetable oil on the bottom of the bucket so that it hits the center of the spatula, the rotating part, which will allow you to quickly and easily remove the finished bread from the bucket.
  • 1.2 now pour, it is recommended to use water + 5 * C from the refrigerator. It is not recommended to use warm water according to the instructions for x \ n.
  • 1.3 I put flour, after sifting it through a sieve.
  • 4. in the corners of the bucket I pour salt, sugar, yeast.
  • Everything, the laying of raw materials in a bucket of cotton is completed.
  • 2. Kneading the dough
  • 2.1 I install the bucket in x \ n.
  • 2.2 select in the MENU (three clicks) the BHOLE WHEAT BREAD mode (baking wheat bread), medium toasted bread crust COLOR, press the START button. The batch has gone!
  • 2.3 the bread recipe is very well verified, that it was not necessary to adjust the KOLOBOK, the dough kneading went well right away. But, nevertheless, be sure to check the quality of the dough kneading and the bun itself, the quality of the finished bread depends on it.
  • You can read more about this in the topic. "A guide to baking bread in a homemade bread maker"
  • Now you need to control the state of the kolobok.
  • The gingerbread man of white wheat bread should be soft. Here's how the consistency of the kolobok is described in the Bread Maker Tutorial:
  • The gingerbread man should look like a round, smooth ball, without streaks, stripes, breaks, neat, lag behind the walls of the bucket, spin in the center of the bucket at the bottom.
  • If you touch the bun with your fingers (this must be done many times during the kneading time), it should be elastic, springy, and not stick, not stick to your fingers. Do not hesitate to run your fingers into the bucket with spread fingers and hug the bun with them properly to understand its softness, the consistency of the dough.
  • For comparison - it feels like it should be: a) an earlobe, - b) an elastic female breast, c) the butt of a small child, d) the belly of a sleeping cat, e) other similar comparisons are possible, so choose an object for comparison and practice, before kneading the dough. These comparisons were taken by me from the forum and from other sources.
  • Following these rules and descriptions, we get such a neat and soft bun
  • 4.After the second kneading, the dough piece-bun looks like this:
  • Hitachi HB-E303. White bread
  • The consistency of the bun is soft dough.
  • 3. Proofing (raising) the dough
  • The first rise - 26 minutes - the release of gases - 20 seconds - the second rise - 70 minutes
  • After the second raising (proofing), the dough looks like this:
  • Hitachi HB-E303. White bread
  • The bucket at x \ n Hitachi is 13X13 cm and high upwards, that's how the dough rose during the proofing.
  • 4. Baking bread:
  • Baking - 55 minutes - End of baking - 13 minutes - Total 1 hour 08 minutes
  • The bread is ready - the baking is over! This is what the finished bread looks like!
  • Hitachi HB-E303. White bread
  • We take out a bucket of ready-made bread from x \ n, and gently shake the bread out of the bucket.The bread comes out of the bucket very well, the seam from the shoulder blade is neat, not torn.
  • The size of the bread is 13x13x18 cm in height. The weight of the finished bread is 685 grams.
  • Grease the top crust with olive oil, leave to cool to room temperature.
  • Hitachi HB-E303. White bread
  • Hitachi HB-E303. White bread

Time for preparing:

3 hours 50 minutes

Cooking program:

Basic (Basic)


5. We taste the bread
The bread has cooled down - we will cut it, taste it, evaluate it, enjoy it - sort out the mistakes (if any).
The crust of the bread is bright and even, thin and crispy.
The crumb is medium porous and airy!
Bread for all occasions - for lunch, breakfast, dessert! Perfect with toasted toast!
Bon appetit to everyone and good bread!

Thanks for the wonderful recipe and detailed instructions !!! I baked it several times already, and everything is fine! She has dried small croutons for the baby, she grumbles with great pleasure !!!
And for some reason nothing worked for me. Baked for this recipe for the first time. In general, this is the second pancake lumpy ... The first time I baked with rye flour - the top fell through. But this one did not rise, and inside it was somehow sticky and inedible, and the crust was pale. It seems that I did everything according to the recipe. But I added a little flour, even during the second batch (maybe this is the reason?). Or maybe the water needs warmer. I have SAF-Levure yeast ... In short, I feel like a complete clumsy, there is a desire to throw out the bread maker I have it without instructions, without prescriptions ... In all other respects, my principle is that if something doesn't work the first time, I don't come back to it. But I would very much like to learn how to bake different types of bread. How long does it take to screw up to grasp this science? ...
And you take as a principle VERY carefully from and to read the MANUAL ON BAKING BREAD IN A HOMEMADE BREAD # and other topics about koloboks here

Bread is such a product, you need to work on the dough

If anything, come crying in the topic Help, nothing happens with bread !!! (Ambulance)
My third child turned out to be more successful (I don't know how to attach a photo) but the result exceeded all my expectations. A few of my additions about the recipe: I took warm water, not cold, and also put a dark crust (this is in Privileg hp). Most importantly, the bread turned out to be even, even the top did not crack.

How to insert a photo into your message

What water to add depends on the model of the x / stove, and you yourself choose the option that will be the best for you
It turns out wonderful bread according to this recipe, it is in my main ones. As my friend said, and this bread is only on holidays.) And it turned out the first time. I made small changes - for example, the lodge was less sugar, a spoon and a half. And flour is 15-20 grams more, the water is warm. directly from the tap, the temperature is 38-40 gr. (I immediately show the temperature on the water heater. At first the top of the bread fell off a little, but every time it turns out more and more tasty. My bread maker Mystery-1202. made from flour from different manufacturers and yeast, saf- levyur, saf, ashanovskikh (every day) Always an excellent result!

Bake homemade bread for health - it's tasty and healthy!
Dear Admin, please accept a huge THANKS !!! for all your work, it is this bread that is regularly produced of excellent quality! All your advice is very necessary for all novice bakers. On my own behalf, I will say that having a diploma of a food technologist and working in the confectionery industry, I used your recommendations. Experience is a great thing, and theory helps to understand the essence of the process. Thanks again!

cloud, Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, only I have no culinary education in any field, I am self-taught - what I can and know, I put it on the forum
It's nice to hear from PROFI that my work helps))
Tatyana, thank you for this detailed bread recipe. I've only had a stove for a week, I'm just still studying, I've read all your works, though I still have a mess in my head, but I hope I'll figure it out with modern times. Here's what a loaf I got
Hitachi HB-E303. White bread

Irina, very decent bread turned out!

Thanks for the kind words! The forum has a lot of material to help beginners, bake for health! I believe you will succeed!
ROMA thank you very much yesterday, according to your recipe, baked a very decent bread
at first I read everything carefully - especially about the formation of a kolobok !!
What you are doing is invaluable !!! for me why it was very important to learn how to bake bread, I tried according to the recipes that are given in the instructions for the bread maker -
was upset
and you have everything clearly written for each stage, the photos are good
I understood where I made mistakes

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
I will continue to bake according to your recipes and rejoice
Quote: Madina

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
I will continue to bake according to your recipes and rejoice

Madina , to your health!
We have collected a huge amount of material, all that remains is to bake and bake bread, which is what I wish you!
Yes, I have already looked after myself bread with pumpkin and flour Altai Health
Can I bake in a bread maker? what program is the main
while there is no scale how to determine the weight?

Thank you very much again

You have not indicated the model of your x / stove (and place of residence), this must be done in your profile - then it will be more convenient for us to help you

If there are no scales, use the table in the topic Amount of flour and other ingredients to get bread of various sizes and there is a topic by glasses How large is the measuring cup (cup) in your bread machine?

And the topic with links to help you Bread again did not work, I did everything strictly according to the recipe. What can be wrong?

Good luck!
Thank you
I'll come now I'll bake
I have questions - how to insert a photo - I wanted to show you my handsome man (otherwise, without your advice, I thought the same thing - it's not for me that I need to give HP)
and how to specify the city - the profile does not change - I'm from Kazan ..
I am very pleased - I just wanted to combine dairy products, vegetables and whole grain flour - and here everything is
and I want to continue to work with leaven - how HP raises

Your advice before NG is a real gift for me

On our forum, it is customary not to mix up all the questions and answers in any topic you like (if this does not apply to a specific bread recipe)

To do this, in my section for these purposes, you can use the topic Help, nothing happens with bread !!! (Ambulance)

How to insert a photo into your message
Thank you. Everything worked out very well.
Quote: bugagashek

Thank you. Everything worked out very well.

To your health! Nice to hear about your successes
Hello!!!! According to your recipe, everything worked out the first time, I didn't even expect it. After reading so much information: girl_cleanglasses: worried: girl-th: for the bun, but "rolled up" (judging by the ready-made bread) as it should, did not add anything. Probably, the water was still not enough, since the roof cracked a little at the beginning of baking, or the proofing was insufficient. Tracked:
the second -21 min, the third, before baking-50 min On the Basic mode in cotton Vitek 1990 (it is not in the proposed list, I could not specify it in the profile)
Thank you for your work !!!! Help is invaluable !!!!! We will now bake together. Next in line is bread with cheese))))
Tell me, is 1.5 tablespoons of yeast a lot for this amount of flour? With 1 spoon, my bread rises well, but it falls off when baked. One knowledgeable person advised putting in 0.5 teaspoon of yeast. What do you think about this? Maybe my yeast is too active? Also a saf moment.
Let's focus on the table The amount of flour and other ingredients for making bread of various sizes , but if the bread turns out well with less yeast - great!

The roof can fall for many reasons, the flour-liquid balance may be disturbed The bread rises, but falls inward. Causes.

Check out the "Basics of kneading and baking" section more often, you will learn a lot of interesting things
Thank you very much for such a quick response. I want to try to install programs in the bread maker exactly the same as yours. Kneading, pause (the bread maker is just waiting at this moment or is it already warming up by 30 degrees?), Raising the first and second (I assume that there is definitely heating here), the release of gases (I have no idea what should be happening at this moment), baking (do not know at how many degrees your bread is baked at least approximately?).
Sorry for the huge number of questions, I just really want the bread to turn out.

Learn more about the programs here #
In the x / stove, all temperatures are set automatically and cannot be changed
Hello! I'm a newbie. ... got so caught up in the idea of ​​buying a bread machine that she took her whole brain out to her husband. I heard from friends-friends-friends and well, I got very fired up ...
We went to Zelgros for groceries, and there was only 1 Maxima 0219 bread machine for sale. To the delight that my husband kept quiet, she bought falconer's flour, Saf-moment yeast was at home. Barely endured until the morning, according to the bread maker's recipe, she started "French bread".
I was immediately embarrassed that the bun could hardly turn, but I was looking forward to the result. The output turned out to be a 20 × 20 × 15 brick, which really could have banged someone :-)
My husband was all sore, and I ran into your site ...
I thoroughly studied everything, sent my husband to the store, another flour (this time Makfa) and the same yeast, but new.
I did not dare to lay it "dry", I spread everything liquid with yeast in a bowl, taking into account your recipe and half of the flour ... ... the dough was running in full, the bread turned out to be beautiful! So that

Luda, that's great that you took so seriously the process of baking bread
Bake to your health!

Thank you, I will study it carefully and follow your advice.
The bread turned out to be wonderful, airy with a crispy crust and at the same time quite sticky inside. I have been baking bread for a month in a bread maker and have forgotten what store bread is. I have already learned a little and gained confidence, although it’s a shame to remember the very first bread (I didn’t fully insert the bucket, it rattled and something incomprehensible was baked). But the second and all subsequent bread already turned out. This recipe has been modified quite a bit. I added 20 grams of oat bran (and reduced the amount of flour by the same amount), added a pinch of mustkat and just a little cinnamon. And a little bit of raisins (also very few). The bread is just super. Morning coffee is better than any cake. There is one more nuance: I set the bread to bake in the evening, at night I turned off the bread maker at the signal and left the bread in it (I really wanted to sleep). The next morning it was a little wet, the crust was soft. I put it on the baking mode for 20 minutes and the bread changed: the crust is crispy, the bread is not hot, but warm - just in time for chew or coffee. Thanks for the recipe!
Madlane, bake to your health!
Great recipe, great bread the first time) Hitachi HB-E303. White bread

Oleg, very nice bread turned out, BRAVO!
Thank you so much!!!! And do not tell me with milk) how to replace dry with fresh one)
Thank you very much for the recipe! I tried it and it worked. It was not without additional flour - in my book for 3 glasses of flour - water is taken 1 1 \ 8, but I still took the proportions according to your recipe - I think that first you need to cook as suggested and then make changes according to your preferences. I must say right away that I replaced 1 glass of premium wheat flour with 1 glass of whole grain. It turns out that there was 2 tbsp of ordinary + 1 tbsp of whole grain + when kneading a little whole grain, I poured about 50 grams by eye.
In the process of kneading, I saw that the dough was sticky and smeared from below - I poured flour until a smooth kolobok turned out, thanks to the topic about koloboks and detailed kneading of the dough, its consistency, and so on!

Many thanks to you from our family for this wonderful bread!

Hitachi HB-E303. White bread

Hitachi HB-E303. White bread

Baked in a Hitachi bread maker, Whole wheat bread mode
Quote: ZaRaZka
I think that first you need to cook according to the proposed and then make changes according to your preferences.

No not like this
You always need to measure the ingredients according to the standard flour-liquid ratio (main), and then fulfill the wishes of the dough itself, we observe the flour-liquid balance. Since the quality of the dough itself depends on our local ingredients and the weather outside the window in our region - and we all have them very different
Therefore, in any cases, even in our experiments, only the flour-liquid balance will save us, and this is the net adding flour or liquid during the kneading process.

Admin, Thank you ! I'm still in the process of studying, I will definitely read everything. Even what I have already learned from your posts about koloboks and the phased formation of bread in Hitachi helped me a lot!
The bread is delicious, thanks for the recipe

Hitachi HB-E303. White bread

Bake for health - looks great

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