Cornflower tea

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Cornflower tea


Cornflowers (field) - flowers, extreme petals

Cooking method

  • Cornflowers are harvested during flowering - the second half of July, early August.
  • Cornflower tea
  • We collect this way - first we tear the baskets,
  • Cornflower tea
  • then we pluck out the edge flowers from them
  • Cornflower tea
  • like this
  • Cornflower tea
  • The presence of inner tubular flowers is undesirable!
  • Cornflower tea
  • Gently lay it out on a paper napkin, close it, press it lightly with the palm of your hand, leave it to dry for a day, not in the light.
  • Then we dry quickly at T no more than 60 degrees. I dried in an ordinary electric dryer, everything was dry in half an hour.
  • Flowers when properly harvested retain their blue color.
  • 🔗
  • Store in a jar in a dark place.
  • We brew as usual tea, at T water no more than 70 degrees, about 1 teaspoon per 150 ml of water. Drink in moderation, without fanaticism.
  • It can be mixed with other homemade teas, because cornflower tea does not have a bright taste and color.
  • For medicinal purposes - after consultation with a specialist!


Cornflower marginal flowers contain glycosides, flavonoids, vitamins, tannins, mineral salts, dyes and alkaloids.

Preparations made from blue cornflower have diaphoretic, antipyretic, diuretic and antimicrobial properties. In addition, cornflower has a choleretic effect. The plant relaxes, heals wounds, relieves pain. And also cornflower is a remedy that relieves spasm of smooth muscles of internal organs, improves digestive processes and stimulates appetite.

Ehhh, Olga! So beautiful! And so sad
Quote: MariV
stimulating appetite.
Mikhaska, Ira, I drink, I did not notice an increase in my appetite!
OlyaWhat a beauty, I haven't seen cornflowers for a hundred years. For some reason they don't grow in our places
MariV, that's what beauty, I would not mind drinking a cup of this tea) CHARM)
And I thought the cornflowers had already disappeared. In childhood, they made bouquets of them Then I heard that they were included in the Red Book
celfh, Tanya, we, too, now do not often meet cornflowers! I accidentally found a clearing,

Cornflower tea

and then planted on my site. When leaving, they grow well and bloom profusely!

Innushka, Inna, I will disappoint you - no tart taste, very light bitterness.

Albina, no, the cornflowers have not disappeared. The fields with wheat and rye have become smaller, and therefore cornflowers are not visible.

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