David Leibowitz's Lemon Ice Cream

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David Leibowitz's Lemon Ice Cream


Lemon 2 pcs.
Sugar 100 g
Lemon juice 125 ml
Cream 20% 500 ml
Salt Pinch

Cooking method

  • The Super Lemon Ice Cream cure by David Leibovitz
  • Thanks for the ice cream recommendation and link, to the user Katrin
  • Preparation:
  • 1. Place the lemon zest in a blender or food processor. Add sugar and mix until the lemon zest is finely chopped.
  • 2. Add lemon juice and mix until sugar is completely dissolved. Add cream and salt and mix until smooth.
  • 3. Prepare Ice Cream, according to the instructions of your Ice Cream Maker.
  • Step by step cooking
  • Ingredients.
  • Cream 20%. Tsiferki hid behind a lemon.
  • 125ml juice made from 2 lemons. 3rd - did not use.
  • David Leibowitz's Lemon Ice Cream
  • Mix in a blender.
  • David Leibowitz's Lemon Ice Cream
  • Pour into an ice cream maker.
  • David Leibowitz's Lemon Ice Cream
  • After 1 hour.
  • David Leibowitz's Lemon Ice Cream
  • I didn’t bother me, I wanted to try.
  • Very tasty, indeed, reminiscent of frozen yogurt, as Katrin correctly noted. Zest, you can still add.
  • Link to Katrin's comment
  • https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=646.0


- Lemons, preferably unprocessed, for example from those who have their own Lemon tree. We will get a more natural zest.
- 125 ml of juice is obtained from 2/3 lemons, depending on the method of pressing, as well as the quality and size of the citrus.
- If there is no 20% cream, you can dilute 33-35% milk, in a 1: 1 ratio (50/50).
Translation of the recipe. Original, in English:

Question Katrin, moved from another branch
Iskatel-X, that's what hunting is more than bondage
What a beautiful ice cream you made! Indeed, I want to run and do.
What about fat content? Next time I will definitely either add yogurt or take 10% cream.
You can put more zest, you are right. Well ... or is it we have such unscented lemons ...

- By fat content, enough. I like fatter, ice cream after all.
I can say that it is very satisfying!
- Lemons, of course not "this year's harvest", are processed. Not without reason, after all, Mr. Leibovitz, recommends "from his own Lemon tree", where can you get the processed ones!
Iskatel-X, with the first recipe! And so wonderful!
Quote: Iskatel-X
By fat content, it is enough. I like fatter, ice cream after all.
OK, thanks. Then you need to look for a recipe for lemon ice cream, if such exists, of course.
But I will nevertheless reduce the fat content of the cream to make it practically a sorbet.

Ice cream is tasty and satisfying, despite the 20% cream (instead of the "typical" 33-35%) I will repeat.
Very peculiar!
Fatter, I cook, for example, according to the classic recipe, with strawberries / cherries / ...
Natalia K.
Iskatel-X, I join in congratulations on the first recipe. The ice cream turned out great. Thanks for the recipe.
I would like to receive an explanation: what are medicinal properties given ice cream? Whom and what is supposed to be treated? A lot of lemon juice and very cold.
Considering each product separately, some of them are very useful.
And if you look together - what is the benefit of this ice cream in general?

Quote: Iskatel-X

- Lemons, of course not "this year's harvest", are processed. It is no coincidence that Mr. Leibovitz recommends "from his own Lemon tree", where is it not yet processed to take!

If lemons treated with chemicals are used, then they must first be washed properly, with a brush from the film on top. At the same time, use hot water, a detergent for washing vegetables - there is such a product for children "for washing vegetables and dishes." Or, use a good dishwashing detergent (just a drop!) And then rinse with plenty of hot water with a brush.
And after this procedure, you can use it when preparing food, canned food, etc.

In the same way, you need to process other purchased vegetables and dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes, etc.)

I wish you a good creative process!
Ice cream is delicious, of course, but it has nothing to do with medicinal. Word cure .... difficulties in translation, however
I think from the name curative better to remove.
what are the medicinal properties of this ice cream?
Most interesting. The original recipe is silent about this. Lemon is at least as healthy as other vegetables / fruits / foods.
Any product has beneficial and harmful properties. More, you need to surf the Internet.

If lemons treated with chemicals are used, then they must first be washed properly, with a brush from the film on top ...
I do something like this, I read it on the forum. The rest are probably aware of the same.
A useful addition to the recipe, like most of your posts.

Also, before removing the zest, the citrus is scalded with boiling water. All this is on the forum, in the relevant topic.
cure is a common term, most often referring to the treatment of something, and not only medical.
I think it's better to remove the medicinal from the name.
When translating, it is customary to preserve the original interpretation of the original source.
Quote: Iskatel-X

TatyanaMost interesting. The original recipe is silent about this. Lemon is at least as healthy as other vegetables / fruits / foods.

Well then bring us utility ice cream, what does the source and the author of the ice cream recipe say about it?
After all, half of the forum is sitting in the bushes and speculating on the meaning of usefulness Is it only the properties of lemon? Or treat the throat with acid for a cold, or raise the immune system?

If this cannot be said, then it is better to leave only a bare link to the source of the recipe, and remove all the "usefulness" of the ice cream and change the name, suppose to "Lemon Ice Cream"

Something like that...

Quote: Iskatel-X

When translating, it is customary to preserve the original interpretation of the original source.
Iskatel-X, this is of course true, if you know (sure) the meaning of the translation.
But cure, for example, in cooking - canning
Removed "medicinal", at your request.
In the original recipe, no healing details were noted.
- indeed, a cure in cooking - harvest, canning
In this context, the author probably meant - to harvest.
Together, we will bring the text of the recipe to perfection.
Iskatel-X, it's good that the recipe was issued, thanks)
I scald lemons with my soda and boiling water
I wash the lemons with soda and scald them with boiling water.
And me too...
and if cooked in milk. will it curl up? I have coconut milk powder. wonder if lemon and coconut are compatible?
if cooked in milk. will it curl up? I have coconut milk powder. wonder if lemon and coconut are compatible?
I'm not a great specialist, but I will answer.
Why would he turn down? We do not cook, but rather freeze.
/ I assume that you will dilute and fill with liquid. If powder ... wait, can someone answer in more detail. /
With milk, there is a high probability that there will not be enough fat, for that and cream.
No fat content - we get ice crystals that are crispy when eaten.
Not the most pleasant feeling.
There was not enough cream (in another recipe), quite a bit, added milk, got crystals. Now I don't lower the fat content.

lemon and coconut are compatible
Everything to your taste. In any case, one product is the main, dominant one, there are many of them. The other is for flavor, to create a "flavor".
An interesting recipe.Just today I thought to get an ice cream!
I always do it with milk. so as not to be fat I don't even add yolks. and so that the consistency is thicker for 2 liters of milk, I add 1-2 tsp. agar agar. but I don't add it to chocolate and agar.
I have done this ice cream 2 times already. as soon as the first portion was prepared, the daughter came with the young man. I proposed. They tried, the young man said that until he had eaten everything, he would not leave. I only got to try. the next day other members of my family tried it. Verdict - the best lemon ice cream eaten, cook more often. My only modification - I added a few tablespoons of condensed milk - it seemed not too sweet and thick mixture. The zest is not felt at all with this method, only a slight citrus bitterness remains
And I did it today, I really liked it.
Even my fastidious kid (3.8) ate a few spoons with pleasure
I did not expect that so many lemon ice cream lovers would translate the recipe, purely for myself.
Bon Appetit!
Quote: Iskatel-X
When translating, it is customary to preserve the original interpretation of the original source.
The funny thing is that EXACTLY in the original, that is, in the book of Leibovitz himself, there is no "cure" at all. You used a recipe from the site of a Filipino culinary enthusiast who made ice cream according to Leibovitz's book recipe. It's hard to tell why she stuck this ridiculous "cure" to the original author's title. English is not a Filipina's native language, so liberties and surprises are possible.

Nevertheless, thank you for popularizing the recipe and reminding me of it - I will definitely make lemon ice cream for the New Year's table.
All the best .
tinaffyes, Leibowitz has it just Super lemon ice cream.
The blogger decided (and quite logically, by the way) that, in comparison with heavy ice cream with cream, ice cream with natural juice and sour cream is very useful
Quote: Katrin
The blogger decided (and quite logically, by the way)
I agree with you about the benefits of natural juice. This, however, does not in any way affect the fact that the word "cure" is grammatically impossible to stick to the English phrase "Super lemon ice cream". It will no longer be in English, but in gibberish. I do not even exclude that there is just a cat walked over the keyboard, and here we are breaking spears about the medicinal properties of ice cream.
tinaff, although I try to lower the fat content of any ice cream (albeit due to my dislike of fat ice cream), I think the phrase "healthy ice cream" is a funny oxymoron.
If you want usefulness, plan your tomato and cucumber salads

I practically do not speak English, so about the translation of the word cure I won't say anything clever.
As soon as I get the ice cream maker, I'll try your recipe right away !!
By the way, what kind of ice cream do you have? just saw that the compressor room))
What kind of ice cream do you have?
Brand 3813.
With so many modern devices, and the skill of cooking, you don't have an ice cream maker ...
Not an order, be sure to get / get a compressor room!
Ice cream, peculiar, not like the others!
Iskatel-X, well, what is not, that is not))
Only now is it ripe for what is needed))
Maybe I'll get it on Saturday, I hope the weather won't hurt, otherwise it snowed again ((
And they don't clean anything.

I also wanted to buy the brand 3813, maybe it is a copy of Unold, but in my dreams there was another ice cream maker)
So I was waiting for my dream to come true
It turns out to be a very tasty thing, only I put 150 g of sugar, otherwise it’s painfully sour, here, in theory, it is necessary to pick up a lemon bite, like there acidity strongly depends on the varieties. And therapeutic, it is more likely related to the topic of "healthy eating", they say, without any additives, because it is clear that there is no therapeutic effect in such a mixture.
torturesru, we have already figured out the "curativeness": cure, a polysemantic word, in cooking - to procure, preserve.
I put 150 g of sugar, otherwise it hurts sour, then, in theory, you need to pick up a lemon
David Leibovitz puts in 100 g of sugar to make the lemon taste stronger.
You can add more sugar, as we do with the number of ingredients in any recipes, adapting them to personal taste preferences.
I'm glad you liked the ice cream.
Quote: tinaff
It's hard to tell why she stuck this ridiculous "cure" to the original author's title.
Iskatel-X, the girl is going through a difficult time after a severe flood, speaks of incredible fatigue and eyes burning with tears, loss of time sense. Fresh sour ice cream to the tartness - as a way to bring yourself to your senses, awaken and remember the joy, which is still so much in the world. Here ice cream has become a medicine, by the way, only in the preface to the very recipe for ordinary ice cream.
Cronut, thanks, semantic translation of the introduction.
Yes, they scolded the girl for nothing. Restored justice.
Delicious ice cream.
SakhaRa I added more. The taste is delicate.
BUT!!! Grains of zest are felt.
Does everyone have it like this or did I grind it badly? Although I didn’t manage to get smaller ((
If not for these grains, the ice cream would be perfect
Gerda1When you grind the zest in the processor, add a little lemon juice. This "gruel" will quickly become smooth, and the zest will not be felt at all in the ice cream.
M @ rtochka
Iskatel-X, thanks for such a simple and summer recipe!
I made it out of pure curiosity, and now I eat it a little periodically with apple pies. It is very, very tasty !! Considering that I make ice cream regularly to my household, and I myself am indifferent, it had to be very much in the subject!
Thank you!!
Great recipe. In the book, instead of half-and-half cream, I used 20% cream. With a very dark chocolate icing - perfect.
David Leibowitz's Lemon Ice Cream
Cifra, and you also made the top in the glaze?
From the photo, straight, curd cheese seems
julia_bb, exactly, it seems)) I did not even think about it. Yes, I have frosting on top. Ice cream doesn't melt so quickly with it, and bitter chocolate goes well with lemon.
Quote: Cifra
dark chocolate goes very well with lemon.
M @ rtochka
My family did not understand this ice cream. And when I allow myself baking, I eat it with this ice cream and just get high

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