Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)

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Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)


cottage cheese is better than 9% 375 g
flour 340 g
extinguish soda 3/4 tsp
margarine 230 g
dipping sugar 150 g

Cooking method

  • You need to take cottage cheese, I had 375g (in the original recipe 250 g), better than 9%, a pack of margarine, I have a creamy 230g (and in the original recipe 250 g). We wipe margarine and cottage cheese through a sieve, cottage cheese with margarine is very easy to wipe.
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • Sift flour into cottage cheese with margarine, extinguish three quarters of a teaspoon of soda and knead the dough, it kneads well and quickly, if necessary, add a little flour so that the dough does not stick to your hands (depending on the cottage cheese and the amount). We divide into balls in the original 30 balls, since I have more cottage cheese I divided by 40.
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • Pour sugar into a plate, I took plain and cane sugar (for the top, I like the larger cane sugar).
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • Flatten each ball and place in a bowl of sugar, then fold this cake in half with the sugar side inward.
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • Dip a quarter of a circle again with one side in sugar and put the clean side on a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil (I put it on greased baking paper)
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
  • spread not very close to each other and bake for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees. Should turn red.
  • Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)

The dish is designed for

40 pcs.

Time for preparing:

80-90 minutes

Cooking program:



Today I baked cookies with cottage cheese. Once the newspaper correspondents were visiting Naina Yeltsina and in an article about the life and the family of Yeltsin published this recipe. I really like the cookies, they are easy to bake, there is nothing complicated in cooking. Yes, and the cottage cheese is not felt at all, it turns out very tender and a little flaky, and most importantly, you can take a minimum of sugar if you do not press hard on the dough, then there will be not a lot of it, and you can not stick to the recipe very much.
And here they are in the fault. Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd).
Maybe this recipe will come in handy and like it for a variety of your nutrition.

Tatyana, beauty, I'm just thinking where to attach the cottage cheese))) so that it is not felt, otherwise the children do not eat it (((
Irina F
Tatyanahow are you on time with the recipe!
My son has an open lesson on Friday on the topic: The benefits of milk. After the introductory part, I was invited to hold a small MC, I will tell and show what can be made from milk, well, the guys will need something tasty, but healthy for tasting with yoghurt-kefirchiks!
These cookies come in very handy!)
Natasha, I think that the children will be very happy to help you make them, twist the balls and dip them in sugar, they are very tasty and very easy to prepare and do not need to be rolled out. Eat to your health, I will be glad if you like it.
Irina , I will be glad if these cookies will help you and your son in an open lesson of excellent marks to him
Great cookies. I also add a little cinnamon to the sugar - the aroma comes out awesome!
This is my friend's favorite cookie. She baked only him all her life.
Thanks for reminding the recipe ..: rose: By the way, I lost the recipe myself ...
cookies for tomorrow
Wonderful recipe
I like this cookie too. I've been baking for a long time. Here on the forum it is called "Houndstooth cookies"
Tanya, what a cozy cookie! I want to pour a cup of tea, take a plate of cookies and crawl under the blanket. I love these recipes "from my mother's notebook". Thank you very much for reminding me.
And I love this recipe, I've been baking it too! Thank you for reminding me!
Cool recipe, my mother used to bake such cookies, by the way, I need to remind her about them.
Only she still cut the semicircular side in a couple of places and when baking the cutters diverged, such "legs" were obtained!
Tanya how on time, you have no idea! I'm on a diet. Muffins, dairy is not allowed. But the liver can be said. I just came with cottage cheese and thoughts - what to think of. And you're here with the recipe. Thank you dear!
Thank you girls for looking at the recipe, Natalishka did not see that such a recipe already exists, like she was typing cottage cheese cookies, you can see it on the far pages, he did not immediately notice there from 2010. But it's still delicious.
These cookies were baked by my friend's mother on Sundays. Well, I resorted there to dinner
Now I will try to bake myself
Thank you,Tatyana
Quote: Natalishka
Goose feet cookies
Exactly! Crow's feet!
Well it turned out like in an advertisement for sticks twix one is watered from right to left, and the second from left to right. Well, in general, thank you all, well, in the future I will revise the recipes more closely.
Quote: Natalishka
Here on the forum it is called "Houndstooth cookies"
I must say that the ratio of cottage cheese-margarine in recipes is different .. for sure the taste will be different, Lekino has also been baking for a long time Natalishka,
Tatyana, and on occasion I will try and tell you - is there a difference
In my bare-booty childhood, my mother rarely baked something ((What I am extremely sorry about and that, becoming a mother, I myself try to compensate. And she baked such cookies. In zakakkiiiiii! Nostalgic on occasion
I also love these cookies, because it's very fast and tasty, I just roll out the dough and cut out the mugs with a glass, it turns out much faster than rolling the balls.
Tatyana, I personally like 370 cottage cheese for 230 margarine much more! In general, I hardly cook anything where there is such a quantity of butter / margarine, but for the memories of the taste of my childhood I will probably decide!
Tina, Irina, Marina, bake remember the taste of childhood, it reminds me of my grandmother's crackers from the oven, but there is a completely different dough, there is flour and everything that was in the village house during baking, only that grandmother did not add margarine and butter, but simple lard and it was so delicious and every day in the morning it was heated like a stove. And no recipes all by sight. For us grandchildren, consider this one of our favorite delicacies, crackers and croutons with milk and honey, there were our own bees.
Quote: marina-asti
I personally like 370 cottage cheese for 230 margarine much more

You must try, be sure!

Until now, I baked "Crow's Feet" according to a recipe from my mother's old notebook), later it also appeared in A. Seleznev's book:

200 gr. curd

200 gr. butter

250 gr. flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla sugar

2 tbsp. l. Sahara

sugar for sprinkling

Stir the softened butter with cottage cheese. Add flour, sifted with baking powder, vanilla sugar and regular sugar. Knead the dough and refrigerate for 1 hour. Then the dough needs to be rolled out, cut out circles with a glass. Roll these circles on one side in sugar, roll them in half with sugar and then again in half. You will get a triangle. Roll this triangle on one side in sugar and make a dent with a fork. We bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)

Inna, so for sure, my mother always baked like that, but when I saw the composition of 200 to 200, I would immediately crawl to the side and would not even try.

Because if mom does, then a portion will go for 8 people and it's good, but if I myself, that is, it’s for me and my husband (and I can’t accept this! And here 230 can be diluted with yogurt to try)))
That's why I don't even try to bake most of the cupcake recipes, I'm afraid of the composition)

Quote: marina-asti
That's why I don't even try to bake most of the cupcake recipes, I'm afraid of the composition)

Marisha, so bakes according to recipes Alexandra !!!

There is a soooo composition !!!
Inna, I'm not doing this according to indications, well, I just try not to cook or eat something very fatty.

I can have a pack of butter in the refrigerator for a whole month untouched. Margarine never in my life (I never bought it consciously). I don't want substitutes for eating and zero curd. I'm almost indifferent to baking, so it's easier for me not to cook or eat than to conjure over a cupcake for half a day) I'm lazy for this. I will calmly drink tea with jam and have a slice of cheese instead of cake, muffin, etc.
I bake for guests, with my nephew when he is with us, well, or on holidays.
And even then more with the filing of a kind Scarecrow, well, and like a husband to please))) and all the last years 3. When we lived in an apartment, then for 8 years, the oven at least 10 times turned on and then baked the meat

Mirina, I'm not a fan of everything fatty, but I use margarine sometimes and only in baking. I think that with this recipe you can experiment with both sugar and margarine. Today I looked through the recipes written by hand by my mother and found at least three recipes for the same recipe with different amounts of cottage cheese, sugar, with the addition of eggs. And I cut it out from the newspaper. It turns out that you just need to look more often at old records and you will be happy.
Tatyana, and write pliz the composition with the egg yet!
Marinochka, this recipe: 1 pack of margarine, 1 pack of cottage cheese, 1/2 tsp. extinguish soda, flour one and a half cups, 1 egg will knead everything and for 15 minutes in the refrigerator, then roll it out, sprinkle with sugar and a little sugar to the dough, pierce the rolled dough with a fork and cut into diamonds and into the oven for 25 minutes. This recipe is written like this, you can see they did not pay attention to the weight, everything was standard, but now cereals and everything else are 800 g or 900 g, you will rarely find 1 kg. Yes, here you can take margarine less than 200 grams. Try the cottage cheese cookies worth it.
Tatyana, THX! There is room for creativity!
Marina, there is always room for creativity, baking with love and everything will work out.
Wild cat
How I love curd pastries! Mmmmmm!

Maria, she's delicious.
Tanechka, thank you! I baked cookies, but instead of cottage cheese I used ricotta. Well, I liked it very much! And to all household members and at work. Thanks for the recipe!
It was my childhood favorite cookie. Mom always baked, as the kids couldn't stand natural cottage cheese. Sometimes I bake it. Always the same taste. We called the cookie "book". Maybe also because of the parents - teachers. And then crow's feet, and now Yeltsin will show off with him. I just hope she ...
Marcella, yes, this cookie has been the same since childhood, only my mother sprinkled it with sugar and cut it into rhombuses, it is clear that it would be faster
Seven-year plan
Tatyana, thanks for the cookies!
I baked in the country for children!
I took everything by sight ... but it turned out incomparable !!!!
Today I bought some cottage cheese again! Ordered more!

Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
Seven-year plan, Svetlana, I am very glad that I liked the cookies and that it turned out so neat.
Seven-year plan
Tatyana, Thank you !!!
I tried to!…
I don’t know how from Naina, but in my childhood it was my favorite cookie. Thank you for recalling the recipe! True, I baked with butter, 200 gr. I took it, next time I'll try to take even less butter, it seems to me that it won't get any worse from this, homemade cottage cheese.
Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
Elena, I will suggest leaving the butter, and increasing the cottage cheese: in my recipe from a pioneer notebook for 250 g of butter, 500 g of cottage cheese, I always bake it
starkeeper, Elena, and Naina almost from our childhood, until she became the wife of Yeltsin. I later found this recipe recorded by my mother, but in the Komsomol they called him that.
Why did I come here? had to bake.
There was cottage cheese - I decided to add it to baking.
Thank you, delicious cookies. Truth baked for the night. Has already eaten 3 pcs.
She left the kitchen and vowed not to appear there until morning.
CurlySueElena, yes, the kitchen is locked, otherwise there will be no cookies until morning.Thanks for stopping by.
Thank you Irinka for the recipe. I took it for a long time, but all hands did not reach, but today I got there and got to him. The biscuits are simple and delicious.
Lena, thanks for trying to bake cookies.
Tatyana! Thank you so much for the taste of childhood!

Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
Cookies from Naina Yeltsina (curd)
Quote: V-tina
I must say that the ratio of cottage cheese-margarine in the recipes is different .. for sure the taste will be different, Lekino has also been baking Natalishka for a long time,
Not a bad recipe. Need to try. But we don't use margarine. I think that if you replace it with oil, it will not be worse.

I bake similar cookies, but instead of margarine I add eggs. These cookies were my salvation when my son did not eat cottage cheese under any pretext. And he ate cookies by both cheeks.

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