Ivan-tea "Fluffy" (from immature seed bolls)

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Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)


Ivan-tea seed boxes
(immature) 1 kg or more

Cooking method

  • Dedicated to all lovers of Ivan tea ...
  • Ever since I learned about "Fluffy" Ivan-tea and until the moment I made it myself, I considered the idea of ​​making it a gamble. Well, judge for yourself ... How can you make tea from fluffy fireweed?
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • There is no information about such tea on the Internet. Not at all ... It never occurred to me that you could make tea out of fluff. The appearance of fluff on fireweed in the second half of the summer has always meant one thing for me - the Ivan tea season has come to an end.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • At the beginning of June in "Tea Arbor" YaTatiana-Tatiana shared some interesting information with us:
  • Quote: YaTatiana
    I was today at Tishinka, an Orthodox fair is being held in the shopping center, and the Atmosphere of Creativity festival has opened on the street - various master classes and the sale of folk art goods. There is an uncle, as I understood, by the name of Grachev, with Ivan-tea. He has granulated tea with various additives, and there is also pure tea. He calls the best "white-pink", 100 gr costs 3200r. Says London applauded this tea. Moreover, this very "white-pink" of different colors - from rotten hay to dark brown, very fragrant, smells of strawberries and rose hips. I was surprised by the hay-colored granulated tea called "Fluffy", my uncle said that he makes it from seeds (from fluff), the tea is also fragrant, less than the previous one, but nevertheless ... He says that all teas are dried at t -re not higher than 65 degrees.
  • It is clear that Grachev did not reveal to Tatyana the secrets of making this tea. So I found his website 🔗... Apart from the price of "Fluffy" Ivan-tea and one offer next to the price, I did not see anything. The price was impressive - 2200 rubles. for 100 grams !!! Tatyana said that this tea was sold at a much higher price at the fair - 3,500 rubles.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • This tea haunted me all summer. I decided that I would definitely try to make it. But how to do it if there is no information other than that it is granulated and dried at a temperature of no more than 65 *? Do I need to ferment it? How, in principle, can you make down tea? How will a meat grinder survive such a non-standard material?
  • Finally, I waited for the moment when the willow tea began to fade, and in place of the flowers there appeared such seed pods - long narrow "sticks" of green or pink color.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • For the test, I collected young boxes from a dozen plants. I crumpled them right in the bag, opened the bag and did not believe my sense of smell - a magical and delicate honey smell! And I also saw that fluff was peeping out of the crumpled boxes ...
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • And then I realized ... That's why he is "Fluffy" !!! Grachev did not deceive ... A little deceived, of course. He did not collect fluff, but immature, tender and juicy seed pods, in which there are seeds attached to the lightest fluff parachutes. After ripening, such a fluff on a hot day rises into the air in an ascending warm stream and flies away for tens and hundreds of kilometers. Seeds in unripe capsules are moist. When twisted in a meat grinder, the shell of the capsule and the seeds are mixed and strong granules are obtained.
  • After a couple of weeks, when there were a lot of such boxes on the plants, I decided to make tea. I typed a full package.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Boxes are assembled easily and quickly. You need to find the place on the stem where the peduncle begins.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Holding the stem, pull it up with your hand.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • In the hand there is such a bunch of boxes and some flowers. There is no need to remove the flowers, as they will give the tea additional taste and aroma.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Since I did not know how to make tea from them, I decided to make 2 options: unfermented and fermented... At this time, she came to our village Anyuta-Anyuta73... We discussed the process with her, and she said she would do 3rd version of tea - fermented from capsules and leaves in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • It is possible and necessary to wither the boxes. They don't push while young. The first time I didn't know how they would behave when withering, so I didn't wither. Anyuta's experience showed that this can be done. When I made the second batch of tea from withered boxes, the result was better. When withering boxes, you need to be guided by the flowers, which clearly show that withering has occurred. The drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the air (on average 15 - 20 hours). For withering, you need to spread the boxes on cotton or linen fabric with a thin layer so as not to stir them up.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Most of all I was afraid that during the twisting, the fluff would clog the meat grinder. But everything went smoothly. The boxes are twisted easily. The meat grinder copes with them wonderfully. After scrolling, a very juicy mass with loose granules turned out. Then I ran this mass a second time. The granules are nice and strong.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • I immediately sent half of the twisted mass to dry in a dryer at a temperature of 50 *. The aroma during drying was not very strong, but pleasant.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • I sent the other half to fermentation. Fermented for 12 hours.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • After fermentation, dried in the usual way in the oven. At the beginning of the drying, I set the temperature to 100 *, after an hour I reduced it to 50 * and dried it until tender. Then hung it up in a bag to dry.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • While my tea was drying and fermenting, I decided to brew freshly picked boxes and freshly twisted raw granules.
  • This I brewed tea from fresh seed pods.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • The color is light and transparent. The taste is very tart, with a tangible bitterness. The aroma is weak. It is difficult to call it tea. Rather, a medicinal infusion. I think very useful.
  • And this tea made from freshly rolled raw granules... The infusion is cloudy, light green. No taste. There is practically no aroma either.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • In general, there was no reason for joy yet. I waited for the tea to dry in bags. This is what it looks like.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Left - unfermented tea... The color of the granules is light, of rotten straw. Not very beautiful ... The aroma is very strong. Distantly reminiscent of the aroma of willow-tea. I can't find words to describe it, but I can say that I like the aroma of willow tea made from fermented leaves more.
  • A on the right - fermented tea... Slightly darker and more aromatic than unfermented.
  • At this stage, both teas did not delight me. Not expecting anything good, I brewed tea. Brewed in a thermos (3 tsp for 0.5 liters of water). After 40 minutes, poured into cups.
  • Unfermented Ivan-tea "Fluffy":
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Fermented Ivan-tea "Fluffy":
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • To say that tea amazed me is to say nothing. I did not expect that dry straw-colored granules and an incomprehensible aroma would make such a tea. The color of the infusion is very dark. The scent is stunning! The taste is tart, astringent. At first, a slight pleasant sourness is felt. The taste is reminiscent of rose hips and prunes at the same time. Then the sourness disappears and a slight bitterness appears. There is no sourness or bitterness in the aftertaste. There are very pleasant sensations that do not disappear for a long time. Knowing that tea is made from fireweed, I tried to find the taste of willow tea in it. I will say that this is not easy to do. The taste of Ivan-tea always disappears somewhere ... But it does not go away completely. Is on some distant plans. The scent is a similar story. Amazing! And Ivan-tea, and not he….
  • Fermented tea is slightly milder in all characteristics. More elegant, or what? Which tea I liked more, I cannot say. Both are good!
  • Now, from the words of Anyuta, I'll tell you how she did fermented tea from boxes and leaves in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Withered for 15 hours in a warm house (separately). I twisted the leaves in a meat grinder first, then the boxes. I mixed the resulting granules.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • And once again she twisted it in a meat grinder.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • The granules are very strong.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • Fermented for 6 hours. She dried tea using her own technology. Heated the oven to 200 *, put on the tea, lowered the temperature to 100 *. An hour later, she lowered the temperature to 60 * and dried the tea almost to a dry state. At the end, I turned on the oven for 150 * for a few minutes.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • I came to Anya when the tea was getting dry. When I entered the house, I was overwhelmed by the smell. This is an incredible smell! Ivan tea was heard in all its glory! And to it was added such an exquisite aroma, which I cannot describe. This scent is simply nothing to compare. I asked Anya to make tea. She took the tea straight from the oven, hot. Brewed in a small teapot for a short time, 6 - 8 minutes.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • The whole company drank tea and tried to characterize it. But we did it with difficulty. Anya's husband described tea most accurately. According to him, the tea was "stunning". In tea, the boxes come to the fore. Although the familiar taste of Ivan tea does not disappear anywhere. But he goes by the second plan. The tea has both astringency and slight bitterness. The taste is slightly astringent. There is no sourness at all, but prunes are felt in a light form.
  • Summing up! Delightful tea! Like nothing on earth! Now I understand why London applauded A. Grachev's tea! It's time to get acquainted with "Fluffy" Ivan-tea and the Russians.
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
  • I recommend making all versions of this tea: only from boxes (fermented and unfermented) and mixed with leaves! Pamper yourself, dear lovers of Ivan tea, while there is such an opportunity!
  • Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)

The dish is designed for

200 gr.

Time for preparing:

about 1 day

Cooking program:

Meat grinder, oven, electric dryer


The traditional methods of making ivan tea can be found in the recipe Ivan tea (fermentation of fireweed leaves)
Do not forget that this tea also takes time to mature in dry fermentation.
There is no need to worry that making tea from seed boxes will harm the environment.
Firstly, it is not so easy to collect all the boxes from a plant - a dozen will remain. And if we consider that about 30 thousand seeds ripen on one plant, then after our collection there will be a sufficient number of them on it.
Secondly, fireweed propagates mainly by rhizomes.
Thirdly, by disturbing the plants, we give them, together with stress, an incentive for the emergence of new growth points on the roots. Thus, next year there will be much more fireweed at the place of collecting the boxes than this year.
Many thanks to YaTatiana-Tatyana for telling about “Fluffy” Ivan-tea, Anyuta-Anyuta73 for help in preparation and A. Grachev for inventing such a delicious tea.

Elena Kadiewa
Lyudochka, in shock, I practically have no words, and now the problem is to run for mushrooms, or for boxes?
It's damp behind the boxes, wet, but after an hour - another one!
Thank you, our treasure to you and our Anyutka for this miracle!
I'm first! While these sleepers sit and lie with their eyes closed!
Elena Kadiewa
I understand that the flowers are spinning too? And the wiltedness of the capsules is determined in the same way as the leaves?
Quote: elena kadiewa
I understand that the flowers are spinning too?
Lenusik, dear, thank you for such words addressed to me! I so wanted to give you all a gift! Come on, going for mushrooms, collect the boxes.
And it's hard to dodge the flowers - when you pull the boxes up the stem, the flowers are removed automatically. If you bother and collect only boxes, then things will go slower. But I think that flowers are not the worst companion for boxes. And there are so few of them! Therefore, we twist everything together.
lappl1, Luda !!! Congratulations! And I admire! Straight surprise ... That's really really - stunning! Definitely, you have a gift not only to listen and watch attentively, but to hear, see and creatively process the information received, and this is great, so it will always be so!

What to do, what to do? From the dacha, then I left ... And I only made tea 2 times, and even then in ridiculous quantities ... And such and such tea is hunting ... You will have to go, you see, otherwise curiosity can sort it out Now you can assemble, right?
lappl1, Lyudochka, you did a great job with Anya, thanks for the recipe. Very nice tea turned out.
But, if everyone rushes to tear the boxes, will it harm Ivanushka's plantation?
lappl1, Lyudochka is very beautiful tea! I thank everyone who helped and implemented the recipe with you!
elena kadiewa, Flax is not necessary, I have been on my feet for a long time. We have a farm!
Luda, thanks, until the fluff flew, it will be necessary to do it!
lappl1, Lyudochka, to say that I am in shock is to say nothing. I'm just in some name. In the morning I got up and thought about what kind of leaves I should collect in the village tomorrow, and then a new idea with tea. HUGE, HUGE, THANKS !!!
Ludmila, thanks for the super recipe !!! Now I only hope that the boxes will not have time to fluff up by the time I go to the village. I would like to make this wonderful tea.
What are you guys
Lyudochka, thanks! Lyuda, did you wither your tea?
Lyudochka, thank you so much, the master class is super, such a huge work, with Anya you created a miracle
Irina Dolars
Lyudochka, so much work! So much soul invested!
It's very interesting to watch the process!

Quote: francevna
... whether it will harm Ivanushka's plantation.
It worries me too
What happens if people start collecting seed pods every year?

Natalia Koval
Ludmila, thank you very much for the interesting recipe. I will try it soon. I went to the specified site, there are two types of white-pink tea. One of the tops and the other is a fluffy seed. Did you make the first option? And the second one should be done already from the fluff? I wonder how?
Lyudmila, thank you very much for your experience and work that you share with us!
And I always, when collecting willow tea, I came across with leaves and flowers, and young bottom boxes. I never chose them, but dried and twisted everything together, and always thought that I was doing something wrong, but it turned out so!
Lyudochka, you are as always on top! There is nothing to add to the above. Even the taste is fantastically correct. I read and again feel its uniqueness in the language. Girls (boys) , be sure to try it, I'm sure you will like it. Yesterday I almost drank all of the trial tea, but it was only out of the oven, I didn't even have time to hang it out for airing, and in the morning the mother-in-law and her husband had already given a "magic pendel", they say, let's go to the fields ... for a fluffy I'll finish the house, and if it doesn't rain, otherwise the sky is frowning, I'll rush into the fields with my daughter
Elena Kadiewa
Anyut, and to what extent are the boxes dried?
🔗 🔗- this is Nastya and I fled to the fields! I studied it, I will try to do it, although I was already going to finish collecting wanchi and switch to apple, raspberry. Don't let me get bored !!! I join Lenochka's question!
Oh, how tasty / healthy! There is Ivan tea. With boxes. No meat grinder. What are they doing? !!! I'm at the dacha. Can you use knives? Or not fate?
Girls, I've already thrown the link to my mother, but don't overdo it, leave the flora to the descendants ...
Quote: elena kadiewa
and boxes to what extent dry?
I picked it up at 8 in the evening, laid it out on the table in the terrace and covered it with a newspaper on top, and did it the next morning at 11.
Galina Iv.
Girls, don't worry, all the boxes can't be torn off, Ivan's tea grows in myriad quantities and if you pick them up locally somewhere, then you will not cause any, absolutely no damage. How much of that Ivan's tea is destroyed every year by the same fires, but this year there are no fires and will not be with this summer (mmm), so what you (I) pinch is a drop in the sea, no more. And we must not forget that Ivan tea propagates by rhizomes, so until we start making rhizomes from rhizomes, nothing will threaten him for sure.
Lyudochka, dear, I'm shocked too !!! Can we give you the title of professor ?? Grachev is resting (let him forgive me), he will never tell his recipes, since his goal is business, and you, Lyudochka, are a researcher against his background, bring health to the masses of people, thank you for this humanity. Your recipe is worth trillions by Grachev's standards !!! Nothing less! May God grant you health, you are our dear. You should patent your research
The degree of dream of fireweed is increasing!
Quote: lappl1
The price was impressive - 2200 rubles.for 100 grams !!! Tatyana said that this tea was sold at a much higher price at the fair - 3,500 rubles.
The price is logical. A tiny seed contains all the power of the plant! There is a concentrate of life! And to show all the beauty of a plant - you need to be able to grow it. And to reveal its true taste hidden in the seed - you need to be able to extract it!

How little we value what nature gives, and how much more we can discover!
This is not tea, this is the elixir of life!
Galina Iv.
And I also want to say about the color of the stems and seed pods in Ivan's tea. I bought a plot with absolutely neutral soil, you can judge at least by the plants that grow there: wheatgrass, dandelions, cuff, chamomile, burdock, wild radish, etc. and noticed that Ivan tea grows there with bright red stems and boxes are also red. I came to the conclusion that it does not depend on the acidity of the soil, but on the amount of sun, we have bare fields and only one sun around us. And Ivan tea stands there like a warrior in endless fields, with strong red stems and pink boxes)), and in the shade they are all greenish.
Galina Iv., I agree with you about the color of the vanka. Red in the sun, green in the shade.
Quote: Vasyutka

The degree of dream of fireweed is increasing! The price is logical. A tiny seed contains all the power of the plant! There is a concentrate of life! And to show all the beauty of a plant - you need to be able to grow it. And to reveal its true taste hidden in the seed - you need to be able to extract it!

How little we value what nature gives, and how much more we can discover!
This is not tea, this is the elixir of life!

It was Grachev (I think it was him) who spoke about the power of the Ivan-tea seed, about its viability.
Luna Nord
Lyudmila, BRAVO! Thank you for "PUSHISTIK", I already make teas on the machine, not bothering too much with "oohs and oohs", I have already got used to it, but after reading now about the new tea, again "my legs want to go", I just can't, I want to go to the field, sorry I at work. Now my husband will be delighted! and so he always remembers you with a kind word, but what is there, every day. Here guests came to our dacha, so he brewed teas at 6 !!!! different teapots and regaled the guests with tea and a story about Lyudmila, who taught him Lyudmila to make SUCH tea! Hurry up the weekend ..., just an itch in my hands, well, hold on Ivanushka ...
Galina Iv.
Lucilia, ludochka, how and how it feels to me too !! also at work, otherwise I would have jerked immediately from a low start.

Lyud, and Lyud, that's what you are doing, as soon as you are not ashamed to spoil the fields, why did you spoil the oats, why did you lie there all night ...

Lucilia, how many more Phuketics do you have? : mail1: With Lyudochka's talents, you need to stock up on teapots .......
Luna Nord
Quote: Loksa
, how many more Phuketics do you have?
4 more, and this is not the limit! We sooooo love to have tea! At least with guests, at least without, after labor exploits, you will come out here with a cup of tea and BALDEESH!
Ivan-tea Fluffy (from immature seed bolls)
And the strength returns, and I want to live!
Somehow I will show you my collection of teapots, I have recently begun to bring them from trips, I will see a pretty one and can not resist. Zavarnikov as money - there is never much
Girls, dear, dear, beloved! Thank you all for such kind words to our address with Anya! We so wanted to share this miracle with you! Sorry dear ones. Now I can’t answer at all - I’m very busy .... In the evening I’ll answer everyone in detail.
In the meantime, I will answer you about fears about the disappearance of Ivan-tea, as a species, if we all suddenly rush to make tea from boxes. Checkmark, a certified plant specialist, already told you that ivan tea is mainly propagated by rhizomes. Secondly, one plant contains 30 thousand fluffs. I tore my kilogram from a couple of square meters. And there is so much fireweed around that even if I pick boxes from all the mushrooms, I physically won't be able to do it. I didn't manage to pick all the boxes from each plant - there were 10 pieces left on each plant. I didn’t break the stem, therefore, at least 1000 seeds remain on each scent. Before writing this recipe, I thought about the consequences very well. Fireweed will only benefit if we disturb him.Its roots are given an incentive to eject new growth points on the roots. I listened to one scientist. so, we tear it with pleasure and thank Mother Earth for giving us such a miracle as Ivan-tea.
About withering. I didn’t dry out the boxes, as I was afraid that when they dried up they would open. This was my first experience. But now I know it won't happen in a short time. Now I will dry out, because I know that this will have a beneficial effect on tea.

Girls, I'm sorry, we have to leave! I'll see you in the evening and I'll answer everyone.
Luda! Just yesterday I thought that a couple of weeks more - and the season of harvesting fireweed will smoothly flow into the season of cutting off the surrounding trees and bushes ... when Luda and Anya came and the plans changed. I can tell you this. Last year, in August, I continued to pick fireweed leaves, and the boxes got there. Well, they didn't bother me at all! I dried them and scrolled them together. This year I moved to the edge, where the willowweed is younger, now I will again go to the pond, where the plants are already fading. Only the rain will end ...
Ludmila, a nice place!!!! A collection of teapots in the studio!
Quote: Lucilia
Zavarnikov as money - there is never much
Beauty and relaxation!
Lyudochka, a miracle is you and thank you for sharing your talent!
And as soon as I saw Fluffy, today I have not yet had time to throw out the bag with these very seed pods, I’ll go into business, it seems not too late, they just wilted.
Yesterday they brought me a bouquet of Ivan's tea from the forest, along the way, they went to pick mushrooms. So it was a pity to put aside so much "good" Reanimate.

Our Lyudochka lappl1 for a long time for us Teacher, Grachev was not standing next to us. Lyudmila spends a myriad of her precious time on us, answering the same questions for the hundredth time without the slightest hint of irritation. And there are more students every year. Let Grachov be engaged in business, keep his secrets, we do not mind. Lyudmila enjoys popular love and respect !!! I hope that someday we will also be useful for Lyudmilka.

About fireweed and its boxes. My favorite genius herbalist Barnaulov writes in his books that fireweed will fill Russia like a weed, that there will be a lot of it, because a lot of land has been abandoned, you yourself know where fireweed loves to grow. Therefore, calmly collect the boxes, there will be enough fireweed for everyone.
So, who has heaps of fireweed you can send me
Until the thought is lost. Someone can find out for sure the possibilities of transporting ready-made teas by plane ... So I wanted to bring them to Moscow, they even packed them, but, as a result of numerous discussions, they did not dare. The desire remains.
BLINNNNNNN! And I carefully took out all the boxes when I made fireweed and threw them away! decided that the fluff in the tea will float!
Elena Kadiewa
Tan, I was also afraid to send my mother and sister by plane, God forbid any problems, but now my daughter and her son-in-law are flying, and I'm also afraid.
Here's how to clarify this matter. I was not going to take it in hand luggage, in luggage, I pulled it out at the last moment.
filirina, Irina, it was you who hurried
So fireweed did almost a month ago! This information was not available.
Already then he almost faded with us.
As soon as everyone perked up pleasantly to the "hell". When Lyudochka shared her research, my "poisonous" saliva flowed with impatience and I decided that I would never be left on the sidelines. I am very glad that my modest contribution was useful. But she's all ... Lyudochka ...
Galina Iv.
Anyuta73, Anya, so this is your whole scientific work!
Quote: Galina Iv.
whole scientific work
That's for sure ... This is our Ludmila PROFI !!!
Oh, girls! Sometimes I look in, glance over the messages, but there is no time to answer yet. I will answer in more detail in the evening. Don't praise me too much here, otherwise my wings have already begun to erupt behind my back. So it won't take long to get proud! But thank you all very much! I am very, very pleased!
Quote: Giraffe
Someone can find out for sure the possibilities of transporting ready-made teas on an airplane ... So I wanted to bring them to Moscow, they even packed them, but, as a result of numerous discussions, they did not dare. The desire remains.
Giraffe, Tanya, feel free to take them to Moscow by plane in your luggage. She handed over tea to Alma-Ata a hundred times. And with strangers, and with friends, both son and mother drove. They never stopped anyone .. And even in December I sent a package from Vyazma to Alma-Ata. Everything came out great.
Ludmila Thank you very much for your work and desire to share invaluable experience with us.
I was still worried that because of the rain and household chores I did not have time to go for fireweed. And here is your recipe. It's just a miracle. The Cyprus season continues.
Luda, Anya, how many boxes have you dried? Like leaves or not? I schedule time for business, there is a lot of things ... I really want to start creating new tea in the morning.
And I saw early in the morning, I live all day, I rejoice at the new opportunities of Ivanushka! : girl_love: Lyudochka, you are such a good fellow, you don't even understand this yourself! She opened the whole world to many people!
Quote: paramed1

Luda, Anya, how many boxes have you dried? Like leaves or not? I schedule time for business, there is a lot of things ... I really want to start creating new tea in the morning.
Veronica, I understand now why your garden is kept in such exemplary order! All that remains is to take off your hat one more time

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