Shrimp cocktail with tomato dip

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Shrimp cocktail with tomato dip


large shrimp 1 kg
chopped tomatoes in their own juice or fresh 800 g
fresh ginger root 3 cm
fat cream 30-35% 200 ml
dry white wine 100 ml
horseradish 2 tbsp. l.
honey 1 tsp
olive oil, salt, pepper
lemon juice 3 tbsp. l.
bulb onions 1 PC

Cooking method

  • I bring to your attention a festive snack, which can be partially prepared in advance, so that on the eve of the holiday there is time to communicate with friends and family.
  • This Mediterranean cocktail is served cold in martini glasses. You should take your time to enjoy its delicate taste and aroma.
  • Until then ... fry the finely chopped onion and ginger. Pour in the wine and partially evaporate it.
  • Add tomatoes, salt, pepper and cook for 10-15 minutes, remove from heat, cool and add honey.
  • We clean the finished shrimp from the shell, leaving the tails, salt, pepper and pour with lemon juice.
  • Fry the shrimps in a pan until the color changes for 2-3 minutes. Let them cool down.
  • Whip the cold cream into a stiff foam. Gently stirring, add horseradish, salt, pepper.
  • Now carefully add the creamy mixture to the cooled tomato mass.
  • Place in martini glasses or similarly shaped glasses and serve.
  • Shrimp cocktail with tomato dip
  • Shrimp cocktail with tomato dip Shrimp cocktail with tomato dip

The dish is designed for

10 servings

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:



Have a great mood!

Marina, and take tomatoes fresh or canned? and how many onions?
TatianaSa, thanks for noticing - I've already added a bow to the list. You can use any tomatoes, I had them in my own juice. It will be even tastier with fresh tomatoes of the southern juicy varieties! Let's wait for the new harvest ...
Oh, how gorgeous and tasty Marinochka is! Looks awesome! Thanks for the recipe!
Irish, thank you very much! I cooked for the festive table - I made an impression and pleased the taste.
Now I got the idea that it is possible to make ice cream from these ingredients, but I'm afraid we'll freeze - to eat so much in one summer!
lettohka ttt
Thank you Marinochka !!!! I liked the recipe very much !!! Looks awesome !!!!
With my love for seafood, this recipe is a real find! And what a beautiful presentation !! Thank you!!!
How beautiful and delicious everything is!
Natasha, Olya, Angelathank you girls! I am glad that we came to visit, and even more pleasant that you liked the recipe.
It's really delicious! Try it for good health.
Came back again! Elegantly decorated, tasty, exquisite dish! Really like! And served beautifully!
Quote: Rada-dms
Came back again!

And I came to meet dear guests! Thank you, I am glad, for the kind words and taste for health - it's delicious!

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