Bavarian cabbage rolls

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Bavarian cabbage rolls


White cabbage 800 g
Minced meat 300 g
Canned chanterelles. 300 g
White bread 100 g
Milk for soaking bread
Onion 1 PC.
Garlic 2-3 teeth
Egg 2 pcs.
Mustard 1 tsp
Bacon 200 g
Bouillon 1 glass
Cream 1 glass
Flour 1 tbsp. l. with a slide
Parsley bundle
Oil sl. 50 g
Salt, pepper, marjoram, cumin taste

Cooking method

  • Finely chop the onion and garlic, fry until golden brown in butter, add the mushrooms (I have my own, fried and frozen forest mushrooms) and simmer for about five minutes.
  • Bavarian cabbage rolls
  • Blanch the cabbage leaves in boiling water for five to six minutes and cut the tough ribs from them. Prepare the filling by combining the mushroom mixture with minced meat, bread, eggs, mustard soaked in milk, and season it with salt, pepper, marjoram and caraway seeds.
  • Bavarian cabbage rolls
  • We spread the filling over the leaves, roll the cabbage rolls and wrap each with bacon.
  • Bavarian cabbage rolls
  • Lightly fry cabbage rolls on all sides, add broth to them and simmer under the lid for half an hour.
  • Bavarian cabbage rolls
  • And in conclusion, it remains to prepare the sauce - add cream with flour and finely chopped parsley to the broth from the ready-made cabbage rolls, if necessary, season with salt and pepper, stirring, bring to a boil and serve with the cabbage rolls. Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

8 pcs.


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Larisa - very beautiful and impressive! Even the smell goes .. mmmm
Thank you!
What handsome darlings! Delicious, mmm! Thank you, Larissa, for the option of stuffed cabbage!
Larisochka, from one species - increased salivation begins. This is a pesnya, not darlings !!!!
Helen, believe me, no: when I see that an answer has come from you, my heart skips a beat! I think - I did it again! Thank you girls!
Larissa, you and I were drawn to Bavaria today))

Stuffed cabbage rolls are lovely!
An interesting option. "It looks so much like Russia, but it's not Russia." It looks like ours, familiar, and at the same time - completely different. Put the mushrooms in cabbage rolls, and even wrap them in bacon ... let's try!
Thanks for the recipe!
Irina Dolars
What interesting stuffed cabbage rolls!
I love them so much! Ready to gobble up all day
But it's unusual with mushrooms
Thanks for the recipe!
Helen, believe me, no: when I see that an answer has come from you, my heart skips a beat! I think - I did it again! Thank you girls!

I hope that from my post you have, Larissa, the heart will not freeze!

Cabbage rolls in bacon (Brand 6051 multicooker pressure cooker) (MariV)

Bavarian cabbage rolls
Phew! Exhaled! No, Ol, it didn't stop. I read it carefully, but there is no recipe as such. Only the principle of bacon wrapping. But in this case, everything in the test can be considered analogs. And by the way, I have the impression that your bacon is not fried in this photo? The fat is completely untouched by the heat ...
Touched, touched! I don't fry anything very much. In 6051, she slightly fried and stewed. And stuffed cabbage - they are stuffed cabbage rolls in Africa (dolma, etc.) - meat wrapped in improvised leaves - burdocks, grapes, cabbage or even cow parsnip!

And to wrap in bacon - you understand, show off all this! .... per. we fought .....
Well, Galya, well, what are you! Then the pies are also pies in Africa! The filling is in the dough! But the recipes are different everywhere! The Germans have minced meat in stuffed cabbage without rice, like ours, and even with chanterelles.
dopleta, yes, Larissa, only I am not Galya; pies are also in Africa pies. And I make stuffed cabbage without cereal ...

Transcarpathian cabbage rolls in Brand 6051 multicooker-pressure cooker (MariV)

Bavarian cabbage rolls

Larissa, what am I, against more recipes on the forum?
Forgive me, dear, - typing, kept in mind Dr. R. benefits.
lettohka ttt
What cabbage rolls !!! : swoon: Stunned !!!! Larisa, thank you for the recipe and idea !!! Just gorgeous for the holiday itself !!!
lettohka ttt, I am very glad that you are interested!

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