Plum Nutella

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Plum Nutella


Plum 2kg
Sugar 500g
Bitter chocolate 72% 2 pcs.
Cocoa \ 60g
vanilla 2pack 2g each

Cooking method

  • Wash the plum, remove the plaits, beat in a blender. Add sugar and boil. The light was minimal, I stirred it periodically. It took 1.5 hours to boil down. It is possible for 2 hours. Look at the consistency. Break the chocolate + cocoa + vanilla and toss in the plum. For another couple of minutes, it will boil over the banks.
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The dish is designed for

1l + 0.5l jars + 200g

we have Kroshin the recipe is very similar


I did not see....
I liked it very much and wanted to share
Oh, sorry, the plums are over - winter! But I have chocolate without sugar, you can probably also use it here by adding sugar?
I think you can.

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