Panna cake for a cat "Winter cherry"

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Cat panna cake Winter cherry


cream 35% 600 ml.
sugar 75 gr.
vanilla 1 gr.
some lemon peel
milk 100 ml.
gelatin 15 gr.
form (frame) 22x18
classic oblong savoyardi cookies (10x2) 30 pcs. 250 gr.
milk 90 ml
chocolate drops (finely chopped dark chocolate 40 gr.
pitted cherries in s / s 300 gr.
cherry juice (from compote) 200 ml.
sugar 2 tbsp. l.
pectin (Gelfix extra Dr. Oetker) 7 gr.
mint for decoration

Cooking method

  • soak gelatin in cold water
  • Heat milk and dissolve sugar in it, squeeze out the swollen gelatin and dissolve in milk.
  • add the milk mixture to the cream, add the vanilla and zest, stir well and refrigerate for 7-10 minutes so that the cream thickens a little.
  • line the bottom of the mold with cookies (10 pcs.) and moisten them abundantly with milk using a brush.
  • pour half of the slightly thickened cream and cover with savoyardi cookies, which are also moistened with milk and pour over the remaining cream, sprinkle with chocolate on top, slightly immersed in the cream.
  • line the remaining biscuits and moisten them with milk.
  • cover with cling film.
  • put the cake in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours, I stood all night
  • carefully cut the sides of the cake with a thin knife and release it from the mold, you can blow the sides of the mold with a hairdryer.
  • discard the cherries in a colander, save the juice.
  • mix pectin with sugar and dilute in cherry juice, put on fire and stir without ceasing to cook for 3 minutes. from the beginning of the boil, cool and mix with cherries, let thicken slightly.
  • cover the top of the cake with cherries, garnish with mint, serve and enjoy !!!

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:

45 minutes


How delicious it is! creamy cat panna, tender soft biscuit (savoyardi) sour cherry and dark chocolate pieces !!! definitely try !!!
if there is no way to buy a ready-made savoyardi, do not be discouraged, but bake it yourself!
savoyardi recipe Cat panna cake Winter cherry

Cat panna cake Winter cherry

Natasha, how delicious!
Please tell me, if there is no pectin, what can be used to replace it?
thanks, Lyudochka! if there is no pectin, then you can thicken the juice with starch, preferably corn starch!
Natasha. thanks for the hint. We'll keep thinking.
the beauty
well delicious !!!!! how I love pannu cotta. I won't have time to try all the recipes ... I'll take it to my bookmarks for now
thank you Alexandra!

Natasha, and I love! do not put it on the back burner !!!
I'll get fat. but I can't because of my health. I'd better wait until the end of the holidays, then everyone will be full! and I'll just enjoy the yummy.
How delicious and yummy probably, but alas, you have to wait for the cherry season. Last year there was no berry season, we failed to procure it. Girls tell me, what is the difference between potato starch and corn starch? In general, I have never met corn.
for making creams, cornstarch jelly is softer and has a more transparent and fine structure!
you can use frozen cherries! Thank you!
and I made tiramisu with cherries in my juice, drained the syrup and poured it over with lemon juice, otherwise they were too sweet, and so with sourness.
no, I have a cherry with sourness !!!
Well, I don't have frozen food, but I have it in syrup. so I water it with lemon juice and everything is ok! well, or less sugar in the cream is needed.
well regulate sugar, it's in your hands!
Bookmarked !!!! How I love panna cat ... But I never did it myself .... Py. Sy.I thought that corn jelly is not so transparent. As a child, she adored jelly, and the granny rarely cooked with potato starch, whether it was not on sale, or something else? But, something more tender, for sure ... with corn ... I'll do it for the children when I get to them ...
Quote: matroskin_kot

I thought that corn jelly is not so transparent ...

no, but still more transparent than a potato!

be sure to cook it, especially since it's so easy !!! but delicious
just to find cornstarch. otherwise we don't have it in the city, but in Lviv in the metro only 5 kg
And before it was the other way around ... There is a lot of corn ..., Wo !!!, but I realized what kind of pectin you can take ... Zhelfix Dr. Otterra .. or "quittin" or whatever ... (typed on the link) ... So, Virgo, do not be sad. This zhelfix, it seems, is like shoe polish at every bazaar ... only small sachets, but for a cake, that's it ...
natapit, did I guess correctly or am I wrong?
we have a lot of zhelfix on the market that's for sure
so this is pectin !!! I specially wrote and Ingrah !!!

Natasha, I read the ingredients through the word !!
pectin(Gelfix extra Dr. Oetker) that I did not read it crossed out. And I also thought that we don't have Dr. Oetker pectin. Anything is there, but no pectin. And this we have ... a lot! That's it, then the matter remained with the biscuit sticks and wait with the results.
Eh, and in Sochi I already have two 5-liter cans - in one cherry, in the other - raspberries ... they are like that, in jelly, for the filling ... I bought ... Something already attracts me to children ...
Luda, so bake savoyardi, one or two and you're done !!!

Irin, I only see my children and grandchildren once a year ...

Lily has bought a lot of pectin.
Sonia's mom
Natasha, I'm looking at your cake and drooling is dripping onto the keyboard. Very, well, I really want to cook it, and you don't need to bake it. Tell me, please, I understand the gelatin in your plates, one of our packs of gelatin Dr. Oetker - 10 grams is enough? And I have frozen cherries, 200 g of juice will not give iron, then dilute the juice with water? And finally, there is no form of this size, what can be adapted?

there is no form of this size, what can be adapted?
you can use a food grade plastic container, and you can adjust the size yourself! You can use a confectionery frame, just cover the bottom with cling film so that nothing leaks out!

one of our packs of gelatin dr. Oetker - 10 grams is enough?
gelatin will do, you just need 15 gr.,

then dilute the juice with water?
in no case! buy ready-made juice in the store!
good luck, the cake is delicious !!!
Natasha, thanks for the recipe! Delicious! Made with frozen cherries.
Cat panna cake Winter cherry

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