Lean gingerbread with filling

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Lean gingerbread with filling


pickle from tomatoes 100 ml
odorless vegetable oil 100 ml
sugar 100 g
thick honey 2 tbsp. l. with a slide
cocoa powder 1 tbsp. l.
soda (quench with vinegar) 1 tsp
vanillin on the tip of a knife
flour 2.5 cups (faceted)
roasted walnuts 1 glass
raisins 2-3 st. l.
For syrup:
sugar 2 tbsp. l.
water 100 ml

Cooking method

  • Mix all. The dough should be elastic. Add flour if needed. Roll out into a layer 0.5 cm thick.
  • To make gingerbread, you need a faceted (200 g) glass, and a second glass with a slightly smaller diameter. First, squeeze the circles out with a faceted glass, then put the filling on them: fried finely chopped walnuts with raisins. Cover with a second circle of the same diameter and squeeze out the gingerbread with a glass of smaller diameter.
  • Put the gingerbread cookies on a greased baking sheet or baking paper and bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes, the oven temperature is 180-200 degrees.
  • Syrup: mix sugar with water, cook until thick.
  • Lubricate the finished gingerbread while still hot with sugar syrup and sprinkle with nuts on top.
  • The gingerbread cookies soften if they lie down a little.
  • Bon appetit to everyone and Merry Christmas!

The dish is designed for

15 pcs.

Time for preparing:

30 minutes.


I discovered this recipe quite by accident in my "bins" ... "Kitchen" magazine, author Valentina Kukharuk, Dnepropetrovsk. Many thanks to the author!

: girl_curtsey: bookmarked! Thank you!
Pava tree
Thanks for the recipe. already embodied it (with some deviations from the original: the pickle was cucumber, wheat flour was replaced by 1/5 with rye and the filling was apple jam). And I don't have an oven. 1/3 part baked in a bread maker - 40 minutes. It turned out hard at the bottom (apparently overexposed). I steamed another third of the gingerbread in a pressure cooker - it turned out very soft (the mother-in-law liked it) and cooked the remaining gingerbread in the pressure cooker too, but without steam, in the baking mode. It turned out great too. The husband really liked the gingerbread and the little daughter also ate a few things with pleasure. There is no photo - because the gingerbread is gone too - they ate it.

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