Caramel cookies

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Caramel cookies


butter 25g
sugar 50g
milk 75ml
all syrup
powdered sugar 50g
butter 100g
egg 1 PC
flour 200g
liqueur Cointreau 25g
powdered sugar 75g

Cooking method

  • To cook shiroP:
  • put butter in a saucepan, cover with sugar. Melt until brown and stir with butter to form a toffee-like mass. Add hot milk in small portions, stirring continuously.
  • Remove the syrup from the stove. Stir until a homogeneous thick liquid is obtained. Cool to room temperature.
  • Dough:
  • Put flour, powdered sugar, butter, diced into a food processor, add yolk and caramel sauce. Knead. If the dough turns out, you do not need to add protein, it depends on that. how much the sauce has boiled. If crumbs are obtained, add protein. I didn't need protein.
  • I put the dough in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  • She rolled it out thinly and cut out the stars with a mold. I made round holes in half of them.
  • Baked on convection with lower heat for 10 minutes at 170 gr.
  • When they cooled down, spread it with orange confiture ... I did not cover it with glaze.

The dish is designed for

20-22 pcs

Time for preparing:

minutes 30

Cooking program:

Baking in the oven


Source of LJ Chadeyka 🔗
I am very grateful to the author for this wonderful cookie. After lying down, it became even tastier. The milky caramel taste of the dough goes well with the orange confiture, which I made especially for this cookie. It is done very quickly.
I regretted having made one portion, I will repeat it more than once.
Bake and eat to your health.

Vasilisa, I saw caramel cookies in new recipes, and I love caramel, I open the recipe, and the author will bake 100% well with KNOW, the more the cookies are very beautiful and very New Year's
Sasha, bakes for health! The cookies are very tasty and keep well, although in order to check this, several cookies had to be hidden from the family.
Goodnight! Vasilisa. how much flour do you need?
Evdokia, thank you for paying attention, I missed it. Flour 200g.
barbariscka, wonderful cookies! I like this kind of baked goods very much. I took it to your bookmarks, thanks!
Bake to your health, you will not regret it. Thank you for your attention to the recipe.

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