Pasta with vegetables

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Pasta with vegetables


Pasta (tastes best in this shape) 250gr
frozen Mexican vegetable mix 1 pack
pork kamis 3 teaspoons with a slide
vegetable oil

Cooking method

  • Boil the paste, discard in a colander. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil. At the very beginning of frying, sprinkle vegetables with Kamis "Pork Seasoning" spices and salt. Be careful with salt :)), the seasoning already contains a small amount of salt. Put the finished pasta in vegetables fried until tender, mix. Delicious. For me, this is the main course. And homemade people eat it as a side dish in meat.
  • Pork Seasoning includes: rosemary, savory, marjoram, caraway seeds, buckwheat, black pepper, red pepper, chili, nutmeg, white mustard, coriander), dried vegetables (garlic, onion), monosodium glutamate, salt.

Manyunya, what's wrong?
Cool, I didn't think about it with pasta, I do this with buckwheat and rice. Mine really like it.
vera, oh how! but I only do it with pasta and it will be necessary to try with cereals
celfh what is wrong? All right, but ..... WHERE are the MUSHROOMS?

I do the same with rice and with this, as it is, which must be steamed, mlyn sclerosis damned ... I'll remember add
Quote: ShuMakher

okay ... I'll do something with mushrooms one of these days. As you say
Prepared, the children are delighted They are lovers of pasta Thank you!
Quote: Natuska8

Cooked, the children are delighted They are lovers of pasta Thank you!

Good health to you and your children!
Mine, too, love pasta. And I haven't cooked it yet. I'll try.
milvokI hope your kids will like it too
So do I. I promised my son macaroni today, it remains to buy vegetables.
I decided to do it today, but a little differently.
I threw vegetables (beans, carrots, tomatoes, peppers) all the ice cream on a hot frying pan with a little water and a little sunflowers. butter, bukalno in 5 minutes in the same vegetables spaghetti, I broke (although my child was indignant "Aaaaaa, who breaks spaghetti"), but otherwise they would not fit in my frying pan, I mixed everything and poured water. Salted, pepper, different spices for vegetables. Yummy, that's what I will do now. The only thing girls look after. I topped up some water several times, and then another oil. In grams like you, I still can't do it, I'm always looking at everything.
The whole point is that the pasta was all soaked in vegetable juice and, as it were, stewed in them.
Masha, exactly - sclerosis. : doctor: And who to steam up something? I won't sleep until I find out ...
celfh, and I just fried a mixture of mushrooms with cauliflower and somehow not enough of it ... I wanted to cook the pasta separately, but now I won't, I'll make a mixture ...

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