Cupcake in the microwave

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1 mug (microwave safe) I have a ceramic bowl with a volume of about 1 liter.
Flour 4 tbsp. l.
Sugar 4 tbsp. l.
Egg 1 PC.
Milk 3 tbsp. l.
Vegetable oil 3 tbsp. l.
Vanilla pinch
Soda (quench with vinegar) 1/3 tsp
Cocoa 2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Here is a recipe for a microwave, found on the Cooking at Home website, tried more than once. I gave a recipe to many friends, I liked it, try it too.
  • Add dry ingredients to container, mix with a fork. Add the egg and mix again. Pour in milk, butter, vanilla, slaked soda. There is not a lot of dough, it turns out to be of medium density. But when baking, the dough increases to almost full volume.
  • Now boldly put the container in the microwave for 3 minutes, at a power of 1000 watts, or for 4 minutes at a power of 850 watts.
  • Pour the finished muffin with whipped cream / syrup / garnish with cherries / or just eat with a fork straight from the mug. Can be cut and smeared with cream.
  • P.S. you can do double the volume at once and keep it in the microwave for twice as long.

Baked a cupcake for 1 mug "Lazy egoist"
Class !!! 2 minutes to mix ingredients and 3 minutes to bake

Cupcake in the microwave
Today I wanted to try new silicone molds.
I stopped at a lazy egoist.
I counted it for 300 g of flour. Added half a glass of peanuts.
Kneaded in a combine.

Poured into three forms, 6 cupcakes each.
One in micro: micro + convection for 5 minutes.
Two in the oven for 25 minutes.
The remaining dough in the cartoon, for 40 minutes.

There was no time to wait, everything was shaken out hot. Therefore, the gloss in some places spoiled.

There is nothing to water and impregnate today, they will eat it anyway.
Delicious, but not enough syrup-jam-cream ...

Cupcake in the microwave

looking at this, I remember: "The black rose is an emblem of sadness ...
... and why didn’t I go to bake muffins in the micr ...? I came, took the recipe for "Sloth .." .. and after 5 minutes. there was a cupcake on the table .... The truth is, something all in a large hole from the bottom and sides .. Probably gave an extra minute ... it can be for 3 minutes. It was. I have an old Ski without convection ... I didn't think of a stove in it ... thawing, heating, boiled potatoes a couple of times ... something once turned me away from the micra ... but now ... here's a joke. .. how simple everything is ...
Teen_tinka , and what was baked in?
The silicone in the micro behaves normally. Even the corner of the form was bent all the time when it touched the wall, it didn't fit a little, but everything is in order with the form, and with MV too.
baked in Simax form ... I was afraid to put the silicone right away (what if the Chinese can't stand it ... it's a pity ....) ... but since the others do it, I'll try, THANKS !!!
Cupcake in the microwave
The recipe for this cupcake is somewhere here on the site (I can't find it now). Previously, Elena_110 also posted it here, who, in turn, took it on the Cooking at Home forum. Here is what she wrote (I quote):

I need 1 mug (microwave safe) I have a glass bowl with a capacity of about 350-400 ml
Wheat flour 4 tablespoons
Sugar 4 tablespoons
Cocoa powder 2 tablespoons
Egg 1 pc
Milk 3 tablespoons
Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
Vanillin pinch
Baking soda (slaked with vinegar) 1/3 tsp.
Sour cream 2 tbsp. l. with a slide
Chocolate chips 3 tablespoons (grated chocolate) spoons
Mix all ingredients well. The dough is medium thick.

Pour the dough into a mug (cup, bowl) and microwave for 3 minutes 30 seconds at maximum power.
Remove the cupcake from the mug (you may need a knife), let it cool slightly, spread with sour cream and sprinkle with chocolate.

The cupcake is a little dry, but that doesn't make it any less tasty. You can cut the cake in half, soak it (with sour cream, jam, cream, whipped nipples).
The power of my microwave is 900 watts.

So, for my microwave (with power) I do not reduce either the power or the time. I get the following result:

Cupcake in the microwave
Today I did this
Instead of a mug, I poured it into a glass saucepan lid. It turned out a cake, a hump in the middle, and the edges .. well, they were baked, but low. In short, very tasty! Highly! Next time I'll do it in a mug, maybe my micra does not bake evenly, more in the center ...
And yet, my hands were itching to beat the whites, but I restrained myself. Now I know how to quickly make delicious without a mixer!
Hello everyone! I want to show the cupcake that I baked in the microwave:
Cupcake in the microwave Cupcake in the microwave
The recipe interested me very much, but my hands did not reach to do it. And then the son comes and says: "What's the matter? We have no pie, no cake, no cookies ...". It's just that my eldest daughter loves to cook and often spoils us with pastries, but today she was busy and did nothing. Then I told him: "Do you want a sweet? Will you have a sweet." Two minutes for mixing and 4 minutes for baking (I have tiny glass pans, it turned out for 2 pieces). She took it out, poured it with homemade savory yogurt. My daughter didn't even believe that I made dessert in 6 minutes
And I had no idea that it was possible to make a cupcake in a simple micron (I deliberately bought the simplest microwave, because from the experience of previous ovens I knew that I would not use "bells and whistles"). Thank you May @ per recipe
May @Thank you very much for the recipe!
Wonderful cupcake!

Cocoa poured 1 spoon - I have it thermonuclear. Instead of soda, 1 tea. a spoonful of baking powder - mixed with flour. 1 table. replaced a spoonful of sugar with a bag of vanilla sugar. Poured lightly with Baileys liqueur.

Cupcake in the microwave
Today I tried to bake this cake. Nothing faster and easier was met by Pekla for 3 minutes at a power of 900 only on microwaves. I also replaced baking soda with baking powder.
Auto RU
This wonderful recipe makes a wonderful biscuit cake
but where you can attach it

cake - Prague from Susli
Cupcake in the microwave

this is the only piece that has survived to the photo session
Thank you May @, for such a simple and wonderful recipe!
mila 13
I bake such a cake for my husband almost every day.
Instead of milk - kefir, 4 tablespoons
I don't put any vanillin or sour cream
Everything else is prescription.
Yes, and I don't add chocolate chips either.
4 minutes - and the sweet cake is ready Sprinkle with vanilla sugar - the husband is happy
I do it exactly in the same orange mold
Somehow the patch came out with two identical recipes, but according to the rules of good taste I will write the answer to the one that comes first
Comrades moderators - maybe combine them into one topic with this:
Cupcake in the microwave
Quote: alyonochka

Today I wanted to try new silicone molds.

One in micro: micro + convection for 5 minutes.
ABOUT! Here you are what I need !!!!
Everything was over the question - IS SILICONE POSSIBLE IN MICRA ???
No one could answer (((((on the box with the molds it is not written ((I HAVE BEEN HARD !!
That is, judging by your experience, it is possible for me to buy a dream- Silicone molds and an OVEN IN MICRA ???
Save in advance !!!
In general, I have baked muffins in the micra before. In an old sovdepovskoy glass pan, which you drop, don't break))
A smart way out when unexpected guests are on the nose!
But it turned out more like a cake ... But all-TASTY!
I will also share:
200 gr butter (I take margarine)
200 grams of chocolate (I replace 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa, chocolate toad crushes)
200 gr flour
200 grams of sugar (too much for me, I put less)
3 eggs (if not enough, then one cost)
2 tsp baking powder, well, or classic soda + vinegar.
Melt the butter with cocoa, beat the eggs with sugar, not bothering much. but the better the whisk, the more airy the cake will turn out - checked! Add baking powder to flour. And mix everything :)
Well, in the micro ..I put on 800 watts (this is the maximum) for 3-4 minutes NO MORE !!!
The main thing is to take into account that the dough will rise VERY MUCH .. if you do not want to grind the micra, then put the dough with a volume of 1/3 of the cooking utensils !!!!!
There is no photo now .. switched to muffins in HP))
Taneka - since I’m just in the microscope in a silicone mold and baked, nothing will be done to her
Taneka, can I answer you? Silicone molds are very suitable for microwave ovens. ... I bake in them, then leave in the microwave for another minute after the signal. I take it out and let it cool in the form for 5 minutes.
Quote: julifera

Taneka - since I’m just in the microscope in a silicone mold and baked, nothing will be done to her
Thank you so much !!! I still didn't dare ...
Quote: vitalinka 2

Taneka, can I answer you? Silicone molds are very suitable for microwave ovens. ... I bake in them, then leave in the microwave for another minute after the signal. I take it out and let it cool in the form for 5 minutes.
Gracias !!!!!!!!
Aunt Besya
And I tried it, but I couldn't find a suitable form, that's why it's just in a glass saucepan, that's why it's low for me. But my son approved and said that he was very, very
Cupcake in the microwaveCupcake in the microwave
I read everything and the recipe is simple and quick to DO ... but OOOOOCHENN I'm afraid for the silicone. Like Yu. EZhby did not burn out at all s. I'll try
I also made this wonderful cupcake yesterday, very tasty, and most importantly - quickly! Thank you. There is one question, I did it in a glass saucepan and it stuck a little and broke when taken out. Do I need to forgive the bottom with baking paper, or did I just not let it stand for a while after I took it out of the microwave?
May @
iren_adler, try to grease the saucepan next time and let it stand for a while, it seems to come through.
iren_adler , I often baked a manna in the microwave (delicious ....). So, he did not get it from the glass mold: I cut it in the mold and took it out with a spatula. I shared the recipe with many, everyone was delighted and did not complain about anything. It turned out that they baked in plastic molds. I bought myself the same one, and now products made of dough in the microwave just pop out! Well, if you don't buy plastic, then baking paper will help
Marusichka29 - so this is May @ gave a recipe not for convection, but for microwaves, this is the whole amazing meaning of this recipe:

little dough and only 4 minutes - and everything has time to bake inside and not dry out during this time !!!

The point was for you to be fooled like that, and also half-baked ...
try less test and only on microwaves - and you will feel the difference in labor costs and not only
Quote: Marusya29

Strangely, I saw in the photo and in the recording that the author of Stern and just not for the microwave ... but I will not argue, you can just throw the link

So you review then in that Temko Sternina and leave
And then this Temka is about a completely different cupcake, so I didn't understand
I used to write a cake recipe in the microwave here
Very tasty.
May @, tatianaskazka, thank you very much for the answers My family liked this cupcake so much that they urgently need to be repeated
May @, thank you very much for the recipe ... I have had a microwave for more than ten years, and I have never baked anything in it, only warmed up ready-made dishes and baked pizza with sandwiches. And then such a miracle in 4 minutes! I just couldn't believe that everything worked out, now I urgently need a silicone mold!
May @
Eat to your health.
: secret: I need a silicone mold myself, I can't decide on the size, they don't write the volume on them.
Thank you, the recipe "WHAT IS NECESSARY!"
The older child cooked it in 10 minutes: she mixed everything, baked it in a silicone form, smeared it with boiled condensed milk on top without problems. Photo report:
Cupcake in the microwave

In the context:
Cupcake in the microwave

May @
It so happened that I urgently needed to bake something, then I remembered this cupcake. I quickly kneaded everything + microwaves 1000 watts 3 minutes + 1 minute in a microwave and 5 minutes on a table in a uniform, that is, everything is as you taught. Here's what I did, take credit and a huge thank you with a plus sign! My digressions were only that milk was replaced with yogurt and soda for baking powder. I took a special picture without sprinkling it with powdered sugar so that the cupcake was visible, now it will cool down and decorate. I will say one thing, I baked it before (it was true for a long time) in a circle, I did not like it. But silicone molds are what you need!
Cupcake in the microwave
May @
Kolyma,Andreevna, yes girls, all the same, silicone molds are a lot.And the shapes are beautiful and pop out easily. Well done
I have this recipe in general - a magic wand, am I baking this cupcake in a silicone mold too? microwave? I cook in general, then I cut it into 2 parts and soak it with chocolate cream from Gopher cakes - it turns out so yummy!
and nothing but five minutes
I suggest a variation of the cupcake in the microwave.
Somehow there was no milk at the dacha and the eggs ran out, and there was no store nearby .. I had to adapt. I liked the new cupcake even more.

Microwave cupcake:
3 tbsp. l. flour with a mountain
2 tbsp sugar heaped
1 tbsp cocoa with a slide
2-3 tbsp. oils
7 tbsp of kefir
a third of a teaspoon of soda.

Mix dry ingredients, add liquid underneath.
Fill the form in half.
I bake 4 minutes at 1000 watts in glass or ceramics, but this is individual.
The muffin is soft, fluffy and not dry at all.
Do not bake as soon as the top is tightened - ready, let stand for a couple of minutes in the oven.
Great recipe! Just super !!! Such delicious food! Only, for some reason, I didn’t pull it out of the glass mold. They just poured caramel syrup on top and ate with spoons. In three minutes, so delicious! Thank you!!!!
May @
Quote: lakki290268

Great recipe! Just super !!! Such delicious food! Only, for some reason, I didn’t pull it out of the glass mold. They just poured caramel syrup on top and ate with spoons. In three minutes, so delicious! Thank you!!!!
lakki290268, I'm glad that you liked the cupcake, but it's better to bake it in a silicone mold, it doesn't come out very well from a glass mold either.
Thank you very much! The second day I bake, so mine liked it! And how fast! Made in triple volume and baked a whole bunch of small cupcakes and ... for the computer. Mine came home from work, saw a mountain of cupcakes and said, “Cinderella, you are mine, I was spinning at the stove all day.” And he did not know that I had bungled all this 15 minutes before his arrival.
Elena Bo
Well, girls ... will bring you to sin - make you bake in a micron. But I don't believe what happens in my antediluvian. Well, how interesting is it
May @
Linen, well, since it's interesting to try. It seems to me that even in the antediluvian everything will work out, there only microwaves are needed.
Quote: Elena Bo

Well, girls ... will bring you to sin - make you bake in a micron. But I don't believe what happens in my antediluvian. Well, how interesting is it
The beauty of this recipe is that a simple microwave without any bells and whistles and convections is enough to prepare this 3-minute cake. It is only important that 3 minutes is for 900W power. if I cook a double portion, set it for 6 minutes at a power of 900.
I like it more with kefir or sour milk, with fresh milk it seems to me that this cake is drier.
Very tasty if done with nuts and raisins. And with cocoa the best option for such a cake.
Elena Bo
I still baked a cupcake. But he baked it for 7 minutes. ... I have a large shape, I probably need to bake in small ones, then it will be ready faster. While it cools down.
Cupcake in the microwave
May @
Lena, the cake turned out to be pretty, which means a silicone mold ...
Well, about the time, that's what I think. If you did a single portion, then 7 minutes is a lot, try it, it may be dry. Although, this is your antediluvian micra, maybe it will work out fine. Well, tell me later.
Elena Bo
Delicious turned out. It's so chocolatey. And not dry like. I will try in small ones. Thanks for the recipe. Maybe I'll bake something else
May @
LenochkaI'm glad you liked it. Eat for health and thanks for the plus sign.
Today I decided to cook your cupcake completely spontaneously. I poured tea into a mug and remembered this cupcake. A few minutes, and the cake was ready, even the tea did not have time to cool! I was preparing it for the first time, for the cream I mixed a couple of tablespoons of sour cream with sugar, sprinkled with coconut on top. It turned out very tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

Cupcake in the microwave
May @
Dinochka, to your health!
Nataly Yu
Yes, this cupcake is just a salvation! when friends with children come, they are happy with this dessert))) Very tasty !!! Thank you
Cupcake in the microwave
May @
Quote: Nataly Yu

Yes, this cupcake is just a salvation! when friends with children come, they are happy with this dessert))) Very tasty !!! Thank you

I am very glad that you liked it, eat to your health.

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