Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake

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Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake


The foundation
biscuits 60 g
butter 30 g
cottage cheese 150 g
instant gelatin 4 g
water for gelatin 24 g
sugar 30 g
fat cream 90 g
lemon juice 1 tsp
vanilla optional taste
Lacto Juice Jelly
lacto juice 150 g
sugar 20 g
instant gelatin 5 g
water for gelatin 30 g
chocolate black 50 g
fat cream 30 + 50 g.
instant gelatin 1 g
water for gelatin 5 g
-------- -------
shape 20 * 9 * 9
food coloring pink

Cooking method

  • Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake
  • Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeSoak all gelatin in cold boiled water. Take individual dishes for each layer. Leave for 5-10 minutes and dissolve as needed in microwave pulses.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeTake a platter or board. Place a flat object or an inverted saucer on it. The board should be such that the form in which the cheesecake will fit freely fits on it.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeStir curd cheese, sugar, cream, juice and vanilla until smooth. Put a spoonful of the mass in the melted gelatin. Stir. Add to the total. Stir. Divide in half.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeAdd dye to one part. Stir.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeCover the sides and bottom of the cheesecake pan with pastry tape or cling film. I used a mica bag. Place the mold on one side of the support. Lay out the pink curd mass. The mass is thick, so it must be leveled so that there is a layer thicker on one side than on the opposite. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeThis is what lacto juice looks like. It is a mixture of whey and fruit juice. We prepare the layer like this. Mix the juice with sugar until completely dissolved. Melt the gelatin. Introduce into juice.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeWe take out the form from the freezer. We remove the stand. Pour lacto juice jelly. We return to the freezer for 10 minutes.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeWe take out. We put the stand. We put the form. Spread out the other half of the cheesecake. We level it as in the first layer and send it to the freezer for 10 minutes.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakePut the chocolate in a bowl. Pour in 30 grams of cream. Melt in a water bath or microwave pulses, constantly stirring the mass after each turn on.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeMix the rest of the cream with the loose gelatin and pour into the chocolate mass. We mix.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeWe take out the form. We remove the stand. Pour out the chocolate ganache. We send it to the freezer for 10 minutes.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeGrind the cookies into crumbs. Add melted butter and stir.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecakeWe take out the form. Pour cookies on top, level and tamp lightly. We cover and send to the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.
    Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake
  • Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


The recipe was spied on a Japanese blog.
Very tasty and beautiful. Recommend!

Angela, everything is super simple, bookmark, I'll be back from the summer cottage, I will perform it !!!!
Angela, awesome beauty !!!!! Gorgeous presentation, everything is as always, deliciously described, beautifully presented ... Thanks for MK
I feel this is a delicate yummy.
I don't talk to you at all ... I killed and that's it ..
Angela, class! Took to bookmarks
Angela, very elegant! The photo is simply unrealistically beautiful! Very tender! Thanks for the delicious art!
Angela The pink color gives this cheesecake such a tenderness that it just WOW
I also love your recipes. Many have tried, it turns out, delicious, thanks.
I got in here to notice about lacto juice.I have not seen such a thing here, but yesterday I bought a package "Mazhitel" - this is just whey with juice.
So I will make such a dessert by all means!
Girls, thank you all for your attention to the recipe. Do it. Cool stuff. And in the heat what you need.
Quote: TATbRHA
the package "Mazitel" is just a serum with juice.
Tatyana, Thank you. I had no doubt that there is something similar in Russia. Maybe even the same as ours. Now everyone will know what to look for.
Angela, you’re an entertainer! For me, such is how to learn English. It's time for you to publish a book, such skill and beauty!
Quote: zvezda

I don't talk to you at all ... I killed and that's it ..
Olya, Angela killed all the Khlebopechkins, I am also lying around unconscious.
Yes, Angela is an extremely talented girl!
How I love delicious fire eat !!
Angela, very nice dessert! I did it last night. We have many different lacto juices sold with different names. I had all the ingredients in stock and the Actual Wild Orange / Mango was in the refrigerator. It is preparing very quickly, I will take a picture in the evening and report back.
Girls, thanks. Pleasantly
Quote: 4er-ta
I did it in the evening.
Tan, I did not even doubt that you would miss it) I look forward to your beauty. I hope you like the taste too)
Angela, this looks very stylish. Bravo
Angela, I am with gratitude and report. I rarely bake and so, something quick, and without baking, it suits me perfectly. I did not have a suitable form and I made it in portions, in glasses. I slightly reduced the layer with the cookies (I don't really like it and sometimes I make it without it), I took not black chocolate, but Caramel, everything else is according to the recipe. Here are my glasses

Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake
Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake
Thank you very much for the recipe! I will definitely do it in the form too.
4er-ta, Tatyana, it turned out very nicely!
I am delighted too!
I’m unlikely to be able to cook sensible and beautiful things, but ... But! To admire and see I am always "for".
An incredible dessert! I've only seen these on TV in restaurants.
Angela, this is ochchchen !!!!
4er-ta, Tatiana, just incredible! very good! A pleasure for the eyes and belly!
Quote: 4er-ta
and report
Tatyana, this is a bomb! Such a beauty that is worthy of kings! Well done!
Volga63, Larissa, Rituslya, girls, thanks. I'm glad you liked the presentation. Very nice!
, ang-kay, Angela! Well, very beautiful! The only question: in the description of the recipe it is not indicated what gelatin should be added to the curd mass. And in the ingredients it is. And one more thing: what kind of curd cheese do you think Russians should take? You have your own and, apparently, excellent dairy products
Olga, thanks for your attentiveness and praise. Added a description.
Quote: Oroma
What kind of curd cheese do you think Russians should take? You have your own and, apparently, excellent dairy products
Olya, I generally took pasty cottage cheese. I rarely buy just curd cheese. Expensive. Take any. It doesn't matter here. You can weigh 25% sour cream and use it.
Angela, has already cooked twice, unexpectedly easy and simple, very tasty, discovered lacto-juice jelly, delicious, although I don't eat jelly at all, but where do you buy it ?, we have a very small choice, only two types and only in ATB.
Zoya, that's great that I liked this cheesecake.
Quote: zoyaaa
I discovered lacto-juice jelly, it's delicious, although I don't eat jelly at all, but where do you buy it ?, we have a very small choice, only two types and only in ATB.
A friend pointed me at him when I tried to reproduce this recipe. There, the Japs have something incomprehensible, like some kind of transparent yoghurt and a snotty look. I also bought it at ATB. Also, there are only two types. You can make it yourself with whey and juice. Take the proportions to your taste.
Angela, I'm not tired of making cheesecake, simplified version, double rate juice jelly, curd layer with blueberries, delicious summer dessertCookie-based unbaked cheesecake
Zoya, creative) Nice and tasty!
To love
We have recently started making whey with juice at a dairy. I must buy try)
Irina, I like. Try, how do you like it?
Here's a picture of what we have, I think it's the same in many cities ..

,Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake
Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake
Olya, is that all it ?! What a choice! Girls, if you buy for this dessert, then you need a more transparent one. Colorless.
Yes, all of it, not all fit yet ..
I bought a mango-pineapple and neon mojito ..
Ang-kay, thanks for the interesting recipe !!! My favorite milk jelly! Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake

Quote: zvezda
neon mojito ..
Olya, zvezda , neon mojito actual? ... it's very tasty, my son loves it and I like it (but an expensive drink).

A family joke from his early childhood: ,, green, but tastier ,, (this is about potato pancakes)))))

Story, what a beautiful! Well done. It looks very noble and just in such tones.
Quote: Fairy tale
neon mojito actual
Yes, I bought it for a stock .. I like it too

Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Congratulations!!! Chicardos recipe !! There is everything for him .. it remains to cook
Angela, congratulations on the next, but definitely not the last, medal!
Angela, congratulations !!!

Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake
Chef, thank you very much. Pleasantly)
Girls, Thank you for your congratulations! Do it. You will not regret)
ang-kay, Angela, with Victory and Myadalka !!!
Angela, Congratulations! Your recipes are masterpieces!
Ksyusha, Marina,
Angela, congratulations on the victory and the medal! A beautiful dessert.
Ilona, Thank you)
Angela, congratulations !!! Another masterpiece!
Natasha, Thank you
Angelique, with a well-deserved victory!
What a beauty!
For such a dessert, you need to give many, many medals!
Very nice and gentle!
Angelique, thanks!
Rituslya, thanks It's nice)
Angela, congratulations on the medal!
I have cheesecake, this time in shape. Thanks for the recipe!

Cookie-based unbaked cheesecake

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