Omelet in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f

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Omelet in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f


Chicken egg 4 things
Milk 3/4 mst
Bulgarian pepper Taste
Sausage or bacon or ham Taste
Salt Taste
Ground pepper Taste
Potato starch 1/2 tbsp. l
Mozzarella cheese 2-3 st. l
Dill Taste

Cooking method

  • Beat the eggs with milk, salt and starch until the mass increases (I beat for 1.5 minutes with the immersion foot of the blender in a glass at maximum speed). Add chopped vegetables and sausage (or whoever has that), pepper. Mix. Just in case, greased the bottom of the bowl with butter, poured the mixture, sprinkled it with cheese and herbs on top. I closed the lid and installed the program. When the preparation was over, the omelet rose (pouted) right up to the middle of the bowl.
  • Omelet in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f

The dish is designed for

1 or 2

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

Oven level 1


The omelet turned out to be so tender and fluffy, easily jumped out of the bowl. You can change the ingredients as you like, add whatever you want to taste, this is such an egg-like pizza

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