Choosing a bread machine for baking charlotte

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I ask you to share the experience of those of you who faced such a choice.
1. I am considering buying a Panasonic SD 2511 bread maker due to the presence of a quick start function in order to bake a charlotte. How reasonable and convenient is it? Or is it easier and more convenient to bake in a conventional oven in a conventional form?
2. If the power is turned off, is it more convenient to use the Panasonic SD 2501 or Panasonic SD 2511 to resume baking? I understand that nothing can replace a full cycle.
3. What to do if a) the dough is kneaded and has risen or b) baking has started and the lights are turned off?
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$ vetLana
A charlotte bread maker?
It is more convenient for me in the oven or in a slow cooker but in a bread maker,
Bread maker for bread and dough
Thank you!
Mandraik Ludmila
savl, you can, in principle, and charlotte, only a half portion for 2 eggs, and why not, I somehow baked a jellied pie with cabbage, and we bake cakes in panasikas, so I don't see any contraindications, I have, like with $ vetLana, panasik 2511.
Svetochka, I baked yours in panasika, my cupcake turned out well, he's practically charlotte, only rye

Rye cake "For Buttercup" ($ vetLana)

Choosing a bread maker for charlotte
Thank you!
1. The very structure of a bucket of any hp implies an elongated shape, while for cakes we choose a more horizontal one. This is in addition to beauty, so that additives such as apples-raisins do not pull the dough down too much, because they are distributed in a layer lower than in a vertical form.
Second, we select the baking mode in the oven so that it grabs as soon as possible, so that the dough does not fall from the excessive length of the baking.
In short, these two factors affect the height of the confectionery and, in terms of HP, are inferior to the oven, as well as even to a multicooker (there is a horizontal mold) with a normal baking temperature.
Most likely, the height of your product with heavy additives will be lower than an oven or multicooker. Slightly denser. Especially if you overdo it with the amount of dough in the bucket if you have heavy additives. And here empty For biscuits-muffins, it is even better for a gentle uniform heating in our units.
2. The beauty of the baked top crust. Any caramel-crispy crusts there are canceled due to the fact that the top heat in HP is a priori lower than the oven heat. The crusts on top will be more tender and paler. Therefore, when baking charlotte, it is necessary to choose, as the girls indicated above, the optimal amount of dough to bake better.

So, bake for health, taking into account the above)))

If the electricity is turned off, is it more convenient to use a Panasonic SD 2501 or a Panasonic SD 2511 to resume baking? I understand that nothing can replace a full cycle.

and what's on the forehead, what's on the forehead. In this regard, the stoves are the same in all respects, including just a baking program.
For about 7 minutes, you can count on saving the program settings, and then finish baking in manual mode if the program crashes.

Thanks for the details! Their knowledge helps to make the right choice.
I already wrote to you in another topic. Panasik has only one choice - the more programs, especially for every day, the better. If you want to save money or you plan to bake the same bread all the time, then you can take it easier.
And so, little by little, but the tastes of the slegonets differ on just basic, or basic low-yeast.
Another thing is, if there is no low-yeast one, you can get out on the same long-term dietary one.
In general, when saving, you will not suffer much. The losses won't be big
But if there is money and there are plans for a variety of pastries, take the one with more programs.

I bought myself a multicooker with a bread maker function Breeze MX-11., although there is a Panasonic-2500 bread maker. I wanted the bread to be not a brick, but in the form of a loaf. In Panas, I did not like that the top crust is as it were thinner than the sides and paler .. Brize, I got everything I wanted!... I bake more in it than I cook, although it performs its functions by 5+.

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