Assorted Beans Salad for the winter

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Assorted salad with beans for the winter


beans 400 gr.
carrot 1 kg.
Bulgarian pepper 0.5-1 kg.
ripe tomatoes 2 kg.
bulb onions 0.5 kg.
vegetable oil 1 tbsp. (250 ml.)
sugar 1 tbsp.
salt 2 tbsp. l.
vinegar 9% 60 ml.
peppercorns (assorted) 8-12 pcs.

Cooking method

  • Soak the beans overnight and boil until tender.
  • Cook the carrots until tender, peel and cut into cubes.
  • Pepper we clean from tails and seeds, cut into strips or cubes. I cut into strips.
  • Peel and cut the onion into half rings or quarter rings.
  • We skip the tomatoes in a meat grinder or grate them, discarding the peel.
  • In a large saucepan, mix vegetables and beans, add oil, salt and sugar and simmer until vegetables are ready (about 40 minutes).
  • Then add vinegar and peppercorns, boil for another 10 minutes and pour into sterilized jars, roll up and wrap until cool.
  • Have a delicious winter!

The dish is designed for

4 l.

Time for preparing:

3 hours + time for soaking beans

ABOUT! New bean salad from Tinochka !!!
I got it lucky !!!
This morning, by the way, I cooked beans according to the previous recipe.
A.lenka, Helen, and how do you like that? tried it though? both salads immediately gain flavor and in winter they are the same in a jar as they are now in saucepans
I don’t know if I’ll make it in time, but I am planning another recipe with beans)
Tina 'this salad is my daughter's favorite, I make every year. Delicious
Nadia, yes, this recipe is old, from my childhood (just modernized a little), but very tasty
Tina, with thanks! Indeed, delicious! And from the jar and in the soup! I will cook again, my son ordered.
Elena, I am very glad that I liked the salad, it is one of the most favorite in my family
Tina, done! With 2 servings 16 cans 0.7 and 2 0.5 each.
I added dry parsnip root, ground coriander and dry green onions, dill, parsley. Taste and smell ...

Assorted salad with beans for the winter
Tyetyort, Helen, great, but I'm back in the hospital and no seams
Tina, , get well soon!
Tyetyort, thank you dear
Irishk @
Tinochka, a great recipe. I am taking it into service. I like this salad with rice, but now I ought to make it with beans. As a side dish or as an independent dish, just what you need.
Irishk @, my bean rolls quickly diverge, I will be glad if the recipe is useful to you too
V-tina, Tina, tell me what is the taste difference between salads with beans cooked with boiled and raw carrots?
I want to cook, I can't choose.
Elena, I liked the boiled one more, it does not merge with the sauce, it retains its texture.
Elenka, with raw carrots it turns out more sauce, well, the carrots feel more, for mine I like it more with raw, for stews and soups I take the one with boiled carrots
Tina, Thank you!

Tyetyort, thanks for the answer.

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