Hello dear members of the forum.
Life has developed in such a way that due to kidney disease I have to look for protein-free and salt-free bread. Home baking could solve this problem. BUT can any homemade bread maker bake such bread - after all, salt plays an important role in baking. I don't know about the need for protein in flour.
Does anyone have recipes and experience in baking similar bread, or at least information about it?

Thanks to everyone who read and responded in advance.
Yours faithfully
Sergey Rzhanoy
Salt-free - I think it will work out (I'll try it sometime with rye sourdough), and protein-free - you need to look for flour without vegetable protein. It is unlikely that there is such flour, but you can test oat flour, buckwheat, rice (I sometimes add them to rye bread).
So you can remove the salt, but I don't know to remove the proteins.
Peace be with you bakers!
5004 has such programs
and you can buy a mixture for baking in the gum - in the grocery store on the first floor it is certainly not cheap, but in any case it was there before ng I personally saw 3 different things
good luck:
Sergey Rzhanoy
I think that buying and using store mixes for baking bread is unacceptable!
Expensive, old (six months a mixture?), It is not known what is stuffed there, not stable (one mixture, then another), preservatives?, Other additives (aluminum sulfate?).
Even indecent!
Thank you very much for responding!

Shade: you write "there are such programs in 5004". What do you have in mind? Baking salt-free and protein-free bread? I think you meant something else. If possible, then please in more detail about this. Do other bread makers have such functions? I just really don't want to spend money on a thing that may turn out to be completely unsuitable for my tasks.
GUM is not a cheap store these days. I have seen ready-made mixtures of protein-free flour (and flour separately) in other places: in the "Put to Me" store and in the market on Vyatskaya Street. A 700-gram pack of ready-made mixture costs about 130 rubles. How much bread will it make?

Sergey Rzhanoy: in any ordinary flour, 100 g contains about 10 g of protein. And protein-free flour is prepared on the basis of corn or potato starch, which practically does not contain it. If you share your experience or information on baking protein-free, salt-free bread, a lot of people will simply bow down to you. This is a very serious problem for us!
I agree with your reasonable doubts about ready-made mixtures. But then what to do?

Thanks again to everyone who responded!
Peace be with you bakers!
evgenalex1 I meant that there are programs -----

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I agree that gum is not the most affordable store and if you found it cheaper, then I'm glad for you just in gum for sure these mixtures are always present and this product is unprofitable on the market, so you still have to find
Thanks a lot, Shade!
It is important that this model has a baking mode specifically without salt. Other manufacturers do not seem to have such a mode. Or is it not mentioned, or is it combined with some other regime?
In general, are you satisfied with your bread maker, how often do you use it, what programs?
Peace be with you bakers!
evgenalex1 look here everything is collected from users 5004

Thank you Shade!
Lots of useful information. In 5004, the price and the minimum size of baked goods are confusing - 750 g.I will have to eat such a loaf alone for a long time! Tell me, if I put, say, 500 g - what can happen?
Peace be with you bakers!
evgenalex1 - if I lay, say, 500 g - what could happen?
Why such a terrible thing can happen
for the entire time of using the stove, at different loads \ the smallest as far as I can remember is 450 g of flour and the largest is 700 g \ I did not change the default values, that is, the average weight and average crust
and while there were no punctures
I don't know of course how the protein-free bread will behave when baking, but I think that you will be mistaken a couple of times and then you will know what to bet on
well, at the expense of the price - yes
but you can see and cheaper for example
Benten BN-7513 - Price: 2497.00 rubles
Gluten-free baked goods: yes

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