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Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling

Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling

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Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling


Flour / s 240g
Water (boiling water) 180g
Vegetable oil 60g

Cooking method

  • Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling
  • The dough recipe conquered its simplicity and speed, so I decided to share it with you! There are only three ingredients in the dough. At first glance, there are many similar recipes, but I did not see exactly this on the site.
  • This recipe has its own formula, so remembering the proportions is very easy. Water to oil - 3:1, flour to water with butter - 1:1... Salt is not added according to the recipe, I tried it with salt (a pinch) and without it - I did not notice the difference. The technology is similar to the biscuit dough, but slightly different proportions, less oil and no baking powder (although I also use the same proportions for the biscuit biscuit, I only add baking powder and salt).
  • This dough, in contrast to the biscuit dough, turns out to be less sandy, the edges of the pies are crispy, but not hard. The dough itself in the pies is thin and soft from the filling. In short, I highly recommend it!
  • Sift the flour into a bowl for kneading the dough, pour oil over it into a glass (250 ml), pour boiling water into it to the very top of the glass and immediately pour it into the flour. According to the original recipe, oil and water are brought to a boil and poured into flour. Do as you like. Quickly knead the dough, first with a spoon, then with your hand. The dough is soft, pleasant to the touch, easily gathers into a bun. If a lot of oil comes out (the flour is different for everyone), then you can add a little flour. Allow to rest under the film. You don't need to put it in the refrigerator. While the dough is resting, let's start filling.
  • The filling for this dough is not too juicy. For the filling, use coarse grated raw potatoes with onions, stewed cabbage, apples sprinkled with sugar, well, or at your discretion. My favorite filling for such pies is pumpkin, raw and finely chopped, mixed with onions, salt, pepper and ground cumin (without it there will be no this breathtaking aroma!), You can add both Adyghe salt and ground coriander, who what loves. You can add a tiny bit of butter to each patty for a more subtle flavor (this works for raw potatoes and onions too). The filling is ready, turn on the oven (set it to 200 degrees) and proceed to the pies.
  • Put the rested bun with dough on a floured board, easily knead it into a small layer, about the width of both palms, fold it in half, knead it again, fold it again. The dough is very docile and the whole kneading and folding operation will take less than a minute. Two or three times is enough. During soaking, a small amount of oil usually appears on the surface of the dough, it should be so, just knead the dough so that the oil is absorbed and the dough becomes smooth. But it is better to carry out the above manipulations with folding, the oil is mixed with the sprinkled flour and this will give a light layering to the finished products. Again, the board is sprinkled with a little flour. When rolling pancakes, flour can not be used, such dough rolls out quickly and does not stick to the board.
  • Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling
  • Divide it into two parts, roll up two "sausages" and divide each into 6-7 parts.
  • Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin fillingChouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling
  • Roll out a pancake 2-3 mm thick, put a tablespoon with a slide of filling, not in the center, but slightly with an offset, so that the free edge of the dough can cover the filling without pulling the dough unnecessarily.
  • Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin fillingChouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling
  • Along the edge, simply press in with your fingers along the entire semicircle. The dough is very soft and tender.
  • Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling
  • You do not need to grease the baking sheet, just sprinkle it with flour, there is enough oil in the dough and the finished pies easily roll off it. Lay the pies, prick the top with a fork in 3-4 places. I don't lubricate them with anything. I also like this "unsmoothed" look, although, of course, you can grease it with water / egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds or nigella - nigella.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 200 grams - 20-25 minutes, until browning.
  • Chouxed unleavened dough for baked pies and your favorite pumpkin filling
  • Oh, what a smell there is when baking! If you love the smell and taste of samsa, then you will definitely love this filling! There is much more fuss with samsa, but with these pies everything is very simple and fast! I painted this all over the page, read for a long time, but in fact neither dough, nor modeling, nor baking will take much time.

The dish is designed for

12-14 pcs

Time for preparing:

kneading 5 min + rest 15-30 min + baking 20-25 min

Cooking program:



I used to make these pies from another dough. It is also very simple: 200 g of melted margarine + 200 g of water + flour 2.5-3 cups. But now I rarely use margarine in baking, so I had to look for an alternative recipe. I'm very glad that I found it! Thanks to the author miss from the site Cook!
By the way, this dough also makes an apple strudel ...
Pies options:
with fruit filling from Angela
with potato filling in the Redmond multi-baker
with potato and cheese filling in the Redmond Multipack (win-tat)
chicken samsa in Princess Samboussa maker

An interesting recipe, good for the oven!
I took it in, thanks Yulenka!
I was very interested in your recipe, but you can tell about the filling in more detail: the pumpkin is taken raw (on a coarse grater is better), fry the onion or not, and melt the butter? Thank you
I'm also interested in pumpkin filling. And if you grate it on a coarse grater? Will it be wet?
Yuliya K
Trishka, Ksyusha, thank you for your attention to the recipe! Hope you enjoy it!

Ashelen, Alyona, thanks for stopping by! Both pumpkin and onion are taken raw. I cut the pumpkin finely, but you can also grate it on a coarse grater, I also cut the onion. The photo in the recipe shows what size the pieces are. The filling is completely raw, seasoned with salt and spices. Not melted butter in the filling, just a bean-sized piece.

chmokk, Lyudmila, yes you can grate, sometimes I do it! I rub both pumpkin and onions. It is faster, but of course it turns out a little more juice than cut ones. With sliced, the filling behaves better when baking, nothing comes out at all!
Yuliya K, it is interesting to try such a dough. I put in bookmarks.
Is it possible with meat ?? Type samsa to do ??
Yuliya K
Lerele, thanks for your attention to the recipe! I have not tried this particular dough with raw meat ... You can certainly try to reduce the temperature and increase the baking time, but there is a possibility of overdrying the dough.
Yuliya K, Thank you! It is interesting that it is in a good proportion of sunflower oil + water. I make in this proportion for yeast pizza dough. It's very plastic, my favorite. Now I'll try fresh. To bookmarks.
Yuliya K, Julia, can you have a pumpkin from the freezer?
Thank you very much Yulichka for the recipe. I'll cook it with potatoes already drooling.
Yuliya K, Yulia, what an interesting recipe, I love pumpkin, bookmark ... thanks for the recipe
Yuliya K
Fantik, Anastasia, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I was also attracted by the water / oil ratio, as in the biscuit dough from Irina-vernisag By decreasing the oil and increasing the water, I also realized that I had come to the same proportion!

spring, Elena, I did not make it from frozen, since I only freeze ready-made pumpkin puree ...

Mmmmm, how tasty and fast! Thanks for the recipe, Yulia
Yuliya K
orchid, yeah, it's very tasty with potatoes too!

kristina1, thanks for your attention to the recipe! I love pumpkin too!

RepeShock, Irina, I'm glad that the recipe is interesting!
Julia, thanks for the idea with pumpkin filling. Made from leftover yeast dough with grated pumpkin. Yes, indeed, very juicy. But delicious-oh-oh-oh! I will definitely repeat, but I will already chop the pumpkin finely. And I want to try the custard dough! Thanks for the recipe!
Yuliya K
chmokk, Ludmila, I am very glad that I liked the filling! Thanks for your feedback! I hope you enjoy the choux pastry too!
Oh, what a wonderful recipe! Just wonderful!
Thank you,Yulenka!
I really wanted to cook.
I somehow have an even attitude to pumpkin, I do not know how to cook it. She always seems tasteless to me. Maybe all the varieties I do not choose. I don’t.
But I will definitely try!
Yuliya K
Rituslya, Ritulchik, this filling is good even from tasteless pumpkin - onions and spices will do their job!
And zira!
Yuliya K
Quote: chmokk
And zira!
Ludmila, yeah! Zira in this filling comes first from spices for me!
Thanks for the dough recipe. Simply excellent and easy to remember proportions. I advise everyone to bake.
Yuliya K
thet, thanks for your attention to the recipe! I am glad that I liked the dough!
Yuliya K, Julia, thanks for the recipe! I know it's very tasty, we opened a bakery in a neighboring house. They bake such pies there, in the same shape, their name is very unusual, tomorrow I will come in for a special look. I bought it with mashed potatoes and fresh apples for testing, I also saw it with meat. When I ate, I thought, like the dough is not biscuit, but it looks like it.
I'm really sure - this is the recipe that I really wanted to know.
Yuliya K
Bul, well, you must! Also with an unusual name! So it's definitely worth trying to make and compare! And you can do it with two filling options at once. I didn't try to do it with mashed potatoes, mine prefer it from raw potatoes grated with onions, or even just with cheese, I did it when the filling was not enough! In any case, the home version should be no worse than from the bakery, and you can compose any filling yourself!
Yuliya K, thanks for the recipe! Made from whole grain flour, cottage cheese filling, black currant and potatoes, garlic, spices. It turned out very tasty, especially sweet ones. The dough is simple and very pleasant to work with, I did not even roll it out, I stretched it flat with my hands.
Yuliya K
An4utka, I am very glad that I liked the dough, and even from whole grain flour everything worked out!
Quote: Yuliya K
If you love the smell and taste of samsa
I love samsa very much, but I rarely do it. Therefore, I will try!
YuliaAnd I always made the pumpkin filling sweet, it will be all the more interesting !!!
Thank you!
Julia and Zira I cooked very little. How much should you put in the filling approximately?
And then I did something like an oriental seasoning and apparently put a lot of cumin (and how much I don't know) and she interfered with my recipe.
Yuliya K
Kokoschka, Lilia, thanks for your attention to the recipe! And zira in samsa is one of the essential spices! It's just very fragrant and you don't need to put a lot of it. Zira is enough to take a pinch of 500 g of chopped pumpkin, but be sure to grind it to give aroma. Try it, pumpkin combined with onions, salt and spices is delicious too! And as I already wrote, it's very tasty if you add a tiny piece (with a bean) of butter to each pie into the pumpkin filling!
A very interesting recipe!
I take it to the bookmarks, let's try! Thank you, Julia!
Yuliya K
mamusi, Margarita, thanks for your attention to the recipe!
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Yuliya K, Congratulations
Masha Ivanova
Yuliya K, Julia! An absolutely deserved victory! Congratulations!
Congratulations! Decent recipe! First I made yeast dough with pumpkin filling. Then she did it exactly according to the recipe. It was very tasty for us!
Yulia, congratulations on the medal!
Yuliya K
Chefthanks for appreciating my recipe !!! Very nice!

Tina, Elena, Ludmila, Galina, girls, thank you very much for the congratulations !!!
Yulia, Yulichka, congratulations on your victory!

Today I went to the bakery, they call these pies Kokroki. Googled, these are national Udmurt pies on unleavened dough. Moreover, there are a lot of varieties of the recipe, someone on sour cream and eggs, someone also on water with vegetable oil.
Yuliya K
Bul, Yulenka, thank you for your congratulations !!! Kokroki is a really outlandish name! I read about them, interesting pies! And the question arose, almost all options without fail include an egg, and not one, but two or even three, are they really needed there? Let me explain, once they shared with me a recipe for "family" pies with cabbage, which I liked so much that I did not look at anything else at the table! Unusual for me was both the dough and the filling (young cabbage steamed with hot butter), and their very appearance - crescents, or rather even "half-suns", since they had "rays" in a semicircle (apparently made with a fork). These were pies from the same dough that I wrote about in the note, also from three ingredients (water + margarine + flour). But the funniest thing is that it turned out that their "family" dough recipe was born from another, in which there was a rather impressive amount of everything - everything: 1 glass of sour cream + 1 glass of kefir + a pack of margarine + 2 eggs + soda + salt And this is the original dough, I think its composition really looks like a dough for kokrok!
Yulyashik, yohu!
With a well-deserved victory!
Well done, Yulenka!
Congratulations with all my heart !!!
Yuliya K
Rituyla, thanks !!! I have an unexpected holiday today !! So nice!
Yuliya K, With a victory !!!!
Yuliya K
Lily, Thank you!!!
Yuliya K,
Julia, interested in the recipe, sits right in my head and that's it. Tell me, how do these pies cool down, or do they behave the next day?
Yuliya K
Andreevna, Alexandra, yes it is quite normal, and the next day the crunchy edges and softness of the dough remain. I keep the leftovers in the refrigerator - in a bag or plastic container! But this rarely happens, usually they fly away hot and warm! Try half a portion for a start, with any filling, the main thing is not fluid! Well they are done very quickly!
Yuliya K, YuliaThank you, everything is clear. I will definitely do it in the coming days
Yuliya K
Alexandra, I hope that everything will work out and like it!
Yulia, I cooked these delicious pies yesterday. Filled with raw grated potatoes. : girl_love: How we liked it! Mine said straight samsa! So I would like to thank you twice for the dough and the filling. I have never cooked or tasted this. Usually mashed potatoes or diced potatoes! They said to repeat it unambiguously!
Yuliya K
Quote: Bulia
Mine said straight samsa!
Hurrah!!! Yulenka, I am very glad that the family liked it too! Mine love this potato filling too! Thank you for your feedback !!!
Yuliya K, Yulechka with Victory and Myadalka !!!

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