Dessert cucumber jelly

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Dessert cucumber jelly


Cucumbers without skin 2 Kg
juice-puree of red or white currant 500 ml
sugar 600g + 250g
fresh mint and basil 20 leaves each
lemon acid 1 tsp
agar-agar or Zhelfix (optional)

Cooking method

  • An interesting and unusual dessert cucumber jelly is great for any dairy and sour-milk products.
  • The idea for this jelly came to me when I was doing candied cucumber... It turned out great!
  • Peel the cucumbers and cut them into cubes about 1cm x 1cm.
  • Dessert cucumber jelly
  • Dip them in boiling water (1l) with 2 teaspoons of baking soda for 1 minute. Throw in a colander and immediately rinse with cold water. Sprinkle 600 g of sugar and leave to give juice for 1.5-2 hours.
  • Dessert cucumber jelly
  • Bring to a boil and cook, stirring occasionally for 5 minutes. Then I added 3 sprigs of fresh mint (this is not necessary) and left to cool and soak in syrup overnight (8 hours worked). Bring it to a boil again, cook for 2-3 minutes and put it in a colander. We collect the syrup. Throw away the mint.
  • Dessert cucumber jelly
  • We squeeze out the juice from red or white currants (about 1 kg of berries). I have white currants. We take 500ml of juice, heat to a boil with 250g of sugar and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Dessert cucumber jelly Dessert cucumber jelly Dessert cucumber jelly
  • Since the gelling properties of white currants are not as high as those of red ones, just in case I added 10 g of agar-agar, mixing it with cucumbers and letting it swell for 20 minutes. The total weight of cucumbers I got was 720g, I collected 1280ml of syrup. Add cucumbers and finely chopped basil and mint leaves to the currant juice. Add a teaspoon of citric acid (I added half a teaspoon). Mix everything well, bring to a boil and boil for 3-4 minutes. We lay out on prepared sterilized banks and close.
  • Dessert cucumber jelly Dessert cucumber jelly Dessert cucumber jelly Dessert cucumber jelly
  • You can cook without currant juice, just returning 300 ml of their syrup to the cucumbers, but then you need to add agar-agar 10g or Zhelfix 3: 1 1 sachet, mix everything, bring to a boil and boil for 3-4 minutes. Boil the remaining syrup with mint and citric acid for 5 minutes and pour into sterilized bottles.
  • Dessert cucumber jelly
  • Can be used to impregnate biscuits, can be mixed with sparkling water.

Mandraik Ludmila
Lina, thanks, I bookmarked Currant, we have already disposed of everything, so what I will do with agar-agar.
Galina Iv.
Sorceress, but how to store this masterpiece?
Elena Kadiewa
In a new cellarGalina Iv..
Galina any jam. Better not to store
elena kadiewa,
Elena Kadiewa
There is no white, all the red (thank God!) Has worn out on your jam, there is black, irga. Well, I added about cucumber juice, otherwise I looked, licked my lips ... and then returned.
Galina Iv.
elena kadiewaElena, this is when you come and build me a cellar. I will wait!
Quote: elena kadiewa
licked her lips ... and then returned
In-in! Prepare cucumber syrup - it's delicious, simple, beautiful, and EVERYTHING IS!
Quote: Galina Iv.
I will wait!
Galyun, I advise you to build yourself, you are unlikely to wait for this beauty. But the cucumbers urgently need to be attached.
WAW !!! Well, vaasche, there are no words, only emotions and envy!
Linochka, you are smart !!!
Thank you, Ludmila, it turned out to be very tasty with yogurt and curd!
Quote: Linadoc
We omit them in boiling water (1l) with 2 teaspoons of soda for 1 minute... Throw in a colander and immediately rinse with cold water.
Lina, clarify please meaning this action.
This helps to maintain the shape and consistency of the cucumber during further cooking and facilitates the penetration of the aromatic syrup.
Lina, in her life, would not believe that cucumbers and zucchini can be a delicious sweet dessert.however, you turned my world upside down! first I tried candied cucumber, and then jelly. this is something incredible! only by the seeds the people guessed that these were cucumbers)))
I'm brewing the second batch now. Thank you very much for the recipe !!!
Dessert cucumber jelly
Evgeniyaof course yummy

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