Potatoes with homemade sour cream (multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH)

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Potatoes with homemade sour cream (multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH)


Potatoes 1 kg
Homemade sour cream 5 tbsp
Bulb onions 1 PC
Salt pepper

Cooking method

  • Peel potatoes (medium-sized), cut into 4 pieces. Turn on the multicooker for the "Fry" program, time 20 minutes. Put half the sour cream and potatoes at the bottom of the bowl. Stir occasionally. After 10 minutes, add the coarsely chopped onion and the remaining sour cream. Season with salt, pepper and stir again several times. After the end of the "Frying" program, leave on the heating for 30 minutes.
  • Potatoes with homemade sour cream (multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH)Potatoes with homemade sour cream (multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH)
  • Delicious! The aroma is amazing!
  • Potatoes with homemade sour cream (multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH)

The dish is designed for

1 kg of delicious potatoes

Time for preparing:

20 min + 30 min

Cooking program:

multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH, Fry program

Elena Tim
And I never added sour cream, here's aunt!
Tanya, thanks for the idea!
I'll fry this potato for my Timon, he can't live without it. Well, she herself, of course, a hospital ...
Elena Tim, Lenochka, thanks for stopping by! The potatoes are very tasty. Timon will love it!
I can imagine how delicious potatoes are on sour cream
I sooo love this potato! Tatiana, thank you!

Tatyana, thanks for the simple and delicious recipe!
I will definitely do it.

Babushka, Tanyusha, I'm reporting. The potatoes are delicious.
I added a clove of garlic on my own. I did it in MV Bork.
Thanks for the recipe!

Oh, I know I'll be cooking tomorrow for lunch.
Hope, Tatyana, Olga, thanks for your interest in the recipe!

Irina, Blimey! So fast! Bravo! Very appetizing! I will definitely try to cook it with garlic.

Tatyana, thank you, the recipe is successful
It turned out very tasty! Indeed, it is very fragrant and so straightforward, an independent dish, the cucumber is salty and enough. The sour cream was purchased, but a decent manufacturer and so a little thoughtful. I won't dare add this to borscht, only to baked goods. This is where she came in handy! Thanks for the recipe!
Olga, I am very glad that I liked the taste! I myself was very surprised at the spirituality and deliciousness. Actually, I just needed to add sour cream because I bought a new one.
I'll have to try to cook with sour cream!
And I also have a gorgeous recipe for potatoes in a slow cooker, but for some reason I always forget to take a picture ... (But I taught even my son to cook potatoes like that!)
Lada, thanks for looking at the potatoes! It was really delicious!
We also tried your recipe today, too much sour cream has accumulated. I really modernized the recipe a little due to the lack of time. I fried everything in a slow cooker, but since there was little time to fry until cooked inside, then I unloaded everything to languish in a slow cooker, and left on business. The potato turned out to be sincere, but under the homemade pickled herring ... They were just created for each other
Oksanathank you for such good news! I'm very glad the recipe came in handy! It's great that we managed to adjust it for ourselves, the situation and the time! Bravo!
I ruined this potato today. I put cutlets on top in a double boiler, juice dripped from them. It turned out not so tasty, a lot of liquid, potatoes came out like a simple stew. Okay, we'll eat, but not at all.
Tanya, what a good recipe !!! My grandmother (and now my mother and I) boiled new potatoes in their uniforms, peeled them off with their hands, then dumped everything into a cast-iron pan, put her kaymak and fried, mmmmmmm delicious !!!!!
Olga, a pity, of course, but not scary. It didn't spoil it, I tried another option! Everything is fine!

Gulnara, yeah, my grandmother did that too. The stove was charcoal, the frying pan was heavy ... And the aroma around the house ... And also milk from his cow languished in the oven ..
Thank you very much to the author for the recipe, the potatoes are very tasty and tender, like from the oven!

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