Eggplant in tomato juice

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Eggplant in tomato juice


tomato juice 1L
salt 2st. l
garlic 4 cloves
parsley bundle

Cooking method

  • This recipe for harvesting eggplant was spied in the newspaper "Hundred Soviets" for 2007 since then every year I have to harvest eggplants this way. It is very easy to prepare and healthy at the same time.
  • So, we take eggplants, preferably without bitterness, young, when seeds are not yet formed in the fruits. And even better for this variety The most delicate, white eggplants, they justify their name. Very tender, tasty and completely without bitterness, both fresh and prepared. We wash them and peel them.
  • At the bottom of a jar scalded with boiling water (best of all 1.5-2 x liter) put a bunch of parsley, garlic. Then fold the peeled eggplants as tightly as possible. Large ones can be cut.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of salt to a liter of tomato juice, boil and pour boiling brine over the eggplants. Cover the jars with sterilized lids and sterilize for 20-30 minutes. Cap, store in a cool place.
  • When opening the jar, chop the eggplants finely, add oil or mayonnaise, garlic, onion. An excellent appetizer for potatoes, meat, pasta.
  • Eggplant in tomato juice
  • Eggplant from a jar.

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Eggplant is very healthy. Using them, you can keep your weight normal, improve heart function, clean blood vessels, remove toxins ...
The recipe is convenient because it excludes oil, vinegar, overcooking during preparation.
Cook for your health and bon appetit!

PS. I put the recipe, of course, not during the procurement period, but then there will be no time for this.

Marinochka, have you reached the cellar? I remember, I remember, you promised to bring a jar and put out the recipe! Well, I can't live without eggplant! They taught them in childhood, the sea grew in our country without any greenhouses. So I will rewrite your recipe in a summer cottage notebook, I will definitely try this year. Thank you!
Marina, thanks for the recipe, I love eggplants, and then I immediately copied the recipe into a notebook, very useful and without straining.
Yes, Veronica, brought the jar last week. There were two eggplants left, ate salads.
Be sure to cook these eggplants.
Did you buy the Delicate variety? They are great eggplants. It is unusual that they are white, but there is no bitterness at all.
And the fact that you cannot live without them is very good, they are very useful for us!

TS06101964, Tatiana, cook for your health, family and friends! Thank you for your attention to the recipe!
The preparation is fast and convenient. Now this is the only way I am harvesting eggplants, and even drying them.
Marina, no, she didn't buy the Tender, but there is Ikorny and the Gardener's Dream, she has already planted good ones. The gardener's dream is so long! Nothing, these are also modern varieties, without bitterness. Sow soon.
Marinochka, bookmarked the recipe. Here I will grow eggplants, I will definitely cook them like that! Thank you, Marinochka!
paramed1, Veronica, I have grown many varieties and have already sown 8 varieties, not all have sprung up, but I have not grown yours, I need to look at their characteristics.

lappl1, Lyudochka, thanks for your attention to the recipe! These eggplants do not become boring, they can be combined with many ingredients. But we are tired of fried and almost never cook them. A bit at all, just for a change.

An interesting and not confusing recipe.
Thank you, we must not forget about him in the summer
Marin, look. I do not have a greenhouse, I just throw it on. And they grew well and bore fruit. This year I did not buy seeds, but I stayed from last year. And you promised the recipe - then I decided to plant. And here is the recipe! Just in time for the sowing season!
I also really love three-day eggplant with garlic. Made fast and eaten just as fast! And many who do not know do not understand what it is. And I make salads with eggplants. And just caviar, of course.
RepeShock, Irina, thank you for your attention to the recipe!
I've put it on now, there will be no time in the summer.
I hope that during the preparation, someone will use it, pull it out of the archive and remind you to cook it too.
paramed1, Veronica, we have a greenhouse, but there are tomatoes, and I plant only 6 bushes in the greenhouse. I do not like them in the greenhouse, the tick attacks them and they get sick for a long time, there is no particular harvest from this. In autumn, before frost, they bear fruit better than in summer. I grow the main crop outdoors.
Veronica, are you making an eggplant pie?
Quote: paramed1
eggplant with garlic for three days. Made fast and eaten just as quickly!

Do you have a recipe? Poke, please)
RepeShock, Irina, there is nowhere to poke. I take it out of my head! I can write, just not today. Until tomorrow, I think he will wait. Now work, work ...
Marina, I'm baking. I fry eggplants, carrots, onions, herbs - this is the filling. Jellied dough is mainly done to quickly. And I can show off, put yeast. There, the filling fits nicely, I can still put tomatoes. But the main thing is EGGPLANTS! I was born in Moldova. And I make moussaka regularly, and I push it into all the vegetables, and into the vegetable pilaf ... In short, everywhere. No, I don't put it in compote. Maybe you should?

Veronica, of course we will wait!
No, Veronica, eggplants will not go into compote, although I also use them everywhere.

And I bake another pie: eggplant is the first layer, on top of the meat in pieces, tomatoes + carrots on it and pour = egg + tomato paste or juice + sour cream and cheese, grated on a coarse grater. All this is baked. Fast and delicious.
Marin, cheese, cheese I forgot! Top with grated aspic dough. That's right. By the way, I haven't done it for a long time, but there are two eggplants in the refrigerator. And just all in thought - what would tomorrow bake savory, but tasty.
RepeShock, Irina, the recipe is simple. We take eggplants, the amount is arbitrary. Mine, cut off the green part, cut lengthwise from the tip to the stalk, leaving about two centimeters uncut so that the halves do not fall apart. Boil water in a large saucepan to hold the eggplants. The water boils - add some salt as for pasta, lay the eggplants and cook until tender. Readiness - the knife freely enters the stalk. If they do not fit, you can also in parts. Cooked - we take it out carefully, put it on a board, try to put it in a sink or in a basin a little obliquely and press the eggplants with a not very heavy press to squeeze out the water. Not for long, ten minutes will be enough.
Cooking the filling. Mix the salt and the garlic passed through a press, add a little (purely for a bunch) vegetable oil. I add unrefined sunflower seeds, I love the smell. The proportion is about a head of garlic per tablespoon of salt. But you can do something more, something less, they do everything in their own way.
The eggplants got rid of excess water and cooled down. We take the eggplant, open it and coat the inside of the cut. The amount of spread is to taste, who likes it. We put the prepared eggplants tightly in a container like a pot, a little (!) Oil on top, press with a light press. Day at room temperature, two in the refrigerator, the press can already be removed. In principle, you can eat in a day, which happens most often with me. But it tastes better from the fridge when it's infused. When serving, cut into slices and add vegetable oil.
In general, there are so many delicious things from eggplant!

Veronica, Thank you so much! Let's try.
I like eggplant like this, just acidify and cut the cilantro. You can't drag anyone by the ears)
I don’t have a recipe, so now I’ll try to make it from yours and from the Marinins.

Thank you girls!
Irina, this is a classic version, as they do in Moldova. There cilantro is not popular ... Of course, you can add vinegar or lemon juice with herbs at the beginning to infuse. I don’t make less than 6-7 large ones, the four of us eat it in 2 days. Try it! And by the summer I'll have something else to dig up.
Marina, good morning! We talked yesterday, and today I got the eggplants ...
Prescription question. You store it in a cool place, but I don't have a cellar. And eggplants tend to tear off the lids. Here's the best way - to increase the sterilization time, add vinegar, or both? I don't know how to make one jar at a time. If I wind it up, I'll wind it up!
Good morning, Veronica! I have a cool place, too, not very cool. In the basement until November, the temperature is kept at least 10 degrees.
The covers have never been torn off. Tomato juice is also a good preservative. I never add vinegar if I cook with the addition of tomato and it always keeps well. We must try, I think that the houses will stand up normally. But you don't keep it at home, but on the balcony?
You know, they are well worth it. For one year I closed a lot and in 3 liter cans. Several cans remained and remained far from the eyes. Fresh ones were opened, but these remained for three years. They opened them, and they were like fresh, well, and ate them, no one even got poisoned.
Marina, exactly at home. Some are right in the closet in the hallway, and some in a cold room, the so-called mother-in-law. But there, too, until November it is not cold at all. There is a treadmill on the balcony and my husband smokes, there is nowhere. There is also a garage in a multi-storey complex, but there is no lower than 12 degrees. Sometimes the lids of my caviar flew ... Okay, let's experiment, your recipe is very good! I didn't want to plant eggplants ... But Marina is to blame!
Oooh! What a treat! Urgently bookmarked. Thanks for the recipe!
If there were eggplants right now, I would immediately run to roll. If I had my own dacha, I would plant it ... Oh, I can't wait for the summer.
Yes, Nastya has delicious eggplants and is easy to harvest. Thank you for your attention to the recipe!
I wish you a successful purchase of eggplants, light blanks and no disappointments in the recipe.
And the cottage of the creek, it's so great to grow it yourself!
All winter we eat prepared eggplants in salads. Very tasty and very healthy. I add a chopped egg, meat, potatoes (sometimes), onions to the eggplant, season with homemade mayonnaise or sour cream.

Eggplant in tomato juice
Thanks for the recipe, but having made 3 cans for the sample, I doubted about the salt. 2 tablespoons per liter of tomato juice. Golish salt turned out. Maybe a typo with a grain of salt? Answer please.
Tatiana2, Tatyana, it's not a misprint with salt, as provided by the recipe. The sauce turns out to be salty, but the eggplants take the salt and I always get them normal, not oversalted. After all, very little juice is used to preserve them. I put the eggplants very tightly in the jar.
When salting cucumbers, almost all recipes also use 60 grams of salt per liter of water. But I don’t salt that way, I take 2 times less. I limit salt everywhere. And in this recipe, it is not superfluous.
I take salt without a tubercle in a spoon.
Thank you for using the recipe, if you are a fan of healthy eating, then you will appreciate it and will harvest such eggplants. After all, they are not only healthy, but very tasty.
marika33, Marina, took out a jar of eggplant yesterday. Rather, I didn't get it, but discovered how to keep the eggplants fresh! I really liked it! Universal workpiece! A part I ate like that with mustard oil, green onions and garlic, but with boiled potatoes! Mmmmm ....
Made a part in the microwave. And the vegetable stew will be super!
Dried, frozen eggplants were not pleasant. But according to this recipe - right for me.
Nataliya, thanks for the tip! I am very glad that you liked the eggplant! Yes, they come out like fresh, only softer, but not heat-treated. I also like them that you can cook anything from them and the preparation is very simple, uncomplicated and quick.

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