Stewed potatoes

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Stewed potatoes


Bulb onions
Vegetable oil

Cooking method

  • I cut about 500 g of pork into pieces, chopped the onion and carrots into strips, put everything in a marinator, seasoned with salt, pepper, added a little oil and turned it on for 2 cycles.
  • Put the meat on a dish and put it on the grill on a medium wire rack for 15 minutes, 260 *, blowing high. After 8 minutes I interfered.
  • At this time, I peeled the potatoes and cut each tuber into 4 parts. I put the potatoes in pots (I made 3 pots). A little more salt and pepper. She spread a meat fire on top and poured boiling water over it.
  • I covered the pots with foil and put them in the grill on the middle wire rack (the pots are pot-bellied and all three of them do not fit on the bottom one). I cooked for 30 minutes at 260 * and high airflow with a magnifying ring.
  • It was very tasty

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