Jam "Rosehip"

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Jam "Rosehip"


Rosehip fresh 1 kg.
Sugar 800 grams
Lemon juice 1 PC.
Drinking water 2 glasses (250 ml each)

Cooking method

  • Sort out the rosehip, peel, cut in half, remove the seeds. Rinse the berries in several waters to remove dust and dirt.
  • I specially chose round and fleshy rose hips.
  • Jam "Rosehip" Jam "Rosehip" Jam "Rosehip"
  • Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar, dissolve, let it boil, boil for a couple of minutes and add rose hips.
  • Boil for about 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally so that the berries are in the syrup.
  • Remove the pan from heat and leave for a day. During this time, the mass will thicken very well.
  • Beat the berries with a blender into the berry puree. Put on fire, add lemon juice, and boil the mixture until jam. The mass is very thick and boils well and quickly.
  • Transfer the finished jam to prepared jars, pour it hot, close the lids and put to cool on the lids.
  • In the finished form, the jam is very thick and viscous.
  • Jam "Rosehip"
  • Jam "Rosehip"
  • Jam "Rosehip"


The taste is sweet and sour, rosehip! The color is beautiful orange-red, like a fresh rose hip.
I will cook it again if someone else takes the seeds out of the rosehip halves.
I did not even think about rosehip jam until I saw in the book of the past years of Russian cuisine, a recipe for rosehip jam. But the recipe is so confusing, to the extent that you need to pick rose hips after the second frost. Something I did not even imagine what could happen if you collect frozen rose hips, and then how to remove the bones from it.
I went my own way, gathered fresh and made jam until frost. True, the bones still had to be removed (already from 3 kg.) - no longer pulls to do this.
Cook with pleasure and bon appetit!

Tatyana, be stunned! Thanks for the idea! I've never heard of that! Probably very tasty !?
I’m unlikely to decide on this, last year I took out the seeds from the halves of grapes, I processed a bucket of grapes, but it seems to me that the dog rose is more difficult, it has such small hairs around the seeds, and my hands itch from them, I remember this from childhood.

Anya, THANK YOU! Yes, I also had no such jam in my head until I saw the recipe
It is easy to remove bones from raw rose hips, rake it out with a coffee spoon along with hairs - it's normal. Another thing is that the berries are small, until you spill all of them, it takes a lot of time
And I liked the jam itself
But the frozen berries are easy to clean. You press on the tail and the seeds with villi fly out ... well, I don't know how to explain it ... I eat rose hips in the forest this way in the fall, my great-grandmother taught me. Once I ate a little with these villi, my throat hurt.
Tatyana, I can imagine the taste ...

Tan, well, if only it had to be shoved into the freezer a couple of times at intervals
Or, alternatively, boil it whole in water well, and then rub through a sieve
Quote: Admin

Tan, well, if only it had to be shoved into the freezer a couple of times at intervals
Or, alternatively, boil it whole in water well, and then rub through a sieve
Well, through a sieve, probably only through sooo fine ... I really love the taste of rose hips, but I hate these villi
And only in the freezer ... until the state of shock ..
And the dog rose was fleshy !! We are being transported from Altai such ... delicious.

Tan, well, the villi will weld during heat treatment, it will no longer be scary to wipe
I think that in Altai a noble rosehip grows, and jam from it will also be delicious
Admin, - hero! : bravo: Where did you find the recipe ??
Quote: kokoshka

Admin, - hero! : bravo: Where did you find the recipe ??

Found it here: "Making Jams and Other Sweet Canned Food" is printed from the 1878 edition - recently bought
Only there it is proposed to cook jam and remove the seeds from 1 pound (450 grams) of rose hips, and I'm sorry, 3.5 kilograms of rose hips was

Right, Admin - the hero after that
Forgive me Tatiana for my French, no words ... no there is -atpad (c) Bravo, Tatyana, bravo! I am very impressed
The recipe is wonderful, but for processing so much rose hips, really Bravo!! I know what it is, so I will never cook it. This is a titanic work.
And slightly frost-bitten and wild rose and mountain ash, it is really easier to process (at one time they were engaged in this when they lived in Kamchatka, but there that wild rose, that mountain ash with what grows on the mainland cannot be compared. mountain ash is oval, sweet on the bushes, like a rosehip grows).


And for me, the "standard" of the rose hips, which I saw in Uzbekistan, oblong 3.5 cm in length, such mini-sausages, and the color like dark cherry, well, straight burgundy And the drink from it - no, it is impossible to describe it Here such a rosehip to make jam!
I have just the same fleshy growing. Only I was told that vitamins and minerals are mainly in the wild and unsightly ...
Now I think we must do it!
Tanyush - super! Thanks for the recipe.

Marina, THANK YOU!
Here I was thinking to myself, where there are more vitamins "in rosehip broth or in my jam And the broth is a steamed rosehip, and jam is also" steamed ", and sugar is added here and there. Only jam contains a concentrated content of rosehips
The jam is very pleasant to the taste, with a distinct rosehip flavor, as in the drink made from it.

And where there are more vitamins - it is necessary to do vitamin expertise. I remember the Uzbek rosehip (see above), such a rich dark drink, sugar can not be put, because it ripens under the big sun, maybe there are more vitamins in it, And our northern rosehip is lighter in color, poorer, and tastes sour - but maybe it contains more vitamins, since the berry, so to speak, "fights for life" and tries to ripen in a short summer time, and at such moments, forces are concentrated in the berry

Gather up your vitality, clean the briar from the bones and cook jam - and you will have life happiness
Irina Dolars
Shovel so many small berries !!! Wow!
With what pleasure it will be eaten later!
Quote: Irina Dolars

Shovel so many small berries !!! Wow!
With what pleasure it will be eaten later!

Don't tell me, friend! I myself am amazed at how I mastered When I reached halfway, there was a desire to quit this business, but when I look back how much has already been done, and throw it all away - well, no, I'll burst, but I'll clean it to the end
But now mom has tried jam, and asks: what kind of jam is so tasty? And ate a white bread sandwich with jam
But how mentally I feel from such a confession
Tanechka, taking off my hat !!!

Rosehip cleaning is akin to heroism ...

Swam , we know ...

But if I had a rosehip, I would definitely make jam according to your recipe, because it should be not just tasty, but divine !!!

Thank you very much for the recipe, boom to try !!!


Inna, so it wasn’t even in my head that someone else would dare to make rosehip jam It’s more likely that the bones influenced me, cleaning the rosehip inside is POWER!

Initially, I had a task to cook the jam. But, I looked at the appearance of the boiled rosehip halves, and decided to turn them into mashed potatoes with a blender. From this, the mass immediately thickened

Inna, you are a rose hip clearing hero too! WELL DONE!
Oh Tanyusha, I was crying. I'm grandmother's favorite granddaughter. She cooked compote and rosehip jam for me, although she suffered very much from illness in her legs and arms, and she did not see well.But for the beloved granddaughter. And I went and cleaned ... My grandmother has been gone for a long time ... and there is no jam either ...
Sorry for the pessimism, thanks!

Ira, What are you! The soul cleans such a memory These are good memories - be happy, because your grandmother wished you so!

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