Rye and milk bread with milk thistle meal, molasses and GHI butter.

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Rye and milk bread with milk thistle meal, molasses and GHI butter.


baking wheat flour 400 g
peeled rye flour 200 g
warm milk 350 g
fresh yeast 3 g
ripe wheat sourdough (Erik Kaiser) 380 g
maltose syrup 1 tbsp. l.
Milk thistle meal 1 tbsp. l.
salt 3 tsp
GHI oil 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • First, we make a yeast dough + 30 ml of warm milk (of the total amount) molasses + 30 g of wheat flour (of the total amount).
  • Leave on for 30 minutes.
  • At this time, knead the main amount of flour with the main amount of warm milk.
  • After half an hour, add the suitable yeast dough and sourdough.
  • Kneading in a dough mixer at 1 speed for 20 minutes.
  • In the middle of the batch I add salt, meal, and by the end of the batch I add HCI oil.
  • Rise, molding.
  • Proofing in a proofing basket until the volume of the workpiece doubles.
  • Baking preheated to 230 * With an oven at a decreasing temp. up to 180 * minutes 50-55.
  • With the ferry the first minutes.


Rye and milk bread with milk thistle meal, molasses and GHI butter.

Stella, as always - wonderful bread!
I am very glad to see you back! Our acquaintance is still one-sided - for me you are one of the Masters from whom I learned to bake bread: your Festive, Favorite and on dispersed grain I still remember them, they were one of the first, after potato Admin.
Once again, welcome back!
Misha, as always !
Does the meal squeak slightly on your teeth?
Nagira, thanks for the warm, warm welcome

Quote: MariV

Misha, as always !
Does the meal on your teeth creak slightly?

MariVwhy should the meal creak? I have it in powder, nothing and nowhere squeaks
My meal is also in powder - it creaked slightly in the bread ...
I also baked with mealMilk thistle bread
I have not observed this if it bothers you, I can give this advice: add the meal immediately to the flour, at the first kneading with liquid

Your excellent bread went to visit, ... maybe it's the meal?
Oh, I don’t know - maybe the meal is like that ... I even brewed it with the rest of the flour - grains are visible in the photo. Milk thistle - somehow grew on my site - the seeds are tough.
In short, I don't bake bread with meal anymore; the scrub from it is good!
Yes, I saw that they were brewing, what can I say - a coffee grinder to help you
I went to the kitchen, checked, my soft, like flour, if a scrub, then very delicate

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