"Watch" salad

Category: Cold meals and snacks
Salad Clock


Chicken fillet (large) 1 PC
Carrot 4 things
Canned champignons (Veres) 1can
Chicken egg 1 category (medium) 4 things
Canned sweet corn 1can
Mayonnaise taste
Sweet pepper 1 PC

Cooking method

  • Boil chicken fillet, carrots, egg.
  • We spread in layers, finely chopping chicken fillet, then grated carrots, chopped mushrooms, grated egg white, sweet corn, coat each layer lightly with mayonnaise, rub all the yolk on top on a fine grater, decorate with chopped bell pepper

Time for preparing:

1 hour 30 minutes


Recipe from my wife
Bon Appetit

Sash, what a beautiful New Year's salad
Thanks to all! I only decorated and ate, and the notion and realization of my wife

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