Peppers with tomatoes in sour cream sauce

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Peppers with tomatoes in sour cream sauce


Bell pepper 13-15 pcs.
Medium tomatoes 5-6 pcs.
Bulb onions 3-4 pcs.
Sour cream 250 g
Garlic, salt, pepper

Cooking method

  • Sort the peppers (should be whole, preferably with tails, without damage), wash, wipe dry. I put it on a wire rack in the oven. My oven is small, tabletop, the heating elements are close to the peppers, like on a grill. Bake, turning, at a tempo. 240 - 250 degrees, so that the crust swells, darkens in places. Take out the peppers and peel the skin. You can grill or deep-fry the peppers.
  • Fry onions in a frying pan or in a saucepan, add diced tomatoes, simmer. Season with salt, pepper, add sour cream, squeeze garlic into the sauce.
  • Put the peppers in the sauce, stew a little, 10-15 minutes. Done!


A wonderful independent dish with rye bread or a side dish!

I just saw your recipe, I will certainly cook it, I have recently fallen in love with whole sweet peppers .. I cook this with tomatoes, the recipe is very similar. But I never did it with sour cream, but it should be delicious !! I will try.

Here is my pepper without sour cream, a lean version:

Peppers with tomatoes in sour cream sauce
Cubic, be sure to try it!
Whole peppers, unlike chopped ones, retain their taste and aroma. Well, with sour cream ...
How do you prepare the sauce for "lean" peppers?
In vegetable oil (if the peppers were fried in oil, then on it) fry finely chopped or grated tomatoes together with onions, you can add a little sugar if the tomatoes are not sweet, or vinegar - if you like sour .. chop the clove there garlic. Heat the peppers with this sauce in a frying pan for just a few minutes.

Almost like everything else, but without sour cream
Made the peppers! Only part of the tomatoes was replaced with zucchini.
Delicious! Tomorrow we will try
LaraN, Cubic, girls, I understood correctly - if you are reluctant to bother with the grill, can you just fry the peppers in a pan in oil?
rinishek, in a frying pan in oil, of course, you can, but it will not be the same taste.
It is better to bake all the same in the oven and not necessarily on the grill. These will already be baked peppers, and the skin will be easily removed.
Boo Boo
Made in sour cream sauce. Very tasty, thanks for the recipe.
The peppers were baked in the oven on a wire rack under the grill.
The next time you need to substitute a baking sheet under the wire rack, it dripped from the peppers to the bottom of the oven.
I forgot to add, the recipe is very quick. The peppers are baked instantly. By the time I made the gravy, the peppers were ready and allowed to cool down a bit before cleaning.

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