Eggplant for the winter without vinegar

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Eggplant 2,5 kg
Bolg. Bell pepper 2,5 kg
Onion 1 kg
Tomatoes 1 kg
Garlic 5 goals
Water 0,5 l
Sugar 300 g
Salt 5 tbsp. l.
Rast. oil 1 tbsp.
Peppercorns and herbs taste
I put a bunch of parsley

Cooking method

  • Wash vegetables, cut (do not grind!), Pour brine, simmer for 30 minutes, put in sterilized jars, roll up, wrap.
  • It is well worth it, it is suitable for a side dish, because it tastes like a vegetable stew without vinegar.
  • And further. I liked to fry the eggplants first - it turns out a little bit with bitterness. And I make a portion of 1 kg of eggplants, because it fits into my 7l pan, it turns out 5.5 half-liter jars. You can put less pepper.

Oh thank you! Here's a fellow that she shared. In our family, no one can eat vinegar, I got out as best I could. As a result, I abandoned preparations for the winter. If it does, my master's happiness will be! Everything, I ran to do ...
Tanta, isn't there a lot of sugar?
Can you store such blanks (without vinegar) in an apartment without a refrigerator?
Tanta, for the first time made eggplant without vinegar. I'm afraid they might "fit" during storage. But beautiful !!! And the salad tastes good.
But it seems to me that the stewing time, at least the eggplant, should be reduced to 20 minutes. They are very boiled.
This is my beauty.

Eggplant for the winter without vinegar Eggplant for the winter without vinegar

Thank you!!
What is unclear, why is there water in the recipe ???

There is so much liquid in vegetables that sometimes you have to drain the excess ...
Yes. I agree, I still have liquid from the salad. I also thought that I could do without water next time.
Water, possibly to "start" the extinguishing. I do not drain the liquid.
This year I put in more eggplants, less pepper. About storage - it is wonderful all year round. Sugar is fine for me. In any case, each recipe adjusts for itself. Try to change something.
I close several jars of this every year, it costs great without any vinegar (vinegar in general, I think, is chemical self-indulgence, it is perfectly possible to do without it) outside the refrigerator. For some reason this dish is called "caviar" here in the Kuban, although in reality, of course, it is a stew or sote. I cook a large frying pan for immediate use, I close some of it in half-liter jars when ready (and so, imperceptibly, several jars are collected for the winter), the rest goes to the table and into the refrigerator for tomorrow. The amount of vegetables is always different from what you have at hand, so each jar tastes different from the previous one. I don't add water, there is just enough liquid from vegetables, it is still better to drain the excess liquid. I put less garlic and much, much less oil - in my opinion, it is also self-indulgence. Jusai still goes there, hot pepper, sometimes basil, a slice of pumpkin, zucchini ... Simmer for 15 minutes after boiling over low heat, because all vegetables, except for pepper, are soft and cook quickly, and let the pepper crunch. And if you don't like crispy, then you can pre-prepare it, cut it and freeze it. I have a friend - well, a complete lover of this "caviar" !!
I have been making such blanks for 2 years. I cook in a pressure cooker for 3 minutes. without water. Sooo tasty))))
girls, try adding more apples to this set of vegetables, about 1 kg and everything must be cut coarsely, not very small, very tasty, an apple gives a subtle note, the stewing time can be slightly increased if the apples are hard, up to 40-45 minutes
I do almost the same as TATbRHA, sote
What to eat - there are a lot of different greens, necessarily basil and cilantro, garlic.
What I close in jars, then without greens.
If I do it in CF, then I practically don't put oil.
Apples take a long time to cook. These vegetables are quick to prepare.
Although, as you like.Can I do without apples, like ajapsandali
Marisha Aleksevna
Quote: OlgaGera
If I do it in MV, then I practically don't put oil
OlgaGera, please tell me, if you do it in a multicooker, then how long does it take to stew? Thank you in advance

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