My friend brought me bread crumbs from the Far East. I tried them today. There was not much time to cook, so I quickly pickled chicken breast, cut into chops. Breaded in a donated breading, fried and got absolutely wonderful chops, juicy with a great taste. And so I decided to share with you information about this breading.


Actually, it was not a Far Eastern rarity. I typed in Yandex the name of the manufacturer's company "Ottogi", and several addresses of stores selling both breading and batter fell out at once. My friend also brought batter to me, but I have not tried it yet. But I am absolutely delighted with the breading.
I love this kind of breading ... I used to take it with me until I saw it in Auchan .. And there is also the same mixture for batter and type for plump pancakes with filling ... well, pour it into a frying pan, top it with filling , as in pizza, well, and bake .. Tasty !!! And your friend, by any chance, didn’t grab a marinade for pork-beef? Very tasty I recommend ...
Pancakes, batter and crackers are rice flour with wheat, therefore, such airy ones are obtained
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And your friend, by any chance, didn’t grab a marinade for pork-beef? Very tasty!
My friend didn't, but now I will know that there is such a marinade
And the composition, virgins, what composition? FAQ is there?
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And the composition, virgins, what composition? FAQ is there?
Breading... Ingredients: wheat flour, yeast, salt, refined palm oil, glucose, yeast starter culture, vitamin C.

Batter... Ingredients: wheat flour, corn starch, salt, rice flour, garlic powder, black pepper, baking powder, vitamins: vitamin B2

Pancake flour... Ingredients: wheat flour, sodium glutamate, flavored onion powder, salt, sugar.
These are sauces - bulgogi - for beef and ... Sauce and marinade for pork ribs Kalbi ..
In Moscow, there is, but the price is 155 rubles per jar ...

Ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, applesauce (apple, vitamin C), pear puree (pear, vitamin C), onion, water, garlic, mirin rice wine, salt, seasoning mixture, monosodium glutamate, green onion extract , black pepper, ginger extract, citric acid, xanthan gum, sesame seeds, caramel color.

Cooking method:

1. for pickling: cut the meat and pour over the sauce, mix thoroughly and leave for 1 hour (add onions, green onions, garlic and vegetables to taste).

2. For frying: cut the meat into small pieces and pour over the sauce, mix thoroughly and leave for 1 hour. Add green onions, mushrooms, onions, garlic and vegetables as desired. Fry until tender in a pan or grill.

Store in a cool and dark place, refrigerate after opening.
We have a Korean shop in our yard - I went there, looked, did not buy, was not inspired!

Looked at recommendations for natural Soy sauce:
- the color is dark (black) but transparent
- packaging only in glass
- packaging is only native, without spilling from a large container
- composition: wheat, salt, soy, and only natural fermentation
- the presence of protein at least 7
These jars - with a wide mouth, glass, sauce - thick, like syrup, transparent ... Marinating meat is a pleasure ... No extra flavors ... the meat then does not burn, somehow everything ... whether ... I - liked it ... Now - and today - no, I even miss ... And it turned out especially tasty "hastily" ... saw off, and at home - already empty and clean refrigerator ... Potatoes boiled 5 minutes, then, together with meat and marinade, into a bag for baking ... Everything was pushed into the oven ...For the third season the guests have been asking that meat ... with that potato ....
It's just soy sauce - it's different ... even the most delicious ...
And kim-chi sauce - I love it ... Fiery, but I do it.
matroskin_kot , yesterday they looked in Vladimir - they did not find it. But there are online stores. I will definitely buy myself this sauce. I have always liked the taste of Korean dishes, but I cannot achieve anything like this on my own. so, Irochka, thank you very much for the info!
How to get just such a p
the breading as in the picture OTTOGI, so that crispy as in fast food

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