Pumpkin bread on rye sourdough

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Pumpkin bread on rye sourdough


Rye sourdough 100% 250g.
Pumpkin puree 250g.
Wheat flour 250g.
Rye flour 125g.
Olive oil 25g.
Sesame 1 st. l.
Ground cumin or coriander 1 \ 2st. l.
Salt 7d.
Syrup 1 \ 2st. l.

Cooking method

  • Stir the active starter with ready-made pumpkin puree (I cook in a double boiler and grind in a blender). Add molasses, olive oil. Stir and pour into the HP bucket. Add rye flour. Start mixing any program for a few minutes. Turn off HP after the flour is completely mixed with the liquid. Add 200g. wheat flour and salt. Dough mode. In the process of mixing, add flour until a smooth, elastic bun. It took me 250g. After the end of the program (1.5 hours), leave the dough in the HP for another 1 hour. A total of 2 hours to rise the dough.

  • After some time, put the dough on the table, sprinkled with flour, form a loaf, put the seam up in a proofing basket. Cover with a towel and put in a warm place for 2-2.5 hours (until the bread increases by 2-2.5 times).

  • Heat the oven together with a baking sheet to 230g.

  • Gently turn the piece onto a hot baking sheet. Make incisions if desired (I did not).

  • Bake for 15 minutes. with steam at a temperature of 230 and another 45 min. without steam at a temperature of 200 degrees. If necessary, cover the bread with foil at the end of baking.

  • Brush with olive oil, cover with a towel. Cool on a wire rack.

  • Pumpkin bread on rye sourdough

  • Very fragrant and delicious bread !!!! (y) Doesn't get stale for a long time, because the water in the dough is replaced with pumpkin puree. The presence of pumpkin in bread gives only the color of the crumb. Recommend !!!: flowers:


Based on the recipe https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/s-image/547/topic38080.html, by svetlana

We really like this bread !! Today baked in the form. The crust is more fluffy, the crust is crisper !!!!

Pumpkin bread on rye sourdough

Pumpkin bread on rye sourdough
Ksyusha, I see you baked this bread in March. So there was a pumpkin from the freezer? I am interested in the future.
Yeah, pumpkin from the freezer. In the fall, I will make mashed potatoes, put them in bags, spread the weight with a felt-tip pen on top and into the freezer.

Lozja, namesake, and we sho are you still?
Quote: Omela

Lozja, namesake, and we sho are you still?

Do I really remember ... sclerosis, you see.

Similarly !!!
🔗 🔗
This is how I got bread, thanks for the recipe I used 350 gr. starter cultures (semi-finished product from Viki).

Svitusya , wonderful bread !!!! Eat to your health !!!
Angela Leonidovna
Very nice and beautiful !!!
Is it possible to use the oven in HP?
Angela Leonidovna , CP sourdough bread can be baked in a semi-automatic mode, that is, after kneading the CP is switched off and switched on for baking after a sufficient rise of the dough.
Angela Leonidovna
Thanks for the advice!
And the maximum time that he would rise, what is it?
Is 250 sourdough a little? I read that 100 ml. the leaven is sufficient. I made one recipe on dough and it turned out sour. What does this bread taste like?
Angela Leonidovna , the amount of sourdough can be any: and 10% of the total weight of the bread and 20% and 30%. The acidity depends on the starter culture itself and the condition of its storage. This bread is not sour.
I cannot say the maximum time, because it is all individual and depends on many reasons: the strength of the leaven, the temperature of the room, humidity, etc. If it’s quite approximately, then at least 2-3 hours, maximum 6-8.

All questions about sourdough can be asked in the relevant topic: Sourdough in questions and answers
Angela Leonidovna
Thank you! I will try to do it.
Hello! I really want to bake such a piece of bread and make it out of shape ... which can be used for proving the dough if there is no special basket (maybe you have such experience). I read the information on the Internet that sometimes they use plastic baskets and line them with a linen towel, and in this case the dough does not stick ??? Or it should be dense enough ...And another question, is such bread baked on a hearth very different in taste if baked in a mold?
Quote: Ne_lipa

sometimes use plastic baskets and lining them with a linen towel, and in this case the dough does not stick ??? Or it should be dense enough ...
Ne_lipaYou are right, the hearth dough should be slightly steeper than the dough for the mold. In this case, sprinkle the towel with flour, preferably coarse flour (corn, for example). The plastic baskets can also be used on their own by greasing them with vegetable oil. Or to prove bread without anything at all, just on a baking sheet.

Quote: Ne_lipa

And another question, is such bread baked on a hearth very different in taste if baked in a mold?
Not much, but different. Here you can see 2 versions of one bread: https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=159586.0

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