Sprouts - what makes them a superfood?

Sprouts - what makes them a superfood?There are many products with which we can load our body with energy, but without gaining extra pounds. Some of them are so good and healthy that they are even called superfoods.


Usually, superfood products are called those that contain a lot of nutrients and useful trace elements and which have only a positive effect on the body, because of their valuable content. More often than not, foods identified as superfoods are very low in calories.

Rest in "Abramtsevo"

Rest in AbramtsevoToday, the Abramtsevo estate is one of the most famous places in the Moscow region, with which quite a few bright pages of the culture and history of Russia are associated. The estate is located near the Khotkovo Monastery, as well as the famous city of Sergiev Posad with its Trinity-Sergius Lavra. The Abramtsevo estate is today a literary, historical and art museum-reserve. Admiring the rural surroundings, the beauty of the local architecture, you can feel nostalgia and get into a romantic mood.

We buy a children's backpack

We buy a children's backpackA backpack is an essential attribute of everyone, let alone a child. After all, this is convenience, comfort, fashion and, which is very important, free hands for any child. This, of course, causes a lot of trouble for parents, but nevertheless the backpack, although it frees the child's hands, is a “friend” and “helper” of any parent, because a correctly chosen backpack is primarily the child's health. Since the backpacks help to strengthen the muscles of the lower lordosis and contribute to the correct posture of the child, which cannot be achieved by “barking” like sitting upright, not hunching over and the like.

Recipes 19 - 25 August 2013

Recipes July 29 - August 18, 2013

Myths and truths about manicure

Myths and truths about manicureMen think that a woman's hands always give away her age, but modern ladies always walk with the perfect fingers of an 18-year-old girl. Without a neat and beautiful manicure, it is impossible to create any complete image.Many use the services of salons, others do their own marigolds. There are several myths that prevent most women from choosing the most suitable option for decorating their nails.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Car DVR

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Car DVRA car DVR is an indispensable assistant for a motorist in various controversial situations on the road, whether it be an accident or communicating with a traffic police inspector, in maintaining statistics of your trip and viewing the entire route of movement later. It will help to prove the correctness of a car enthusiast in court, protect against vandals and fines, and even the most common "assaults" of car drivers on the road. It is known that at the sight of BP attached to the windshield both the traffic police and the motorists themselves try not to get involved in such "discussions".

Memory. Ways to improve it

Memory. Ways to improve itMemory is a mysterious function of the human brain that allows living organisms to exist, survive and evolve in this extraordinary world. To live well in the post-industrial and information society of the 21st century, one must mentally surpass other members of the species. For this reason, memory plays a major role in people's lives.

Before discussing the topic of improving the capabilities of human memory, you need to think about how not to interfere with this process, and most importantly - to help.

Interesting details: a little about salads

Interesting details a little about saladsVegetable salads are a major source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The more we eat plant foods, the healthier the body. For us, salads are both an appetizer and a delicious side dish, so you can use them in unlimited quantities and several times a day. Certain knowledge is required in order not to spoil the taste of the vegetables used and diminish their benefits when preparing salads.

Wash your vegetables very thoroughly so that no sand or dirt is left behind, which can cause an unpleasant taste and gnash on your teeth.

Having a car is the path to obesity

Having a car is the path to obesityModern researchers in Australia are seriously concerned about the impact of having a car on its owners. It's no secret that people who have to get to work by public transport are less at risk of gaining extra pounds than those who have their own car. This article is about how to avoid harmful consequences for car owners?

Get fit.

One of the authors of studies at the Institute in Melbourne Takemi Sugiyama noted that with daily use of the car and high physical activity in their free time, weight gain is inevitable.

The secret to luxurious hair is kefir!

The secret to luxurious hair is kefir!Kefir is perhaps the most affordable product for taking care of your hair at home. Kefir contains protein, vitamins B and E, yeast, calcium, lactic acid sticks; they regenerate and strengthen the hair. For dry hair, kefir is a godsend! It eliminates fragility, moisturizes and prevents hair loss, enveloping each hair with a protective sheath (you can even replace shampoo with it).

Unfortunately, kefir procedures are not suitable for those who like to dye their hair: it washes out the colored pigment. But this feature can be used by ladies who want to lighten up. The effect of a pure blond, of course, cannot be achieved, but, unlike the effects of other aggressive agents, kefir is the safest.

Choosing a double boiler

Choosing a double boilerIn the culinary skill of preparing healthy and tasty dishes, a home steamer will become the main assistant - this convenient technique will help preserve vitamins and nutrients in any dish being prepared. The choice of a double boiler begins with determining its power, which determines the speed of cooking and the permissible number of servings.
Typical power of compact steamers varies between 600-2000 W - enough to cook meals for a family of up to four people.In addition to power indicators, other characteristics also affect the number of portions and the speed of cooking.

Choosing a water heater

Choosing a water heaterThe fastest and easiest way to provide a private house is to install an electric storage water heater in it. For its installation, you do not need to invite welders or order an expensive project. You can even completely independently install this type of unit with some experience and knowledge. One has only to take into account that the water heater will need a separate wiring line from the shield, since this is a fairly powerful device.

How to choose and correctly apply foundation

How to choose and correctly apply foundationFoundation acts as a real savior for many women. After all, it is worth applying it to the skin, and ugly circles under the eyes along with fine wrinkles seem to disappear as if by magic. There are several subtleties regarding the choice of foundation. It should be chosen in such a way that, after application, the face can look young, but at the same time natural. And there should be no hint of the characteristic effect of plaster. A foundation will be right for you if it matches your skin type. For a dry type, this kind of cream is more suitable, in which there are various components that moisturize the skin.

Choosing an air cleaner

Choosing an air cleanerWhen the heat sets in, and after it the surrounding air begins to deteriorate due to fires or pollen, then buying a special air purifier will be a logical choice for any person.

If earlier for these purposes various air conditioners were widely bought, having HEPA filters or biofilters in their design, now why pay substantial funds to buy and install an air conditioner when you can choose a full-function air cleaner.

On the road by car

On the road by carAlmost all people have to travel at least once in their life. Most people choose to travel constantly or at a certain time. We will talk with you about car travel. Will it be regular trips or a one-time planned trip. Someone travels by train, someone by plane or even a helicopter, but the most convenient way to travel is in your own car. All this can be easily explained by the fact that the car is distinguished by the highest cross-country ability, and from an economic point of view, the most profitable.

Jam recipes from unusual products

Jam recipes from unusual productsJam can be cooked from traditional products, such as cherries, apples, plums, etc. However, you can move away from tradition by making delicious jams or confiture from the most unusual and unusual products.

Recipe one - raspberry jam

To make raspberry jam you will need the following products:

The perfect home. Some expert advice

Perfect home. Expert advice• What types of phytolamps are available for additional plant lighting?

There are not so many lamps for illuminating plants, or rather 2 types: mercury and luminescent. They differ in their principle of action. A mercury gas-discharge phytolamp produces a luminous flux with an average of 3000 lumens, which allows it to be used as the only light source in an apartment or office with a lot of plants. The light emanating from such a lamp (despite the fact that the blue and red spectrum prevails in all phyto lamps) is white, comfortable for people in the room.

The principles of good parenting

The principles of good parentingSurely many parents found themselves in a situation where a child in public could throw a tantrum for one reason or another. Not obedience and not understanding, and sometimes for the sake of principle, to the evil of parents, this is found in most children. This is not their fault, but rather the responsibility for such behavior is borne by the parents, namely, for not being able to and not knowing the main principles of the correct upbringing of a child. The 10 most important and useful of them stand out, for desperate, or inexperienced in parenting

4 ways to save your family budget

4 ways to save your family budgetIt often happens that even the day before yesterday you were holding a tidy sum of money in your hands, but today look - there are some pitiful pennies left. You try to remember where and what the money was spent on, besides, you need to go to the store, but there is none. This problem is relevant for many who have a very limited family budget. If there is no additional source of income, and there is no one to expect much help from, there is only one way out - to save money in any way. And our task is to consider which expenses are of prime importance and which can be waived until better times.

For health - in Pyatigorsk

For health - in PyatigorskExquisite shoes will not hide puffy legs, a magnificent cut of a suit will ruin hunched shoulders, and the grayness of fading skin will show through expensive cosmetics. Only the harmony of the physical and the spiritual is able to color the world with colors.

For more than 200 years, there has been one of the famous world resorts - Pyatigorsk, whose healing waters relieve those suffering from their ailments.

Allergy to cosmetics. How can it be caused and how to deal with it?

Allergy to cosmetics. How can it be caused and how to deal with it?Today there are a lot of cosmetics. Every day there are more and more new ones, and they act more “rejuvenating” than the means of previous generations. But, just like new cosmetics, allergies appear.

Skin reactions, tearing eyes, acne on the face, itching - all these are signs of an allergy to cosmetics. And the most unpleasant fact is that it is often simply unrealistic to find the component that caused the allergic reaction. It is also impossible to find a substance that is safe for the skin.

How to get rid of food moths

A cereal (it is also a kitchen, grocery, grain, food) moth is larger than a clothes moth and differs in a different color - it is gray-brown. You can get rid of it by spraying special aerosol agents to combat flying insects, but not every housewife dares to use chemistry in the kitchen, especially when a small child lives in the house. It remains to hope for time-tested folk remedies.

Lose weight without straining

Lose weight without strainingThe New Year's holidays were noisy. The memories of delicious salads, chocolate cakes, crispy duck baked with apples are still fresh. The fat formed, which has increased our weight by several kilograms, reminds of a festive feast. We do not need such a reminder at all. We are urgently developing a plan to combat the gained kilograms. But the trouble is, it just doesn't work out to eat less, the hand reaches out for another pie, sandwich, candy.

Education in kindergarten and at home: pros and cons

Education in kindergarten and at home for and againstModern mothers often go to work when the baby is not even a year old. They are pushed to this step by the need to support themselves and the baby, the desire to self-actualize, the fear of losing a good job and many other reasons. It is quite rare to meet mothers who voluntarily agree to raise their baby up to sending him to school. Is it the right thing to do? Let's figure it out in this article.

How to choose a coffee machine?

How to choose a coffee machine?If your requests are small and a fragrant espresso or cappuccino is enough for you, feel free to choose a coffee maker. If you are a true gourmet who loves to pamper yourself with a variety of drinks, then you need a coffee machine. Only this wonderful machine is able to understand all the "subtleties" of delicate foam for latte and macchiato! The main difference between coffee machines and coffee machines is that they can make a drink not only from ground coffee, but also from whole grains. And all thanks to the grinders built into them, which also help to regulate the degree of grinding. In addition, the coffee machines are fully automated, which significantly saves time.

What kind of fish to grill?

 What kind of fish to grill?Sausages, steaks and chicken legs have a strong competitor: fish and other seafood delicacies are gaining popularity among fans of grilled dishes. Sardines with paprika, trout, bream with lemons, red mullet in a grape leaf, marinated salmon fillet, shrimp canapes with zucchini or large tiger prawns promise us an exquisite, but not difficult to prepare table.

Banana is a star among tropical fruits

Banana is a star among tropical fruitsFor many decades, a sweet fruit in a yellow skin has been decorating our table all year round; this is undoubtedly a banana. From the cradle to old age, he accompanies us through life. Sick patients and top athletes alike, we all enjoy this highly nutritious and healthy fruit alike. Everyone has eaten a banana as a quick, small and light snack between meals at least once. But what else do we know about banana? Meanwhile, the question of why bananas are crooked is one of the unsolvable mysteries of our planet.

Recipes 15 - 28 July 2013

Recipes July 8 - 14, 2013

White bread with raspberry leaves in a Brand 6051 multicooker pressure cookerWhite bread with raspberry leaves in a slow cooker Sweet butter bread with raisins and cinnamonSweet butter bread with raisins and cinnamon Black bread in a slow cookerBlack bread in a slow cooker Wheat-buckwheat bread with sour milkWheat-buckwheat bread with sour milk Homemade squash caviarHomemade squash caviar Muffins Rainbow flavorMuffins "Rainbow of taste" Snails with goat cheese"Snails" with goat cheese Grilled chicken thighs and vegetablesGrilled chicken thighs and vegetables From Europe to Asia (rally with a multicooker Redmond MRC -01)From Europe to Asia Lamb ham stewed with vegetablesLamb ham stewed with vegetables Glass cake or 100 nut cakeGlass cake Chinese choux dumplingsChinese choux dumplings Boiled cod veal in a multicooker-pressure cooker Brand 6051Boiled cod veal in a slow cooker Soup with meatballs as in a slow cooker (in manual mode)Soup with meatballs like in a slow cooker Baked grape snailsBaked grape snails Dough for steamed dumplings universalDough for steamed dumplings universal Vegetable cream soup in a multicooker-pressure cooker Brand 6051Vegetable cream soup in a slow cooker Chicken meatballs motley in the Brand multicookerChicken meatballs in a slow cooker Cottage cheese casserole with proteins (Brand 6051 multicooker-pressure cooker)Protein cottage cheese casserole Cabbage soup on the PP program at Cuckoo 1051Shchi in a slow cooker Summer salad with young zucchiniSummer salad with young zucchini Cheese and Bacon Twist and Puff Pastry Sausages by Lorraine PascalCheese and bacon twist "Neck""Neck" Pepper Snack (Chushka Liver) in Philips Air FryerChushki baked in an air fryer Chocolate pie with cherries (Brand 6051 multicooker-pressure cooker)Chocolate pie with cherries Pork in a spicy sauce (Brand 6051 multicooker-pressure cooker)Pork in a spicy sauce Strawberry pie (Brand 6050 pressure cooker)Strawberry pie White chocolate decor: chrysanthemum and cake sidesWhite chocolate decor Dacha chowderDacha chowder Sourdough Fugass by Francisco TaheroSourdough Fugass by Francisco Tahero

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