Your apartment

Your apartmentThe arrangement of an apartment is an art, especially in our modern conditions, the art of rational use of a small area for such everyday human needs as sleep, food, cooking, work, rest, raising children, communicating with friends.

When to glue the wallpaper

When to glue the wallpaperIt is better to cover living rooms with ordinary paper wallpaper. True, such wallpapers have to be updated often, but they are hygienic.

Pets that a person with allergies can keep

Pets that a person with allergies can keepThere are species that cause negative reactions in very rare cases, so you don't need to be upset about not being able to have a pet. If you choose the right breeds and follow the rules, allergies will not be a problem.

100 liter aquarium

100 liter aquariumA large tank should organically fit into the interior and be always in sight. Aquariums for 100 liters can be of different shapes:

How to insulate a balcony

insulate the balconyThe insulation process begins with glazing the balcony. Having installed a warm double-glazed window, you will immediately understand that it is not only visually beautiful, but also comfortable and warm.

Floor insulation methods in the house and in the apartment

Floor insulation methods in the house and in the apartmentIt is possible to make the dwelling most comfortable for the owners only if complete insulation has been carried out. Moreover, this is important regardless of what type of housing we are talking about.

Varieties of glazing for loggias

Varieties of glazing for loggiasRepair work on a loggia or balcony must begin with the installation of windows. Today, glazing of these elements of the home is carried out everywhere, since through such a procedure it is possible to increase the thermal insulation well and at the same time increase the protection against noise penetration.

Leveling the floor with plywood: how to do it yourself correctly?

Leveling the floor with plywoodAn uneven floor in a newly built house is a circumstance imperceptible at first glance. But over time, during the operation of the building, all sorts of troubles begin to arise because of it.

Five advantages of liquid wallpaper

Five advantages of liquid wallpaperThere are a lot of materials with which you can complete the decoration. Among them, liquid wallpapers are especially interesting. This is one of the most modern wall coverings available.

Caring for a budgerigar in an apartment

Caring for a budgerigar in an apartmentDo you want to hear bird trills in your apartment, see cheerful and restless birds? Then get a budgerigar.

All the colors of summer on the windowsill

All the colors of summer on the windowsillToday, in the XXI century, the desire to "break" a flower garden on the windowsill, to settle in the apartment all the colors, as a rule, of the fleeting summer is stronger than ever. Especially among the inhabitants of city apartments, gradually, but passionately yearning for the vastness of the fields, the richness of forests, the riot of greenery.

Brick houses with a garage - convenience and functionality

Brick houses with a garage - convenience and functionalityBrick, despite the fact that modern building materials are actively promoted today, was, is and will be the most used and in demand.

Home chemical laboratory

A modern house, if you look at it from time immemorial, may seem like a real chemical laboratory. Is this good or bad?

Multifunctional glass: what is it and what are its advantages?

Multifunctional glassWhen a company offers a new version or a new lineup of its products, they immediately say that technologies are not standing still. An updated product often costs more than its predecessor, and many consumers do not quite understand how it differs from what it was before.

Do you need a home library?

Do you need a home library?How many books do you, your family need? What to do with books that are clearly superfluous? How much should you spend on books?

How to equip a basement floor

How to equip the basementThe ground floor is the lower floor of the building, which is approximately half buried in the ground.Unlike the basement, the basement floor can have windows that give daylight and the possibility of natural ventilation, as well as a basement vestibule that serves as an entrance from the street.

Renovating windows to keep your home warm and quiet

Renovating windows to keep your home warm and quietWhat are the functions of such an ordinary part of the house as a window? Sometimes we do not even think that in addition to daylight penetrating through it, the window protects us from the noise of the streets, dust and dirt, keeps the house warm.

Some helpful tips for caring for your apartment

Some helpful tips for caring for your apartmentIf the sound of your electric ringer is too loud and harsh, apply several layers of electrical tape to its cup.

What does order in the house mean to us?

What does order in the house mean to us?Order, organization is an indispensable condition for the life of nature and the existence of civilization. The concept opposite in meaning is chaos. It is practically impossible to imagine a human dwelling, where order is absolutely absent, because man is a part of nature and cannot exist in chaos. But probably many of us have seen family homes, the disorganization of which is approaching this extreme state.

Individual furniture

Individual furnitureThe ability to express your individuality in the interior will not leave the one who craves it, even with the exact following public advice.

About rationality and excessiveness

O razumnosti i chrezmernostiNot so long ago, about a person who lives in abundance, one could say: he only lacks bird's milk. Now this saying is outdated, as pastry chefs of the Moscow restaurant "Prague" invented a cake called "Bird's milk".

Convenience of your home

Convenience of your homeWe will enter our dwelling as if for the first time, we will try to look at it the way visitors to a house-museum. We come there not only to breathe in the air of the past, but to see the environment in which a person of interest to us lived, to understand how the uncommonness, individuality of this person was reflected in everyday life.

Bathroom furnishings

Bathroom furnishingsWho of us has not sunk into the head since childhood: "Suddenly from my mother's bedroom, bow-legged and lame, a washbasin runs out ..." Today, washstands are not installed in bedrooms. Place him in the bathroom. This is no longer a washstand or, as it was also called in the old days, a washstand. The sanitary and hygienic equipment of a modern apartment is a complex technical unit, including a sink, bath, shower, toilet, bidet. Tiles, nickel, enamel, plastic of light, joyful tones create an atmosphere of purity and freshness.

How to properly manage your home budget

How to properly manage your home budgetSocial problems, problems of money and everyday life are so closely intertwined that an attempt to pull one out of this tangle and give "reasonable" advice on how to solve it would be, at least, dishonest. The economic state of society today is complex and unstable.

A cozy home is the basis for a harmonious life

A cozy home is the basis for a harmonious lifeWhat does a person expect from a closed space, the key to which is in his pocket? What do we mean by housing? And what should be done to make the apartment comfortable for living? You can ask many questions, but these three are enough to determine the subject of conversation about creating a residential interior.

Some practical tips for housekeeping

Some practical tips for housekeepingAluminum crockery. After washing with hot water, the dishes can be rubbed with very fine sand, making movements in one direction. Darkened dishes can be easily cleaned by boiling in water, to which add apple peels or vinegar. After that, rinse the dishes well, and they will regain their metallic shine.


KnittingToday we will talk about a wonderful hobby - knitting.

Pets in the family

PetsTroubles are certainly inevitable: any living being requires care and attention. However, for the pleasure of daily communication with "smaller brothers", many people agree to make sacrifices. Think about whether you are ready to lose some of your free time and restful sleep in order to walk the dog several times a day (clean the cage or aquarium, "ask oats" to pets, etc.).

Making a choice: linoleum or laminate?

linoleum or laminateAmong budget floor coverings, the palm, undoubtedly, belongs to linoleum and laminate. Both coatings are presented in designs for a variety of tastes, have approximately the same cost. Therefore, those who have begun repairs in an apartment have a question, what type of flooring to choose.

Renovation in a classic style: what is it and what are its features?

Renovation in classic styleMost modern people who have secured a good financial situation prefer everything classic. This also applies to the interior of apartments and country houses. Before making repairs in the classic style, you need to figure out why it is so special and what exactly is peculiar to it.

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