Chocolate cake with coconut cream

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Chocolate cake with coconut cream


For the test
Flour 350 g
Butter 200 g
yolk 2 pcs
powdered sugar 100 g
cocoa 1 tbsp. the spoon
baking powder 1 sachet
For cream
milk 1 glass
yolk 3 pcs
flour 1 tbsp. the spoon
sugar 2 tbsp. spoons
coconut flakes 40 g
For glaze
milk 50 ml
sugar 4 tbsp. spoons
butter 1 tbsp. the spoon
cocoa 2 tbsp. spoons

Cooking method

  • In a bowl, combine flour, icing sugar, cocoa and baking powder.
  • Melt the butter and mix with the yolks.
  • Add the resulting mass to the flour mixture.
  • Knead soft chocolate dough. Place in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.
  • For the cream, separate the whites from the yolks.
  • Beat the yolks with sugar.
  • Add coconut flakes and stir.
  • Add flour and stir to avoid lumps.
  • Mix the resulting mass with hot milk, put on a low heat and cook, stirring constantly.
  • When the mass thickens, put it in cold water and cool, continuing to stir.
  • Roll out the dough 2-3 mm thick. Cut out circles with a glass.
  • Place the mugs on a greased and floured baking sheet.
  • Bake for about 10 minutes at 180 degrees.
  • Cool the finished biscuits slightly.
  • Lay out one cake with a flat bottom up.
  • Grease generously with cream.
  • Cover with a second crust.
  • Thus, form all the cakes.
  • For the glaze, mix all the ingredients and heat until thickened over low heat. Grease the cakes with fondant on top.
  • Sprinkle on top with coconut flakes. [/ Color]
  • I got 12 large cakes, you can make them smaller
  • Loved the fudge. Easy to apply, very shiny.

celfh, these are not cakes. This is an unearthly beauty !!!!
celfh, you can't show such beauty at night, but how can you sleep peacefully? recipe in the bins of the Motherland. Thank you.
Cook, OlgaOlga Thank you girls!
Quote: Cook

celfh, these are not cakes. This is an unearthly beauty !!!!

Note, Tanya, Cook said this without seeing the photographs, the cakes are simply awful, judging by the description.

Ops, my photo came out of nowhere ... really beauty.
What wonderful cakes! With your permission, I’ll bookmark the recipe. I will definitely cook it.
celfh Abaldet what a beauty !!!!! Fota Otpad !! Husband +100 !!!
What a cookie !!! !!!!!!!!
Class! Added to bookmarks
Gabi, vitalinka 2, Omela, DJ! well, they were completely embarrassed
And the cakes are really delicious
Oh, how interesting! While in the bookmarks. I love coconut and they are so pretty
These are my favorite cakes))) I often bake them on weekends.Chocolate cake with coconut creamChocolate cake with coconut cream
ValentinkaB, kakbe, you have others, and deserve to be exposed as a separate recipe!
Rita, no. my pies are made according to this recipe (with slight differences) only decorated with chocolate cream.
Valentine, insanely beautiful !!! :
ValentinkaB, you have both a chocolate sponge cake and a chocolate cream. Well, if you don't want to share your secrets, then okay.
Rita, no secrets): girl_wink: add a recipe if interested!
ValentinkaBcertainly interesting! Will wait!

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